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Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021 (11.5" OLED, 6GB/128GB SD870, Widevine L1) US$409.99 (~A$550.19) Delivered @ Banggood


After the success of Wystri Warrick's deal and bonezAU's deal I asked Banggood for a deal on this awesome tablet and they delivered! This is a good alternative to the 2020 model I shared earlier.

A big pro of this tablet is it has Widevine L1 support so it'll Netflix in HD. There's also HDMI out via USB-C and has a 'PC Mode' similar to Samsung DeX that works well with a keyboard and mouse.

For reviews I recommend checking out Techtablets' review that covers all the basics, ETA Prime's review which covers gaming, emulation and PC Mode and GizmoChina's review to see the OLED display and JBL Dolby Atmos speakers in action.

This tablet features Android 11, the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 CPU that'll handle everything you throw at it (especially games), 6GB RAM, 128GB storage (expandable), an 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED display with 600nits brightness, 8600mAh battery (supports fast charge) and JBL speakers.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, free shipping and stack with cashback for further savings.

Model Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021 Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro (Lenovo Tab P11 Pro)
OS Android 11 Android 10, upgradable to 11
Display 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED 600nits 90Hz Dolby Vision Display 11.5" 2560x1600 OLED 500nits Dolby Vision Display
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G Octa-Core
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 650 Qualcomm Adreno 618
Storage 128GB UFS Storage 3.1 128GB UFS Storage 2.1
Battery 8600mah 8400mAh
Speakers 4x JBL speakers / Dolby Atmos 4x JBL Speakers / Dolby Atmos
Camera 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP Rear / 8.0 MP Front 13.0 MP + 5.0 MP Rear / 8.0 MP Front
Connectivity WiFi ax / Bluetooth 5.2 WiFi ac / Bluetooth 5.0 / GPS
Ports USB Type-C 3.1 Video Out / Pogo Pins USB Type-C 3.1 Video Out / Pogo Pins

There's also a growing development community at XDA with instructions for rooting the tablet, unlocking/locking the bootloader and downloading/installing ROMs.

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  • +1

    Looks good, I wonder how long updates will be supplied by Lenovo moving forward.

    • +3

      probably one OS update only if lucky.

      but hey for the price it's decent, very decent.

      • +4

        Yeah usually how it goes with Lenovo. I was reading a post on xda where someone managed to install Lineage OS with only a couple of bugs. Hopefully someone who builds ROMs picks one up.

        • +1

          I've got a couple of the yoga tablets. Managed to get lineageos working on the tab 3 plus but not the 10 plus.

          I'd have faith that this tablet gets lineage and it's already very popular.

          • +3

            @Caped Baldy: The fact that you can already root it, unlock and lock the bootloader certainly helps the chances with this. It would seem that if the bootloader comes unlocked then the Widevine will be L3 until locked again. It's interesting stuff.

        • Hi Clear,

          Lots of comments in this chain that the tablet purchased from Banggood does NOT come with Widevine L1 but rather Widevine L3 which means Netflix is only available in SD. Apparently bootloader is unlocked and thus NO Widevine L1 and OTA updates.

          Any chance you can check with the Rep at Banggood if this is true?


  • +1

    Do you think there will be any deals for the bigger 13" pad pro?

    • Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6" will be released in China next month. There will definitely be deals in the future but I'd expecting it to be at least US$100 more or higher than this from resellers.

      • oh I thought it was released a couple months ago - unless I'm thinking of another device?


        • +9

          Oh right yes the Yoga Pad Pro I forgot about that one. I can definitely try and get some discounts going for that. Performance is going to be on par with this and the extra 2GB RAM will certainly help more with gaming. Obviously the form factor makes that less portable, but the fact that you can use it as a monitor for your computer is cool.

          • +2

            @Clear: It'd be neat if this were possible! The extra monitor function would be something I'm keen to aim for.

            • +5

              @Mitsunami: Obligatory Techtablets review if you haven't researched it much. I'll put the question to BG.

              • @Clear: Am reading through it as we speak - thanks for the review link! Added to the pile.

            • +1

              @Mitsunami: Yes, that's the main thing I'm looking at :) for work + video gaming

          • @Clear: much appreciated! although looks like BG may not be as well stocked with this one

  • Pog

  • +1

    Damnnnn how lowwww can it goooo

    • +8

      If you use SB cashback and it gets approved (always with BG for me) then you'd be getting another US$20.49 / ~A$27.50 off the price.

