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Ozito PXC 2 x 18V Brushless 4-in-1 Multi Tool Kit $279 @ Bunnings


Just saw it in Bunnings North Lakes. There was no price docket so asked the guy and he told me it just arrived and is a Christmas special.

I am posting on the phone so can someone please update the details and fix it for me. Thanks

Kit Includes:

  • Line Trimmer – Ideal for trimming and clearing grass from around trees, shrubs, borders and lawn edges.
  • Brush Cutter – 3-tooth brush cutter blade is perfect for clearing long grass, tough weeds, shrubs and thick undergrowth with ease.
  • Pole Pruner – With a high-quality Oregon® bar and chain is great for cutting branches and tall tree limbs without the hassle of climbing ladders.
  • Pole Hedge Trimmer – For trimming tall hedges or wide bushes in hard to reach places.
  • 2 x 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries that provide cordless convenience
  • 2x chargers allow you to charge simultaneously

Mod Note: More information can be found on the Ozito Site

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    • I couldn't either, I called a store for stock and they held one for me for the day…

  • +1

    From the spec https://ozito.com.au/products/pxc-36v-brushless-4-in-1-multi..., that pole hedge trimmer head is even better than the usual hedge trimmer https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-hedge-trimmer-skin...

    Ozito PXC 36V line is so impressive.

  • I can't see it on the Bunnings website.

  • So this or the aldi one?

    • +1

      I really need a edger so I think I'll have to go Aldi. I would prefer bunings

      • I'm in the same scenario, need an edger but don't want two different line of products

  • Was looking to get the standalone Ozito line trimmer: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-cordless-line-...

    How does that compare to this multi tool one? It looks like this one doesn’t have the metal guard or strap.

    • Interested to know this also never got around to getting the ozito line trimmer skin in past as got a cheap petrol one and said once it packs in etc i grab the one you linked.
      I even got two batteries for one on a sale ages ago just never got the skin yet.
      As i have the deck plate brushless mower from few years ago my plan was to go all battery.
      Im curious what the difference is of one linked by yourself or the one in this kit.
      The hedge trimmer would be handy as i use electric one. Tree pruner maybe not much use but who knows where I be living next.

    • Very nearly got that one last week after cracking it at my petrol trimmer. Decided against it at the last minute and then this popped up.

      The brushless design and the 2x 4.0 batteries make this a pretty good deal over the $155 one

      • But are they the same trimmers? Is one in kit newer or same any differences on skin one and kit kneas i believe others have said the skin one which comes in kit also was good.
        I do already have two spare new batteries i got with plans to get the skin one, but you can never have enough batteries.
        I use mostly battery mower, i have some light i got cheap on a deal on here once uses a battery not even tried it yet.
        I have a blower also again not used yet so batteries dont go to waste.
        Also have fast charger and standard charger.

        How much are the 4.0 batteries going for these days oftej went on special for 29 but don't thinkvi seen in a while.

        • Straight shaft vs bent shaft is about the only difference I can see. Everything else looks the same.

          • @thedavemiester: Why do many go for straight shaft as i have only had bent shaft petrol ones in past.
            Are they easier to handle or what?

            • @bwatt72: Usually the pros use straight shaft because you can hook up attachments to them. Home handyman used to use bent because they were cheaper.

              That's from the petrol days anyway

            • @bwatt72: The bent shaft type is in general lower torque devices, plenty enough for grass and light shrub!
              Smaller engines = in general cheaper. This, also in general, makes them lighter in weight! The bent design makes them more ergonomic and easier to maneuver around objects in some cases.

              It's not a matter of professional vs handyman.

              The straight shaft uses a solid rod as the transmission of power from the engine to attachment making it also heavier, but able to take high torque attachments for serious bush clearing.
              Bent design can use a flexible/lighter transmission rod from the engine to the working end.

              There is ergonomic benefit in the bent design, otherwise they would all be straight (easier=cheaper to produce).
              I suspect the only reason for this being a straight shaft design is that it uses other implements and would be awkward to use the hedger with a bent design. It's a compromise.

              IMHO buy bent if you just need a grass trimmer.

