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Citibank 2.19% 2-Year Fixed Rate Investment P&I


Current sla's Service levels -

  1. 8-9 business days for refinances

  2. 15 days + for purchases that dont have a contract - so please be patient if you take this route. Once you sign on a property contract with a cool off period they can escalate files in 2-4 days

  3. Purchases with a contract 2-3 days with escalation

Time it takes to refinance
Expect 2 to 2.5 months currently if we get a discharge sent through early with your current lender not causing issues with booking settlement

P&I packaged HOME LOAN

1.89% for 2 years fixed for home loans (CPR 2.71%)
1.99% for 3 years fixed for home loans (CPR 2.70%)


2.19% for 2 years fixed for investment loans (CPR 3.04%)
2.29% for 3 years fixed for investment loans (CPR 3.02%)


2.39% for 2 years fixed for investment loans (CPR 3.32%)
2.49% for 3 years fixed for investment loans (CPR 3.29%)

Variable rate discounts given by bank bdm. Not shown online.

Fees for Mortgage Plus Package loans
$250 Settlement Fee
$350 Annual Fee
Fee without Mortgage Plus Package
$399 Application Fee
$250 Settlement Fee
$8 per month per loan split

Refinance rebate

$3,000 cashback 350k to $750k
$4,000 cashback where the home loan amount is $750k or more;
$6,000 cashback where the home loan amount is $1mill or more;

Citibank offers free rate lock for up to 60 days.

Broker Cashback $500 for balances between 300k and 700k net of offset & $1000 cashback for balance over 700k net of offset. Broker rebate paid post settlement normally 2 months post settlement.

Types of clients suitable on a plus 3.00% rate? or havent reviewed your mortgage in 18-24 months?

We are also looking for long term relationships with clients, if you intend to refinance again or sell within 12 months, the banks actually claw us back on our upfront commission completely so we would be unable to help in these circumstances. I will do my best to reply to all comments.

My experience 7 years in commsec and cba on a margin lending desk and as in in house cba branch home lender. 4 years as a mortgage broker running my own company.

We are also a Citi Select Premium Broker Which puts us in the top tier for quality / settlements / submission for brokers across the country

You can book an appointment straight into my calendar - https://calendly.com/adrianplayermortgagebroker/15min

Ive opened up my calendar for the long weekend on Saturday / Sunday as a once off if anyone needs an appointment.

Kind Regards

Adrian Player | Director

M: 0416643638

E: [email protected]

W: www.integralloansolutions.com.au

Adrian Player is a credit representative (498364) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).

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  • Citibank is very pessimistic when evaluating properties' worth. There was a big difference in their valuation and HSBC's valuation when I tried to refinance my property earlier this year.

    • Yes i would have to agree on this item. They also have extra rules for high density units.

      But we are seeing many lender shave issues as well due to the lack of 3 comparable sales within the last 3 months due to lock down issues across sydney and melbourne as well. And valuers not being given access to properties due to the lockdowns.

  • FYI, Citibank is exiting the Australian retail market. No date on when that will happen though. Most likely will be bought up by NAB if approved by ACCC. Existing home loan will be transferred to NAB when that happens.

    • Already have an been bought out by NAB. Ive spoken to the bdm looks like they will stay seperate like u bank and 86400. But we will have to wait and see.

  • What is the variable Interest rate for P&I with offset?.Thanks

    • +1

      Ive sent you a pm

  • What is the debt-to-income(DTI) ratio for this lender?

  • 6 max dti - They brought in this policy 2 months ago. Still have a few lenders willing to go to 7-8-9 dti at the moment for higher borrowing power needs

  • OP - you don’t have a single appointment slot to discuss in Oct?

    • Just fixed this. Sorry update installed on outlook and calendly since daylight savings. Works now.

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