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10% off 2021 MacBook Pro | 14" 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD $2699, 16" 16GB / 512GB $3374 @ The Good Guys / Officeworks


The Good Guys are running 10% off MacBooks and this includes the new MacBook Pro's only just recently released.

Can then price match at Officeworks to get a further 5% off if you'd like. - OW has now updated their pricing to match.

Key Features

  • Apple M1 Pro or M1 Max chip for a massive leap in CPU, GPU and machine learning performance
  • Up to 10-core CPU delivers up to 3.7x faster performance to fly through pro workflows quicker than ever3
  • Up to 32-core GPU with up to 13x faster performance for graphics-intensive apps and games3
  • 16-core Neural Engine for up to 11x faster machine learning performance3
  • Longer battery life, up to 17 hours1
  • Up to 64GB of unified memory so everything you do is fast and fluid
  • Up to 8TB of superfast SSD storage launches apps and opens files in an instant
  • Stunning 14-inch Liquid Retina XDR display with extreme dynamic range and contrast ratio2
  • 1080p FaceTime HD camera with advanced image signal processor for sharper video calls
  • Six-speaker sound system with force-cancelling woofers
  • Studio-quality three-microphone array captures your voice more clearly
  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI port, SDXC card slot, headphone jack and MagSafe 3 port
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for secure unlocking and payments
  • macOS Monterey lets you connect, share and create like never before, with exciting new FaceTime updates and a redesigned Safari
  • Available in space grey and silver

As always, enjoy :)

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The Good Guys


    • +2

      They have not yet at 6:45pm.

      Can also price beat an M1 MacBook Air which they list at $1497 right now and you should get it for $1281. Call 1300 OFFICE

      • +2

        Phones lines are shut now unfortunately. Would need to wait until tomorrow morning.

  • +3

    Looks a good deal considering it just came out. However if you can, probably good to wait for the Back to School promotion in January where you can get the free AirPods.

    • +1

      Didn’t realise this happens. Is this a regular thing?

      • +5


        That’s what I’m waiting for

        You need (should) have a student email address for this

        So you get between 10 - 12.5% off plus a free AirPods which over $250

        • I wonder if they’ll still include MacBook pro in the promotion given they’ve positioned these devices as more pro. Or maybe they’ll have a better freebie.

          • +1

            @jace88: I reckon they might give you the AirPods PRO

        • +6

          You don't need .edu email for apple products. Just a consent that they will be used for students.

        • Is it uni only or any level of school?

          • @Gallifr3y: Any level of school including if you’re a teacher/educator

    • +2

      You get something free but not necessary AirPods.
      Last year was Standard Airpods but you can pay difference to change them to AirPods Pro. The year before that was Beat headphones.

      • It might be AirPods 2 again to clear some older stock.

  • Cheaper via the AOC store I think? I purchased a 16' M1 Max/32GB/1TB without any issues utilising the Woolies 10% GCs

    • Received it already? It seems there’s a bit of backlog of edu orders

      • Current ETA 18 November 2021

        • Same for me. Did they charge you already? I still have the monies in my apple account

        • What's your order status? Processing or shipped?

          • @sridhar: Mine is processing with eta mid November. The thing is apple didn’t charge the amount from my apple credit not sure if that’s the standard process? I guess they charge you once it’s officially processed. What about you?

            • @Nedkellyinthebush: Same for me.

              Order Placed:19 October 2021

              Arrives 16/11/2021 - 23/11/2021

              Status: Processing

              Yes, Apple will only deduct the monies once they finish processing and are ready to ship.

      • +2

        Edu orders are no different to any other Apple store orders. Also most Apple stores have stock for base config.

      • Yep picked up via C&C

      • My Edu order arrived yesterday. No difference in turnaround time, just had to get in early.

    • +1

      please explain the woolies gift cards?

      • There was a promotion with apple gift cards at about 10-15% off (in the form of flybys / woollies points). It’s over now

        • What do your total discount end up?

          • +2

            @Boogerman: About 28%

            • +1

              @Nedkellyinthebush: Well done lad!!

