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AmEx Platinum Charge/Centurion Card Statement Credits Dining Offer - up to $300 Back at Participating Brands @ American Express


Another targeted AmEx statement credit offer for Platinum charge card, this time for dining at participating restaurants. Offer requires enrolment and applicable only for Primary Card Members of Centurion® and The Platinum Card.®

Platinum Dining Offer

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend online or in-person at participating brands by 31/12/2021 to receive your purchase amount back as a credit, up to $300 back. Exclusions apply.


  • Offer valid for payments made by 31/12/2021 online or in-store at participating brands.
  • COVID-19 restrictions may affect the availability of some locations or services. Please check the brands' website for more information. Please dine/shop responsibly by adhering to the current government guidelines.
  • Offer is limited to $300 credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Additional Cards are not eligible for this offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, online or in-person at participating brands.
  • Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (4)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (20)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +2

    Got it!

  • +3

    Is this a lockdown Joke ?

    • -1

      handful of online stores too who will deliver, though only in Melb and Sydney

    • Valid till 31 Dec

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got it.

  • Missed it, enjoy those who luckily got this deal

    • +5

      How can you missed it? Every platinum card holder gets it… it’s not targeted

      • -1

        Guessing he’s a premium card holder instead.

  • Great deal, thanks OP

  • What a ripper of a deal. My anniversary sorted.

  • 5 cards can't see anything.

    • +3

      I think this may be exclusive to platinum charge only

  • Very generous

  • Offer requires enrolment and applicable only for Primary Card Members of Centurion® and The Platinum Card.

    So also for centurion whatever that is!

    • +1

      Got a platinum card.
      Nothing to see there.

    • re: Centurion

      By invitation only, $10K fee first 12 months and $5k annual fee after that ongoing.

      Depends who you know, some say a discretionary spend of $10k or more per month for a couple of years "might" get you an invitation.

      • +1

        Spend of10k? Try 50K-100K

        • My suggestion "$10k or more per month for a couple of years might … " that's a minimum of $120k per year, so quarter of a million spend in two years. But this is all speculation because I don't have this card and do not work for Amex. The article does suggest "five-figure monthly spending bill per month" so you and I could be both right :D

    • +1

      Makes sense, you wouldnt eat at those places until you have these cards.

  • +1

    Fantastic deal to those eligible for it.

    • Those eligible generally have a couple million worth assets!

      • I am eligible. Where is my couple of million worth if assets?

  • +1

    Got it on my Plat Charge card

  • +1

    got it

  • +2

    Guess it helps offset the $1450 yearly fee.

    • -3

      Yeah but if you don't pay them the $1450 fee, you get to choose where your $1450 gets spent rather than them dictating that.

      • +3

        If you pay the $1450, your goal should be to extract more than $1450 value. If you're not only extracting $1450 value or less, then it's a crap deal.

    • $450 travel + $300 dining + $150 Mr Porter is already $900 in credits to make up, so it's pretty decent already.

      I also like the extra bonus point deals they give, I def get close to my money's worth (better when lockdown finishes and we can travel too).

      • Still shit?

        • I forgot there was $200 free David Jones too. so that's $1,100 and im sure ive forgotten something else.

          • @jaygee: a free night at Accor hotel, $400 supermarket, and extra $400 travel if you have a Plat Reserve

            • @gotcha: Yea so eventually you're actually making back more than the fee itself. However I must admit prior to 2020, some of those deals an extra were meh.

  • -2

    Business platinum?
    What a ripper offer.

    Finally an offer that’s not for the kids of ozbargain ;)

    Edit. Not in my offer list for Business Platinum, nor my personal Qantas :(

    • It’s for personal cards only… and main card holder… platinum and centurion

  • +1

    There’s one participating restaurant in ACT haha.

    Not complaining though. Thanks OP

  • Not on my Qantas Ultimate

    • +1

      Only Platinum and Centurian card brands.

      ie. no Qantas/Virgin ultimate, no Amex black, or other highish end cards.

    • Neither damn

  • this should be valid for take away right? lol

    • I believe so, through Providoor.

  • +3

    I got the offer on my platinum card too.
    Question: do I have to use the credit in one meal only or it can be used for multiple meals?

