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Ozito PXC 2x 18V Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower $399 (was $449) @ Bunnings


Model PXBSDMS-0182

Found at Northmead Bunnings but you should be able to check website for availability at your nearest Bunnings.

I remember late last year this being a deal so posting again in case it will help someone for the upcoming summer.

Currently looking for a skin only trimmer to go on sale and I'm set.

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    Not a deal - it has been $399 since December 2020.

    Bunnings is just currently stocking it at the front of their isle. Perhaps to clear inventory.

    • I didn't realise that, thanks for pointing that out. I'll try and take this down.

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        If it's on sale for $50 off I think it passes as a deal even if it's regularly at that price just based on the fact there's lots of people here interested in electric gardening stuff & it hasn't been posted in the last 12 months that I could see anyway. I'm gonna go check it out I'm in 2 minds about paying more for a good quality one from a more well known brand or getting something similar to this (I only have a small backyard lawn and nature strip) my main concern is how long the battery will last as I'm not gonna be putting the motor/blades under much stress I can't imagine. Steel under plate is great IMO.

        • The previous promo steel deck model was different it could take 2 series 2 parallel batteries so 4 in total :)
          For longer run time

          • @FickleRick: And it had an attachment to allow mulching which this model does not have.

        • I bought this a while back, upset initially on missing out on the larger model. Mine came with 2x3.0Ah batteries, and was $349. Never missed a beat, on 120m2 of couch. Love it so much, mow weekly just for fun, but when it does get to 2 weeks in Spring and grass is long, no issues. 4.0Ah batteries will be even better..

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      it’s a seasonal special , so not all year round stock, so not clearance, once stock is gone no more till next year. i managed to buy one last year, great mower, need to get around to getting rid of my petrol one now.

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      Availability has been a major issue with these, haven't seen one for a while and ended up buying the plastic deck because of it. Good deal post

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    This has been 399 for ages, it's just that it's not a regularly stocked item. Obviously with the season coming power gardening equipment is being pushed hard as you'd expect.

    • Saw this price at my local store for at least a few weeks

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    I was tempted to go electric, then the Ozbargainer in me spent $20 on new blades for my petrol mower, crossing fingers for another 10 years out of this set.

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    Bought this mower last year, love it. The steel deck feels strong and robust. Mower isn't too heavy. The 2 x 4ah still have 1/3 - 1/2 capacity even after a heavy wet mow on a large buffalo lawn and the twin fast charger wall mounts nicely.

    The brushless mower is powerful and has plenty torque, more than the Victa two stroke it replaced. Only regret is I didn't buy this mower sooner.

    Never going back to stinky fuel and filling canisters at the servo. No more 'start you b*stard' and sore arm from ripping away for 30 minutes on a starter cord.

    Pro's: Powerful motor, quiet operation, plenty of battery capacity, strong steel deck. Good warranty. Easy height selection.

    Con's : Steel deck could rust, wash out after use to reduce corrosion. Foam padding on handle is cheap and split on first use. Fabric catcher saturates and is less effective on wet lawn, don't mow wet grass.

    Edit : This got me into the Ozito range and I've been happy with the tools ever since. The 2 x 4ah batteries are plenty for any job.

    • Great to hear! I just bought it yesterday, look forward to trying it out. Thanks.

    • I bought the 2x18v plastic job only a couple months back but am sorely tempted to upgrade to this one. I wish they did it in a "skin only" version.

      • I bought the most expensive plastic one almost two years ago, and yesterday returned it to Bunnings to swap for this metal one. Just say you're underwhelmed by the performance. Staff were pretty apathetic haha. Brushless, wider cut, metal, bigger batteries, same price!

  • Any feedback on this unit? Tossing up this + a skin for the whipper snipper OR to spend double and get a proper EGO - which is probably overkill for our small couch lawn. Borrow someone's Matrix 20V 2.0ah mower and it keeps cutting out on the third highest setting!

    Ego also comes with a leaf blower which I can sell…

    • i own the ozito, it’s great, and nice thing is it comes with 2 batteries you can use other ozito equipment.

    • +1

      I bought this unit a few weeks ago, first electric coming off a 50+ year old scott bonnar petrol mower that cut through literally anything.

      I am not disappointed by anything about this mower, the power is great even on my very thick buffalo lawn. It ramps up the speed by itself when it detects a heavy load, and that's been enough to get it through anything tough.