              • @Boogerman: The only downside is I have $100 leftover in the store credit because I didn’t know how much the laptop would cost when I bought the gift cards. I guess I’ll just leave it there for the occasional apple store purchase.

                • @Nedkellyinthebush: You can also use it for App Store or iTunes purchases, or in app purchases or subscriptions - including iCloud, AppleCare+, Apple Music, Apple TV+, etc.

                  • @BeauGiles: Can you actually use Apple gift cards or Apple account balance for AppleCare+ nowadays?

                    If you actually look at the Apple gift card terms and conditions:

                    You can use your Gift Cards to purchase content, apps, and services (collectively, “Content”) from Apple Media Services and items (“Products”) from Apple Retail Stores, Apple online stores, and the Apple Store App.

                    However, AppleCare+ is not from Apple Media Services and is no longer sold through Apple Retail Stores, Apple online stores, and the Apple Store App, so if you go off that, you cannot use Apple gift cards or Apple account balance to pay for AppleCare+.

                    I know some people have previously been able to pay for AppleCare+ monthly using Apple gift cards or Apple account balance, but apparently that is no longer possible.

                    • @WookieMonster: Monthly AppleCare+ for my iPad and iPhone (with Theft & Loss protection) continues to chip away at my Apple Account Balance.

                    • @WookieMonster: I haven't tried since October though, so I have no idea if it's changed.

                      But I still see it as a subscription I can cancel like any other in-app subscription.

                      • @BeauGiles: I had a feeling that existing subscription holders (like you) would be fine.

                        My guess is that when Apple was no longer allowed to sell AppleCare+ with Apple devices at the time of purchase, they also stopped allowing people to sign up for a new AppleCare+ monthly like any other in-app subscription using gift cards or account balances.

                        • +1

                          @WookieMonster: Just watched a friend sign up for AC+ month to month on his iPhone - and it came out of his Apple Account Balance, and appears in Settings > [Name] > Subscriptions like any other in app subscription.

                          No idea if you can use your Apple Account Balance to pay for 24 months upfront, but monthly definitely still works as of an hour ago.

                          • @BeauGiles: That's great to hear! I don't think people were ever able to use their Apple Account Balance to pay for AppleCare+ upfront, so I would have been surprised if your friend was able to get that to work.

                            • @WookieMonster: Was signing up yesterday on iPhone for AC+ month-to-month and didn't have that option there - had to use credit card.

                              I wonder if I can cancel and signup again.

                • @Nedkellyinthebush: The Apple checkout seems to allow a maximum of 8 giftcards - at $100 each that is $800 discount. How did you pay for an entire laptop with giftcards?

                  • @drfuzzy: You need to redeem gift cards onto your Apple Account. You can use your Apple gift cards and Apple Account Balance (and a credit/debit card, if required) to pay for an entire laptop.

                    However, keep in mind the following:

                    • You can have a maximum Apple Account Balance of $4999.
                    • You cannot use an Apple Account Balance in-person at an Apple Store.
                    • +1


                      You can have a maximum Apple Account Balance of $4999.

                      only if you want to DIY online.

                      We can always call Apple support and have them add load additional GCs into our account balance beyond $4999. This is not mentioned anywhere in their terms but I did this a couple of times recently.

  • +1

    If you just use this as your desktop machine connected to monitor’s, i.e. perpetually connect it to power, does it significantly affect the battery long term?

    • +3

      The OS will let the battery drain a bit then charge it again, and shouldn’t really impact the longevity of the battery much.

      Good if you want the option to take the machine with you. Otherwise you might be better served waiting for these chips in a desktop?

      • -1

        Not true. Most devices trickle charge, it drops a few percentage then charges again so in reality it's still going to ruin the battery much quicker then if you don't leave it on charge 24/7

    • +6

      Recent Mac’s have “optimised charging” similar to some smartphones to manage battery health and not waste cycles.


    • +3

      The battery should last 3-4 years with no problems. However, batteries do degrade on their own over time, so you'll still have to get a battery replacement at some point.

      As others have said though, if you're going to use it as a desktop computer, it's far better value just to get a desktop like a Mac mini instead.