              • @ripprind: seems like it's straight pole design mostly because the motor is in the user end of the device and mechanical power transfer is going through the pole. Its easier and less power loss to transfer power with a straight rod.
                I initially assumed from the photos that each attachment has its own motor, but others seem to know different.

          • @thedavemiester: If you look into the specs you will find nothing they same. For example cutting width 330mm vs 300. This kit is way better, but I was hoping it had dual lines. And don’t forget brushless vs brushed

            • +1

              @RaymondXD: Yes, having it out of the box it is now a bit different to what I had originally expected.

              Brushless is a plus
              Guard is massive and plastic
              Edging is awkward
              No "edge guard" - the bit of wire on other models that stops you hitting the wall.

              • @thedavemiester: Thanks for confirming! Not as ideal but will be more than enough for my need. Will buy one this weekend! If still some left…

    • +1

      The standalone has the motor at the end, and I believe the combo tool has the motor in the handle
      Should be a pretty substantial weight balance difference

  • +1

    $265.05 in powerpass

    • Do you have to be in store to use power pass?

      I can’t seem to check out using it

    • +4

      You get 1 year warranty instead of 5 years warranty if purchase an Ozito power tool with powerpass

      • +2

        Yeah agree - in general I try to avoid any ozito tools with powerpass for this reason.

        Recently had an ozito SDS hammer drill give up on me 3 days after purchase while doing a DIY bathroom reno (admittedly I had used it for 3 days solid…). Took it back to Bunnings only to be accused of using it for trade and that apparently I had voided my rights to warranty at all! Naturally I called them out for this BS and they did eventually replaced it for me but definitely something to be mindful of if you happen to get an employee trying to make a point.

        Also (on the corded tools anyway), I have typically found the powerpass vs retail price to be identical so there is little benefit.

        • Good on you for not taking their shit. The nerve of an unqualified nobody trying to reverse the burden of proof onto someone who actually works for a living.

    • I thought there was no Powerpass discount at all with Ozito.

  • Bought it for $265

    • How did you get that price?
      From which location?

      • NSW. Using Powerpass (in store purchase)

        • +1

          Could you check if there is any in Bankstown or Padstow store?

        • Powerpass is reduced warranty?
          edit - this is covered off below.
          Not worth the saving to void the great warranty.

        • +1

          Only get 1 year warranty though. Not worth the minor saving to forego the full 5 year warranty.

          • @Dealymcdealface: I see what you are saying but still I rather pay $265 and take the "risk".. "If" this breaks within 5 years I will figure out how to get it replaced. Having said this.. most appliances only break the day after the warranty expires 😂

            • +1

              @Mahalo: Fair enough but $14 for an extra 4 years warranty seems like a better deal!

          • @Dealymcdealface: Where does it state 1 year warranty with a Powerpass purchase? I read the warranty information in the pdf manual and it only states the following:

            Your Product is guaranteed for a period of 60 months from the original date of purchase and is intended for DIY (Do It Yourself) use only.
            The following actions will result in the warranty being void.
            • Professional, Industrial or high frequency use.

            • @subywagon: Powerpass T&Cs…as the Ozito gear may not be considered suitable for commercial use.

              Read this comment thread:


              • @Dealymcdealface: I can't see anything relating to warranty in the Powerpass T&Cs on my Powerpass app or on the Bunnings website, do you have a link where they talk about warranty? I can't find anything mentioning 1 year warranty for trade use either as mentioned by others.
                I know they state not suitable for commercial use, but a lot of people use Powerpass for items only used at home as well. They'd have to prove commercial use. It also states in the warranty that "High frequency use" voids warranty… good luck proving that.

                I've returned Ozito tools under warranty that I've purchased with my Powerpass without issue, unless they've started to clamp down or changed their policy.

                • @subywagon: Then what are you worried about?

                  • @Dealymcdealface: Well I've just suddenly seen a few posts of people claiming warranty is void if Ozito products are purchased with a Powerpass. Of course I want to find out if this is actually happening, or Bunnings policy that is now being enforced…

  • I am now getting one after reading the positive reviews of the 1 battery model

    • Reviews of what?

