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RTX 3070 Ti, 5900X CPU, B550M Mobo, 1TB NVMe Gen4 SSD & 16GB RGB 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 RAM DIY Bundle $2499 + Delivery @ Evatech


Not for everyone but a considerable savings over retail for same or closest comparable if these specs work for you (and you're not HODLing for 2019 prices to return)

Obligatory PC Part Picker list using all matching components except GPU where the cheapest in stock was selected as the exact model wasn't listed. Comes to $3031 at the time of posting so that's a $532 savings before factoring the various shipping costs from each different retailer on the list.

BYO case, cooler, PSU and operating system to complete the build. In stock & ready for dispatch. Limited quantity and only valid while stocks last.

Bundle Includes;

  • Colorful RTX 3070 Ti Battle-Ax NB 8G GPU
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core 24 Thread CPU
  • MSI B550M Bazooka Motherboard
  • WD Black 1TB SN850 PCIe4 WDS100T1X0E SSD
  • PNY XLR8 Gaming Epic-X RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 RAM

Shipping rates very based on post code but start from $16 to metro Melbourne and $29-39 for most other major metro areas.

Also worth mentioning even though most of you are probably already aware. Many couriers are facing longer than usual delivery timelines due to various factors beyond our control so please keep this in mind when ordering.

Assuming someone will ask at some point so to address it up front, no sorry we can't swap out items for others or remove them for a further discount. Also no, we can't assemble the system for you even if you purchase the other components needed alongside the bundle.


As this bundle includes a motherboard, RAM, CPU and GPU combination you'll be eligible for a free Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Steam code as part of the Nvidia bundle promo. To redeem simply email us your order number and GPU serial number after receiving the order and we'll send you the code that's redeemable via the GeForce Experience app.

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        • +49

          No worries. Take my 5800x. I'll have your 5900x. Easy fix :)

    • +6

      Just sell it.

    • +11

      You won't have any trouble reselling it

  • +11

    Assuming someone will ask at some point so to address it up front, no sorry we can't swap out items for others or remove them for a further discount. Also no, we can't assemble the system for you even if you purchase the other components needed alongside the bundle.

  • I had the same idea

    • +4

      All 3070 Ti's are LHR

      • +3

        Wow for real? Rip prices.

        • -1

          You should see OCAU right now, 3060tis are flying off the shelves at $1650-1700 each. It's absolutely insane.

          • +4

            @hkf: They're FHR 3060tis though

            • -1

              @Enokserb: not particularly relevant with the latest dual-mining updates 🤷

      • +1

        Not exactly. But yeah, more or less what’s happening

        • +1

          just read the headline, haven't mined for years lol

  • Damn this is a pretty solid deal for someone looking to build a computer in this climate

    • +3

      Nah it was a solid deal for distributors trying to sell off excess stock when everyone wanted GPU supply, now the crappy bundled orders retailers accepted to make that happen is just getting passed straight on.

  • +2

    5900X is regularly on offer at $650 now and will only start dropping further, NVMe goes for $225 and that is questionable, board and RAM are $100-$110 a piece…

    Where's the value? $1400 RTX 3070 Ti?

    • Yeah I'm with you. The 5900x is also insane overkill for most users.

      • Is there such a thing as overkill? or future proofing?

        • +3

          There is when other components are lacking for the main use case eg. gaming, editing etc.

          Better to get a 5600x, cheaper SSD, and a 3080

        • +2

          Of course there is. The only future proofing your doing here is cores. And by the time those cores are legitimately needed for everyday users there will be FAR better processors available at the same price point.

          So yeah, you can get the latest 12 core if you think it's future proofing meanwhile others save 300 bucks and just upgrade again when they need to and there are better parts available.

          The only time I say 12 cores are worth it is if your literal day to day work will make use of it and increases your productivity / income.

          • +1

            @Canberralad92: ^this,

            Future Proofing is a myth hoisted on gullible buyers in order to sell them something they don't need. You are almost always better off saving your money and upgrading when you need it.

          • +1

            @Canberralad92: In some situations like this I would disagree. Upgrading sooner will require new motherboard and RAM as this is the last generation (they may do a small refresh) on AM4. Spending a bit more on the CPU might get you another couple of years out of it, which is probably worthwhile.

        • this card is not even for current gen games let alone future proofing
          unless you happy to game at 1080 p

          • @botchie: Many are. plenty of people play older games happily at 1080
            but was talkin bout CPU not GPU :)

            • @pharkurnell: if you want to play at 1080p you are good with 1080ti - if you bought that few years ago you would be sweet right now

      • And there are people who could use a 5900X and are ok with 3700Ti. There are enough use cases.

        • Lol way to not read the comment. I said it's overkill for most users - not that no users have a purpose for it. Have a nice day :)

          • @Canberralad92: Way to not read my post supporting yours that there are people who could use a 5900X…

    • +2

      It's a actually a really well performing board

    • +6

      When is the 5900x regularly $650 , i got mine last week through ebay for $679 with 15% off.
      They are $800 to $850 at all major computer shops

    • +6

      ‘regularly on offer at $650’ ?

      Klarna was a once off.

      Its been $679 a few times:

      • +6

        680 for cpu
        230 for SSD
        120 for MB
        120 for RAM
        1350 for graphics card
        Total 2500

        These are what seem to be genuine bargain prices for the components, and come in at the total cost here. So basically it's like being able to get every component at a bargain price at once which is hard to do normally.

