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[Pre Order] Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P MAX Mini ITX Case $470.60 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ CPL


I'm in the process of building my new mini-ITX gaming/content creation PC and have been looking eying on this case since it was announced.

Now it's available for pre-order with an ETA for availability around 1 November 2021

RRP is $499, but CPL so far has it for the cheapest price in Australia.

It may be pricey but you do get a lot with the kit:

  • Tempered Glass Panel
  • Built-in 280mm AIO CPU Cooler
  • 2x USB 3.2
  • HD Audio
  • PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable Included
  • 2x 140mm SickleFlow PWM Included

Reviews on YouTube and on the Internet have been positive

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  • +7

    Happy building! The NR200P is amazing

  • +2

    Man i wish my NR200P would fit and AIO on the top! Be careful of pre-ordering with CPL though, i have had a bad experience with the V850w SFX before it was released. Their ETAs for pre-orders are way out. Managed to score one just normally from scorptec before my preorder was even fulfilled. Luckily cancelling was my CPL order was easy enough.

    • +1

      I'm worried with the supply chain issue in LA might cause issues with supplies. May not get it before Christmas :(

    • +1

      If you have access to a 3D printer you can print brackets and extension pieces to increase the height of the NR200P to accommodate a top mount aio. There's a reddit for those that have done it. From memory it adds about 35mm or so in height.

      Con: does take away from the aesthetics a bit.

      • oh really? i will take a look. thanks for the heads up :-)

  • +1

    It’s $470.60 😉

    • +6

      I get a $9 commission every time you guys click on that link….:D
      If only!

    • +1

      But it comes with a free frogurt!

  • +7

    I can vouch for the NR200. Best value SFF case imo.

    • Lian li mini looks much cleaner imo

      • +10

        It might be mini compared to its big brother, but it is quite large compared to other SFF cases.

      • The mini is fantastic for a small ATX case. Not really in same category as true mini-ITX though

  • Good but still waiting local pick-up in QLD deal for saving delivery :(

    • +10

      The Max comes with a 280mm AIO Cooler, 850W SFX PSU and a Gen4 Riser Cable for an additional ~$350 (Compared to the NR200P)

      • -1

        Don't worry I know its a package deal with AIO and Power supply. The AIO cooler is probably one they can't sell normally and the power supply too, so they make a package deal. 850watts for a Mini ITX board is just a joke, but not to your power company they will love you.

        I'am on my second ITX build all AMD this time in a Thermaltake Core V1 650watts which is over kill 550 w would have been enough, this is also a good case too but rust is bad.

  • +5

    does anyone know if these will be coming in white?

    • +1

      White would be a nice clean look

    • +1

      given the original nr200p sold in a variety of colours it seems very likely

  • My husband is eying the be quiet! Silent 802 but it's sold out/ridiculous shipping costs to me can someone recommend another to that capacity that's around $250?

    • +2

      Possibly the Meshify S2

      • Ooft, $56 cheapest delivery lol

    • You can pre-order from PCCG - not sure of shipping cost.

      Fractal design and Corsair are good options

  • +2

    Wish CM sold this without the aio and psu. Like the new top mount aio options in the MAX now though.

  • NR200 or NR200P with the AIO…

    Feel like the NR200 with some more work might work out a better setup but happy to be proven otherwise,

    i'm looking for a 3080ti + 5900X high TDP setup but looking for lowest noise/temp setups in the mITX setup space…

    • lowest noise/temp hmm

      • for the form factor.. Meshalicious and NR200 are prob main two contenders, not after silent as prob not going to happen in smaller space but somet that can manage the temps as best for the size

    • +15

      NR200 is probably one of best performing SFF cases in terms of cooling and noise due to its relatively "large" volume for a SFF case. OptimumTech did a video on the NR200P Max and showed that it had excellent performance (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lltz-heW2LU) when using high end hardware.

      That said, we don't know a lot about the AIO and PSU that's packaged with the case and its reliability.

      The AIO is a v2 version of CMs flagship AIO - the v1 version had severe reliability issues (i.e AIO leakage within a few months of usage) but this was supposedly fixed in v2 (released recently I believe). Whether these problems are actually solved for the long-term is unclear given consumers have only been able to access the new AIO for a short period of time (maybe a year or so).

      CM's track record with PSUs is also not perfect. The PSU that's used in the Max has previously had fan ramping issues. Supposedly this has been resolved but again not entirely clear.

