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Chromecast with Google TV & 6 Months of Netflix ($95.94 Worth of Credit) for $118.99 Delivered @ Google Store


Excellent deal on this bundle, didn't think we'd see it cheaper than the promo price before it expired.

  • If you return the device within the allowable return period and have already redeemed the Netflix offer, you will be refunded $99.00 (cost of the Chromecast device).
  • If you return the device within the allowable return period and have not redeemed the Netflix offer, you will be refunded the entire amount charged.
  • To redeem the Netflix offer, customers must set up an eligible Chromecast with Google TV device and follow the instructions to apply the offer value to a Netflix account by 1 March 2022.
  • Available to new and existing Netflix subscribers, except for those who receive Netflix access via bundled services offered by a third-party partner (e.g. T-Mobile).
  • The offer must be redeemed in the same country in which a user’s Netflix account is established.

Credit to SR9 for the original comment.

As always, enjoy :)

Chromecast with Google TV & Netflix 6-month subscription deal

Original Coupon Deal - Thanks to FickleRick

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    Brace yourself, the “how is this better than my shitty smart TV?” and “what’s the difference between this and the old Chromecast” comments are coming.

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      The difference is night and day (one is black and one is white).

      • +41

        “No no, the sales person at Harvey Norman said my smart TV can do everything”

        • +42

          "… right before he gave me a great deal on an extended warranty"

          • +49

            @bdl: And told me to upgrade my HDMI cable to a Monster cable for the ultimate experience

            • +14

              @MS Paint: But he gave me $600 off the TV. All I had to do was lock myself in to a 24 month contract with Optus….

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      How is this better than my Fire TV 4K?

      • +2

        Maybe " ok google" doesn't work on fire tv. LOL

        • why is there no "let me ok google that for you" site?

      • +1

        Maybe I don't have to keep setting up apps when my firesticks decide they're going to forget all the info I've put in😥

    • This or shield tv?

      • Is Shield TV better than a Vodafone TV?

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        • I have Shield Pro and VTV and the Shield Pro is soooo much better, picture quality and sound with same TV and speaker system. Mind you costs 3x the price. I reckon it was worth it but no idea if this is better than either.

          Will find out soon! :)

      • Shield TV is more expensive but better. If the extra cost is worth it depends on your use case and only you can research and decide for your unique circumstances.

        • Shield pro definitely yes, but overkill unless you want to use as Plex server, Shield tube not so sure.

      • I got some stuff this won't play. The shield tv is the only device ive got that happily plays anything I throw at it including sound formats.

        So if all you plan is playing stream content then this is all you need but if you have local media then the shield tv is a better option imo.

        • My shield (2019?) has suddenly stopped playing audio using VLC on media on my USB. Going in and out of media files will play sound maybe one-in-20. Anyone else, was there an update, with VLC conflict? (I have checked the USB content on PC)
          Prime and Disney play no problems
          Suggestions/solutions welcome, anything I google only describes Settings

          • @Cheapkiwi: Latest VLC is very buggy, I'm just uninstalled it and installed again. Actually best way do not update if apps is working.

            • @simb24: @sumba24 cheers - don't recall updating any apps, I thought NVidia may have done an update, does it manage all apps automatically? I'll try a re-install, thank you

              • +1

                @Cheapkiwi: By default Google Play auto update all installed apps, you need manually stop it in its preferences.
                Unfortunately to downgrade it you need first uninstall apps, then install its older version, or first to root device. Previous versions of apps you can downloads from www.apkmirror.com

                • @simb24: @Simb24 Ah, so Google Play auto update, not the Shield.. Now that I think about it, my phone hasn't prompted me to update apps for a while, so guessing my GP profile/settings changed somehow. Maybe I'll try MXPlayer until VLC sorts out the bugs, haven't dealt with APKs in a long time, but thanks for the link

                  • @Cheapkiwi: Google Play nothing to do with Shield, it's Android market place. Just check if it's not on auto update.

      • I use my car for about 500 hours the last two years. We've used my shield for about 5000 hours.

    • I seriously don't see the difference between my 2015 Sony TV and this. Netflix and Youtube work perfectly find on a smart TV. What else are you guys doing?!

      • +3

        Im using:

        Disney Plus
        Amazon Prime
        Plex (to access my 16TB local media)
        9 Now
        7 Plus
        10 Play
        ABC iView
        SBS on demand

        I also stream photos and videos from my phone to this to watch family stuff after a day out etc.