        • +9

          Bargain prices for neither here-nor-there bargain components which makes it false economy

          Who would normally by choice pair a non-RGB mATX motherboard with an RGB incredibly slow RAM then super-fast SSD and 12 core?

          Totally unbalanced runout components

          The only thing good about this bundle is the GPU except even that's 12-pin!

        • +1

          don't forget PSU and Case, which means another 200, even you put the assembling aside.

      • +2

        I was going off the top of my head with that price, so feel free to adjust my numbers by the overwhelming figure of $30… keep in mind that board has gone for $90 before, that drive for $200, and equivalent RAM for $70…

        Alder Lake launches in less than a month, and it will smack the 5900X around as a value proposition.

        • +1

          Is that another throwaway comment or 100% solid that Alder Lake will smack the 5900X as a ‘value proposition’?

          • @g1: Same multicore performance, better single core and gaming, efficiency cores guarantee lower power usage at idle and normal productivity use. Modern standby with the right power supply.

            PCIE 5.0, option of DDR5 (if you're happy to spend more as an early adopter there). Should be starting around this price for the equivalent model (i7-12700K).

            It's set up to directly challenge AMD's position of the last 12 months. They can't dick around with price due to the increasing B450/B550 install base on the AMD side.

            • +4

              @jasswolf: Only leaked benchmarks , nothing solid until they are in reviewers hands

            • +2

              @jasswolf: And you have confirmed performance data and confirmed prices? Its all great to speculate but value does account for cost. Will AMD lower 5900X prices or will there be bigger sales upon Alder Lake release? Will 5900X still be better value but lower in performance at current sale prices or possible bigger discounts? Etc. Plenty of unanswered questions.

              If you have confirmed performance data and confirmed prices then please post them along with sources.

          • @g1: 12900k is going to cost $1000 USD according to jays2cents.

            I am also expecting intels benchmarks were performed on 4800mhz DDR5, and DDR 5 is approximately 35% more bandwidth than DDR4 at the same speed… so how much of that performance is due to the CPU?

            • @Shacktool: It will be good to see some sort of measured system performance/system cost using multithread heavy applications where top 2 processors reside. 12700 and 12900 may not be a good performance/$ over 5900X and 5950X . And as you allude what will Alder Lake system performance be with DDR4 vs DDR5 because system performance/system cost needs to factor in everything.

              Need to see actual prices and confirmed benchmarks.

            • @Shacktool: That man is a buffoon. No, the benchmarks were not all done as such, and JEDEC DDR5 is abysmal from a latency perspective anyway

            • @Shacktool: Not 8400mhz?

        • got a link for the SN850 @ $200? cos that would interest me

          • @Antikythera: Not a current deal, but recent. Click the product tag on this deal.

  • +26

    I would expect a spend of $2.5K would warrant free delivery

  • +1

    Any reviews on this GPU, seems like an Alibaba special

    • +5

      Quality wise it is on par with the entry level cards of MSI and ASUS if not better. Overall very solid. I will take that over Galax or Gainward.

  • +2

    Welcome back evatech :)

    I guess that means times are getting tough again moving cards on

    Great store though bought some stuff off you

    This just isn't a deal I would upvote though since at day to day prices it's pretty much reasonable market price

  • +1

    decent deal. would probably have impulse bought it if it was an itx mobo with 32gb of memory.

  • +2

    Realistically looks to be around a $200 save. Not too bad, so will probably sell out. A really good deal if in need of a 5900x if not just looking for gaming.

  • What happened to Techfast posting regular deals? Have they gone out of fashion?

    • got an email from them hour or so ago with deals on GPU's

      • +2

        Yeah lol that 3070 non LHR for 2k is laughable.

    • +1

      Techfast prices have been tragic lately unfortunately.

    • +4

      Feels like Luke possibly moved on, or just decided to stop catering to ozbargain (which is understandable as people here gave them a fair bit of flak for various things and their deals weren't as good as they use to be as they started rising prices in line with other retailers)

      • +1

        Thats business.. its hard to be one of the cheapest for ever and survive

      • +1

        My experience with them months ago wasn't good. They started adding to their deal titles things like "Ships end of June" but come July it hadn't shipped at their customer service basically said what OzBargain says is irrelevant and hinted that it's there to generate sales.

        Obviously delays are to be expected with Techfast, but having a deal that promising shipping times and then customer service blowing it off is not okay.

        • I've only ever had good experiences with them remedying issues. One time when the shipping was grossly blown out (initial 30 series systems) I was offered a discount equivalent to the CPU upgrade I selected at the time (around $200 or 10% of total system) which I thought was nice.

          I did note some shady stuff in the pricings of deals and things towards the end but to be honest we had an amazing run with them. The tightarse deal for a 3070 - 3600 system around $1500 total I don't think will be beaten again and is the best PC deal I think I've ever seen given what happened shortly after.

          • @Canberralad92: Certainly seems like the old days of that are long gone. They do have their other business Allied Gaming with much more expensive systems catered for Facebook and the non-bargain savvy. I wouldn't be surprised if the business for that has picked up and it's far better than the potential loss leaders here.

            Interestingly they were doing Origin PCs long before Techfast and Allied.

  • -1


  • Not particularly bad deal but the mobo is a weird choice and with 2x8GB ram u only get single rank. Better off with 2x16gb or 4x8gb.

    • Can you not just buy another 2x8GB for 100 of your saved dollars.

      • I feel like it's a myth but ppl general recommend buy a ram kit so u getting better OC performance. U could try buying same 2x8GB kit and it probably will work.

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