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Bonus 10% When You Purchase a Myer Gift Card @ Woolworths


Bonus 10% when you purchase a Myer Gift Card @ Woolworths

Offer available on all denominations of Myer Gift Cards from 20/10/21 - 26/10/21. Limit 10 per customer. Bonus loaded at the time of purchase. $50 Gift Card = $5 Bonus. $100 Gift Card = $10 Bonus. $200 Gift Card = $20 Bonus. Not available at Woolworths Online. Refer to individual cards for terms and conditions.

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    Hey all, I’ve created a new Wiki page that addresses a lot of the questions you may have regarding third-party gift card deals at Woolworths (including this one)!

    • Unfortunately not a cracking deal on Woolies side to quickly bust Coles MC balance in the same week.

      • I was secretly hoping for a deal on the Only1 Visa gift cards or The Perfect EFTPOS gift cards!

        • How do they compare with Westfield gift cards?

          • @Freeskater: What do you mean by compare? Is it fees? Is it the amount of money you can load onto one card? Is it how widely accepted they are?

          • @Freeskater: This is Myer card…Westfield red card usually is EFTPOS prepaid card and accepted by every pos machine in Australia.

            • @n3ih8: Thanks!

            • @n3ih8: They have now limit the maximum amount of $200 you can put on it which means the fee becomes more expensive. Most of Westfield won't let you split payment which means you will still have $47.05 left on your Coles MC. You probably can't by many cards at Westfield anyway.

              • @samehada: Sad news yet it's fine at the moment coz this year's vogue fashions night in doesn't include any in-store purchase or I can imagine many pp would come here and complain

                They have now limit the maximum amount of $200 you can put on it which means the fee becomes more expensive. Most of Westfield won't let you split payment.

      • apparently MC got a gib risks stolen brush from the last time and a lot of ppl reported it

  • That's a bit sad this week. A risk coles promo and a meh not so good Woolies promo.

  • +2

    I want more Apple promo!

    • +1

      Same! I was hoping to get some for the new Macbook Pro.

    • If the pattern continues, I’d keep an eye on the Coles or Woolworths catalogues released on 15 November, as that may be the next time an Apple promotion appears at Coles or Woolworths.

  • Can you use this to buy Coles & Myer group gift card at Myer counter?

  • +1

    So are we all going and buying the Coles $250 credit cards to then go and buy these gift cards at 10% off?

  • Does Meyer sells Ipad

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    For those that are curious I wouldn't waste my time with the procedure chasing the missing $20 bonus .

    • Thanks i was going to call tomorrow cause im missing $70

  • +1

    Does anyone still think Myer can go bust anytime soon?

    • -1

      As long as they have that Lew DH associated with them it will tread water and no the share has doubled recently with better sales than expected .

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    If anyone interested to know, you can buy Myer GC with Coles Prepaid Master card https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657702

    I have tried and no issues.

  • Hi I just brought this, on the packet and in Woolies say I can redeem online, but I can't seem to see the option in Myer.com.au
    Can someone advise or help please urgently ?

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      Myer gift cards can be redeemed on the Myer website, so that is not an issue.

      In the checkout on the page for 2. Order Info, is there a section towards the bottom of the page called Optional Information: MYER ONE REWARD / GIFT CARD?

      If you see it and try to add a gift card, what does it say? I tried adding an empty Coles Group & Myer gift card and got an error message: Unfortunately, there is 0 balance on this gift card.

      • +1

        Thanks heaps it works, I got confused and went to payment section and the icon of the gift card was there.

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