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16TB Seagate 3.5" 7200rpm SATA Ironwolf Pro NAS HDD PN ST16000NE000 $749 Delivered @ Computer Alliance


This is a marginally better price than what these were going for prior to the chia hype which drove up the price of these drives.

Good for a NAS with its low operating volume and 5 year warranty

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    8TB can be had for $299, so if you have the space/bays 16TB for $600 is a much better option.

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      For sure, these enterprise drives will also have the same/similar level of reliability: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/650551 as the Ironwolf Pro. The main difference is just that Ironwolf Pro will run a lot quieter than those drives if that's something that bothers you.

      • Thanks for the comparison insight

        These Seagate drives also look better than the Toshiba 16TB Enterprise drive MG08ACA16TE https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649145

        Mixing and matching batches from various stock to minimise risk of catastrophic failure in the same lot

      • What makes you say that? ironwolf pros are rated at 3.2 bels

        Where as the Exos drives are rated at 3.0 (max) bels, and can go down to 2.8.

        Why would the ironwolf drives suddenly be quieter? Is it common for the Exos drives to run out of spec?

        • Where are you getting that from? The datasheet I'm looking at for the Exos doesn't list the operating sound

        • unless I am missing something here you are mixing your ratings, ironwolf pros are 3.2 only at seek. Exos were 3.4 at seek unless something has changed? idle like the Exos numbers I think you have used Ironwolfs are 2.8.

          • @gromit: My reference point was wrong, I thought exos were much louder based on a lack of information on the datasheet for the product and similarly priced 16TB enterprise drives from competitors.

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            @gromit: Yeah, if your controller can signal a high load the Exos drive can end up slightly louder during high performance seek.

            But unless you have a rack of 100 of them, id challenge any human who claims they can hear a point 2 bel difference.

            They're like for like at idle :)

            The reason the Exos can be louder at idle, but shares the same minimum, is because if you check the manuals, the variable spin rate, for vibration avoidance, is greater.

            • @MasterScythe: Most people will actually be able to pick up point 2 of a bel difference quick easily. Perceived Loudness is not a linear scale. e.g. going from 50-60 decibels (5-6bels) results in a perception of it being twice as loud.

              • @gromit: Ill take those odds.

                Most importantly, what noise floor are we starting with?

                Did you look at the frequency upon which those changes occur?

                And did you consider the frequencys best damped by 0.8mm steel (the most common grade used in cases)?

                Im a bit of a sound nerd, im one of the few trained THX tuners.

                I got very into audio when I was declared legally blind.

                If we can get a sample size of 10+ people, id happily put my money down :)

                Out of interest, my breathing, vs holding my breath, makes more difference than .2 bel at 3m.

                • @MasterScythe: well I will take your word for it then. I can certainly hear the difference between my Ironwolfs and my barracuda and that is similarly only a .2 difference (in the other direction). Also case steel makes very little difference for many of us, my gaming PC is open on one side and mesh on the other. My Nas has basically no noise dampening at all.

                  • @gromit:

                    My Nas has basically no noise dampening at all.

                    Thats personal choice though; my cases are all lined with acoustic foam; something I'd recommend for anyone who's sound sensitive.
                    It's a really cheap thing to do, and makes a world of difference if you pick the right frequency damping.

                    Easiest hack is to spray the inside of the panels with ute truck-bed liner, and then just use any cheap ebay acoustic foam.
                    Light foam will catch the higher frequencies, and the rubberised liner, will help dampen the lower.

                    • @MasterScythe: I wish, I use a mini itx case for gaming and a mini itx custom NAS case, neither have the room for acoustic lining (something I used to put in for towers and mid towers). I actually moved my NAS to a different room due to the ironwolf noise. My old NAS which I was using a PC case for (lian Li case with full acoustic lining) was awesome sound wise, but they just take up to much space.

                      • @gromit: If you live somewhere that's so space constrained, you just need to get creative.
                        When I lived with my parents many years ago, I just emptied out under the bathroom sink, and used that as a 'case'.
                        These days, I have my own place, so space is functionally unlimited. But a mate who is still in a small shared apartment, replaced their dining room table with a pair of LACK tables from IKEA, and ended up just building in 4RU cases to mount to a LackRack.


                        There's plenty of ways to not be constrained with the horror that is ITX.

                        I used to help my father (boat builder) design where to put a rack in a houseboat. You really don't get much more space constrained than a houseboat; you go too far you hit water :P You'll be surprised where you can fit a rack solution :)

                        • @MasterScythe: sadly I work in IT, my office is on any given day a mass of computers and I need every inch in here I can get so I minimise on machines that are permanent fixtures. e.g. today I have 4 laptops on my desk all running various tasks in addition to my 2 permanent desktop PC's and 14 other laptops stacked in the corner, on chairs and even a couple on the floor..

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                            @gromit: Yeah same same.

                            My trick;
                            I purchased an old van to park on the street.
                            It doesnt move.
                            Its just fitted with storage shelves for client machines and projects.

                            It locks, and its way cheaper to insure vehicle contents, than it is to insure home contents.

                            Home insurance tends to increase based on value you wish to insure.
                            They dont assume you'll have 100k of enterprise hardware in your van :p ah well, sucks to be them, haha.

                            • @MasterScythe: thankfully the company I work for covers the insurance costs, I thought most car insurance had caps on contents? sounds like a handy thing to remember though for future as storing stuff in car is pretty easy.

    • where are you getting 8TB for $299?

      I managed to snag one a few weeks ago for that via the after pay deal but haven't seen any since then and need another 3

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      Except that a pair of drives generates twice the heat, uses twice the power, and has double the chance of drive failure.

      There are good reasons to choose a single large drive instead 👍

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    16tb Exos enterprise drives are $556 on Amazon

    • Yup, enterprise drives are just much louder than drives specifically designed to run in a NAS, so keep that in mind if that's something which is important to you.

      • Which one would be louder in NAS: Ultrastar or Exo?

        • Check the ultrastar spec sheet.

          Exos are 2.8-3 bel

      • Id return them.

        Their spec sheet says they should be the quieter between these two options.

        • I have 3 ultrastars and the noise doesn't bother me. If the Exo (not the pro one) is quieter, no complaints from me.

  • Think we will get equivalent capacity SSDs at the same price point within next three years (after chip shortage?) ?


    ~ Power usage / component reliability / speed benefits

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      After the shortage? Possible.

      Power usage probably will be a lot higher though. There's actually a really easy point to reach where powering 50x IC's is harder to do than 2 motors and a single IC.

      But, of course; anything can change.

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    Top drive. I have 6 of these in the NAS. Great to see the prices coming back down towards a normal level.

    If you have eBay plus you can get a discount. AU $749.00 -AU $37.45 Your price: AU $711.55