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Samsung The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV (2021) 50" $1196.10, 55" $1367.10 (OOS), 65" $1709.10 (OOS) @ Samsung Edu Store


Good deal on a nice looking tv, panel is equivalent to the Q70A range but with a nicer design personally. Has one HDMI 2.1 port capable of 120hz and VRR. Free delivery to boot.

In depth review available at Rtings, https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/the-frame-2021

VA panel (5633:1) with 500-550cd/m² peak brightness

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  • How much is it now for 75" Q70A on EDU or EPP?

    • $2,755.00 but its OOS

      • Thanks seem like they are clearing out old models for the mini LED TVs, LG also clearing out their Nano.

        • There is no mini LED (QN) equivalent to the Q70 series, for that you need to go up two model designations to the QN85A.

          Unless Samsung is releasing new models off-cycle, the 70 series and Frame likely won't be updated with mini LED models until at least CES in January, with the tvs out early to middle of next year.

          For reference, Q70 series and Frame lack local dimming, let alone mini LED. I'm thinking they'll trickle the previous gen local dimming systems to the 70 and frame next year most likely. Cheapest way for them to upgrade the models without too much R&D cost

  • I've been looking at the Sony 65" X9500H, but is this better value for $580ish less?

    • +6

      Depends on your priorities, 9500h gets far brighter and has great local dimming. Whether thats worth the price jump is up to you.

    • -1

      Go for hisense u8g

      • +3

        Why? The Australian one is trash. Don’t get confused with the awesome US version

        • +2

          Very important point. I see the u8g get recommended a lot on here, but it's VERY DIFFERENT compared to the US model which received glowing reviews. From memory it isn't even the same panel type?

          • @Yekul: Wow okay, did not know! Misleading! So which hisense offering isn't trash in Australia then?

            • @donkeydoc: Well Q8 is great. U8G is this model but it’s not the upgrade that it’s implied to be. Go in knowing there is no HDMI 2.1 etc.

  • +6

    Its cheap because they get their money through the advertisements embedded in the TV's OS.

    • +1

      Yeah, I have one and that pissed me right off. Luckily I have a pihole on the local network so blocking them was straightforward, but it's incredibly shit behaviour on their part.

    • just chuck a Chromecast with Google TV and bye bye ads

      • Google are rolling out autoplay ads to Google TV - don't think it has hit their own dongles yet, but only a matter of time.

        • I'm ok with it if it means more free services.

  • What kind of saving is it? 10% off ?

    • RRP is about $1699. Was going for around $1400 a few months ago with TGG commercial

  • Can you combine 55" with a soundbar and get that $1000 cashback through the samsung store?

    • +1

      That cashback to upto $1000, only a handful of models get that namely the 85" terrace. The 55 gets $200 cashback, which doesn't cover half of the cheapest soundbar

      • Also Education and EPP store purchases are not eligible for the cashback.

  • Any way of getting samsung edu access like with Lenovo (other than being a student obviously)

    • How to get access to Lenovo Edu store (other than being a student obviously) :)?

    • +3

      make a student

      • Make a kid

        • +11

          "You know research has shown that it cost about $250k to raise a kid."

          Ozbargain "ah yes but the saving you get from Samsung!"

          • +2

            @PuppieWayne: And that depends on the parents, the way my wife goes I'm pretty sure my kid's going to cost me a lot more than that (still cheaper than the wife though).

    • +1

      Someone I know has managed to keep a student status for years by enrolling every semester, then withdrawing before census lol. Enough to activate Unidays and a year old full time student card.

    • +2

      It can be a bit finicky but you can get access to the store if you're with Westpac. Under rewards and offers there should be a Samsung deal, if you click through that you can access the rest of the education store offers

  • Probably dumb question. Are the discounts on the Samsung EDU store the same as the Government ones?

    • +2

      Mostly items are similar I think, but last time I checked usually edu pricing has 5 or more % discount compared to .gov portal on mobiles atleast.

  • Can I get a chat code ..? :D

  • Genuine question, apart from frame feature. QLED Samsung TVs are way cheaper. How come this is such a good deal???

    • +2

      the pricing of this model is better than the similarly specced midrange q70a.

      there are cheaper samsung qleds but dont have the same speccs and features

  • Can someone with access tell me what the price is for the Q950a soundbar? Trying to get access to my son's edu address but looks like we need to reset it. Thanks!

    • +1

      $1709… expensive! Try and access good guys commercial and it’s $1253

  • Is there anything else in the market for Art purpose only? I would never be using it as TV in the foyer.

  • I’m struggling to log in to edu website - is it working for others ?

    • Getting issues as well - Error 500.

      • yeah, waiting for pin to verify email.

  • Looks cool, not sure If I'd buy one. I'm sure there would be certain people with genuine use for one though. Just forked out for Sony A80J and very happy

  • this or the hisense 65q8?

    • +3

      Samsung generally better than Hisense

      • Their warranty sure isn't ( twice burnt)

    • Depends of your use, this is a VA panel, better for movies and generally dark rooms (has deep blacks), the LG is an IPS and it's (marginally) better for gaming and sports and generally for light rooms (has good brightness). Between the two I would personally go for the Samsung.

      But over both I would defintely spend a few hundred dollars more and go for the LG OLED, which wins on every front, hands down.
      $1860 at Appliance central: https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/oled55a1pta-lg-55-inch-4...
      Review here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/a1-oled

  • I’ve actually been looking for a 32” the frame as it has to fit on a wall and can’t be bigger. They just sell out everywhere so I guess a lot of people have the same space issue. It was $540 a few months ago and I’m kicking myself I didn’t get it.

  • +2

    Is it just me, or is this Samsung edu store a piece of crap? Trying to sign up with my wife's student account, and it just keeps saying "An email has been sent to your .edu.au email confirming your account. Please follow the links in your email to access the Samsung Education Store" — and the email in question only lets me reset my password.

    • being waiting for my pin on wifes account too, nothing sent.

  • Damnit i dont even know a student

  • Xiomai finally releasing the oled edition 65 inches but not for sale yet outside of china, no idea but definitely something to consider given lg' minolopy on oled license.

    This TVs still thick but beautiful.

  • website has been ozbargained

  • +2

    I have last year's model and it looks great.
    Use it for a screen saver picture frame primarily but when my husband visit he turns on the Apple tv and thinks it looks spectacular.
    Highly recommended.

  • which model is the best bang for buck here?

    • 50 inch. It comes just under $24 per inch

      • I think that model lack hdmi 2.1, 120Hz and VRR though so might not be good for gaming consoles

  • Doesn't look like you can stack the $50 newsletter code with SPRING10. Do chat agents work on a Sunday…waiting on a chat code

    • How does the chat code work? I tried the $50 code which didn't stack. Thanks

  • +1

    unfortunately looks like 55" is now sold out. bummer

  • +1

    for those looking for 55" powerland has it for $1,439 in stock

  • I think only the 50" left in stock now and the SPRING10 code isnt working too - The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions.

    • SPRING10 is still working for me on the 50 inch but yes the others are OOS

      • Working. Just ordered 50inch

        • must be my new signup edu account… i am still getting this message "The code you entered did not affect your order. Please note, codes may only be valid for certain items or in certain conditions."
          even alrdy activated the edu email…

  • Does anyone price match anywhere? Will Samsung re-stock the store?

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