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[Pre Order] EVGA RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Graphics Card $2499 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


One of the better 3080 Ti's, reaches about 450W if I'm not mistaken allowing it to reach higher clocks, this has been cheaper at PLE in the past however even with this increased price it's still cheaper than competitors

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    Gpu prices on the rise or are PLE just joining the mob?

    • PLE was the last hope for a reasonably priced GPU. Shame on you for joining the scalpers…

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    a good time to get in to emulators i think…

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    They joining the mob. Ple aren't what they used to be. Bunch of actual flogs with the worst customer service.

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      Lol. If you know who ple REALLY used to be (20? years ago) back at the previous Wangara premises they were the dodgy car salesmen of the pc world and poor on RMA's too. They cleaned up their act.

      Whether they've changed again I don't know.

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        Yea I had a horrible experience trying to RMA something at Bentley a few years ago. Unfortunately they're closest to me so I kinda have to shop with them if I need something quick :/

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      Customer service does suck, had to send my faulty 3080 back twice after they sent if back the first time saying they tested it and nothing was wrong. If they had plugged it in and tested they would of saw it wasn't displaying anything. The second time I sent it in I got a email offering the refund 3 days after they got it. Lost my business.

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        Arrogant pricks, quick to jump the gun, they assume everyone else knows nothing because they don't work at a computer store 😂 little do they know, working there is not an actual achievement, complicated or hard to do…

    • Found the sales stuff unfriendly for sure; have not tested their service for RMA, etc. I normally like to support WA business but I am not inclined to give them any business unless it is for the convenience of local pick-up.

  • Il be interested when it's sub 1500

    • +22

      Okay sweet, I've left a note in my diary to contact you when it's sub 1500, might take a couple of years though, hope that's okay xx

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        No first time post, go easy on me here, love the cajones!

      • Please dont contact me, really am serious as i dont need it.

      • +1

        Has it happened yet?

      • Not this brand but 3080s have sold for under 1600 I recent months.

        Plenty discord channels to do the tracking for you.

        Enjoy fluffing scalpers pillows

        • where can i find au 30 series stock alert discords?

    • skeletonwaitingatpc.jpg

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      Yep, already mentioned in the bio

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      It's released in June this year.

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        Derp it was the Ti. My bad

  • In a world of LHR cards,
    How much does a NON LHR 3080 worth ?

    • Depending on model I’ve seen them go for $2000-$2700

    • i recently sold my 3080 ftw3 FHR for 2400, some people asking 2500+

      • I'm thinking of selling my 3080 FHR, did you sell it on gumtree?

      • U mean a used card going for 2.4k ?

        • yes, a 3080 FHR mines at just about the same as a 3080 Ti so people are paying more or less the same for them in the second-hand market (crazy hey).

      • same….sold mine around 2.7k around august i did not budge a cent. miner paid what I asked for. I picked up 3070 ti after that and offload it again. 1080ti will do for me into 2022 and maybe even q1 of 2023. not in a rush. this is great time to sell while price stil high

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    They've been hiking the prices of their 6000 series cards recently, too. Looks like they've moved to join the trend. Also, I wouldn't call this a deal. :/

  • Aye, even when the chip shortage is over it's not going to be over. A lot of <5-letters, rhymes with bunts> in the middleman game will be holding onto stock to artificially keep the prices up.

  • -1

    Is this LHR?

    • +1

      Out of interest, why do you wanna know?

      • I just usually see LHR printed on the titles and didn't notice it this time around. Thought NVIDIA might be pushing out non LHR models

        • +4

          A non LHR version of the 3070 ti and 3080 ti's ever existed, they are all LHR.

          • @Neggy-Z: Unless you have access to the Founders Edition cards… they are unrestricted.

            • @Revrnd: I thought the 3080Ti FEs are also LHR?

              Can anyone confirm?

        • I see, unfortunately, no TIs will be Non-LHR.

    • +1

      All 3080 Ti's are LHR.

    • yes, all Ti cards are

  • +4

    wow, my 1080 Ti FTW3 was $1,100. I can't see myself upgrading my GPU for a long time lol so damn expensive.

    • Dam you got a good deal mine was a 1080G1 extreme for $1k I'm in the same boat plus I just got a 77c1 and a ps5 so have been using that more

    • +1

      Yeah same. Just can’t justify spending that much even though I can afford it. Going to stick to my 2080S for a while. Does splendid job running all games at 1440p.

  • thanks, I'm going to mine with this

  • Honestly thought it'd be sold out by now

  • +1

    the XC3 is still available for pre-order at $2400 (arriving mid Nov)


    decent card with one less power connector, no RGB or dual bios.

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