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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $866 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C) @ Officeworks


An iPhone 12 Mini for $866 @ Officeworks, not all of the colours are in stock as far as I’m aware. Decent phone, battery life isn’t meant to be the greatest however.

According to comments, its worth waiting for the next ‘Telstra Day’ as there is a possibility of this phone being $599, however this is only a prediction!!!

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    When Telstra deal comes back I will bite

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      i was unaware the telstra day thing was even a thing, and bought the 12 mini by price matching at jbhifi (with this post) today

      • Oh so if I use the TCN's gift card which woolworths is selling it with 10% off price to buying the iphone at the jb hi-fi, the price would be almost 10 % off more, right?

  • was 699 from telstra day. I guess

    • What’s Telstra day? And when is this?

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        It's basically a special promo day where they offer certain phones from a brand for sale. I called up someone from telstra the day after their telstra day deal as my mum missed out and they said there was 1 day a month (not sure the exact date) where they offer a deal on a specific brand. Last month was samsung and the month prior to that was apple.


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          First Thursday of each month I believe

        • Presumably bundled with a Telstra contract? Are Telstra contract still poor value? Last time I checked (years ago) they were a rip off… Not Ozbargain worthy.

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            @Felixrising: I ordered an S21 outright for $624 on Telstra day earlier this month, no contracts.

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            @Felixrising: Contract free on Telstra day :)

            • @humpda: I bought via the points site. Is there another way to buy outright?

            • @humpda: That sounds great! Get up on it.

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    not a bad price, but if you're a power user that needs a days battery
    I reckon go for the 13 mini… its better than the regular size 12's battery now lol
    Check this fresh comparison vid out

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      13 mini is way better, camera is on par with 12 pro.

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        Camera on phones are already so good now that it’s diminishing returns for price vs image quality. And you can give the best camera to an average user most would still take crap under exposure badly cropped photos. I would just pay half price for 12 over 13.

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          If the 12 mini is 599 next month for Telstra day. I would grab that along with apple magsafe battery pack. Then next august grab a 13 mini at a much cheaper price.

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            @ChickenAdobo: I saw somewhere that the MagSafe battery pack doesn't even half charge the iPhone 12, and with all wireless charging it's like super inefficient power wise, which seems antithetical to apple's whole sustainability thing. it's also super expensive

            • @bruceyjuicy: 65% on iPhone 12 mini with Apple magsafe battery pack. Less so on 12, pro and pro max. It super expensive because it an "apple" products and the software integration with iOS is very sleek. You can see on the battery widgets.

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    Good deal to demonstrate that you shouldn’t trust upvotes actually indicating a good deal.
    $699 first Telstra day
    $729 the second
    Might be at the next one. First Thursday of every month.

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      A lot of people now wanting a time machine for those deals after holding out for the 13 launch and finding it a bit flat. Even used prices are high. In overall assessment of the situation $866 is a great price.

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        I agree it’s a good price, just personally I’m inclined to wait two more weeks to see if it’s in the next Telstra day deal as it has been in the last two. Of course it may not be.

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    Phone has been $699 and $799 when RRP was $1199. RRP is now $999 so hopefully we might see this at $699 again and even possibly $599.

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      What makes you think it’s gonna be $599?

      • If they discount it by $400 like they have already done several times it may well be on sale for $599 soon

        • Yeah they probably just got rid of heaps of stock.
          But now it has a new RRP and is still being sold. I doubt they will have it for less than $600..

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      As someone still rocking a 7 (plus), at $599 I may make the jump.

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      Didn't know the battery life was that bad

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      Better to buy last year flagship iphone at a massive discount along with the run out phone cases/ screen protector that businesses want to flog off for the new model. You could get yourself a new iPhone every August following this pattern

  • Anyone know how much for a kidney on black market?

  • is there a cheaper iphone 11 somewhere?

  • Facebook marketplace has shops around Brisbane offering the 128gb iPhone 12 mini for $850 new, pickup

  • any deals (telstra day deals?) on the normal size 12?

    • Wait on the 6 October on midnight.

    • $949 in the 1st Telstra day.

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    IMO, if you want this form factor, you should really save up for a 13 mini. Much better battery life, 128gb standard storage, better camera's etc. Otherwise, a lightly used 12 is probably a better option.

  • just wait till next year when the iPhone Mini becomes the new iPhone SE…

  • I got a max but tbh the mini is just a beautiful phone to hold and use for casual tasks and still have all you payment and other apps

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    best phone ever

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    telstra day was a fizzer

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