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100% Cashback on 1 Meat Free Quorn Product @ Woolworths / Coles via Quorn


Free Quorn to celebrate World Meat Free Week.

Promotion runs from 27th September 2021 to 3rd October 2021.
Claims close on 10th October 2021.


Claims can be made at https://www.quorncashback.com.au for products purchased between 12.01am AEST on 27/09/2021 and ends at 11:59pm AEST on 3/10/2021. All Claims must be received by 11:59PM AEDT on 10th October 2021.

You will receive the purchase price of the product up to $9.00.

There is a limit of 1 claim per household for this promotion.

You must provide an itemised purchase receipt. The receipt must clearly show the participating product purchased, the store where the product was purchased and the date and time the purchase was made.

Claims will be paid into the nominated Australian bank account, please check these are correct when submitting your claim.

Once you have submitted your claim it will be validated within 2 business days. Once validated please allow up to 7 business days for payment to be processed.

Participating Products in the Promotion are:

  • Quorn Swedish Style Meatballs
  • Quorn Sausages
  • Quorn Sriracha Crumbed Tenders
  • Quorn Roast
  • Quorn Mince
  • Quorn Nuggets
  • Quorn Pieces
  • Quorn Cheese & Spinach Schnitzels
  • Quorn Garlic & Herb Fillets
  • Quorn Schnitzels
  • Quorn Hot & Spicy Burgers
  • Quorn Vegan Fillets
  • Quorn Classic Beef Style Burgers
  • Quorn Sausage Rolls

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +34

    World Free Meat Week.

    Free Meat !!!

    • +2

      Wait a minute…

      • +1

        I did. Now what?

    • +4


      A campaign led by a team of dyslexics?

  • +6

    I'll try it since it's free.. don't have high expectations though

    • +4

      Last year, in the manic first few lockdowns, meat was sold old, except for this plant based meat section.

    • +34

      As a vege I tend to stick clear of fake meats since they're generally rubbish. Quorn mince is one of the only things I bother with, best thing for bringing a mince-like texture to bolognese etc.

      It doesn't have an awfully bland/weird flavour like soy-based food (most fake meats) , it's very neutral.

      Don't expect it to taste like meat, and don't expect it to be a close texture… It's a 'meat replacement' and works well in such scenarios, but you will be disappointed if you're expecting anything more.

      • +1

        Yep, we use the mince all the time and quite like it but it is not a substitute for beef mince just like chicken mince isn't either. The Quorn is its own thing nit a clone or different version of.

      • +3

        The schnitzels are quite good with mash or In a burger etc.
        Haven't tried much else, but there is a few of these always in the freezer when it's on special.

        I don't get the obsession with making it look like something (like a drumstick or bacon for example, WHY?) but shnitzles, nuggets, sausages and burgers whatever, it's a food shaped object everyone knows what to do with. why would it be a different shape.

        You either know you are eating veg or not, it's not to impress people. Also people complaining it doesn't taste like meat, why is anyone trying to make it taste like meat is beyond me. I hate this so much, and people and companies seem to be obsessed with it. If you prefer meat, eat meat people, maybe reduce if you can. Otherwise stop expecting or complaining your non meat product doesn't taste like meat.

        Another thing that grinds my gears is what's in these latest products, It's all mostly crap. The range is extensive but it's all maybe 20pc soy and flour and cardboard, useless AF. The Quorn is at least mostly good stuff, still wouldn't eat it every day tho.

        • +1

          why is anyone trying to make it taste like meat is beyond me.

          My guess is a lot of vegetarians/vegans don't give meat up for its taste. I know I didn't.

          • @jetblack: A fair point then!
            I didn't give it up for its taste either but I have never looked back, or even compared I guess we from memory.
            I can now understand everyone's experience will differ here, again, fair point.

            I was along the lines of: meat eaters will whinge at it not tasting like meat anyways. Why focus resources on that, instead make it taste good in its own way.

            For a bit I was going after the best tasting option but changed back to Quorn because the ingredients were more appealing overall.

            One more of my findings, vegballs, the aldi frozen ones are actually good, I find the other ones weird and just fall apart. These ones you can cut through with a fork and they stay relatively together, more pleasant to eat.

            • -1

              @bobs burgers: Meat eaters will never buy it and veg eaters will only buy it because they expect it to taste like a meat, if that was not the case fake meat veg products would not exist.

    • +6

      Schnitzels, nuggets and particularly the hot and spicy burgers are all good but I don’t eat real meat so what would I know lol

    • -3

      You shouldn't have high expectations. Tastes pretty awful.
      Never understood the "meat substitute" mantra these food brands and vegans go for. I mean if you don't like or want to eat meat, just avoid it.
      Why do you need a substitute that tastes nothing like the real thing?