    • +2

      This is exactly what I do with the LG 27” 5K monitor that Apple sold a few years ago, connected via thunderbolt cable, so it charges & transfers image simultaneously.
      Because I use the monitor 99% of the time, 16” is overkill so went with 14” MBP (replacing 15” 2016 MBP).
      The battery optimised charging limits it to 80% even with a charging cable connected, which preserves battery longevity. You can override it & make it charge to 100%.
      I often have 20 to 30 Safari tabs open with embedded PDFs - the 2016 was struggling & often took 3 to 5 seconds to display the webpage after clicking on the tab. The 2021 MBP is instant (tested it today with 30 tabs open).

      • A bit like my set up, but with a Mac Mini (Intel) and two 27" screens. How is the battery life on the 2016 MBP after all that use?

        • +1

          I got a new one from Apple for free earlier this under the battery replacement program - they warranty them for 4 years.
          I also now get in the habit of unplugging the thunderbolt cable when finished for the day

          • @Boogerman: In theory though, if you always have it plugged in, and Apple optimised charging up to 80% works, doesn't that mean the battery shouldn't be degraded as a result makign the unplugging it daily not necessary?

            • @jace88: You're probably right, but I'm just being extra careful for no effort.
              That said the contract battery researcher who does work for Tesla, Jeff Dahn, recommended daily charging of cars to 70%, although didn't justify it with any evidence.
              It would be nice if Apple allowed the user to set the charge limit, like electric car owners can do

              • +3

                @Boogerman: There's a third party app that can alter charge limits. It's probably fine but be aware that what it does is inherently dangerous (changing private undocumented configuration parameters).

              • @Boogerman: Charging to a lower threshold permits a lower voltage to charge the battery and results in less aging to the battery. Lenovo have a similar battery saving measure. There's some rule of thumb like every 10mV reduction in charge is an extra 100 cycles or double the cycles or something like that. Dropping the charge threshold to 70 or 80% is normally 20-30mV I think? (for a 12V battery, no idea what Tesla batteries are like).

                I am not an expert on any of the above so don't quote me, but the gist is right.

  • Can't wait for a notch on my laptop with out face ID in it

    • +18

      Genuine question - would you prefer a big top bezel rather than a screen that extends higher but has a cutout for the camera?

      Personally I'll happily take the extra little bit of height, considering the notch is in a spot that's often empty on my menubar anyway.

      • +3

        There are plenty of laptops without a massive notch but a small bezel with punchhole webcam

        • -1

          So buy one of those slow boat anchors

        • +2

          Many of those laptops use such tiny sensors that compromise quality and light sensitivity, whereas the 1080p sensor in the new MacBook Pro looks like a decent upgrade compared to most other laptops.

          • +1

            @nutcase: I agree, video quality on MBPs are much better than many windows laptops.

          • -1

            @nutcase: You are joking. Windows laptops have 4k front cameras and you are happy about a cheap 1080 camera on mac?

            • +2

              @shegeloaf: Which laptops?

            • +5

              @shegeloaf: 4k is not automatically better, especially in low light, and for a webcam streaming over the internet there is a downside to having to send all that data

        • +1

          Yeah and how good are the webcams compared to this?

        • +1

          Well leaving aside that the notch has a few more sensors than just a webcam, and room for more in future no doubt, it is a seriously better quality webcam than most laptops’.
          And besides, when you actually go and look at one it seems to make a lot more sense than I thought.

      • -1

        I would prefer a small top bezel with a camera just like literally every premium windows laptop nowadays.

        If your menubar is that empty maybe you should look into installing more apps. Mine is always full.

        Also what if you want to use an app in full screen? What if you choose to auto hide the menubar? What if you want to run another OS on your Mac? The notch will ruin all these experiences.

        • +1

          I'm not unhappy with the notch (especially when we get Face ID) but I do worry about menu bar space… and I already use Bartender and some apps have many more menus than Mail shown here.


          • @mrhatken: What app's icon is that to the left of Typinator?


      • Try watching a full screen video with the notch.

        • +4

          Apparently when you watch a video full screen, it adjusts the resolution so you get top and bottom black bars across the screen, so the notch will be embedded in the top black bar.