      • The ozito one battery (18v) line trimmer / whipper snipper

  • +1

    Virginia QLD had 6 but there were two of us there to purchase, so only 4 left. (had to ask, they were out the back still)

    • Almost went to Virginia, but due to above comment went to Carseldine instead. There's are hidden away over near where the Christmas decorations live

    • Nice to meet you fellow ozbargainer. Can confirm only 4 left at Virginia. This one is brushless which is nice bonus over the standard 36v line trimmer ($240). Also straight shaft and comes with 2x 4ah batteries vs the normal 2x 2.5ah. Overall looks better build quality to me. Happy with the deal.

      • haha, classic, that's made my day!

      • +1

        What standard 36v line trimmer are you referring too?


        What's different one straight shaft do they work better easier to use as never had one.

        You maybe talking about the link i attachment above but kit version right? As i have already spare batteries and a fast charger and standard charger good to have more.
        I have 4 4.0ah batteries aside for mower and got 2 a while back with plans to buy that skin linked above.

        I also have a stand light and blower not out of box yet so more batteries are good.

        Im just trying to find out if this trimmer is an upgrade to one linked above.
        The hedge trimmer would be handy i use an electric one for now.

        So it be about $120 more vs the trimmer linked above which i get better trimmer possibly, trimmer i find useful, two 4.0ah batteries come in handy and extra chargers.
        The pruner not needed but who knows where i end up next.
        What does this trimmer use the line on a reel or silly blades from past models and i see there is some sort of metal blade What's that for edging.

  • So how much are these without powerpass and with powerpass,.
    i remember a guy on here offered me to use his powerpass account to get some discount on stuff but unfortunately cant remember what state he was in qld maybe and that i believe it had to be changed over to wa for me to use here so no go.
    But was nice of guy to offer.
    How does one find if stores in my state have? Are these limited to stock they have now or more coming.

    • $279 vs 265.05

      • Ok nor that much of a saving i take powerpass is for businesses to get stuff little cheaper.

        • Buy with Powerpass (ie business use) and your 5 year warranty will not be honored.

  • +1

    Be aware that the warranty may not apply if you use Powerpass to buy it, since it may not be warranted for commercial use.

    • Please explain where it says that?

      • It applies when buying Ozito power tools. It's been discussed many times before on OzB, especially when an Ozito drill goes on sale. Have a check if it also applies to Ozito garden tools

      • From the Bunnings website when you select any Ozito line trimmer:

        This product is intended for DIY use only.

        • -1

          Paying with power pass can still be DIY use only too

          • @bOngOCaT: It's assumed that it's for trade use when buying with Powerpass.

            • @PCHammond: I've successfully returned failed Ozito power tools under warranty that I've purchased using a Powerpass without issue. Unless they've started to crack down on it.

  • +2

    Can this be bought online?

  • +1

    I bought it without power pass. There is some concern than the warranty is less if bought with a power pass.

  • Can someone check stock in ACT stores. Postcode 2900. Tuggeranong, Airport, Belconnen, Gungahlin.

    • I'm keen too. Might ask around.

    • Shows in stock at Tuggeranong, Canberra Airport, Belconnen, Gungahlin.
      Out of stock at Fyshwick.
      Can’t see actual stock qty though.

      • Cool thanks. I just bought one at Tuggeranong this morning. There were 8 left.

        • I just got back from Belconnen - it said 6 in stock but we couldn’t find any on the floor and none out the back.
          Went to Gungahlin - got one, 4 left. Turn right and walk to the end, on your right near a bunch of other electric tools. Enjoy!

          • @FocusTies: Got one from Gungahlin, they must have found some more as there are now 8 left

    • 7 still in stock @ Tuggeranong

      • Saw 2 left this afternoon at Tuggeranong

  • +2

    Just a heads up I was told by a Bunnings staff member that using Powerpass to purchase Ozito items will void the 5yr warranty as its viewed as trade use not home use. The warranty drops to 1yr only.

