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Dell S2721DGF $399 (OOS), S2722QC $369, AW3821DW $1499, S3422DW $499, S3422DWG $549, S2722DC $309, S2722DGM $299 @ Dell eBay

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  • Any downside to the S3422DWG being a VA panel? Such a bargain for the price. will probably only use it for gaming …

    • Maybe get the odyssey g7 instead to get past the usual VA issues such as ghosting.

    • +5

      Nice update from Australian Youtube channel Hardware Unboxed on the main differences between panel types for gaming: https://youtu.be/luLS-I9lubg

      • Thanks for the video. Still a bit on the verge of getting the monitor

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    Dell S2721DGF $399 WOOOW What a deal! I remember buying this for $505 and thinking that was cheap lmao.

    • -1

      I literally just bought this yesterday for $479 @JB Price matching with the Dell store, Ah well atleast I support local business I guess

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        gsync or freesync?

        • +2

          Freesync premium pro which is G-sync compatible.

    • Yeah I paid $479 and thought that was a huge bargain lol

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    Any chance of discounts on u3821dw?

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      U/Ultrasharp models are rarely discounted on eBay.

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        I am trying to get this cheaper via dell.com. The UW won't be available via dell ebay.

  • Unrelated to the deals, I am just curious who's the character on the monitor screen in the thumbnail?
    Looks like ironman or some mech.

    Does anyone know?

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      It's our good friend, generic CGI robot man

      • +7

        It's from a short lived game called Disintegration. It was hyped because it was developed by bunch of ex-Halo guys.

        It disintegrated in less than a year.

        • +1

          Thanks GreenLego!

        • Omg that's it!

          I bought the monitor and has the box sitting the in a corner of my room, staring at me. Every few days I stare back and wondered if it was a character from a game. (Because it just looked so familiar)

          I knew I recognised it from somewhere but I wasn't motivated enough to reverse image search it. You have solved my mystery finally.

    • +1

      It's always hilarious to see companies still using that image.

      It's a character from a now defunct video game called Disintegration:


      They shut down the multiplayer servers after 6 months and the entire game after 9 months.

      • Thanks for the link. "The game takes place 150 years into the future. Following a complete collapse of society due to climate change" Foreboding much?

        Seeing that the game is now completely disintegrated earlier this year, I am guessing they might be using that image because they don't have to pay royalties or infringe on copyright? Not entirely sure how these things work.

  • PHEW. Was worried you were gonna pull $1299 on the AW38 again.

    Wallet gets to live another month.

  • +1

    Any deal on the 49" Ultra wide?

  • -1

    Thanks Dealbot, Anything cheaper for 1440p monitors?

  • @dealbot any daisy chainable monitor in this deal. Apparently they are hard to find nowadays

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    U should be knighted, dealbot

  • Anyone know when S2722DGF is released?

  • .. any backpacks available? hahah

    • Maybe later in the promo.

  • 3821 is still selling for $1499…
    next time…

  • Any chance of the AW2721D soon?

  • Does anyone know how the S2722DC compares to the S2721D? I was going to buy the S2721D but the USB-C port on the S2722DC would be useful for me.

    • S2722DC has a much better stand, has HDMI/USB-C. S2721D has HDMIx2 and Displayport

  • +3

    How does the Dell 34 Curved Monitor - AMD FreeSync QHD WQHD 3440 x 1440 at 100 Hz compare to the Xiaomi 34"?

    • Is the Dell on ultrawide too like Ziaomi. If prices are similar, I would advise to get Dell. Both are VA.

  • Anyone know how these compare to the S2721Q or QS - looking for a home office set up and the S2721Q has been great. The ones in this post are all better suited to gaming?

  • Thanks mate, any chance of a UHD, flat, 32inch monitor in the future?

  • anyone knows if i can get warranty from dell if i buy a monitor on ebay? i had a bad experience with the s2721qs (flickering screen with the brand new one and with 2 replacements) but that one was bought on dell website so the warranty process went smoothly

    • +2

      Yes comes with same 3 year from dell.

  • S3422DW up from $439 30/06/2021 to $499? boo :((

  • Any deal on 27-inch fhd monitors?

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    I wish they had any of their UltraSharp on Special. Friend is a Graphics Designer and is in need of a new monitor.

    • asking for a friend?

  • What is the best model (27") for office productivities (font, Word, Excel clarities) and light gaming (Roblox) please?

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      I”ll be going for the S2722D, especially for the productivity Benefits. Good IPS panel, 2k display with decent refresh rate.

      • How does that compare with the S2722Q?

        • +1

          1440p vs 4k is the most notable difference between the two. I know my work laptop (whilst hooked up to the dock) can only output a single 4k 60Hz display OR a 1440p and 1080p display.

