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Atari VCS Console All in One Bundle $784.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


RRP $849.95 (yeah, really).

Reviews not that great, but posting in case someone has been on sidelines waiting for a price drop. IMO still is crazy expensive for what it is.

Atari VCS Is The First Console To Have Direct Access To All Major Game Streaming Services which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia GeForce Now, as well as its own retro streaming service, Antstream Arcade. Also but not available in Australia Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

EB Games $849.95

JB hi-fi $849

Gamesmen $849.95

Kogan/Dicksmith $866.95

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +9

    who knew the console killer would be a console

  • One console to rule them all!

    Better not let u/mirror xt8 hear about it

  • +2

    Got a PS5, X & S, but daaaaamn, this the real playa.

    All all seriousness though I thought about getting one when they tank and drop in price a shitload to setup as like an emulation box but then, I already had the Shield TV, RetroArch on X&S, and a million other gizmos. Still. If it ends up around the hundred / two hundred mark I might check it out for the (profanity) of it.

    • I’ve been thinking of throwing together an emulation box. What’s been your experience? Is the shield the way to go?

      • +7

        Old laptop you already have sitting around is always the best value for an emulation box.

        Get a controller and an HDMI cable to plug it into your TV. Better than any set-top-box style emu box.

        • +3

          I bought a raspberry pi from one of the deals here. Took awhile to set up retropie (cos I knew zero about this kind of stuff). Got it working and now it lives inside the drawer cos it's easier to play switch or emu on laptop

          • +1

            @limucat: Look up the virtualman gold and platinum images. You just need a 128gb or 256gb SD card. He has everything setup for you so it just works without and screwing around.

      • +1

        Look first off, as Argo said, if you have something lying around, it's always gonna be cheaper to convert it over.

        As for my experience, had the Shield for idk 3 years or so, runs most GameCube games fine, everything earlier with no issues at all. I mostly used it as a PSP and GameCube emulator, replacing my Wii U for GameCube games, only to then be replaced by the Series X for them.

        If you wanna do stuff like PS1 and earlier (and stuff like GBA, DS, etc, easy small scale stuff), you can get by on just about any Android box. Like I have an OG Fire Stick like the very first one and it runs PS1 fine. The Foxtel Now box they gave out a while back can rock Dreamcast and PSP pretty well too (as well as more demanding Android games like GTA LCS). Depends what you want. Android emulation is really (profanity) great if you wanna go that route, but then, if you have a decent phone you could probably look into a cheap BT controller and HDMI cable and just do that.

  • +4

    Atari VCS Is The First Console To Have Direct Access To All Major Game Streaming Services

    Get (profanity), PlayStation Now, I guess.

  • +4

    I'm going to wait it out.

    Pretty sure it will drop in price.

  • +6

    This is placed weirdly in the market. A very niche product with a high price tag that tries to be a jack of all trades but probably a master of none. I see value in putting Windows on it, but at $800 I would think you'd be far better off putting that towards a mid-range PC.

    • -3

      I agree… but $800 for a midrange PC? $800 buys you a 6600 XT, let alone any other parts

      • +7

        "putting it towards" implies further saving required…

  • +2

    So it's a sort of NUC?

  • sidelines waiting for a price drop.

    Yep. 7% off $850 was the reason I haven't got one yet.

  • Why is it so expensive. Its just a streaming box so its just decoding video and sending inputs

    • It does play PC games natively as well (you can install windows/linux on it), just not very well. Not worth it at this price regardless.

      • That makes more sense then . Yea i think id rather a laptop or wait out for the steam deck. Dont really care about having to have every single one of those streaming services on one device.

  • I think I have the original Atari sitting somewhere.. used to work well and was stored properly so should still be working.

  • +5

    This or Tesla?

  • +4

    hooo boy glad i wasnt drinking a coffee when I read that price :)

  • +1

    I owned one, it was rubbish. Make sure they have stock before putting any money down … their manufacturing and logistics promise the world but deliver months later.

  • What is $849 give you that likely can be done with a built in app on most smart tvs? Doesn't take a lot of technology to stream.

    Maybe they messed up the decimal point and its $84.99 :-)

  • Anyone know if the price is ridiculously high as Atari has signed exclusive rights to the streaming services & if so, for how many years?

  • +1

    Hahahahaha $784

  • +1

    Google Stadia and Amazon Luna aren't even available in Australia…

  • +1

    eMMC internal storage, 802.11b/g/n… is this really a 2021 product? Especially as a game console?

    • +1

      2018 2C/4T embedded CPU, 2019 APU etc

      This genuinely is a $250 tops device

      • Don't you mean $25? 😂

  • +4

    Looks like it's cheaper to buy:


    $540 + Controllers separetely: $93 + 56 == $689

  • +1

    That's a lot of money to play Pong.

  • +2

    Have rarely seen a more doomed product.

  • +2

    Great, cancel my PS5 order now! So sick of being waiting.

  • Wouldn't mind getting my hands on the VCS controller just so I could test whether the analog stick module can be swapped into a PS5 controller.

  • +1

    +1 for the deal. Unfortunately, as you imply, the console itself is garbage.

  • +1

    Lol this is a joke console

  • That's more than a PS5 or X1X, and far more expensive than an Oculus Quest, Switch, or an Nvidia Shield. Getting this would be regretrable at that price.

  • $129.95 at best

  • +2

    11 September 1977 called they thought now was the current year 🙈

  • +1

    What the hell are they thinking at this price.

  • +1

    this is such a scam.

  • +1

    Wow, this is expensive for what it is! I bought a legit fountain force 2 console the other day for $120. Was released in '79 and close to one of the first consoles on the market.

  • +1

    Don't buy this garbage system.

  • So this is just a low powered PC really, right?