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Sony 65" BRAVIA XR Full Array 4K Google TV XR65X90J $1999.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Sony 65" X90J LED Full Array TV

Found this deal at Costco.com.au. One of the better prices I've seen recently.
The site says the price is valid from 01-09-2021 to 30-09-2021, but it was not this cheap a couple of days ago, so I'm unsure how long this will last.

Note : I got Sony to price match this deal, and then stacked the current 8% Cashrewards deal for a final cost of $1854.54. I believe the Cashrewards deal finishes 29-09-2021.

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  • +14

    Need 75" price to go down more.

    • The KD75X80J 75inch is the same price

      • I think he is referring to the 75" X90J model, which is a far superior TV.

  • Which Sony dept did you use to price match?

    • +2

      Hello, Can you please transfer to box beating department?

    • +1

      You can just click the “price match” button on the Sony website.

  • +3

    I thought retailers normally don't price match Costco because it is a member-only place?

    Anyway $60 membership is well worth for this kind of big ticket purchase.

    • +8

      Well, that's what I thought too, but I gave it a go and they approved it.

  • going to wait for a deal on the lg c1 55 or 65

  • I think you can do 10% cashback if you have an ANZ card and link it to your cashrewards account(That will upgrade your account to cashrewards max).

  • -7

    this or hisense 65q8 for $1k?

    • +1

      Where are you seeing the 65q8 for $1k?

    • this if you can

    • +3

      Gotta admire these type of people (admittedly quite a few on here) - just throw random numbers out there, and as always, with nothing to back it up

    • +12

      This, or LG C1 for $13.97?

  • +1

    Anyone have experience on how long it normally takes Sony Online to price match? Hoping to sneak in with CashRewards.

    • Got mine within 24hrs, guess it depends on the time of the day

      • +1

        Update on that: managed to get a match on that Costco price in only an hour.

        • I'm interested to know how you've gone about this. I might be doing it wrong with the Sony price match form online. Every time I mention it's from Costco, I always get declined.

          • +3

            @InTheMarket: Nothing special - just included the link in where I saw it and got a call from a sales rep about an hour later.

  • I can never get Sony to price match Costco, same response each time "As it falls under an exclusion of our price match terms and conditions, your request has not been accepted."

    • I got the same reply.

  • +4

    I was considering this and x9500h, went with c1, about 1k more. I must say OLED has a wow factor, whether it's worth 1k extra is personal preference

  • Which one is the best for ps5 gaming? OLED or non-OLED?

    • +1

      OLED, much better response time.

    • Double check if a TV supports VRR before you buy.

  • +4

    Sony priced matched within an hour of asking! Factoring in 8% cashrewards makes this a no brainier IMO:).

    • did you go through their online chat or submit a contact us enquiry? probably the live chat support has already closed for the day :(

      • +2

        Just did it online via the request price match button and got an email saying your cart has been updated to reflect discounted price.

  • -6

    Might purchase this if $1,000! Will stick to my 1080p 42" lcd toshiba, 15 years strong!

    • Agree with you not sure why you got neg. Rofl

  • $1649 for the XR55X90J.

    • I bit the bullet on the X9500h about a month ago (for a little more). Considered oled but was going into a sunny /heavily windowed room. (and I'm not a gamer). Very happy with it

      • +1

        Just wondering did you mean 90J series TVs are less bright than X9500h?

        • +1

          The x95h is a step up from the X90j, albeit a model year older. I needed decent brightness and reflection management

          • @roonie: Been waiting for the X95J 65 to be released here, but still waiting…

            • @1st-Amendment: I had been waiting too. Then saw that, unlike it’s bigger siblings, the 65” doesn’t come with the anti-glare feature, there seemed little point in waiting to pay new model pricing so bought the (soon to be) superseded model.

  • Is it too late to do the 8% cashrewards?

  • +1

    Did this exact thing myself, got Sony online store to match this price a couple months ago and then claimed 8% Cashrewards back. Great price, very happy with this TV.

  • +5

    Nice deal. Picked up the 75" model last week and must say its an unreal TV. Very happy.

    • Thinking about going for the 75 too. Did you think about an OLED?

      How do you find the brightness and colour? Tried sport or gaming on it? Would love to hear a local opinion.


      • +1

        Yeh I did my best to justify paying more for the OLED but just couldn’t do it… prices are still pretty outrageous at 75”.
        Purchased mostly to watch sport and it’s been really good, super smooth as you’d expect from sony. Generally the picture quality is only limited by our low quality stream services such as Kayo & Optus.
        Haven’t tested out gaming yet.

        • Thank you.
          Might have to wait until the stores reopen and spend more time comparing in person. Probably be happy with either.

  • +1

    Can anyone provide quick cashback 101
    - I have a cash rewards accounts
    - accessed Sony using the link within cash rewards
    - chose xj90 and asked for price match

    Once they match, I’m going to click add to card (new price hopefully $1999.99) and buy

    What do I do next, how do I get cash back?


    • +1

      CashRewards will track your purchase and it will show up in your CR account transaction log as 'Pending' and you'll see an estimated approval date. After it clears the Pending stage, the transaction would move to approved and the balance will be able to withdrawn to a linked bank account


      • Thanks, basically I make sure I accessed the retailer through cash rewards and that’s it.

        Sounds good. Now waiting for price match.

      • Hmm I might join. Do you have a referral code?

        • PM sent :)

  • I've experienced very bad glaring on my sony x9500h disappointed.

  • I sent the price match but no reply from Sony

  • God damnit tough decision thats a solid price I really want 75" though

  • +3

    Got one matched - Took them around 1 hourish to get back to me.

    Thanks @Luminous !!!!!

    Finally my months and months of hitting up the Mrs and whinging about the last 2 years of releases and issues and more have not been in vain!

    The old 2012 LG can finally gooooooooooo!!!!!

  • This or KFC

    • +1

      shut up and did anyone say KFC?

  • I got the price match aproved but it didnt update in the cart?

    • Happened to me too, had to ring them and was quickly sorted out.

      • Didn’t think of that

  • Very good value!

  • +1

    I got a price match email which asked me to reply and my cart was supposed to be updated. It didn’t happen and not cash back is 2% %}#£{{£{€#

  • Just got my price match email and a follow up phone call. Wondering if it's worth it without the 8% cashback, seems to be 2%, so $1960

    • +1

      I sent an email to Sony, asked if they price match $1850 not the Cashreward dropped. Not holding my breath

      • I also missed out yesterday, let us know how you go :)

      • Any luck from Sony?

        • +1

          They didn’t lower to $1840.

          But I bought it for $1999.

  • Anybody know the postage time to Adelaide ?

  • I got approved and called but they said still waiting to update cart…..I'll prob still buy with only the 2% cash rewards

  • 2% cashback is not worth it. Better stick with Costco for their after care service

  • I think there is something wrong with me because I went to see the x90j at jbhifi and the x80j was next to it and preferred the look of the x80j. The x90j look really washed in comparison (I don't know if that was just the due to the settings the tvs were setup with)

    Everyone says the IPS panels are crap but the x80j looked solid to me maybe it would be different in a fully black room

    • I always have my own (outdated) opinion about display panel: IPS for colour accuracy but slow respond, TN for faster respond but the worst colour accuracy, VA is an average compare to the others.

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