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1 Month Free nbn 25/10, 50/20, 100/20, 100/40, 250/25, 500/50 (New Customers Only) @ Exetel


For those of us riding the wave of free internet, it continues. This time with Exetel. Free speeds range from 25/10 to 500/50. They also have 100/40 for those that like high uploads, but are not on a qualifying technology for the higher speeds.

250/25 and 500/50 are only available on FTTP and some HFC.

Plans eligible for 1 month free trial

Monthly cost Speed tier (Mb/s)
$65 25/10
$75 50/20
$95 100/20
$105 100/40
$125 250/25
$135 500/50

About First Month Free promotion

The First Month Free promotion is available to new to Exetel residential nbn™ customers only and excludes our Basic Speed nbn™ plan. Your first month free will be issued as one month’s credit on your first invoice. The credit amount applied will equal the value of the monthly fee of your new nbn™ plan when you purchased the service. Should you change plan during your first month with Exetel, the value of the credit applied to your account will remain unchanged if you upgrade to a higher value plan. If you downgrade to a lower value monthly plan fee during the first month you will be invoiced for the difference between your original and new monthly fee pro-rated over the remainder of your first month. The First Month Free promotion is for a limited time only, and may be withdrawn by Exetel at any time.

$79 modem fee if you cancel within 6 mths. 1st mth free available to new residential nbn™ customers only. You can simply BYO modem and not pay a thing.

Some things to note about Exetel

  1. They require 30 days notice to terminate. That means if you only plan to use the free month, you pretty much need to cancel the day it goes active.

  2. If you choose bank account as your payment method, then it will take them almost a week to actually activate your service. CC is faster.

  3. For those paranoid that ordering an internet service will somehow disqualify them from a loan, they do credit checks. That's part of why it takes them so long to activate your service.

Let the free internet continue!

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  • +6

    What's the point, since after the first month, you'll be paying more for the same plan compared to other providers.

    • +6

      If only it was possible to switch providers.

  • +1

    i use to use this company but the arrogance of the owners and all at that time.. No way would i deal with this company again, the arrogance the rudeness no thanks and no longer competitive imo books for what you even get.

    • +4

      Superloop own them now

    • +2

      I doubt there's any company that doesn't have a few disgruntled customers. I found their support pretty good. All my communication has been through email though. I have had arrogant and aggressive support staff with other providers on the phone. Most are fairly professional.

      • +1

        I doubt there's any company that doesn't have a few disgruntled customers.

        What about Telstra, huh ???

      • Those who are older and remember the company from a long time ago remember the lack of customer service to put it very politely of the owner at the time.

  • the 30 days notices suxs. ref " part of why it takes them so long to activate your service." so if i churn how long will it take? are there any others apart from aussie broadband offering a free trial?

    • Aussie and these guys are the only current free months. Southern Phone just ended theirs. It can take almost a week to activate if you use bank account. Faster with credit card.

  • Happy exetel customer here. Solid speeds, good tech support and very quick activation and set up.

    • Me too have been using them for almost 3 years. I have in 2 different address and both I got a very good speed and support when our amazing NBN suffer when people start to watch HD standard Netflix.

  • Exetel is the worst ISP I have used,
    about 11yrs ago, avoid forever even "free".

    • My parents used them in the before NBN. Couldn't be happier, while most others were complaining. Whenever they called, Exetel answered and fixed it. The connection was reliable and if something was wrong, it was usually on our side, like modem needed turning on and off. There was a thread on Whirlpool and many complained. My parents took them since they figured my father was doing IT anyway and most complaints were about non existent customer service.

      If you want a company you can't complain about, build your own. People expect everything to be handed on a platter. If you look up the statistics, just about every company has complaints.

  • I've been with Exetel for 15+ years now back from the old ADSL1 days. Never had any major issues, i think once the internet went out for all their Newcastle adsl2 customers for a few hours. My Netgear R7000 had held a solid connection for 185 days until I updated DDwrt and had to reboot.

    Their prices seem high these days, I'm currently paying $89 for their 100/40 plan which is now $105. I wouldn't pay anymore than $89. A mate is paying $135 for 1000Mb through Aussie I think.