          For work purposes, i think the dual display setup is better than a single 4k display.

          I really need the screen real estate.

          I suppose if there were an ultra wide monitor >34/38” that was budget friendly and a min resolution of 1440p, I would not hesitate to replace my current setup, but as it currently stands, they are way out of my budget.

          • @A female dog: Because of light gaming thought the 4k option would’ve been better. Cheers for the clarification.

  • +1

    Any deal on S3221QS pls?

  • Keen to see the laptop deals! Will you be posting a new deal for them?

  • Any 32 or 34 inch 4k models?

  • Any chance of a deal on the S2522HG?

    • +1

      It will be part of this promo but the price has increased slightly since the last promo.

      • Doesn't look like this model has been added any chance on some love for this model?

        • Apologies, I misread the model number. Doesn't look like this model is part of the promo.

  • +1

    Need some help and advice, gang.

    I was interested in getting the DGF for a while with how many people go nuts about it, but there's a few things that concern me and was hoping someone that owns one can give me their feedback. I know there are a lot of positives to the monitor, but:

    1. Apparently the light bleed on this monitor can be pretty bad - how noticeable is it in a dark room?
    2. Apparently the black aren't great either - do you ever find it affecting game-play? ie. areas that are obviously too bright
    3. How long did it take for you to get the monitor? I'm realllly not keen on waiting so long unless the monitor is AMAZING.
    4. Because it doesn't have SRGB Clamp I've heard some colours can be quite oversaturated - especially skin tones?

    The other monitor I am currently considering is the LG UltraGear 27GP83B-B, which is a but more expensive, but from what rtings.com says is slightly better.
    I was also considering looking into AOC monitors, but have a hard time finding decent reviews on most of them.

    My budget is only around $500, so I don't have a lot of options, so know I'll have to make some concessions somewhere.

    Man… choosing a monitor is super overwhelming.. haha

    • Dgf IMO. It’s unbeatable at this price. How much is the LG? Is the tiny difference (if any) worth the cost?

      • +1

        At the moment the LG is on special for $520, so a bit over $100 more

        I could also go the other way and opt for the s2722dgm for $100 less, but there's even less reviews on that because it's a new model. It looks like a solid model with good contrast and blacks… But a VA panel means i'll probably get some smearing.

        Man… i hate trying to make this choice. haha

        • Late reply, but depends on your needs, keep in mind the 27GP83B-B has less features as well, also, here is a comparison from RTings:

          So, they are similar, for me, I don't see the reason to spend another $120 for the same performance, unless you really value that factory calibration, which depends on the units anyways. We don't talk about black uniformity here as even though the LG is better, it's still sub-par compare to a VA panel. Not to mention that only USB port is not functional, just for service (According to RTings).

          If you want VA though, just get the Odyssey, they are the BIS and smearing is not a problem with them, other than them, you already know what you will get. Is it worth it to you, you decide.

          P/s: I forgot the LG has official GSync support, so if you really value that, LG is the one.

          Edit: S2722DGM has less I/O also, so check on that if it affects your needs. Really poor I/O IMO

          • +1

            @Thomthomx: Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it.
            I ended up deciding to roll the dice on the Dell yesterday - got the second last one in stock, so i really left it down to the line, haha.

            Would really love the G7, but just didn't have the budget for it.

            Regardless of what I did, it's going to be an upgrade on the Dell U2415 i have at the moment.

  • Any docking stations available?

    • +1

      These are considered commercial products and won't be available through Dell ebay.

  • Is 24'' or 27'' better for home office if I use dual monitor, any advice please? Mostly use for Excel, Word and sometimes play Dota :)

    • +1

      if you are going dual 24 works fine but if you are coding, CAD, design, go for 27!!! :)

    • +2

      What's you desk space like?
      My 2 x 27" 1440p monitors take up the full 1.2 m of my desk.
      I highly value the extra screen real-estate over 24"

      • My desk is only 65 x 130 cm. Thinking of 2 x 27'' or 2 x 24'', only for Excel and Dota use.

        • +1

          Mine is 45 x 120 cm. The 45 cm depth is not ideal for ergonomics but the monitors fit nicely.
          After using 27" for so long, I couldn't go back to 24"

        • +1

          Curveball: what about a single 34in screen?

      • I bought monitor arms when there were on sale a few months ago. Really pleased with how it turned out, saves lots of room and I can move them to suit (if I need to get to the back of the PC etc). I went for two single arms rather than a double.

        Similar to this.