      • there are many things you cant "cast" to a smart tv - but only to a google chromecast
        eg - some streaming websites - the video will have a cast button that wont work on a "smart tv"

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    As mentioned on the other post, you can also take advantage of the Amex deal if eligible - splitting it over 2 orders (as you can only use 1 code each time) to get:

    $119 - Chromecast with Netflix (BDAYSURPRISE)
    $40 - Nest Mini (MINIBUTMIGHTY)
    ($30) - Amex credit
    ($96) - Netflix credit

    Works out to be $33 for both, very nice.

    • Don’t you need to spend at least $150 in 1 transaction to get $30 amex credit?

      • +2

        Says in one or more transactions in the T&C's

      • +1

        Per the T&C's it can be over multiple transactions - I've already got the redemption email from Amex.

        • +1

          My transaction goes a bit funny. I did the same thing as yours, but the chromecast came through authorisation as google store, and google mini transaction comes through as google play. No email yet from amex.

          • +1

            @Jojoeh: Cancel the order that went wrong and try again.

            • @bluedez_man: Thanks it works!

            • +2

              @bluedez_man: mine did exactly the same. i cancelled and immediately reordered. Amex offer confirmation email came through straight away. Thanks for the tip!

              • @02LyW: Both my transactions come through as Google Play, does that mean I won’t get the Amex credit?

              • @02LyW: How do you know if the order was done through the Google Play or Google Store? I haven't received my e-mail from AMEX yet so thinking there's probably some issue.

                • +1

                  @justcallmeboss: I cancelled the order and placed again, the authorisation is still coming up as Google Play

                  • @knucklebug: Thanks! Yup just did the same on my second order and it worked :)

                    • @justcallmeboss: I’ve tried three times for the Nest Mini and each time it’s come up as Google Play rather than Google Store. No Amex email. So annoying! Which one did you order to get it to come from Google Store? The Chromecast came through correctly.

                      • @chrish: I went through to the last stage of the checkout in one tab, then went into the offers on the amex page in a different tab, and clicked through to the google.store.com/au link. If you then click the cart with your items in it, it will load the same page from the 1st tab. When I completed the order now(on the 2nd tab), I got the credit email straight away.

                • @justcallmeboss: My Amex is linked to my Google pay. So, the transaction came up in my google pay activity. The Google tv was billed as Google store and the best was Google Play.

                  • @02LyW: You need to choose credit card as payment option not google pay.

                    • @SR9: Yes. That's what i did. But my Google pay always notifies me of my card activities regardless of how i paid

        • My original orders came through as two separate Google Play transactions with no Am Ex offer completed email.

          I cancelled.

          Went back to Am Ex, followed the offer link to the site.

          Ordered the Chromecast with Netflix with BDAYSURPRISE, chose credit card and added the same Am Ex that is already in Google Pay again, and paid.

          Did the same process with the Nest Mini (MINIBUTMIGHTY) and this time immediately got the Am Ex offer completed email.

          YMMV. Good luck!

        • If anyone is still having trouble, do not use Chrome to auto-fill credit card info, type in your CC detail. Mine order finally come through as Google Store after I did that.

        • +1

          Took seven orders and five cancellations to get the nest and TV to appear as GOOGLE STORE. Hope the cancellations come through or I now have all my Christmas shopping for the extended family.

          • +1

            @DSOTM: Same!!! What a PITA! I was ordering, then cancelling, then the blue Google TV was out of stock so I had to order the white one, which was also out of stock at times, then cancelled again, then the blue one happened to be back in stock, and finally I got it to go through as "Google Store". Somehow.

            • @ThisFella: I just hope my five cancelled orders don't go through somehow…..

        • +1

          Jeebus - I tried what people did here, but got google play twice instead of google store. I removed my Amex from my google pay account, then used Edge to process the order. Finally got google store on the third go, YMMY. If that didn't work I was just going to give up yeesh.

          • @ranma: I tried this but it wants you to still add it to Google pay prior to paying. So this will still come up as google play statement again.

          • @ranma: Edge eventually worked for me as well, thanks.

        • For those who are desperate to make this work. I've tried this thrice on 2 laptops with Chrome Incognito & Edge but still came up with Google Play. Out of sheer exasperation I just tried that on DuckDuckGo on my Android phone and it just worked, coming up as Google Store for both Chromecast TV & Nest Mini transactions, and got the Amex Offer email straight away. I did add my Amex card again instead of using the existing one in Google Pay in all attempts.

    • If possible, do it over two Google accounts so you get two $70 pixel discount vouchers and can share/offload one or both.

      • Where do you get the pixel discount?

        • Supposedly emailed to you sometime before november 31st.