    I constantly get 119Mb down and 39Mb up. My pings are almost always the lowest on game servers (CODMW, BFV, BF1, RL) not sure if that's because of FTTP and the Mayfield exchange.

    As soon as I got the NBN hardware installed I rang exetel to switch over to it. I was connected before the NBN fiber tech even got out of the driveway.

    • Low ping is from Exetel using the Telstra and Superloop network and you have FTTP.

    • Yeah I have been with Exeter from the beginning too.

      Their service is top notch but their prices lately have gone from the absolute cheapest most competitive to a little on the high side. Luckily I am grandfathered for now.

      Changes may be happening as they have been taken over by Superloop whose prices are much lower.

  • +1

    500/50 ?
    new NBN plan?

    • +2

      Likely just a speed capped 1000/50.

    • 500/50 is not a new nbn wholesale plan. Exetel are shaping 1000/50 to 500/50.

      • Twix, 12/1 is NOT free. Stop making pointless and erroneous edits.

        • Naughty Twix. I've just filed a complaint to his boss.

          • @hex7272: I don't work for OzBargain.

            • @Twix: Naughty Ozbargain. Reporting Ozbargain for using you as slave labour.

        • 12/1 was coming up as free before. Now it's not. Good find.

          Quote formatting, modem fees, having all the speeds in the title and saying 250/25 and 500/50 is only available on FTTP and HFC is not a pointless edit. Not everyone knows these things and the more details the better.

          • @Twix: Excessive information is pointless, and dilutes the message. 12/1 was never free, for some reason. I also question why anyone would bother using anything other than the best speed available to them. You don't get a free modem. No one expects that. Read previous deals, even your own previous free month deals. No one asks about any of that crap.

            • @Skylex: Yep go on the best speed possible and change after one month.

              The potential modem fees, different download/upload speeds and the various nbn connection types get asked about all the time in the comments of nbn deals.

  • I'm confused with its T&C's about the free month if I switch from higher plan to lower plan.

    Are they just saying if you start with higher plan and get credit, eg $100, but if you switch to lower plan during the month let say half way, that credit will be adjusted to $50, and then half of whatever the switched plan costs?

    • I assume it means you can't sign up to a high cost plan, get the credit, and then get multiple free months.

  • I escaped from EXIT HELL Exetel years ago and would never ever go back again.

  • I learnt previously that if you leave your application pending, they'll email you a $20off the first month. I don't know if they would still give this out through this deal.

    • +1

      It's unlikely they will pay you $20 to use them for a month. That said, I joined them for a month and a day recently, and they had a discount per month. So they applied the discount twice and it made it cheaper than if I had used them for a month. Their 30 days notice came back to bite them there.

  • Does Exetel have any referral benefit?

    • No. They did at one point. No longer.

  • You need to phone up to cancel. They disable online cancelation.

  • So no one is concerned that they will be hit up with a credit check? All for ~$100 savings?

    • No. Credit checks do not affect your qualification for a loan. It's all about income and liabilities. Having multiple loans, credit cards, and ongoing expenses will affect your ability to get a loan, or having a low, or inconsistent, income. As will non payment of bills. Signing up for a new internet or phone provider will not. They only check the last six months anyway.

      It's not just saving $100. I've had over two years of free internet so far. It all adds up.

      Further, it let's me try out multiple providers and see for myself what is and isn't good. Not just rely on bitter ex customers that had a negative experience over a decade ago, and still hold a grudge.

      • Sorry how did you have over 2 years of free internet?

        Also, I'm not sure how it works currently as it's been a while since I've had done credit checks, however multiple credit enquiries did reduce your credit score, is it not the same now?

        • +4

          Fibremax gave out 3 months. Southern Phone gave out 2. Aussie and Superloop have given out multiple free months, although Superloop don't seem to be doing it anymore. MyRepublic and now Exetel have given out free months. Launtel give a free week.

          Then there's Telstra, Voda, Mate, Aqua, Tangerine, Goodtel, MyRepublic with satisfaction guarantees. Telstra is interesting in that they also let you keep the smart modem, that now has 4G backup at 25/5.