      • +8

        Because cheeseburgersburgers, sandwiches, spaghetti Bolognese ect taste good even with meat substitutes.

  • +6

    Any recommendations? I'm game to try.

    Surpassed quorn and the meat substitutes aren't more aggressively pushing free samples.

    • +31

      We eat the Quorn pieces a fair amount, using them in things like green curry. I'd advise against trying to think of it as 'fake meat', because it's nothing alike - just think of it as an alternative, like tofu. Hope you like it!

      • +5

        Quorn pieces taste horrible, but mince is good (much better than TVP).

        • +4

          I prefer TVP, it's more coarse. Quorn mince tastes more like veal, is more soft/delicate.

          Also Quorn Vegan Gourmet Burgers (not listed here - I hope they haven't been replaced by Quorn Classic Beef Style Burgers, which are not vegan) have great texture for fake burgers. Quorn Hot & Spicy Burgers are just some sort of nuggets in crunchy breadcrumbs. I'm surprised people like them that much in the comments here.

          Also note most of Quorn products isn't vegan as it contains egg.

        • Yeah the Quorn pieces are awful, I much prefer tofu if I'm making a stir fry.

          I like the cheeze & spinach schitzels, and the mince is fairly versatile - have been using it with Taco seasonsing mixes recently with good results.

      • +1

        The cheese schnitzels are decent. The mince tastes like a sponge.

    • +17

      The mince is surprisingly good (eg in a bolognaise), the cheese and spinach / regular schnitzels are really really good, the pieces are good in a stir fry. One of my favourite faux meats out there and I don’t like a lot of these faux meat trying to taste like real meat things because they always taste super fake, but I always have these in the freezer.

      • I've been meaning to make some bolognese again for a while now, might grab this mince and make it on the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • +5

      Hot and Spicy burgers always get a lot of OzB love. I recommend the Sriracha Crumbed Tenders, they're awesome.

      • +1

        Also happen to be the biggest pack it seems :D

        Curious to try them but don't know what the crumbing is like, had meat free tenders before in which the actual fake meat wasn't terrible but the crumbing made it inedible

      • Where do you get those? I haven't seen either at the larger Woolies we sometimes shop at, and definitely not my local small one.

        • My local Coles (north GC) stock the tenders, however, they've recently deleted the hot and spicys.

    • +2

      I enjoy the cheese and spinach schnitzel, especially with some pasta sauce and melted cheese on top. Parma style. The sausage rolls are pretty good too and the hot and spicy burgers. But definitely the schnitzels are the best of them imo.

    • The sriracha tenders are the best and they're the most expensive so if you can try any for free, those would be the ones!

    • I like the sausage rolls, and cheese & spinach schnitzels are pretty decent. I also like and eat real meat.

  • +1

    Mmmm, free Kworn..

  • +6

    None of those only the first thousand customers or so. Good. I can do it later lol

    • +14

      What 'else' did you expect the supermarket to do Calc? Give you a free 6-pack of bog-rolls perhaps, to help you … erm … 'deal' with the problem?!?

    • +11

      There's a portion of the population that doesn't do well with the mycoprotein that quorn uses, which can indeed give the reaction that you described.
      I know someone else who's vegan but can't eat these either =(

      • mycoprotein

        Wow, just looked it up. Seems like it can be a severe allergen for some with even 2 deaths linked to Quorn :O

  • +2

    One of the better meat replacements, imo. It doesn't really have any flavour so it takes on flavours of sauces/spices really well. I use the mince for taco's and spaghetti. I find some of the meat replacements have a weird taste which can be off putting.

  • +1

    Top 3 from the list for a first timer?

    • +1

      Garlic+Herb Fillet, and Classic Beef style Burgers are my two favourite.

    • Best one that I've tried is the cheese & spinach schnitzels.

      The mycoprotein itself is a bit bland, so you've got to add other flavours, which the cheese & spinach schnitzels do well.

      The mince can be used in any recipe that calls for mince, just know that you add it later in the recipe when you're finishing the sauce, not at the start, since it doesn't need to cook.

  • +4

    Quorn Sausage Rolls

    Oh so like one of those veGAN sausage rolls Boris Johnson had?

  • Willing to try it for free.

  • -3

    I tried others, still tastes like crap. Avoid

  • -2

    There is always a lot of short dated fake meat products on the shelves of my local Coles/WW everyday
    always like 50-80% off, tried once, went straight to the bin
    wasted a few cents on my energy bill to cook them

    • +6

      These are frozen items, not the short date stuff.

      • -3

        Ah nope. Also the ones you see trying to sneak into the meat section.

        • +2

          Ah yes, these are all frozen and in the vegan section of the freezers.

          • -1

            @Gehirn: Ah nope. They’re not.
            They maybe in the places you go but in any of the local supermarkets I’ve been in their in the cold section where they keep the meat products.

