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10 Custom 76x76mm Die Cut Stickers US$1 (~A$1.39) Delivered @ StickerMule (New Accounts)


Cheaper than the last deal. Get some Dell stickers made up for your new monitors!

  • Get your die cut stickers fast with 4 day turnaround and free shipping.
  • Review your proof shortly after checkout and request changes until you're happy.
  • Thick, durable vinyl protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight.

Mod: The price is US$1 but if you pay in AUD the site will charge you A$1.97. Change your currency in the bottom right to USD to pay in US$, US$1 is approximately A$1.39 using today's VISA/MasterCard rates. Check with your card provider regarding international transaction fees.

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  • +6

    anyone received the stickers from the last deal yet?

    • +10

      yes, it took a while, but pretty good quality.

      • +1

        Yep same. Very happy.

      • lol they literally arrived today

    • +1

      Yes. Great quality.

    • Yep, last week

    • +2

      Not yet..

    • +1


    • Yeah, a while back. They look really good. It's nice to see the deal again!

    • +1

      Yep, look great: https://imgur.com/a/UrFqZS6

    • Not yet:)

    • Yes and they look great. Very professional service.

    • Yes, a few weeks ago. They did a really nice job

    • Yep!

      Accidentally got shipped someone elses, got in contact with Sticker Mule and they expedited the correct prints asap!

      Meanwhile my partner's order hasn't arrived…

    • Not yet, placed order 2 months back!

    • No.

    • Yes. They arrived in Melbourne very quickly, but from Melbourne to Sydney took 2 or 3 weeks (according to the freight tracker). Good quality

    • Yep, all 4 lots

    • Yes got them safe and sound! Took a bit long, but I didn't the stickers soon anyways.

  • +3

    New customers only?

    "You've reached this deal's limit"

    • +2

      yeap. you will need a new number to "verify"

      • New account?

        • +1

          they send a text to verify your number to cut down on people registering throwaways

    • I've ordered from them before and was able to get this deal.

    • I've had this deal before. Ordered again, no problem.

  • +16

    Really happy with these stickers from the last deal. Great quality.

    Don't expect them soon though. They came from New York and went via Japan

    • Haha ye I thought mine were taking a scenic route.

  • Great value, got my last order this week.

  • Just ordered some and paid $1.97. Good price still but why isn't this $1 lol

    • same, not $1, but still ordered
      good stickers
      have heaps already from all their previous deals

    • +1

      $1 USD. You swap the currency on the page and pay with a no-fee card. So it's around $1.40

    • That’s a hideous exchange rate. If they were AU I would report them to accc.

      (Technically if they are offering to us they are under accc but too hard to police I think)

  • +1

    its coming up $1.97
    What a rip off, let me talk to your manager. karen ultra mode

    jk, its still cheap.

  • Yeah got it for the $1.97 too. ETA of October 6th seems decent

  • +1

    What do you guys normally print on the stickers?

    • Anything. Got my dog one time, another time some logos for a streamer I like. This time I done business logos

    • +1

      Logo stickers for my side business, I throw them in with orders

      • Without giving too much away, is your side hustle related to your day job? What field are you in?

        • +1

          Only very tangentially. I essentially monetised a hobby of mine.

    • +7

      Printed my house number on it so I could stick them on my bins.

      Someone posted this suggestion last deal and they inspired me to do the same!

      • +3

        I did the same thing about 2 years ago with a similar deal from stickermule

        The stickers are still on my bins, look brand new. 2 years out in the sun, rain, wind, etc

        Great quality!!

      • +1

        I am not sure but I thought it will be smaller to paste it on bins. No?

    • +1

      Address! Handy on rubbish bins especially when you live in a block of units and everyone lines their bin out next to each other weekly

    • +3

      I'm putting my drunk manager's face from the Xmas party in places. Once got the 'rectal use only' stickers and put them everywhere.