  • Wonder whether its over one transaction or multiple… Then again those restaurants arent that difficult to hit $300 but a bit of a stretch when its only 2 people…

    It actually includes some specialist butchers (online section)…. Oooo this is quite cool.

  • got it, thanks
    happened to already have a booking at kiyomi, so came just in time

  • Should/could it be Velocity Platinum?

    • Platinum Charge.

  • +2

    I got a different offer

    Spend $4000 and get $400 cash back by end of December

    If they didn’t send me this offer, I would have cancelled

    • +1

      which card?

  • -1

    Didn't get it on my DJs Platinum.

    • Platinum Charge

    • Dj is not a platinum card

      • Well it's got "Platinum" printed on the front…

  • Unfortunately didnt get it on my platinum edge card

    • Platinum Charge.

  • +2

    $300 meat pack is where I'll be spending this!

    amex platinum.. the gift that keeps on giving

    • +1

      Same haha!

    • which vendor with $300 meat pack if you dont mind me asking?

    • Where did you see that? The link for "participating brands" only showing restaurants…

      • select "online" in the state..

        or scroll below here, the websites are listed

  • I got spend $99 get $99 back at The Motley Fool

  • +1

    surprised how popular this deal is. I'm guessing it's a lot of platinum edgers dreaming big

  • so is amex platinum DJ is also included in here?

  • Anyone know if it’s single use or multiple use up to $300.

    Eg. 2 x $150 meals or do I have to use it all at once T&C not very clear

    • +1

      It's not technically 'Spend $300, have $300 credit'.

      AmEx just update the offer title as 'Get up to $300 back' this morning.

      It's more like you spend any amount of money on any number of transactions (restaurants) then AmEx will credit you the full amount until it reaches a total of $300.

      If you may remember, it just like $x00 Woolworths & Coles grocery offer.

  • It's a good offer, but try getting a reservation at Tetsuya's, Quay, Bennelong for a Saturday dinner before December … impossible.

    Yeah, I know the usual tricks of gift cards, etc … but it's still a PITA … guess I'll have to dine somewhere else.

    • +2

      Plat concierge actually came through and got me booking … first time I've actually used that service!

      • Are there any fees using plat concierge?

        • No - just a part of the annual fee.

      • You're not using all your benefits?! I always use Plat Concierge for restaurant bookings, they've came through many times

    • I've always used Platinum concierge for popular restaurant bookings. That's what you're paying for.

  • Manettas is reasonable priced seafood, similiar to standard retail price at fish market, so if you dont want to pay for super inflated food / wasting the credit on fine food you can just get your standard seafood there instead.

    • lol yea because people with platinum card think about going out to eat as "super inflated" or "wasting credit"

      • Platinum card dont have a really high income threshold, only $100k. That is only 20% above the medium male salary so it is not limited to the exclusive people only.

  • Amex Platinum Charge annual fee continues to pay itself off. I guess they are adding additional benefits considering all the travel benefits of the card are mostly unusable.

    Are these offers generally available to new customers who sign up after the offer is published?

    • +1

      Are these offers generally available to new customers who sign up after the offer is published?

      Generally no, unless it's a permanent incentive like the travel credits which are published on the sign up page.

  • I made a booking for Rockpool Sydney and they took a $100pp deposit (refundable within more than 24hours notice for cancellation) but the charge has come up as a stripe transaction at PACIFICHUNTERGROUP. Hope it still qualified for the credit once I spend the extra $100.

    • It should be a holding deposit… so would be on pending and won't actually be charged.

      • No, they've actually charged $100 per person which will get credited against the bill at the dinner.

        • Ask them to refund you the booking deposit as it is for and pay full at the restaurant.

        • -1

          Doesn't matter anyway. It's multiple transactions up to $300… if it's rockpool charging you, you'll get the credit regardless. If it's 3 people at $100 deposit, you can even use a different card… as $300 should be credited to your account, IF what you say that they've already charged the $100 and it's no longer pending.

  • Shame that none of the Crown Sydney places are included.

    • +1

      Clearly there are some established partners.

      • But merivale is included … bizarre

        • +1

          Merivale have been a partner with Amex for quite sometime.

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