      • of course, AMEX doesn't care how many google accounts

    • +10

      you can't really think of the netflix credit as a discount…that's false economy

      • +9

        You can if you're already subscribed and would have paid that amount - its as good as a discount

        • +8

          You should be paying in pesos…

          • +3

            @atlas: I’m paying in Lira, but I did sell my last lot of credit to a mate.

            • +1

              @tomsco: You can sell the credit? I also pay in Turkish currency.

              • @theguyrules: I can't work out why everyone on Ozbargain wouldn't be paying in Turkish Lira. $8.50aud equivalent for the top of the range plan.

                • @julz: I tried to get my mate on it, but they wouldn’t accept any of his cards for payment, so can be a PITA. I use 28 Degrees/Latitude.

                • +1

                  @julz: I tried, finally got a VPN that showed turkey prices but they wouldn't accept any of my credit cards. Then when I gave up and reactivated for Aus, all of my cards were blocked in the system and they can't remove the block. I have to use gift cards to pay for it now.

                  28 degs, coles mastercards, and ANZ Rewards all didn't work.

              • +1

                @theguyrules: Yeah, bit difficult - basically you have to be with the person if you don’t want to share passwords. Something like I logged into my Google account and then linked into their Netflix account to apply it.

      • +2

        yeah why do i feel slightly annoyed that i miss out on this because i already get netflix for free..

      • Here's a more accurate summary depending on an individual's netflix plan/region.

        $119 google tv
        $40 nest mini
        -$30 amex credit
        -$38~$51 netflix credit value

        = $78~$91 for both

    • +1

      Of course my Amex deal disappears today when I finally have a use for it.

    • Can I ask what amex deal you are referring to?

      • Check your “offers” section in the amex app or website. It was spend $150 at Google store get $30 credit back. You have to have it in your offers and “save to card” to get it.

    • Buy two chrome cast with tv separately via two google accounts?

    • Both the orders went through Google store but did not get the AMEX email. Do you receive Amex email. Thanks

      • -2

        You need to choose credit card as payment option not pay via Google Pay

      • Yep ….received email 10mins after order placed

    • Not sure if I'm doing it right - I entered in my amex details but haven't been charged. Check the email and it said "won’t be charged for an item until it is dispatched". Cancelled and tried again - is anyone else not getting charged yet?

      • Mine shows pending

    • I tried 6 times on my phone but still identified as Google Play. Tried to use my laptop and it gone through as Google Store 1st try, so its something to do with my phone browser too.

  • +3

    So the six months of Netflix is just a voucher code, right? So if we buy say two of these, can we stack them both on the same account?

    • +6

      Correct. I've done this

      • Thanks man

      • Sorry for the repeated question, so if I get 2 of these deals I get 2 codes? Do they give you the code with the delivery or via email? And can you stack at the same time or need to be 6 months after?

    • +1

      Was asking myself the same question, looking at the FAQ, it can be done up to 3 times I think

    • I just need the Chromecast with Google tv… I have Netflix subscription. Want to sell the 2nd Chromecast with Google tv dongle?

      • +2

        You use the voucher code on your existing Netflix account and it'll apply the $96 of credit, so your next $96 of payments will be free before they start charging you again. No need to buy the Chromecast seperate, just buy your own and take the Netflix discount 👍

        • So I am on the basic $10.99 plan for Netflix. If I get the credit will that mean I get more than six months or shall I just upgrade to the two screen plan?

          • @BargainBenno: You'll get more than 6 months if you're on the basic plan - it's just a credit applied :) I'm on the $20/month one, so I get just under 5 months for example

  • How to use coupon code? I am getting $139.99 and no option to add coupon code at checkout

    • In the final checkout page below your payment method and above your basket contents it’ll say “Add a promo code”, enter it in there.

      • For some reason I was not getting apply promo code option on my main Gmail account so used another Gmail account and I got the option to enter code. Thank you

  • so if i have netflix already then i can still use the that coupon with the EXISTING netflix account?

    Available to new and existing Netflix subscribers

    • +10

      As long as it's an au based Netflix account, yes.

      No benefit to some that use alternate country based Netflix accounts

    • Yes. Have purchased 2 of these bundles in the past and used both times on my existing Netflix account no problems.

      • Did you return the chromecast?

    • Also, how does it work if the Netflix plan you’re on is the 19.99 a month plan with more screens, do you just get the same value as a credit, or do you have to drop to the 2 screen plan for 6 months?

      • +4

        Same value as a credit.

      • +1

        Yes - you just get the same value as credit = $95.94