    • +3

      house number for bins. i even have a mate who lives at the same number as me (on a different street) to split em with.

      • +1

        Damn that’s tight. ✅

  • Is it still $1 if you choose a different size like 5x5?

    • +1

      Can't go bigger than the 73mm by 73mm, you can go smaller though by including a note with your artwork

  • Really wish these guys would do an assorted sticker pack of just all different cool looking and random designs. The stickers are great but I never have inspiration to create any designs myself.

  • +2

    Mine also took a trip to Japan and has been stuck somewhere in Kingsgrove for a week. Hopefully not lost.

  • Hi all, having trouble getting to USD$1. So I created a new account and then selected:
    1. USD Currency
    2. Die Cast
    3. Size 76mm or smaller
    4. Quantity 10
    5. Uploaded graphic
    6. Checkout
    At checkout it is not showing USD$1

    • +2

      how much work are you prepared to do to save yourself 50c?

      • It's coming up like USD$12 for me.

      • Ok sorted it out. Just needed to click on the 'Go to deal' link :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, BTW its $1.44 using paypal if bought in USD.

    • +2

      i paid $1.39 via paypal when i selected USD

      • I was robbed.!!.. :-) Aus dollar must have gone up..?
        Mine states this
        $1.44 AUD = $1.00 USD
        1 AUD = 0.6931 USD

        • always select use USD or the local currency of the store and let your bank convert it (if you have a fee free bank for overseas transactions)

  • +1

    These a brilliant stickers. Great offer. But I agree with the above. A four day turn around won't happen! It took weeks for delivery.

  • +2

    Stickermule is a great company. They've had great deals in the past including coasters and vinyl stickers. The quality has always been terrific. Pre-covid, the shipping times have been really quick (<2 weeks). Also, I love their little mule character. It's so cute.

    Here's the sticker that I got printed last time: https://i.imgur.com/Y9Ag4kM.jpg

    • +1

      Nice but looks awkward to type with that where it is…

  • -1

    Sold out..
    Excellent deal though. Sticker quality is great!

    • Oops.. didn't realise it's only for new accounts..

  • Still waiting for mine

  • +1

    Amazing, ordered some crypto related stickers

  • what stickers are people ordering? i need some inspiration

    • +3

      i'm getting a copy of this thread printed on a sticker so i can read it for inspiration on what to get printed on a sticker

    • No Junk Mail

  • Thanks ordered 10 stickers for $1.38 AUD on Paypal

  • happy with my stickers from the last round. the image i used wasn't high-res but the stickers came out great and had none of the visible pixellation they warned about

    • lucky you. Mines come out perfect as well, but just in case, i took the precaution to upscale the images. You can use an online service such as https://icons8.com/upscaler to increase them to 3000x3000 and make sure they will come out right.

  • Thank you OP. Always look forward to these

  • is it 10 stickers of the same design? or can you do 10 different designs?

  • signed up a new account using referral and paid $1.44 via paypal yesterday. tried the existing account and was able to get the same promotional price (not new account), also paid $1.44 today via paypal.

  • These guys are great - great quality stickers, fantastic deal.

    Be warned though, probably good idea to use a burner SIM or use a false number, I'm pretty certain they sell on phone numbers and emails.

  • Thanks Dealbot.
    Seen this a few times on OzBargain and finally got around to putting an order through and seeing what they are like. Cheers!!

  • Sticky Deal

  • Cheers OP, got them, really good quality!

  • Never received any stickers from previous deals.

    • if u had paid for them n they did not arrive say about 2 weeks after the expected date of delivery, u could write to them either ask for refund or reprint n see what their response is.

  • Anyone recieve their stickers?

    • Yea, I sure did.

    • mine arrived on Friday. they use fastway/aramex so either it's taking it's slow-arse time to get to you….or it's lost.

  • There's tracking available for every order, if it says otherwise in your order confirmation, click on the order number n from there is a link to track your order.
    hope this helps. received mine on Friday too.

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