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Bug-Beam & Orange Crush 3.0 $79.98 ($10 off) + Shipping @ Bug-A-Salt


Have fun, shoot some flies or something go nuts.
Use the code ORANGEBEAM, on check out for that bundle.

Had tons of fun last summer and thought to spread more joy !

Last 48 hours so get in fast.

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    Kills bugs and can use this to a-salt some pretzels

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    Price of salt will go through the roof in the next few days

    • +19

      Take this comment with a grain of salt

      • You deserve a medal for comment of the month. Lol

    • I think you mean "shoot" through the roof

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    Price in title? I think it might be $90, not sure on pstage.

  • Can you use sand in this?

    • +4

      Its not recommended as if it gets jammed, you pour water through the hopper and sand wont dissolve.

      • +1

        Mine has been jamming lately - I didn't even think of this remedy! Will give it a go

        • +1

          Is there wear in the gun from all the salt?

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    So you have to clean up salt after? Isn't that worse than a swatter?

    • +7

      Well you don't have to

    • +12

      Keeps the leaches out of the loungeroom

      • +6

        Too bad it doesn't work on Ozbargainers

      • And the Vampires

        • And the demons

    • +3

      Swatter mess might be smaller but IMO it's more of a pain to clean than vacuuming up salt.

      On certain surfaces swatter mess might actually stain the paint/material.

      But $80? I'd take my chances with the swatter or better yet - use your inner karate kid to just grasp out of the air and crush. It's actually pretty easy, particularly with gnats, but the crush part is hard with anything larger.

      • +2

        Throw it on the ground instead of crushing it.

        • +1

          I do this, or throw them against the wall
          I actually have a better success than fail rate, ppl don't believe me untill I'm throwing flies at a wall in front of them.

      • +1

        I want video proof that: "It's actually pretty easy, particularly with gnats" when you're using "your inner karate kid to just grasp out of the air" - remember Danny did it with chopsticks 😉

        • I have close to a 0% chance with chopsticks, but now I feel the challenge and I'm going to try one day. I buy potted herbs every now and then which always comes with a population of gnats living in the soil that end up floating around everywhere. I'm decent with chopsticks too. I'm going to remember this and maybe one day I'll reply with a link to a video of it happening!

          • +1

            @studentl0an: Maybe dry and smoke the herbs: see whether that improves your reflexes 😁

            • @RichardMelbourne: It actually does, no joke. Although I made the switch to using something like an Arizer or many others over combustion, which was possibly the best decision I've ever made.

              It's potentially saving lives in this pandemic too: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.03.10.432967v1

              (This article is a preprint and has not been certified by peer review)

              Of course I copied that link wrong and I mean coriander, yes coriander. It's delicious.

          • @studentl0an: If you knock one out with this gun, you can easily use chopsticks to pick them up then 🤮

      • Electric fly swatters are the best, the cruel satisfaction of catching that mosquito is pretty great.
        Much cheaper too.

  • +6

    Is this product for real??? Hahahahaha

  • Price is $79.98 + shipping ($16.99 for me in rural WA)

  • +8

    Always wanted one ever since finding out they exist from a reddit thread years ago but the price is still too high imo. Non-genuine ones can be found for around half the price but who wants those

  • Any deals on the non-laser versions?

  • +31

    You'd have to be mental to pay this price… I'd rather spend $80 on wine and use the corks to build a cork hat

  • +1

    Makes tequila shots even more exciting

  • +13

    Yea maybe for $20… 80 bux???

    • I got one off ebay for about $30 a few years back.

  • +7

    This gadget is expensive. It's also fun to use and an nice conversational piece for BBQs at home.

    It's well made and works best with Saxa table salt.

    Pump action mechanism is a bit tough due to the spring but some blokes here won't have an issue with this ;;;;)

  • Can't believe I just spend 2 minutes on the website try to kill the fly use my mouse, it does work.

  • So, can this hurt a person? Like, badly? I don't want to take off someone's eye trying to get a fly

    • Now I’m wondering how much eyeball fluid salt could absorb if shot into one.

    • The range is pretty short so as long as you keep people a metre or so away, they'll be fine if they accidentally drift into your crosshairs. It's best to wait till the fly is stationary, so not noticing a human in the sights is unlikely

    • +5

      If you have better aim than Cheney you'll be fine.

  • +6

    Surely an electric fly swat has comparable fun, far cheaper and less mess

    • Yeah, they're much better overall.

      • Any recommendations? I see tons of cheapies and have seen crap ones

        • +1

          I bought this one. It is pretty good in standard form, but I switched out the supplied battery with a high current (LG HG2) cell I had lying around. I've "popped" blowflies with it, and it will toast European wasps. I don't use the inbuilt charger with it though, and it's stored well and truly out of reach of my kids.

          • +2

            @ebosh: Just ordered. Have a Sony VTC6 lying around that will do nicely.

            • +2

              @BrokenRiedel: I had one before which took 2x AAs. I put 2x 14500s instead and it sounded like a taser. Can't find a 2x AA model anymore unfortunately.

              • @nub: I've got one that takes AA that's been underwhelming, will try loading it up with 14500s

            • @BrokenRiedel: Yep, just ordered as well. Did you notice a big difference by switching to the high current cell? Does it kill faster or require less time pressing on the fly?

    • Yeh tennis racquet squater

  • Anyone tried killing croaches using this?

    • +4

      I have, useless for it. You'd have to get right up next to it and shoot it a good 5 to 10 times.