  • Didn't need it at $590… didn't need it at $570…..

    • +4

      What about $569

      • +2


    • That’s not the ozbargain way. Buy it first then think about.

      • +2

        You mean buy it first, regret it later.

        • +7

          Yep, buy, think about it, read reviews then regret it.

  • @Clear sold deal! Any chance for similar treatment with pricing for the keyboard and/or pen?

    • +3

      Unfortunately Banggood are only stocking the official keyboard case for the 2020 XiaoXin Pad and that's not compatible.

      There's this on AliExpress but the price is high. I'm hoping that it'll be included in the 11/11 sales where it should be cheaper and stacks with the sitewide coupons.

  • I have justed orders 2020 version last week with cover about 497. Still waiting for delivery. :(

    • +2

      You're still getting an amazing tablet as it has a lot of the same hardware as this like the display. The CPU certainly isn't the same but will hold up well regardless.

    • Same, kinda regreting not waiting as the extra CPU would have been sexy

  • +7

    I don't need a tablet, but I feel I need a 11.5' tablet.

  • Would Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 be better?

    • +2

      Obviously a big difference is the price tag. The S7 certainly has the option of larger storage/RAM out of the box, local warranty and more Android updates. The Snapdragon 865+ in the S7 is basically a lower clock Snapdragon 870 so performance would be similar in that regard.

    • +1

      If you can get s7+ in same price level (like when it went on clearance on EPP) otherwise get this

  • +1

    P12 Pro is coming. Thinner than Samsung tab s7+, weighs only 565g

    Lenovo's newest Lenovo Tab P12 Pro is a high-end tablet that packs some impressive specifications, including a Snapdragon 870 SoC, a 12.6-inch AMOLED screen clocked at 120Hz, and a 10,200mAh battery that supports 45W fast charging. It will be available for purchase in October 2021.


    • +2

      If 11.5" isn't big enough then it's a good option waiting for. RRP in the US is US$609.99 so I'd expect similar or more from Chinese resellers. Certainly bumping it up until another price range I think.

  • Awesome deal op! If anyone could get it lower you could :)

  • Its a hard toss between this and the new ipad mini at almost the same price (with discounted gc).
    Main purpose is gaming and ebooks.

    • +3

      I think it depends what else you own. If you're already using the Google ecosystem and have bought Android apps then having an iPad could be a pain.

      • I'm using an Android phone but using a Mac LOL
        Not to concern about the ecosystem to be honest coz I didn't buy that many apps on both side of the world

    • +1

      I'd go with iPad mini, at least play with it for a bit at an Apple store.

    • +1

      If you have other apple gear I’d go the mini. Screens kinda small though

    • +1

      Honestly hard gaming on an 11.5" tablet. Atleast for games that need on screen joysticks.

      IMO the smaller form factor might be better for gaming and ebooks. You tend to carry it around much more than huge tabs.

    • +1

      If whatever games you want are on ipados then definitely go with iPad

    • +1

      Gaming - the ipad mini wins… and reading… mini also wins, easier to hold for longer periods of time. I recently got my first iPad ever and it's so much better for those things than all my android tablets were.

  • +1

    Need to hold off until 11.11

  • Can't get this site to sell it to me at the USD price. Just keeps coming up AUD!

    • +1

      If you're on the desktop site up the top left where it says "Ship to" next to the Banggood logo.

      • Thanks. Though it would be under the Aussie flag…

  • Does this work with a Lenovo pen?

  • Anyone got any recommedations on a half decent $200ish tablet used solely for Home Assistant? Obviously doesn't need to be too flash but enough RAM not to be a pain to use etc.

    • +1

      IPlay Pro 20 from Banggood

    • +4

      You should have been looking last month as I was pumping them out fast from AliExpress.

      The cheapest when on sale would be the 10.1" Oscal Pad 8. Alldocube recently launched the kPad with a better CPU/Display than the Oscal and should be on sale for around US$135 on 11/11 Singles Day. Plenty of other Alldocube tablets have been shared before like the iPlay 20, 20S and 20 Pro that would suit your needs.

      • Awesome, thanks Sapiens, Clear.
        I'll keep an eye out.