  • Could someone please recommend a good “general use” monitor around 27inch? It would be used for basic office work, gaming, photos, movie watching etc. I think colour accuracy and avoiding ghosting are most important to me, but also wondering whether 75hz is good enough to enjoy higher end games. Budget $450 and doesn’t have to be this deal. Thanks in advance.

  • Any deals on 32” 2k 144hz ?

  • Is 4k or 1440p @27" better for a WFH monitor hooked up to a laptop?

    • +1

      better than what?

    • Really depends on your use case (and also your laptop). If you're consistently using apps that have UI full of buttons, then I personally think 1440p is more appropriate for 27" with consistently sharp results in every single application due to no scaling required, and no per app scaling issues to worry about.

      If your interactions are more text and web based then 4k is probably the way to go as it's just nicer to look at.

    • 4K is much better for Office work and it comes with decent speakers.
      Not sure if work laptops comes with graphics card which can output 144 hz .

      Currently my work laptop can only output 4K @ 30fs and planning to buy D6000 Dock to get [email protected] and connect another monitor.
      For casual gaming , I have my Xbox one connected to this monitor which is great.

    • To start, it depends.

      I did the research as I was wondering between 2722DC and 2722QC like you.
      This reddit post explained it the best:
      The commenter measurement based on 20/20 vision

      It depends on your distance to the monitor, if you seat further than the cutting point for 4k 27inch, which is ~53cm from the conversion I made in the post, then you will likely find the text too small to comfortably read. In addition, if you have to work with apps that have a lot of tools, text on the toolbar, I find those can be annoying to navigate, but this was me on a 4K 15inch XPS 15. Consider all of those, if it's just Microsoft Office stuff then you'll be fine.

      Also your consumption, do you watch movie a lot? Do you love contents in 4k, I bet everyone does lol, are those contents available to you, as IIRC not all shows and movies on Netflix are 4K, let alone HDR.

      Measure yourself, how you seat, what distance you consider perfect for you? As ~53cm can be quite close for lots of people, including my girlfriend, which prefer to be at as far away as possible, so I went with the 1440p.

      All of that combine, if you like to keep your eyes at a distance from the monitor, then 4k might be cumbersome. However, if you are not, or the desk space allow you flexibility where you can pull it close up when working or push it away for media consumptions. Then 4K is the way to go with its superior crispiness and HDR contents.

      Good luck on choosing the right one, keep in mind that my research wasn't really in-depth, so take it with a grain of salt. I'd always say go to a physical store and have a look, but we don't have that luxury during this time do we. I do recommend giving the reddit comment a read, they explained it way better than I did.

  • +1

    Is the delivery time on these actually 5-7 weeks, even though on the Dell website it mentions it should only be 2-6 days if you get the same monitors from there?

    • +3

      I messaged their ebay account and this is their reply.

      Though our eBay delivery estimate is about a month, generally our monitors are processed and fulfilled within 7-15 working days. We will also endeavour to get the unit to you earlier than the quoted timeframe. The delivery period we have set on eBay is due to the volume of orders we have during this period. We are also taking into account the possible delays in the delivery from our warehouse and courier side. Also, the eBay marketplace is not integrated with our system so all eBay orders are processed manually on our end. Hence, our listings are set on a longer shipping time.

      • Ah awesome, thanks heaps for that

  • Maybe dumb question..

    What are the differences between the S3422DWG and S3422DW monitors.. aside from the "G"


  • With regards to the warranty period. In the description of the S2722DGM, it says 3years, but refers to the dell.com website. I can only assume that also carries over to their ebay sales?

  • Can the 2722d be daisy chained via USB c?

  • Any deals on the S2721D, need a second one for my work setup

  • Any good monitors here that I could use with a PS4 and or PS5?

    • +1

      Do you want 4k gaming 60fps or 1080p 120fps?
      With all the incredible single player games on Ps5 I went for S2722QC and waiting for delivery today. 4k HDR for me and also to watch Netflix and Apple TV is more important than FPS shooters and getting 120fps. Also it works great for me for work at home and PC. I’d rather enjoy the amazing graphics. I probably game for one hour and I’m not pro so 120fps isn’t going to make difference for me. Also consider most people on console are using a tv so by using a monitor you’re at a little advantage anyways.

      • Thanks for the reply.60hz is enough for me. I am mixture too but if it looks better to play on a 4k monitor than a 1080p TV then I might go for it.

  • so which 27" one is the best for gaming among these monitors?

    • +1


  • How does S2722DC compare to S2721DS? Is it worth the extra $10?

  • Anyone got any personal experience with the S3221QS? Planning on using it for work purposes. From my research it should be fine for that, but happy to hear anyone else's two cents 🙂

    • Have been using one for several months for work in IT. Very happy with it.

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