      It does feels a bit more violent when running over thicker twigs and seed pods and stuff than the old mower, but the old one just DGAF and bludgeoned everything it looked at to smithereens and the ozito is like half the weight and so quiet so that's probably what's making it feel a bit scary

      The only downside I've noticed is that the blades don't go all the way to the front of the mower (old one did), if I push it head-on into a wall there's about a 10cm gap that's uncut, but sides are all the way to the edge as you'd expect. This is probably a safety thing that's been standard on mowers for decades though haha

    • I bought an Ego this time last year after a fair bit of research and going back and forth between a few models. It was expensive but I am very happy with my choice. The Ego's are well built and the tough plastic deck wont have rust issues. The leaf blower is amazingly powerful and while I didn't think I would have much need for it I use it all the time.

  • Will it be easy enough to buy replacement batteries in a few years time?

    My current electric mower had a battery die and the only working battery is on its way out. Can't source a new battery. Otherwise the mower itself is still in great condition.

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      I think it will. Bunnings PXC (Einhell) is going nowhere.

    • +2

      I mean I have nothing to do with supplier procurement but I would happily bet my house on Ozito being here for years to come.

      With regards to batteries, its highly unlikely to become obsolete unless there's a massive advancement in technology that is still cheap enough to be used in low-end consumer products (think when we all shifted from NiCad to Li-ion, but I highly doubt graphene tech will come anywhere near that price point anytime soon).

      • Not too fussed about the tech - as long as replacement parts (batteries) are readily available I'll be happy. I bought my electric mower at Masters a few years back and can't source replacements batteries. Now the whole mower is to become premature landfill.

        • +1

          Well at least its highly unlikely Bunnings will be going out of business, so their exclusive products should be in the clear for a while

        • Pretty easy to buy, make or 3d print battery adapters these days. When my old masters el cheapo Wesco 3 piece kit batteries died prematurely I just cut the top off one of the dead battery cases and glued it to a top cut off of a spare B&D charger and made an adapter. Five years later still using the Wesco tools with my B&D batteries. I got the Ozito Jet Blower skin for $30 last year and 3d printed an Ozito adapter and now use the same B&D batteries with it. What brand of Masters mower is it? As long as the tool has low voltage cutoff there's no cons to doing this. If it doesn't just choose a battery brand that does, and use that with an adapter.

    • current one is ozito as well? how long battery lasted?

    • Can get em repacked.

  • How does it compare with the Aldi one here ?

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      I bought the Aldi one - it's ok, but not great - my thoughts:
      - I used it on shorter grass and it was fine at cutting but the catcher design means a lot of cuttings stay close to the blade and it just stops when the catcher is just over half full - so you have to empty the catcher often or move the cuttings to the back, which is annoying
      - Batteries charged quickly and I like that they have digital number display of the % charge - I did around 400m2 and it was still at 42%
      - One thing I did discover is that the mower will not run with just a single battery, even if the other one has enough charge (not sure if this is the same for all dual battery mowers)
      - It's very light compared to my petrol mower (a lot of plastic on it and feels a bit like a toy :-)
      - This is my first electric, so it was more of a test for me - I would definitely go for something even more powerful in the future and that has a better catcher (or mulch option)

      • +1

        One thing I did discover is that the mower will not run with just a single battery, even if the other one has enough charge (not sure if this is the same for all dual battery mowers)

        Yes, that's usually the case as the 2 batteries are usually connected in a series to double the voltage. So a 2x18V mower is actually running at 36V.
        If they were connected in parallel the mower would be 18V, and adding the extra battery would increase run-time. You would still be able to run it off one battery in this case.

      • Yeah, I got the Aldi one too. Not too knowledgeable about mowers but I thought it was a pretty good mower that is hard to beat for the price.
        - brushless motor
        - 37mm blade width (which is decent for a small cheap mower)
        - 4ah batteries were a lot smaller than the equivalent ozito ones
        Downside is
        - I found the same issue with the mower having to run with two concurrent batteries
        - I also found the battery runtime not that great? I had around 200m2 and my battery ran out just before I could do one last bit. It was my first charge so I don't know. Or maybe I'm just not a very efficient mower…
        - The biggest downside I think is with the ecosystem — spare batteries are only available via Aldi special buys whereas Ozito and Ryobi are readily available from Bunnings

  • I found it very tough for thick buffalo lawn. I bought it last year, had use it few times. I wish I could return and buy a powerful self propelled one.