      • +1

        Cheers mate.
        Then, I’ll stick to my dettol disinfectant spray.

    • Someone needs to invent deltamethrin in salt form.

  • +10

    Currently on bail for a firearms charge. Thanks op.

  • I got one. It's pretty fun and absolutely annihilates those huge buzzing flies. Downside is the splatter.. my ceiling is quite filthy now.

  • +1

    This looks fun but bit expensive for me.

  • +1

    Such an American solution

  • +1

    What I really want is their pistol model, but with Australia's nanny state laws I doubt we will be able to get that. I am surprised they even let us get this model.


    • Ohh. I might try my luck with this.

  • -3

    DO NOT BUY. My friend has one and it's worse and slower than just spraying Mortein.

    • +2

      Except it doesn't fill your house with pesticide, just salt. Not saying I'd buy this, and a swatter probably better, but think twice before spraying in the house

    • Yeah mine just sort of blows the fly around without killing it. Only after spraying salt around, just makes a mess.

  • +2

    Those electric tennis racket style things are just as fun & effective. Also a fraction of the price.

    • Yep, loving my dodgy Korean one.

  • +1

    How can this product exist yet the Makeup Gun does not

    • It does - just look at the people (being politically correct) who apply their makeup with industrial paint sprayers 😉

    • Too many people were using it set on 'whore'

      • +1

        Whoever downvoted you clearly isn't a Simpsons fan…

  • +1

    Not as cool. But I just load up vinegar into a spray bottle. Works well on all types of critters.

  • +5

    I've got the non-laser Mk II version of this. Happy I got it despite its limitations, which are that it can take three or more follow up shots to kill some sturdier flies, and also that it does occasionally jam (which does add a certain Hollywood cliche vibe to the experience.

    Overall though, it is genuinely useful for the simple reason that it can be used around food eg in the kitchen where you get the most flies but don't want Mortein everywhere - or anywhere.

    Flyswatters are definitely messier - almost every time I've used one, I've ended up with a red fly stain on the ceiling/wall - and also aren't as effective when the fly is not on a flat surface eg window handles etc. Also good for flies that hover rather than land eg those little fruit flies. You also can stay further away with this than with a fly swatter, which means insects are less likely to fly off before you begin your attack.

    It is also insanely fun - I sometimes can line up my shot so that it actually blasts the fly out of the window, so I don't have to do the body disposal afterwards. I've even managed to blast one into my garbage bin.

    Note that salt is a natural spider killer - I felt bad that one of my fellow fly catchers succumbed to the salt that fell on its web in my window bracket.

  • +10

    Mines been pretty good, mostly use it protecting my dogs bone from flies while laughing uncontrollably. That is until I catch the neighbours looking at me funny, then I retreat back inside.

    Highest death toll in one sitting so far is 17.

  • Yeah, I have one of these. They're excellent. I only use it outside. Heaps of fun.

  • +1

    Let me show you its features!

  • Anyone else click add to cart while trying to shoot the fly on the website…?

  • Goodness always wanted one…must resist

  • I found this generic knock off… https://www.ozstock.com.au/20028/Bug-&-Fly-Killing-Salt-Gun.... Does anyone have one of these? I've never bought from Ozstock before so would love to know if they're safe / reliable to buy from?

    • Looks like an older version of the bug-a-salt, maybe 1.0 or 2.0

      • Yeah, but $30 is half the price! :)

        • Indeed, on the flipside, the v2.0/v2.5 can be had for around $60 IIRC

    • Dodgy that the show the Bug a Salt too (down to the logo) in the images.

  • Looks fun until you realise it's useless inside as it would spray salt all over your house.

  • +1

    I had no idea these things cost his much!

  • Damn, just bought one on a few weeks back for $90

    Oh well

  • What’s this another water pistal or nerf gun?

    • Salt gun, it's used to knock out/kill flying insects, specifically the house fly

  • I use a 70% ethanol spray. No mess and I can then catch them and dump.

    • +1

      Plus a lighter right?

      I just use a Brûlée torch for spiders (outside).

  • +1

    I couldn't resist.
    Pulled the trigger…

  • +3

    I've always wanted one of these ever since I saw them online. Pity at the time they wouldn't ship to oz. Now that there is a local distributor, I still can't make myself buy it. I feel that it's a wee bit too pricey. I know I spend a lot more on other non-essentials, but this just doesn't cut it for me.

    • +2

      hand over your ozb badge for not buying first and think later

  • Is there an AliExpress version of this?

  • Would this fall in the same category as gel blasters? As illegal to own one in NSW

    • No, not yet. Until some plum shoots an officer in the face with one and ruins it for everyone. Still a toy for now.

  • Easiest and cheapest option is to have a way in and a way out (as it starts to get dark) for the flies - self managing. E.g. I open the back door and couple of windows without the flyscreen.

  • +1

    Careful with this on backyards with fruit or vegetables, too much salt around soil will kill the plants

    • +1

      Ah bug-ger it, I’m getting one. All the reviews say how much fun they are and I truly hate the Australian house fly.

    • Came here to say this. Salt in the soil is going to be a long term problem.

      • We had a beautiful lemon tree,
        At one point the base attracted a F load of Slugs.

        My neighbour advised Salt instantly kills Slugs and is a natural resource (non-pesticide).
        Done and it killed them all, they never returned.

        ~4 weeks later the tree had dried up and no more fruits.
        After a rain or 2, it was dead…salt got into the roots.