      With all this being said, the PSU comes with a 10 year warranty so there is some comfort to be gained from this. However, the AIO only comes with a 2 year warranty which is less than what other suppliers would normally offer (i.e 5 year warranty). Perhaps this is a sign of something - i will leave that inference for others to make.

      Overall, this product offers great performance and convenience at an extremely attractive price (noting that the case comes with a gen 4 riser cable which would RRP for circa $100). However, buyers might run into long-term reliability issues as some of the parts that CM uses have historically seen some issues. Unfortunately, there are few alternative choices (perhaps none) for PC builders who are looking to enter the SFF space and are also seeking the same price to performance ratio.

      If you are willing to stretch your budget a little, my recommendation would be the SSUPD Meshilicious and the Lian Li Q58 (in that order). A little more work will be involved in building the thing since you have to go and buy a separate AIO and PSU but this should also gives buyers flexibility around the parts they use and certainty that the parts they are using are high quality.

      Final note: I just want to make clear that this comment is not to disparage CM. The NR200 is a fantastic case that has completely changed the SFF game and is certainly a champion of the SFF scene. I myself plan to buy the NR200 (non-Max version) and fit it with an air-cooler. The Max version may just need some time to prove itself.

      • +1

        Depends what you want, want your budget is and what parts you're going to use.

        Meshilicious is on the larger end of SFF cases. It offers supreme flexibility in the parts you can use which contributes to excellent thermal performance. There are two drawbacks of this case:

        1) Its a mesh case so your fans will sound louder.

        2) Since the case is vertical and the GPU is vertically mounted, display cables need to be plugged into the bottom of the case and therefore you may need to purchase 90 degree display cables (not a huge issue, a few more dollars of investment).

        Ncase M1 is a premium case that offers exception performance in what I consider the ideal size for a SFFPC. This case can do everything but you pay a premium for it (provided you can even get your hands on it - currently sold out). The thermals might not be as good as the Meshilicious since it is a fully enclosed case without mesh panels. Might also be slightly more difficult to build in compared to the Meshilicious since it is smaller. Ultimately, great performance at a steep price.

        No wrong choice here at all - I think it really comes down to preference.

        You may want to consider some clones of this case (and other premium cases) on Taobao. These cases are pretty much exact replicas but at cheaper prices. The availability is also a lot better. Many buyers (on Reddit) claim that the build quality is even BETTER than the 'real' product.

        • Agree with this. I recently bought the meshlicious and love it. Also worth noting that although it's 14.6L, because it's vertical its footprint is actually smaller than most other ITX cases.

          The Taobao thing is really ghetto and the domain of enthusiasts. There are a heap of awesome looking cases on there for good prices, though there will often be drawbacks (perhaps cheaper materials, worse cooling performance, or just difficulty with the shipping and dealing with the vendors). Might be worth a shot though.

  • +1

    If only it could come out earlier then I will get one…. Now I'm using SSUPD Meshlicious which is also another amazing option for the ITX case!

    • SSUPD is a great case. I ended up building in this. Just wish the riser was pci-e gen 4 by default and not another $100

  • Breakdown:

    V850 SFX GOLD PSU PLE/OR others PROMOTION: $159
    Built-in 280mm AIO CPU Cooler: I don't know what brand, let's say NZXT:$140
    2x USB 3.2 - come with NR200P
    HD Audio - come with NR200P
    PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable Included - $50 Max
    2x 140mm SickleFlow PWM Included - come with NR200P

    Total: $420ish

    • +2

      PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable Included - $50 Max


    • +5

      While this is a useful indicator of cost, buyers should take into account that the Max version allows buyers to top mount a 280mm AIO (which the non-Max version does not) when assessing the value the Max version. The benefit of top mounting the AIO is better longevity/health of the AIO vs a side/bottom mount configuration. There is also some value to be gained from not having to buy and install the parts themselves (a convenience fee).

      Also, highly suspect of a $50 Gen 4 riser cable…

    • except regular NR200 can't accept the 280mm AIO without modification

    • So basically.. buy all the single items at best (promotion) prices at different dealers (shipping… whats that?!) then you can save 50 bucks..

      And the NR200P Max is also a slightly different case.

    • +1

      The PCI-E 4.0 Riser Cable that comes with it is a very high quality one, the minimum cost would be $100-120

  • Will it fit a Gigabyte Geforce RTX Vision 3090?

  • Is that power supply good?

  • great case seemingly but be careful ordering from CPL. my mate bought a few parts from them for his new rig a few weeks ago and they posted with aramex, who are indescribably slow atm. his parts were stuck in the aramex warehouse in chullora NSW for well over a week. it's insane how much they're struggling compared to auspost/startrack during covid, at least in my experience.

