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TP-Link Deco M5 Wi-Fi Mesh Router 2-Pack $172.76 (Was $229.95), Deco M5 3-Pack $245 (Was $299.95) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the cheapest historical, but decent prices going on TP-link Deco M5 on amazon.

There is an offer available for a free KC115 smart camera via redemption with the 3 pack, but it states this is for participating retailers (not sure if this includes amazon) so maybe try and price match somewhere if you want this. I price matched at HN, but they would only go down to $236, this was perfect for me as I get a 7% discount on HN gift cards through work.

Setup was super easy, and wish I did this ages ago. I use the telstra home 5g broadband because NBN was never connected at my place. Previously I had the modem in a spot that was central to the house for wifi coverage, but wasn't great 5g coverage. With the wifi mesh I have now moved the 5g modem to the front window and my speed test results have jumped from 27/12 up to 161/20!

Edit: Price for the 3 pack has gone up to $245 (was $219 when deal was posted). Have edited the title rather than mark as expired as its still a decent price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $182 for the 3 pack if you have The Good Guys Commercial. Otherwise this is a decent price too if you don’t have it.

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    Very happy with my Deco M5 setup.

  • Does anyone know if I add a 2 pack or 3 pack to an existing set of M5s?

    • Sure can!

      • Thank you - placing an order now.

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    I paid around $289 for a 3 pack from Officeworks , this deal comes with 2, I recommend getting at least 3.

    I use this setup, it works well, however it does increase ping by a few ms and downloading Linux ISO’s it floods the wifi connection crashing everything else, where as previously my asus ac-68u didn’t

    • I've never had this happen with my M5s. Having said this, my while networking ecosystem is TP-LINK

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      The deal is $172 for 2, or 219 for 3.

  • my NBN is at the corner of the house, so i only really need something like a repeater upstairs, but want something clean on the ceiling like these,

    From what i read, these can not act as a repeater without one of them directly connected via ethernet is that correct?

    • Deco M5 doesn't have a mounting bracket for the ceiling. Purchase Wi-Fi access points for ceiling mounted. The first Deco must be wired by ethernet and the second Deco can be Wi-Fi or wired by ethernet.

  • Can the 2 pack, act like

    1 router —> AP (wirelessly)?

    Just need one down stairs to upstairs

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      Yep that is how Deco works.

      FTTP, HFC = nbn NTD—-Deco ))) Deco.
      FTTC = nbn NCD—-Deco ))) Deco.
      FTTN, FTTB = VDSL2 modem—-Deco ))) Deco.

      • Confirm i have HFC, so i just use ONE deco as a router (enter in email / pw) then move one upstairs ))) wirelessly?

        Also does this have Mounting points at the bottom?

  • Is this wifi 6 tech? Wanna get a mesh system but I want to future proof as well

    • Deco M5 = Wi-Fi 5.

      • Thanks, I should have figured that out. Is this sufficient for a 4 bedroom house if I got 2 units. Doing some online research and getting confusing results. I am looking at the nighthawk mesh but thinking that's overkill

        • Two Deco's should cover an average size premises. It depends on the size, layout and more.

        • Not all 4 bedroom houses are the same. I would get 3 just because it gives more coverage flexibility.

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        I have deco m9 plus so by that logic I have wifi 9 plus

        • That must be so awesome.

  • Its not wifi 6 enabled

  • These are excellent units. The app is easy to use, Ethernet backbone works well.

    In my opinion better than the Google system as almost twice the cost

    • this is true, but the fact that theres good assist integrated, if you home is automated, its well worth

  • Price for the 3 pack now up to $245,
    2 pack still at $172.76

  • Can you mix and match the Deco range?

    i.e. have a M9 or X68 as the main unit (router) and then M5's around the premise?

  • There's some for $235 on amazon but through some other seller not Amazon AU

    I got the free wifi camera delivered yesterday for free with the m5 3 pack so happy with the overall purchase for a friend

    • How many days did it take from lodging redemption to receiving the camera?

      • +1

        Very quick and I'm very impressed with TP Link it's the fastest I've had a redemption honoured

        Shipped within a week of lodgement and delivered a couple of days later

  • Price drop 3 pack now near all time low at $210

  • The latest 179 at Kogan takes the cake apart from that $174 LatitudePay deal that I jumped on

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