            Again with then negs.
            Starting to think the OP is a vengeful vegan or something

        • +1

          I kind of agree. Not sure why they are there. I'm sure similarly vegetarians don't want to see meat on the way to the fake meat stuff as i imagine it must be very off putting for them.

          Perhaps it would be better in another refrigerated section.

          That said, i would be open to a free sample or two to see what they taste like…

  • +4

    Nothing against fake meat but this one is definitely a miss for me. I'm surprised super markets are still selling this brand so it must mean people must like it. Personally, I like the meat free sausages at aldi which taste like fish cakes instead of fried flour that vegan/vegetarian substitute meats have. I try to have it at least once a fortnight or more. Decent macros too

    • +2

      Tried the hot and spicy burgers? Excellent imo

  • -1

    Vegan bootie must be crying after reading this read.

  • +5

    I’ve bought quorn twice and thrown up both times. Contacted the company and they said people can be allergic to something they use in the product. Not having a go. Just be aware.

    • +5

      Most likely a Mycoprotein (stuff Quorn is made of) allergy

    • I thinking vomiting may just be a normal part of the transformation… (from normal into one of the children of the quorn).

  • are they base on soy protein ?

    • +1

      No, fungus.

    • +1

      made from mold (microfungus) that has a similar structure/texture to animal muscle fibers.

      • similar structure/texture to animal muscle fibers

        You must have a dull sense of texture. No even close (not that there is anything wrong with that).

        What is this preoccupation with texture of meat?

        • +1

          it's not my opinion, it's according to them (quorn):

          Fusarium venenatum was chosen to commercially develop into an alternative to meat because the hyphae (filament structure) of the fungus are similar in length and width to animal muscle fibres, giving it a meat-like texture.

          • @devilbabies: Never trust the marketing. You got sucked in (by the marketing), rest of us aren't going to bite.

            Having eaten (a lot of) Quorn it isn't even close.

            I don't get why people think texture is a selling point. You can probably feel it on your tongue but once it passes those few inches, the stomach knows nothing. Food is more about nutrients and general health (of the environment).

            If you look at the amount of chubby vegetarians then whatever they are eating must be good. I can't see people getting chubby eating pallets of iceberg lettuce.

            • @netjock: They started developing this in the 60s, so they were just trying to make something that had a meatier texture and was more "meat-like" than other competing protein sources available at the time, eg. tofu.

              Their aim was to create a meat-substitute with a meat-like texture. I agree that's it's not the same.

              • @devilbabies: Doesn't really matter when you started.

                Look at all the faux meat at Asian stores (usually made in China or Taiwan). They got some really similar to ham stuff made with soy. It is just all about all the flavouring put into it. Bit like instant noodles, very little nutrients just flavouring.

                It surprises me people's focus on texture. It is all about flavouring. Bit like bubble gum flavoured broccoli

    • +1


  • +5

    The promotion has an incredibly open data disclosure agreement. Quote:

    "The Promoter collects personal information ("PI") in order to conduct the promotion and may, for this purpose, disclose such PI to third parties, including but not limited to…"

    Summing up, you agree they can give any of the data you supply in the claim to anybody. There is no personal information protection. Name, age, address, phone number and email address at a minimum.

    • Ohh noooo, a few more emails that go to the junk folder…. NOOOO

    • They are going to sell you info to the meat industry, wake up a picket line and drive way blocked by a truck full of sheep destined for the abattoir.

  • +2

    You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

    Eat ze bugs.

    • +3

      I don't know what that means but bugs are the food source of the future, sorry vegans

      • They'll never be able to kill all the wild rabbits without a nuclear blast. So the children of the quorn can eat the goo out of their cockroaches and I'll buy a rabbit dispatcher: https://youtu.be/ZIwgjzSCAmc?t=121

    • +3

      You vill eat ze bugs, I vill look down from the ivory tower in pity.

    • +4

      Oh? But you're Okay with:

  • +6

    I might try it, might not…

    but just FYI - https://cspinet.org/eating-healthy/ingredients-concern/quorn

    "Quorn is the brand name of meat substitutes that are made from a vat-grown fungus. Some people have dangerous reactions to the fungus and suffer nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and occasionally hives or difficulty breathing."

    • So… eat quorn… because: health. ;-)

  • Can I buy 2 products for $14 and claim $9? Or 1 product can be claimed? Thanks.

    • The page says, in a few places, "an eligible Quorn product." To me that's clearly one product only.

  • +5

    I’ve had the Quorn pieces in a few curries made by friends who are vegetarian. I went in expecting to hate it but was pretty surprised and actually enjoyed it. I think they’re pretty dependant on the sauces and spices you use when cooking though (ie use heaps).

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