    • +3

      Unfortunately recently a lot of warehouses have been getting hit with covid cases, end's up with the warehouse closed down for deep cleaning and staff isolating for 2 weeks. Believe it's also happened with auspost, but to my knowledge they have a far bigger workforce to absorb some of this delay.

      (Not to defend Aramex… mate had 3 packages in a row 'lost' and just got yelled at by customer service when trying to lodge complaints)

  • Not worth it at this price,just like the graphics cards, a sale is $400 for rtx 3060, not launch price. My rx570 going strong!

    • +1

      I have to disagree, this looks like a good deal with an included SFX PSU and AIO, SFX PSUs aren't exactly cheap

      • +1

        Ah yes you're right, never used an AIO and sfx is pricier similarly to itx motherboards

        Premium Case $150
        AIO $100
        PSU $200

        Not much of a deal, just a good product

        • It also includes a gen 4 pcie riser which are about $100

          • @meeowth: Sure, but that's part of the case

            • +1

              @donkeydoc: Maybe, but they could easily have included a much cheaper gen 3 riser like just about every other case that includes a riser. (which are anoying with gen 4 slots unless you have a cpu with an igpu to go into the bios to change settings with every time you have to clear cmos for some reason)

  • Can it fit a 3 slot card though? Most current generation mid+ cards are 2.8 slots not 2.5

  • Does the V850 SFX PSU in this have a 0% passive fan speed when you're just web browsing etc.? Nothing more annoying than a PSU that whirs away when the system is doing virtually nothing.

    • +1

      IMHO PSU fan noise is the least of your issues for Total PC noise.

      • For gaming etc. of course, but not with regular desktop use and web browsing or any other low intensity use. Any decent GPU won't spin up unless being utilised in a game, and case/AIO fans can obviously be controlled and set virtually inaudible. You can make a PC truly silent without much trouble, but if a PSU doesn't have a 0% fan speed, there's nothing you can do about it. I've owned such ones in the past and you can hear it whirring away when your system is doing literally nothing. Very annoying if you really want total silence from your system in certain instances (although I'm aware some people don't care).

  • -3

    My SG13 is smaller and fits an ATX PSU. Also only cost $65.

    • +1

      It's also ugly as hell

      • +1

        Each to their own. Personally I think it looks great and matches the objective of an ITX design (small as possible without compromise on parts).

        • Agreed mate.

      • and has terrible cooling.

    • +2

      Horses for courses mate. I’ve built in both these cases and they’re great for very different things (price/size, hardware support/cooling).

      • The SG13 doesn't require much compromise. It can take a 5950X with a 120mm AIO and a dual slot/fan GPU which can be a 3070 or 6800 (not sure if there are dual fan 3080s or 6800 XT but if not that would give the NR200P an advantage).

    • I moved from an SG13 to an NR200, and I much prefer the coolermaster. Because its main dimensional gain is vertical, it really doesn't feel all that much bigger, and definitely has allowed for me to have a far sleeker, nicer system. I also found the NR200 a lot more fun to build in.

  • I wonder if this case can fit an Aorus RTX 3080/Ti/90 card vertically chances are slim to none but if anyone knows if its possible I might have to buy one!

    • Depends on the card dimensions, there is are plenty of youtube videos (example) where people have put 3090s.

      • Yeah it's just the Aorus cards are 70mm but judging from this video having a bit of space between even with the 3090FE (61mm) It might just fit! Thanks

  • Delivery date has been changed from 11.10 to 01.11

  • Can't be a more inconvenient time to build a pc! But if you meed it you'll make do!

  • +1

    Ok price but not much of a deal IMHO.

    I have an NR200P, bought it a couple of months ago for $89 its an amazing case and love it. The NR200P often went on sale around the $100 mark (sometimes even lower), and it supports a standard ATX PSU (I’m using one myself).

    Unless you are planning to put a very high-end RTX 3090 or something, a 750W PSU is more than enough, a cooler master 80+ gold modular PSU is around $125, and a cooler master AIO is ~$100, but if you hang around OzBargain for long enough you can get them for even cheaper. So you are essentially paying ~$150 more over the sale price of an NR200P to have everything bundled and pre-installed, not a bad price but I wouldn’t pay that much. Besides, I like white better…

  • Bugger price has increased to $498.20!

    Must have been a pricing error when they first published the Ad.

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