Switch Electricity or Gas or Internet to AGL, Get 12 Months Free Amazon Prime Membership @ AGL


Saw this deal come up on AGLs home page. Save $83.88 (Note: Prime Annual Membership are $59/yr, if subscribed for an entire year rather than month to month)

Got prime already and AGL so i guess doesnt help me, but i hope it helps someone

Prime info details

Amazon Prime offer: available to customers who switch their home energy or internet to AGL from another retailer or who choose AGL for their energy or internet when moving home. Offer only available to customers who sign up directly with AGL via agl.com.au or by calling 131 245. Not available to customers who exercise their cooling off rights or who cancel their plan before AGL becomes the responsible retailer at the supply address. Offer not available in conjunction with selected promotional offers. Limited to one Amazon Prime 12-month membership per household in a 12-month period. Membership must be activated by 31 December 2022. Offer subject to change. Cancel your Amazon Prime membership anytime via amazon.com.au, opens in a new window. Amazon.com Inc. and its affiliates are not sponsors of this promotion. Amazon Prime is $6.99/month after the promotional offer period ends. Amazon, Amazon Prime and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Offer ends 7 March 2022, unless varied by AGL. Amazon Prime does not form part of or change your energy plan. View full terms, opens in a new window.

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    Rates I found in Vic on AGL Super Saver
    General Usage - c/kWh - 20.218
    Supply charge - c/day - 96.789

    Those rates seem OK, this isnt:https://australiasgreatestliability.com/

    • +6

      Every postcode pays different rates.

      Most people do not understand what they're purchasing due to tiers, supply charges and garbage promotions such as this.


      Electricity privatisation has been massive economic disaster


      The Greens have pledged to dismantle the private electricity sector but Australian's chose to continue destroying the economy, the planet as well as losing their own money.

      Because they're so intelligent.

      • -11

        if the greens love the climate then why did they vote against a petrol tax rise that would have discouraged petrol use?

        • +4


          Do you see anyone else standing up for the climate?

  • +6

    AGL is rubbish. Check out reamped

    • I just recently checked out the market.
      My AGL rates are the best I could find by a country mile.

      Supply charge is 20c/day cheaper!
      Usage is a few fractions of a cent cheaper and
      Solar feed in is 3.9c higher

      when compared to Reamped in my area.

      • AGL are about to change my 17c/kWh FiT to 12c/kWh :(

        • Still higher than anyone else in the market

        • Over here in WA we have a 3c/kwh FIT

          I'd take 12c anyday

    • funny enough, I use reamped for electricity and AGL for gas… happened to be cheapest for my usage and area

      only thing to watch out for with AGL is they tried to convince me in the past to move my electricity over to them with a new promotion (I think it was gift cards for new customers), but they had increased the rates on all their plans so it ended up being more expensive after a few months compared to joining before their promotion

      it pays to do your own research! (and calculations)

    • Got a referral link?

      • Send you a message - not sure if i can send it here

        • Happy to use your referral if we go with reamped. Check PM

  • +8

    If you pay for the annual subscription it's only $59 for Prime.

    • +2

      was about to say the same… AGL really dishing out the big ticket incentives

  • You can sign up, get the prime then go to other provider right?

  • +1

    Not available to customers who exercise their cooling off rights or who cancel their plan before AGL becomes the responsible retailer at the supply address.

    The way I read it, you only need to make AGL the responsible retailer (ie. get one actual meter reading after signing up). You don't even have to wait for your first bill before changing retailer again, although you should wait until your cooling off period is clear.

    Here in SA there are only two gas retailers and neither of them are good, so I'll change to AGL just for this promotion. Not for electricity though, there are much better options.

    • This seems the best deal. Get one invoice then churn, keep Amazon Prime

    • +1

      I can think of 3 gas retailers in SA without doing any research
      Origin, AGL and Red Energy
      And I'm 99.999% certain that there's another 5 or so.

      I'm also in SA and my current AGL Electricity rates are by far the best I could find.
      Similarly reviewed my gas and my current Red Energy rates were best for that as well.

      There may be something better out there, but there's a few retailers who flat out make finding their rates impossible, including dead links to the energymadeeasy (Ha! what a joke) site.
      The energymadeeasy site is completely unreliable and therefore pointless. I states rates that simply do not exist and although feeding it Solar Feed in data, it makes absolutely no use of that data toward its calculations.

