This was posted 4 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$1000 Trade-in Bonus + Trade-in Value + $100 Chat Code When You Buy a Galaxy S21 Range Mobile @ Samsung


An additional $500 trade in bonus from this deal
It seems too good to be true. I've just purchased Samsang S21 for $219.

These are the discount on my checkout. Hope it wasnt price error
Your trade in discount plus your $200 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $200 offer ends 10.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $300 offer ends 30.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total
Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $500 offer ends 30.09.2021 Promotion was applied to your order total

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    Do you mind sharing which phone you put up for trade to get that value?

    • +3

      I have old phone S9 but it doesnt matter what phone. The trade-in bonus are the same 200 + 300 + 500 just for today

      • How did you get additional $200?

        • it will automatically apply once add to cart

  • +2

    Three trade in discount?

  • +2

    Says 350+500

    • Then add the $100-200 via chat and the $50 newsletter. Assume that's how op got to the $1000 off

      • +2

        How do you get $200 via chat?

        • +6

          This. So many posts with people saying ask the chat but they never give me anything not even $50

          • +1

            @Deeseeee: I got one when i stated that i was looking to upgrade my existing Samsung phone to the new model, they gave a $100 code

  • Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment

    What am I doing wrong. I provided my CC details as well

    • got same error - I was using browser.

    • Add to cart and then add trade in value code within cart, worked for me

    • I had the same error - in my case it was user error! You need to fill in the credit card details in the Samsung App on the phone you are trading in before the code is active.

      Once I entered my credit card details in the Samsung App, then it started working.

  • Too good to be true.

  • Only showing one $500 bonus. How do I see the rest?

  • +4

    Worked for me also, discounts showed at final checkout.
    tested trading in s21ultra with $505 trade in value.

    When at checkout came up with
    Your trade in discount plus your $500 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $500 offer ends 30.09.2021
    Your trade in discount plus your $200 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $200 offer ends 10.09.2021
    Your trade in discount plus your $300 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $300 offer ends 30.09.2021

    Total $344.00 , I was then able to apply newsletter code for another $50 off.

    Obviously didn't purchase as already have the same phone.

    • +2

      s21 ultra for $344 is great price

      • +1

        yeah but he tested trading S21 Ultra for S21 Ultra.

    • -3

      can you PM your $50 off code?

      • Just speak to chat and state you already own a galaxy but you don't want to trade in and they will give you a $100 code, worked for me

  • +1

    I get out of stock for any phone I select. Weird or just me doing something wrong?

    • +1

      All OOS for me too

      • +2

        Samsung must have realized their error and pulled all stock? :D

        • Back in stock.

    • I think they are pulling the stocks out to fix the site

      • Happy Friday to those who managed to get their hands on one at this price :)

        • +2

          Let see if they do cancel these orders at the end…

          • @becool: They will probably do.. It's an offer too good to be true.. haha.. Nice Find OP

  • i think there is no stock

    • is that if you havent added to cart yet or even if you have in cart?

      • I can still see it in my cart but I'm not going through because its the navy color which I think looks ugly :(

  • Sad I have no phone to trade.

  • +1

    I'm with an S7 :( they have taken it off the list

  • -1

    Lol at resale values

  • Almost tempted, but I don't have any old Samsung devices with me 😢

    • OH NO!! I had about 5 sitting around but I was too late :(

  • ordered one but didn't get a confirmation email just yet

    • did u get the $1000 trade-in bonus?

    • me neither. I just check my order status and it did change from "Waiting for approval" to "Processing" now

      • I clicked something and I didn't get to get to save the order number but if yours is going through and since they already took my money… guessing I'm getting a new phone?

      • Did you get the confirmation email?

        • No email still but status changed to dispatching now

  • They removed the extra $200 bonus.

    • Yep, still $800 bonus though! Just got Ultra 256Gb for $894

    • Now they removed the extra $300 as well. Now I'm only getting the $500 and the $100 chat code.

    • that $200 bonus is due today unless they pull it out early. I cant check anymore because I dont have any more tradeup code

  • How does one get the chat code?

  • I can't see any details about having a phone with a cracked screen? Will they reject damaged phones?

    • just answer no to any damage question. Worst is you just have to pay for your old phone tradein value which is fairly small anyway

  • +2

    I think it was a Samsung site error, they fixed it now only coming up as $500 trade in bonus

    • Yup same here - only seeing $500 bonus now.