          Belong only charged you on the 1st of the month, so you could sign up on the 2nd, and only get charged for one month, after being connected for 60 days. Belong also gave out $80 mobile credit, that I sold for $40. So I got 2 months from Belong at $35, but sold the credit for $40. I then cancelled, so got 2 months and made $5.

          Voda ended up giving me a second month free as an apology for making it difficult to contact them in a TIO dispute. Add all those up, and it's more than 24 months of free internet. Then there's the cheap internet from referrals.

          As for the credit score, and applying for a loan, if you're worried about it, then don't do it. They only check the previous six months, but if you're at all concerned, then saving several hundred dollars getting free internet, some of which has been gigabit, is not for you.

          • @Skylex: Free months is good, but for satisfaction guarantee, they will not allow you to do it again at the same address so you only get to do it once, is that right?

            Also, I imagine you have to go through some length when claiming that because you need to demonstrate or justify why you are not satisfied with the service.

            Didn't know about the Belong, good to know, might try it out later, thanks for the info~~

            • @wildstone: Yes, the satisfaction guarantee can only be done once.

              None of them asked why I wasn't satisfied. They were all no questions asked.

              Belong have changed a lot lately, so I'm not sure they still only charge on the 1st of the month.

              • @Skylex: Hi Legend,

                May I ask a simple question here?
                Do u need to keep your connection date for the next provider and the cancellation date for the previous provider overlapped when switching providers? In other words, is it necessary to avoid leaving a few no-connection days? I used to heard of "reconnection fee" and "activation fee", but don't know will they apply on those couple of gap days

                • @OnichanHentai: AFAIK, no there are no such fees. I have only used FTTP, and it's perfectly fine to have a few days without any connection. Likewise, it's also fine to have multiple connections at once, even if the new connection takes over the same UNI-D port. Neither scenario attracts any fees.

  • has anyone actually got 1 Month Free nbn with this mob by calling up and giving i month notice on the same day of the order ? wont they cancel the order?

    • I haven't done it yet, but all you have to do is give them notice once it's connected. They won't cancel the order. I did join them for their $50/mo 50/20, but only stayed a month. The internet wasn't working though, so I needed a tech visit. This was unrelated to Exetel. It wasn't working on my previous provider either. The NTD was faulty.

      So what ended up happening was that I got money back for the downtime. I also used them for just over a month, including the downtime. So my monthly discount was applied twice. I ended up paying $25 total for the month. I canceled the first day it went live via email.

  • +1

    They didn't have anything at the time of putting my order through but they churned my service on UNI-D1 when I placed the order. I was going to pause my UNI-D1 service. It was an inconvenience trying to figure out why the net went down on UNI-D1. Exetel require username and password for your router to authenticate to the network (which they did not send me & I had to call up and get it). Most certainly won't be back after the sign-up process/experience, it was very clunky and I thought Telstra was bad. It may also be that I am just grateful at how good Launtel's online portal is, I think I will stop chasing free monthly promos after this experience with Exetel.

  • Can this be combined with a referral?

    • I don't think Exetel still do referrals.

      • No worries, it was asking for it during signup.

  • Is the Exetel modem locked to Exetel or will it work with other NBN providers too?

    • Its pretty crap modem, dont really recommend that modem honestly full of Chinese ZTE spyware junks

    • Both the modem router and VOIP function not locked to Exetel.

      Saying that the ZTE has very very limited function. The modem router doesn't even have an error log.

      You can use it with other provider. I can verify this as I have used this modem router on and off since 2018. This is my backup modem router and hasn't failed me yet.

      The painful part about this modem router are the setting config are called differently from the rest. Also remember to disable the Exetel support by setting NBN using service INTERNET_VOIP or just INTERNET. If you include TR069 this will give them access to remote into your modem router.

  • 1 month FREE is NOT SAME as 1 month free TRIAL
    title is WRONG.

    • Mods keep editing it. Feel free to explain it to them if you like. Exetel do not call it a trial.

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