      • You're right, officially there are 10 gas retailers in SA, but the profit margins are so small there is almost no price difference, so they always try to bundle power as well. I've worked for both AGL and Origin and no fan of either of them, but I'd be happy to stay with AGL for a few months before changing to something (slightly) cheaper.

      • Does the AGL rewards page work for you? I've been with them for Two years and it never works. They gave me a number to call and some woman answered and cursed AGL and said their partnership with AGL ended years ago and wish they stopped giving out her number.

        • I used it a few years back. But otherwise, I've never bothered.
          Not much to see there.

  • +1

    You are better off joining Nectr instead of AGL as their rates are very competitive. Most probably you can buy multiple subscriptions with the savings.

    • +1

      Yeah I second that

    • their rates are very competitive

      Their rates are certainly winning the highest cost competition in my area!

      Daily supply charge 112.64 cents/day
      General usage rates 32.45 cents/kWh

      GST Incl

  • +2

    Sigh up energy Australia via Cashreward website can get cash back $112…..

  • +1

    i recently joined AGL for both Electricity and Gas i got offered $100 credit for each service i bring across.

    • Same here.

      • you can join for 3 month, and then jump ship to Energy Australia as they are offering me $50 credit per each service, then come back to AGL 3 month later LOL

        • Smart …

        • I didn’t get the credits in my first month AGL bills. They said it will come in from the second bill onwards. And I believe it is not a flat $100 per service but broken out into 4 instalments of $25 per service.

          Is this the same for you?

        • be aware credit checks are done and multiple checks could impact your credit score

  • Any reason to avoid SimplyEnergy?

    • +2

      I signed up with them a few years ago.

      Got a price rise, after which I realised I was then paying MORE than their standard website offering. So much for putting customers first.

      Keep shopping around using energymadeeasy.gov.au

  • +1

    This offer is also applicable if you switch to AGL NBN,

  • Existing AGL customers (and new) beware: they are trying to contact customers and offering credits to move over Gas or Electricity to them (or switch to their new plans). When they contacted me and offered me credit to switch my Gas to a new plan it was significantly worse than the current one. That is only because i asked and knew about the rates. Alot of people are not aware of rates and would take the credit without asking questions

    • i always ask for the rates, then i make up some BS rate Energy Australia is giving me and get them to counter offer it. After i leave Energy Australia, they called me also and offered $50 credit per each service and can;t beat the rate AGL offered.

  • dont forget the first month of prime is free anyway so you are really only getting 11 months on this and the optus deal

  • Wonder what the churn time if i switch to another company now from AGL and join again to get the free Prime is? Doesn't really state how long you are not a customer for to get this deal in the T&C…

    • 2 bus days out, 2 bus days in

  • +1

    All other points aside, they have the best app on the market.

  • No love for existing AGL customer?

  • Lol..what a joke! Check out energy comparison gov website for a better deal.

  • +3

    Not available to existing AGL customers.

    Called them and they won't budge.

    Existing customers basically miss out and subsidise this offer for the blow-ins.

    AGL will lose more customers over this than they will gain.

    Feel totally shivved.

    So will be fleeing to Reamped ASAP.

    Open to suggestions of even better deals.

    • -1

      Did you get any credits or offer when you joined? They run incentives like this more than not.

  • AGL bought click energy not long ago (who I just moved to). We pay $0.76.23 daily supply, 0.20.83c general. 0.1138 controlled load. And we get back 0.11c from solar. The cheapest plan around (old click flora plus).

    • New demand tariffs you can get 13c general

      • Thanks, but I don’t if it will Ben better. These tariffs are quite low, I’ll need to compare

  • I have electricity only with AGL, am I eligible if i switch my nbn to AGL ?
    Any reviews on AGL’s nbn ?

  • Electricity and gas usually takes a while to change, but nbn is pretty much instant right?

    • New elec rules from OCT 1st made it 2 business days for elec now.
      Gas is still next scheduled meter read.
      NBN is usually within the hour for FTTP or the day for others

    • yes elec almost immediately ie next business day, gas until current provider does final read, nbn almost immediately

  • +2

    Also worth noting the paid-for Carbon Neutral offering is also free for 12 months, value = $78

  • Anyone know how to activate the prime membership? Just signed up to AGL but havent received any information about prime. Do I have to wait for my account to be fully active?

    • yeah, I received mine after 3 weeks.

  • How long before the voucher gets sent?
    Can I sign up for NBN for a month, get prime for a year and Switch my NBN again ?

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