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Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 3070 LHR $1388 + Shipping @ Techfast


Pretty good deal for this 3070 given current market conditions. Typically sells for $1700 at other vendors.

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    If we accepted $1,388 is "good deal" for X070 range in given current market. Perhaps we will have to accept $2,000+ for the same range in the future.

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      It doesn't appear that the market forces determining these prices are going to change anytime soon. Global supply chains are struggling at the moment and the demand for semiconductors are higher than ever before. Just take a look at the new and used car markets.

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        Not according to Hardware Unboxed.

        The supply is there, the demand isn't, due to the high prices. Distributors don't care if their prices are well above MSRP because cryptominers will want it more than the gamers.

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          even the LHR models? does that mean the LHR "Scheme" didn't really work?

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            @scud70: LHR only limits hashrate for mining ethereum, not other coins which are are not too far off profitability wise. Given that LHR is cheaper than a non-LHR card, in most cases the LHR is better value or faster payback period than a non-LHR card.

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              @dazzles: Oh right… Thanks for the explanation. So I'm assuming Nice hash is where these would be still be used? This crypto stuff confuses the heck out of me haha

              • @scud70: Yeah, probably nicehash. Or if they might just mine the most profitable

          • @scud70: Also, LHR has already been increased to 70% of full performance for lhr cards. LHR3080 @70% = 3070 full hash rate for example. Id suggest 3070lhr > 3060 for, but am unsure what a 3060 gets when "unlocked".

    • It will happen if eth price goes double

  • Wondering the price may go down quicker after China crackdown cryptos

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      Perhaps. I think the bulk of GPU demand is coming from the mainstream consumer market though.

    • China is irrelevant. They've been banning crypto for at least 8 years. Sure this is the next step but the asset class no longer takes China seriously and this current dip is simply whale manipulation exploiting the environment.

      Prices will only begin to settle when the bull market ends in early 2022. China could make crypto investing a death sentence and it wouldn't matter anymore. They lost their leverage in this space when they kicked out the miners a few months ago. They got full control over their CBDC and we got a truly decentralised bitcoin. A great deal for everyone but China.

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    Even if you place the order, it may take a veeeeeeeery loooooong time for auspost to deliver. My order has been stuck at somewhere in Sydney south west for over one week.

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      AP been good to me. 2-3 day delivery and even on Saturdays.

      • My $99 airpods have been stuck for over a month

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        apparently you dont really know what i was talking about. It is about AusPost and Startrack

    • I have an express post item that has not arrived Syd-Mel. Posted Sep 2.

  • Cop or hold someone help me, does this card apart from it looking better than the PNY one does it preform much better???

    • Cheaper ones on PLE with eta eg 3070 vision

      • What's the link and eta on the vision bro?

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      mining has been banned in China for months now. They've moved their operations elsewhere.

      • Yep, this. Although Blackrock has heavily invested into China so who knows what will happen.

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      Crazy how normalised it is to wish harm onto others just so they could satisfy their own selfish needs.

      • Chinese property developers unfortunately brought this on themselves. At some point the music will stop …..

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          I agree with you and it will be their mess to clean up but to wish harm or egg it on is poor form and should be called out unless we as a society have decided that's the way we want to be.

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    3060ti is around $850 if you find the good deal. Both LHR can deliver 40mh/s, and gaming performance is only around 10% more than 3060ti, hmmmm

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    I’m not sure why no one has posted this. Has been in stock and snagged myself one a few days ago


    Not a good value?

    • I was thinking the same thing. PLE has had this in stock for ages at $1,400. I personally think that if PLE can sell their card at $1,400 and not sell out, then this isn't really a bargain.

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        The dual fan cards have considerably worse cooling performance than the triple fan cards. The same Zotac card has been in stock at Scorptec for $1500 for a while. Not saying the Zotac is a bad card, it's just slightly less preferable.

        • Fair enough. But I had gigabyte cards before.. cooling performance was mediocre too.. well maybe for gamer like me it’s more than adequate..

    • 1400 isnt a particularly good deal for a bottom tier 3070

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    I haven't seen latest PC system deal lately from Techfast. Disappointed :(

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    This is an absolute bargain considering the market and where it's moving today.

    Just purchased mine so confirming this deal is working.

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      I ordered one for my partner on Saturday and just received Auspost shipping confirmation this afternoon with a delivery ETA by Auspost themselves. I hope you get yours soon too!

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        I bought one too guys. Ordered on the weekend and it shipped Monday with a delivery ETA for tomorrow.

        • Wondering whether your Auspost ETA was accurate? Mine has been delayed it seems - was supposed to be delivered Friday.

  • Anyone place an order recently? Has it been processed and sent out already?