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Up to 20% off with .gov.au Email + $50 off Purchase $350 or More by Signing up to Samsung Comms @ Samsung Government Store


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For limited time get $50 off when you spend $350 or more in one transaction by signing up to receive Samsung communications

Get up to 20% off selected products in the Samsung Government Store¹
Register today with a qualifying government email address and Samsung Account to unlock extra savings on some of our latest and greatest products, including phones, wearables, TVs, home appliances and more.²

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            @laser: They probably have a government job…

            • @jv: You know ambo's, nurses, firies and cops all have "government" jobs with .gov.au addresses. Not all government jobs are full of incompetent bludgers.

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                government jobs are full of incompetent bludgers.

                I did not say that, why would you think that?

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    isn't this just EPP store registration?

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    with .gov address

    You mean .gov.au. I'll let Biden know he's not eligible.

    Edit: I let him know. His response was "Puppies".

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      You will have to keep reminding him. He may forget

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      Edit: I let him know. His response was "Puppies".

      I don't get it?

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        I don't get it?

        Is that you Biden?

        • Seriously can someone explain it?

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            @Mondorock: Biden may be cognitively challenged due to all his public speaking gaffes. "Puppies" is just a random word, implying he's loosing his mind.

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        Time for your second afternoon nap, Mr President.

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      Puppies was on the teleprompter at the time. His handlers whisked him away soon after as you weren't on his list of approved people.

    • 😄

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    This deal has been active for some time I believe. I purchased a few home appliances last week using my '.vic.gov.au' email address.

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      Good one Dan

      • @mpcr34 air purifier, to get rid of covid?

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    Would this be worth for buying gaming monitors? Or are normal 'sales' better?

    • Does Samsung make *smart Frying Pans? Im looking for one.

    • +1

      Dpeends on how long you can wait I think. Sales would probably be cheaper but I imagine it's not by a lot

    • What model are you after, I can check.

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    You must be new here or in a govt job OP.

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    That’s why I boycott samsung, it caters for gov, student, partner not general customer. At least apple doesn’t discriminate, overcharge everybody equally.

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      Apple definitely has a range of student discounts as well.

      • iPhone? Never

        • +13

          You'll probably find that Samsung won't be offering student discounts on iPhones either

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            @Magpye: Give a iPhone 13 discount link or it doesn’t exist.
            iPhone is monopolized phone, unlikely Mac, iPad, I wouldn’t buy them on 70% jb has them 10% off all the time.

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      Ha ha good apple overcharge everyone and doest give a charger as well

  • Registered a while ago
    That $50 never came

    • Talk to them in chat. They're usually happy to give you one. Have tried several times and each time they just give it to me in chat.

      • My story is different. I've talked to them multiple times and all they say is "we will follow up", and never send me the voucher

    • Use https://temp-mail.org/. Leave the page opened for few hours and refresh.

      • -3

        That sort of thing looks like a scammers paradise. Non traceable and sudden disappearing email address.

        • +1

          Paradise for those who don't want spam as a result of websites they correspond with selling their email address. However, it looks totally useless for getting a .gov.au email address so, unless explained how, not relevant to the thread.

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        How does this help with needing a .gov email address?

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    They are giving up to 35% off phones via the Education portal. Never got the $50 off either. Just message them on chat and they will give you a code for $100 off.

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    This is a great idea since government workers are keeping our civilization from collapse in these trying times.

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      sarcasm ??

      • +10

        I think you're confusing politicians APS employees

    • Its been ongoing for a while now

  • Has been around for ages I think.

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    is it just phones on sale? I couldn't see much else…

    • Sammy wants everyone to own their flip phone. 🙄 phones were once easy to operate. Now i gotta flip the dam thing innocent to use it. 😉

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    thank god im in my last year of high school , I still have my email

    • It's great because you get .edu.au and .gov.au as aliases of the same email so can make the best of both worlds!

  • Is this .gov or .gov.au

    • I can tell you it works with .gov.au cant confirm it works with .gov though.

  • Does anyone know of you can daisy chain this on top of the $200 (or $300) off and $500 trade in bonus Samsung currently running (link to other bonus)

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      It doesn't seem to stack..

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    My email [email protected]

    Should be fine

    • lol

  • My public high school email had nsw.gov.au at the end about 10 years ago, not sure if it's still the case.

  • Who is eligible to access the Samsung Government Store?

    Current employees of the Australian Government who have a valid email address ending in gov.au as well as a Samsung Account.

    Employees of Australian state governments are not eligible.

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      Mine works fine.

      • +1

        @Lions44 you're right - I was able to register with a state gov email address. Thanks!

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    Good, this time when I signed up for the $50 code I got it within an hour - as opposed to it not arriving when I previously tried months ago.

    Got the Galaxy S20 FE 4G (with Snapdragon) for $590 shipped. It's a very decent phone and camera for that price.

    • +1

      I suggest anyone who have an eligible trade in phone to pay attention to this post before pulling plug https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651606?page=18
      You may be able to S21 5G, 128gb for around $400 instead paying extra for S20 FE

      • True that is an even more stellar deal. I bought mine without an awareness of that - still a good deal, though us Ozbargainers like to get the best possible.

        Samsung have certainly been generous of late.

  • Great timing for me, thanks OP!

  • Can this be stacked with S21 discount offer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/651606

    • doesn't seem so