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Keter 270L Outdoor Storage Box $49.99 @ ALDI Special Buys (Excludes VIC/SA/WA)


Copy and paste from last year's deal:

I would say it's a pretty good deal considering import and freight cost has doubled. Now to see if it'll actually make it to stores!
VIC/SA/WA - unfortunately you will be expecting delays:

The Keter 270L Outdoor Storage Box is both incredibly functional and durable. It is constructed with polypropylene and is UV stabilized and weatherproof making it the perfect solution for outdoor storage.

Polypropulene construction
270L capacity
Weatherproof / UV stabilized
Maximum load 220kg
1 Year Warranty

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    Made in Israel

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        Ahhh man that actually sucks. I wonder how many of the other people here read this, and understand the impact this has had on people.

      • Do you also avoid buying Chinese items made using Uighur slave labour, or do you use settlements as a thinly veiled cover for your anti-semitism?


        The Shamlawi family clearly have a claim on the Barkan Industrial area and should be compensated, however also note that the Barkan Industrial area provides employment to the local Arab population who receive the same salaries, benefits and conditions as Israeli's.

        So in the end your BDS petitioning is just going to hurt the Arab population by taking away great jobs that they otherwise wouldn't have.

        But hey, it makes you feel morally superior, so go for it! Who cares about the actual people affected by what you are advocating.

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          Arab and Palestinian people are Semites also. Israelis use the "anti-semite" phrase like a cheap WMD against anyone dare to speak up against their crimes, however it's overused.

          The fact that Palestinians don't have a country and Israel is illegally stealing land is disturbing.

          Given the chance and some help Palestinians would create obs for themselves, so they don't have to endure Israeli oppression by being kept in the largest concentration camp called Palestine…

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            @useLS: There was a Jewish state in that part of the Levant going back to the iron age. the term "Palestine" is merely a reference to a region of several different empires that ruled over the area (Mamluks, Roman, Hellenic, Egyptian, Ottoman, British, etc) but was never a country. So this myth of some previous country called Palestine is exactly that, a myth.

            I am not saying that the Arab population does not have a right to self determination or weighing in on any particular ethnic groups claims, I am just saying be aware of the misleading terminology that is being used to push the agenda of individual groups.

            Re antisemitism - yes the root word semite refers to a larger group of people that includes the Arabs, but the word antisemite has its origins in the Germanic word, antisemitisch, which specifically dealt with the Jewish people. Pull out your dictionary and check for yourself.

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              @Jerryfromthedock: Jerry Seinfeld you are trully an arrogant gem…

            • @Jerryfromthedock: I wonder if most people in Sydney would be happy to leave their homes if the indigenous people invoke their ownership from 200 years ago.
              Nevertheless this is a good deal for a quality product

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      Not buying it then.

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        Yet your entire house is supplied by the Peoples Republic of China that commits more human rights abuses than the rest of the world combined….

        Bleeding heart lefty's have no consistency

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      Hmm maybe you should boycott Google and Facebook too? What about that intel in your PC? Not to mention the USB. Give it all up buddy.

      • Some people are just hypocrites.

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        Totally agree! Why doing it half ass, if you are going to be bad the just be evil and if you are going to be good then just be a saint. You don't need to occasionally do good things and bad things, its black and white not grey. And don't get me started with donation, if you are going to donate then either all your money or nothing at all, and for goodness sake I hope you find my comment idiotic.

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      Must be of high quality then

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      So what?

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      Thanks mate - I'll buy a few to support Israel!

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      Damn, lots of triggered people assuming some lefty agendas and resolving to defensive comments.

      Thanks for all the advice re PRC, FB, Google. Now please, at least get vaccinated.

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    Boxes are okay quality. Hinges break really quickly but otherwise hold up okay.

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      Cheers, it’s a relief to know the hinges perform well after breaking.

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    Who has these and just fills them with junk? Like other ozbargain stuff you never needed.

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      Guilty x 2

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      I got the bunnings version years ago. It's in landfill now. Crap quality.

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    Will Bunnings have a similar item for click and collect?

  • Whats with the advertising of "comfortably sits two adults"? Do they sit inside or on top?

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      On top as a bench

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      in description it says "lockable design", so I assume can be people inside too.

      • according to reptilescorpio
        "Hinges break really quickly"

        so won't be the best for keeping people inside unfortunately.

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    These are great. Have 2 around 1 year old if not more. Used to store kids sports gear in the backyard. Still look and function as new even though exposed to the weather elements.

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      That's logical for an outdoor box.

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    I have one bought about 2 year ago. It's still in good shape and colour even I leave it outside with no cover.

  • Are they available from Aldi today or Saturday? (been caught out a few times that way before!)

    Oh starts in a few weeks yeh?

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      It's meant to be today but if you are in the 3 states mentioned above, seems like there is delays with an unknown arrival.

      Still doesn't mean you are safe if you aren't in those states as it all depends store to store now with the disruption in wharf, freight, trucks etc

  • Wonder if this would be any good as a parcel drop off near my front door. I think trying to convice my post guy to put stuff in would be a problem.

  • Checking stock and the product availability page on aldi, I don't think this is available anywhere today. Just says a new date to be confirmed

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    Is this available in Qld?

    • Second this question?

    • I got one from north Brisbane this morning. Comes in black or grey. Was around 15 on the shelf.

  • Just got 1 this morning from Winston hills

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    Managed to buy a grey one this morning in Frenchs Forest. Also available in black.

  • I've got five of these I picked up from Bunnings a few years ago, only one of them is still functional (one of them burst open from too many toys) and the lid mounting point has snapped on the others meaning I've had to duct-tape the lids shut, but note they're on pretty uneven ground in the backyard. On the plus they've been in the sun every day and haven't faded or cracked. If stored on flat ground and used to store unnecessary Ozbargain purchases then they should do fine.

  • I just happened to be at Aldi today and they're not there. This is in VIC so probably not here yet.

  • Has anyone seen them in NSW. Went to 2 stores. None to be seen anywhere.

    • Checked my local Aldi at midday. Had price labels and empty shelf space, but none left.

      • Must have had 5 or less per store. Usual aldi special buy. Lack of stock.

        • There were only about 10 (or less) at my store, two left after I got mine. However my box are missing parts so I had to return it. Quality doesn't seem to be great especially the base, it's so thin. I noticed that it's rated 120kg for sitting but only 30kg max for storage.

    • Tried 2 local stores, no sign of it, not even a price label.

  • Anyone else buy one? Just attempted to build it and there are no instructions nor wheels or anything to fix anything together.

    I believe pieces are missing or I’m mentally challenged.

    • Update: Confirmed my box was missing a bunch of parts. Store gave me them. The original box was sealed. Weird.

      • Yes, my box was missing parts too and I know one other person with same problem. I returned mine.

  • Thanks bought 2 somehow I missed seeing them in the catalogue

  • Has anyone seen any in VIC at all?

    • Keen to know this, will check my local and report back