    • +4

      You can also conveniently lose your receipt and get back the 5 year warranty based on tool production date. For promo lines like this, it got to be pretty recent.

      • +3

        (profanity) at the service desk refused an exchange for a 2019 production drill on me recently. so i bought another one and returned it for a refund with the new receipt.

        • That's also one way to do it, but they usually just ask for your ID if you want to exchange without a receipt.

          • @truetypezk: yeah it was stupid, nobody else sells them. his argument was how do we know it wasn't stolen? I'm thinking well stolen or not it's broken and covered by warranty… I think i found the receipt for every screw and nail I've bought for the last 10 years but couldn't find the receipt for the drill.

            • @chickenface: That's me

              The reason I have been getting them to send the receipt to my phone everytime since they introduced it couple of years ago.

  • I bought the ozito corded hedge trimmer about 2 months ago, took a lot of effort to do a large hedge and a ladder
    I am thinking take 3-5 times as long with this, as the blades are tiny and much short.

    • +1

      This is mostly for finishing off the top (straight cut) and the random unreachable areas, it's best used in conjunction with a normal hedge trimmer that has a much longer cutting length and is lighter as well.

  • -3

    ALDI's Xfinity Plus 2 x 20V 5-in-1 Garden Tool Skin(aldi.com.au) is a better deal

    • Oh, why's that?

      • The Ozito brush cutter is very nose heavy compared to the aldi one. Very tiring to use having the weight so far in front of you.

        • 5 in 1 vs 4 in 1
        • dual line trimmer vs single line trimmer
        • trimmer is lighter and less bulky
        • Aldi has the edger but is a skin whereas the Ozito includes batteries and charger … tough decision. But if the Aldi is lighter that's also a big factor to consider.

          • @BellaWii: Add the 2 bateries and 2 chargers and the aldi one will cost the same as ozito

    • No one seems to have commented on the Aldi having a brushed motor, or is it brushless?

      • No one cares because Aldi special buys has limited stock, and sourcing batteries in the future may be a problem. Also, Aldi is harder to deal with warranty issues. Otherwise, they do have the better product imo

    • Good luck getting it replaced in the future, or new batteries. The warranty Aldi provides is only good for a refund, so when it breaks (and it will), you'll just have to go and buy one from Bunnings anyway.

  • Can't see any reviews yet globally for this which is also known as https://www.einhell.de/shop/en-de/ge-lm-36-4in1-li-solo.html

    • €350 RRP in Germany makes $279 here seem great value. Basically half price on a direct exchange.

      • Well the German price is skin only too.

        • Typically these promotional kits (distinguished by the yellow sticker for the battery included vs the gray sticker for none promo line) have fantastic value, as they cost the same of less than just the skin. They serve as a "promotion" for the new line so that people get to know the new tool.

          When the promo ends, stores with left over stock will heavily discount them so that's another venue to buy cheap powertools.

  • Could I ask someone for a stock check in metro Sydney (Ashfield, Gladesville or Artarmon)?

    • +1

      3 left as at 8am at Ashfield

      • +1

        None at Gladesville

    • Picked one up at Alexandria NSW around midday. There were another dozen or so left there. They're located in the lawn mower section (not the more logical garden tools section).

      None at Rose Bay.

  • I was looking at buying the Makita 2x18v Brushless Multi function garden tool kit and drill combo tomorrow from SydneyTools to make use of the redemption and Makita roadshow offers, but I am now tempted to buy this. Its 1/3 of the cost and from the spec it looks to be good enough for home use. From what i’ve been reading here ozito drills and other power tools looks to be pretty good too.

    Can anyone please check if there’s a stock around Mount Gravatt 4122?

  • Looks like more metal bits on the aldi, but im guessing getting new batteries in the future will only be possible with the ozito.

  • Wondering if this can be used as a normal hedge trimmer (without all the extension pole bits)? What do you guys think …

    • +4

      No it definitely cannot.

      hedge trimmer needs the line trimmer pole to connect properly. The head of the line trimmer comes off.

      Edited for clarity

      • Damn, luckily you mentioned that. I was about to go out and buy one, and normal hedge trimmer is my main requirement.

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