          • +1

            @edfoo: Yeah…thats no use to light up unused part, unless its oled

          • -2

            @edfoo: Apple fan Boys always have an excuse

            • @shegeloaf: LOL assumption were you?
              You obviously don't know me because I have made fun and criticised Apple countless of times over the years.

        • +3

          The screen is a bit taller (76 pixels) than 16:10 to accomodate the menu bar& notch. And thus full screen is below the menu bar&notch.
          It’s actually a good solution for MacOS..

          It probably isn’t quite as good fir Windows as it doesn’t have the menu bar.

      • I'd prefer a smaller bezel. Just seems like wasted space since it is only a web cam and they've copied the notch on the new iphone with faceID for a future and expensive upgrade.

        It would be really good if they did a reverse notch so it sticks out a bit. I'm sure they could flatten it out too.

    • You can get a free app called "Top Notch" that makes the status bar black hiding the notch. https://topnotch.app/

      But honestly, the notch really doesn't bother me at all. Nothing apart from the status bar is in the notched area and all content remains below it. It isn't even visible when you watch videos and if it does bother you Top Notch does a great job hiding it.

  • +5

    I don’t have any particular problems with these laptops, they are fantastic. But the mind boggles why Apple couldn’t have included more standard configurations with 32Gb RAM.

    • +12

      Because most people don’t need 32gb and those that do will pay for the upgrade. No so mind boggling when one considers it. I would rather have a cheaper base as an entry point which is perfectly functional than pay $500 for something which may not be useful.

    • +4

      Apple handles RAM differently to everybody else with their silicon chip. Evidence shown on how well the 8gb M1 has done and iPhones compared to what my S21 Ultra has.

    • +1

      Can you clarify "more standard configurations with 32Gb RAM"

      • +4

        Take a current configuration with 16GB of RAM and add another 16GB of RAM.

      • The M1 max starts at 32GB and goes up to 64.

      • +1

        Presume they mean standard SKUs available at retail stores (eg JB Hifi) vs. custom orders from Apple where you have less flexibility to get deals.

    • +2

      If we have learned anything from the M1 Macs, its that with integrated memory + super fast SSDs for swap, there is little actual real world speed benefits from lots of ram except for specific use cases. The little MacBook Air M1 with only 8GB of ram is killing most other laptops with way more ram

      • +3

        Not for me.

        Out of application memory notices like https://d.pr/i/8v08xQ are a frequent occurrence for me with my heavy usage (a ton of Chrome tabs and apps running at the same time).

        • What device/specs are you using? Is this a Chrome thing?

    • +1

      M1 PRO& MAX are good (performance wise) but the notch, hdmi 2.0 and SDcard all need improvement.

      They left out those thinking people will be happy with performance and overlook the other flaws.

      • Yes, and they need something to "upgrade" in future releases.

        I wonder how long we will have to wait for Face ID in the notch?

        For this price-point, I wish Apple would not play these silly games, profits over pro customers.

        I hope to keep my laptops for 5+ years and it's not possible to upgrade these "parts" so getting the latest standards / best performance is important (at least to me).

      • +2

        The SD card slot and hdmi share PCIe lanes after the others are taken up with the TB4 ports. There isn’t the bandwidth left to support HDMI 2.1 and SD Express.
        considering the hdmi would probably only be used when connecting to conference room projectors (you would not use these devices fir regular streaming to your TV for example), and the Faster SD cards just aren’t available yet, so settling for currently fastest but not in the near future fastest is not a make or break purchase issue.

        • I had similar thought process as well… the HDMI port is really just for convenience when jumping into a meeting room as opposed to being a regular workflow for a "professional". I'm not even that pro and I use a TB4 dock nowadays for single cable docking/charging with my USB-C/TB devices.

  • +2

    The 15" M1 Air is looking to be great value.

    • +2

      Does this actually exist? I thought air was only in 13".

      • +4

        No, just a wet dream at the moment. A 15” MBA would simply cannibalise the high end MBP lineup so makes no commercial sense at all.

        • +2

          I just bought a base model 16 M1 Pro. I would sell it in a heartbeat if they release a Macbook Air which was 15/16 inches.

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