  • +1

    "There's also a growing development community(forum.xda-developers.com) at XDA with instructions for rooting the tablet, unlocking/locking the bootloader and downloading/installing ROMs."

    There is literally next to nothing for this tablet as the 2020 model is completely different to the 2021 version. Took me nearly a week to remove the crappy "global rom" i got on mine and set it back to stock. Google translate and the lenovo CN forums is the best you got. The XDA forums is only starting to get some info and its mixed between the 2020 model.

    • +4

      Did you check the link? Stock ROM for 2021, Locking and Unlocking Bootloader (locked bootloader required for Widevine L1) and discussions about rooting have pointed to this.

      There's obviously a mix of 2020 and 2021 discussion in that forum. Plenty of new posts so YouTube reviews and posts like this are generating the attention it needs.

      • +1

        All recent posts, which are just copies from the club.lenovo.com.cn you mentioned. (did not exist when i got my tablet) I doubt there will be anything meaningful coming from XDA as far as flashing custom roms etc.

        • +1

          No probably not but it's certainly a lot better now than when you first purchased it. Given this has never received an international release, translations from the ZUI forums are to be expected.

      • What's the benefit of flashing the stock ROM? Will it be able to run in English?
        Sounds like flashing to stock ROM and locking bootloader is the way to go.

  • Damn just ordered from previous deal yesterday, and still waiting for dispatch, wonder if I can cancel and buy from Banggood instead :(

    • Yeah me too, looks like Giztop deduct a PayPal transaction fee(4.2% of payment) to cancel an order, which would make it not worth it

  • Comes up as US$469.99 for me, what am I doing wrong?

    • Have you applied the coupon?

  • +1

    I should also mention I placed an order for this at BG on:

    Order Submitted
    Jul/20/2021 22:09:41
    Aug/26/2021 01:25:21

    I eventually gave up, got refunded and ordered on aliexpress.

  • price is $420 USD now (after coupon) ?

    • +3

      Remove shipping insurance

  • If only there was a decent Windows tablet around this price.

    • Windows tablets are basically laptops in a tablet form factor. I think it's easy to think about what kind of Windows laptops are available within the price range and translate that to what kind of tablet you can get. I don't think they'd be particularly decent laptops. At least, I doubt there would be something that could provide similiar experience as Snapdragon 870 + Android in the simliar price range.

    • surface go ?

  • how's the aspect ratio for reading books? thanks

  • +3

    I bought the previous deal (Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2020) and very happy with it. Can't belive it's so slim and light these days and the battery is fantastic Just hope it's bulletproof like the ipads.

    • Curious… Did the box come sealed?
      Or was it opened/resealed ?

      • sorry couldn't remember

      • Wasn't shrink wrapped. Had Stickers holding the box together

        • were they the Lenovo seal/stickers ?

          reason i ask is….
          i bought a Lenovo P8 yrs ago…. and it arrived opened … like the Lenovo seals were broken….
          I was told by another member that they were All like that …. prolly coz the Tablet had to be flashed with an english / global ROM.

  • Really good reviews on this, tempted.

  • Any luck on the 13"?

  • Might be cheaper on the 11/11?

  • +2

    Waiting to hit $500 and below I will take a bite :D

  • Thanks OP. Was tossing over this but watched a few reviews and this seems great for the price. 90hz OLED, snappy processor, has a desktop mode for work, and also seems good for running PSP/DS emulators (+ can bluetooth XB and PS controllers too) for casual gaming. Grabbed one!

  • I've had BG add an additional 30pcs.

  • Does this tablet share any dimensions with previous models, I wanna order some tempered glass and a case from somewhere.

    Links appreciated if you have any :D

    • +1

      It's a different size to the 2020 Pad Pro and the older P11 that you can get locally. I recommend waiting for Singles day on the 11th as there should be some AliExpress deals.

      • +1

        Thanks. Hopefully it will come with a plastic screen protector preinstalled, should hold me over a few months till I sort out a proper one.

  • For those wondering if it'll be cheaper in the AliExpress Single's sale… it won't be. This seller will have it for US$449.92 after discounts.

    • Hey, would you happen to know if this or something similar will be available again during the singles sales or black friday?

  • Had anyone received their product yet?

    • +1

      My last update was Oct 27. If it arrives before the end of the month I will be pretty surprised.

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