    • I still see $330 off + $500 bonus

      • The $330 is the value of your phone though, not the bonus.

  • Yep looks like parties over, now getting $844 instead of the $344 I was earlier in testing. Good luck to all that manages to get one.

    • how did you manage to get $344? i'm getting an $800 trade in bonus, and the total comes out to $874 (+$175 for trade in) for the S21 Ultra. is this a good price?

      • he's probably talking about S21
        i got the Ultra 128GB for $684 with $115 trade in :)

        • just as i was trying to get my chat coupon, the $300 bonus disappeared. how did you manage to get that price?

          • @hate: just did it straight away
            luckily already had a trade-up code from the app all ready to go and $50 voucher. didn't bother trying to get $100 chat code. no time lol
            just waiting see if the ship it now

  • +2

    'Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment'

    looks like it got ozbargained

  • +2

    Good effort OP.

    I was in the middle of getting a chat code; then the discount disappeared when i applied and tried to checkout.

  • Think it might be too late now, but can someone confirm if you have to download the app on the trade in device to get it to count on the checkout page?

    • +1

      Yes you need to download the app, go through the hoops and enter your CC details to get the trade-in code.

      • Thank you!

  • Should i cry in my telstra day deal??

  • -1

    is the $1000 trade in bonus still available?

  • +1

    trade in service is not available for me

    • Had the same issue.

  • Do you have to enter CC details for trade in just to see and get to final checkout price?

    Is saying "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"…

    Edit : damn, congrats to those who managed to get one

  • Its over, lasted all of 15 minutes, no super trade in for anybody else.

  • +1

    Bummer! Samsung avoided being Ozbargained within 30mins… you win this time, Samsung.

  • Trade in works using mobile but only get the $500 promo that ends 30/09/2021. Decent but not great.

    • I get unable to validate credit card info in the app

  • can anyone confirm if you don't send old device in just get charged trade-in value. Mine was $115 for Note 9
    only asking as my brother been asking me to find him good price on S2l Ultra and i knew there wasn't much time so just traded my phone.
    But obviously i need my phone lol

    also order is processing but didn't receive any email confirmation

    • no, trade-in value plus admin fee.

      see thread:

    • +1

      I confirm it worked for me, twice. I bought a S21 and S21 Ultra, trading a S7 and S9. When the email came in, I responded saying I had changed my mine and wanted to keep the phone. About 6 weeks later I was charged the trade value.

  • +1

    guess it ended, already gave samsung all my information too.

  • I'm getting -$855 discount for S21 Ultra 5G for a final price of $1094. This is without the chat bonus which i'm trying to get!

    • Not a bad price, what phone ru trading in?

      • An old S9+ for $55. It's worth nothing that I was only getting -$555 on my browser. I got an extra -$300 off when using my mobile.

        • You could sell it on Fleabay etc for much more than that. Samsung generous and mean at the same time ;)

  • kinda crazy how a S20FE 5g only gets $175 trade-in value

  • I still have $975 discount in the cart but i do not have chat code and sign up bonus… What a bad day

  • trying to get chat code but theres no agents 😡

    • they want a photo of the broken device 😡

      • Depending on which phone, just google it, e.g. s9 cracked screen or whatever.

        • Just gave up, i already have the phone 😂

  • Damn, I missed a further $500 off…

    maybe from now on, unless you are desperate or worry about stock and with times up the sleeve, we should order last minute and keep hoping glitches….

  • Ok fine, installing an ozbargin live feed monitor in the house so I dont miss these.

    Are samsung going back on the deals?? Or honouring them??

    • They should honour it.

  • How do ppl get thru to chat? They take ages

  • +4

    Last time I did this I got told to send my phone back even I didn't buy the phone at the end.
    Immediately ask Samsung chat why am I still getting the message. Samsung said is not their problem and ask me to follow up with Asurion.
    Asurion rep told me the message is generated automatically and is safe to ignore it. 1 month later I check my card, I was charged by Asurion.
    Follow up with Asurion, they ask me to send prove of me not buying the phone. I was like you (profanity) kidding me? In the end it took 2 months going back and forth to get my money back.

    TLDR, make sure you have absolutely decided to buy the phone before sign up for the trade in.

    • I would have contacted my bank and done a charge back

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