    • I'd be interested if the plastic deck one is better then? How much are you taking off your lawn each time… Might be the reason.

    • Thanks for the info! My backyard although small has nasty Buffalo grass that's difficult to get through esp when it gets overgrown, definitely something to consider. I bought a fairly cheap line trimmer that was a complete waste of time against it a while back.

  • Bought one last year for $318. Found it does not cut lower enough.

    Had my brother 3D printed me an adaptor for the blade attachment before I could use it properly.

    • any chance of a picture of the receipt to try for price match?

      • +8

        Why would any store price match something from last year?

        If they do let me know I'll ask my gran for receipts for bread and eggs from the 50s…

        • fair point, took a snipper back and picked one of these up this morning

    • Agree, it only cuts to 25mm, but got used to the non-white look of grass.

  • +1

    I was wrong

    • +4

      it's good to admit when you've made a mistake, but i don't have a clue wtf it relates to :)

  • -1

    I went to Bunnings Chatswood today to take a look at this mower. Couldn't see any display units so I asked a staff member who said they could let me look at it in the box but they couldn't take it out! So I thought stuff it. If they can't be bothered taking it out of the box for a $399 sale, then I can't be bothered buying it. Way to close a sale Bunnings. lol.

  • Slightly off topic - but can you use 2 different capacity batteries in the same 2 x 18v Ozito tools? For example a 3.0Ah + 4.0Ah.

    • The instructions say not to do it.

    • Ran my 2 x 18v mower on 4Ah & 2Ah the other day just fine. When one is dead it stops.

    • It's advised to not even use batteries at different charge level as the voltage difference could lead to issues.

      In reality, probably not a big deal, and you'd probably have the same issue with different aged batteries as well. But for longevity of the motor, I'd avoid doing it too much though.

      • Its the longevity of the smaller/older battery at stake, not the motor. If the average voltage of the two batteries is high enough it will keep running, but this could take the smaller/older battery a little under minimum voltage. Lithium cells don't like being over discharged. But in reality the low voltage cutoffs are generally conservative anyway.

    • If you only use 50% charge then it's fine, but if you use most/all of the capacity then you can damage the smaller one by over-discharging it before the low-voltage cutoff kicks in. I wouldn't do it, just go buy another 4Ah.

      • It will be fine guys, on the einhel/ozito PXC system the BMS is built into the batteries. The smaller battery will just cut out. This is why it's a favourite battery for adapting to other tool brands etc 👍

        • Ahh yeah if there's a LVC circuit in the battery itself then agreed it should be fine.

          Actually now I think about it more, they'd be insane to not do that given how likely people would be to try it.

  • +1

    I have this mower and am really pleased with it.
    With any 2x18v unit you should always use the batteries as a matched pair. If the batteries are not matched one battery is doing most work and the aging is uneven. I have sets of batteries for this purpose and single other batteries for my ozito drills etc.

  • Love this mower, had it a year or 2, use it every week. Batteries last probably 3 cuts but I usually recharge after 2 to make sure I don't run out.

  • I was looking at this mower the other day. The ozito sales rep was there as well and he suggested this one to this other ozito mower because of the steel. How do you think they compare? They seems quite a different build.

    • +1

      Biggest difference apart from the steel deck is the brushless motor as well. The one you linked isn't the B/L

    • Not just steel, but cutting diameter….and you need some weight to cut the grass.

    • I've had that one for two years and it's quite good; but the metal one wins for me on cutting width alone - 25% wider, so fewer laps needed. Plus it's brushless, and just feels less fragile in the construction and the way the handle joins the body etc. For $24 extra it's a no-brainer.

  • How does this mower deals with thick buffalo grass? Good to middling or just plain bad? Thanks.

  • Info on website mentions a folding handle but I can't see any sign of it in the manual. Anyone who has this able to comment? I've been looking at the plastic one to save space.

  • Blades get dull quickly. Thought mine was working fine until I borrowed the neighbours 5 year old 4 stroke.
    Without sharpening after 2 years, my Ozito was gently caressing the grass and ripping the crud out of my lawn, the 4 stroke was leaving a nice flat even surface.

  • Does it mulch, or is it catcher only?

    • +1

      I bought this on Monday. The model 4182 is catcher only. The older model mentioned by OP includes mulching plug.

  • +4

    I just bought one of these this morning and posted the following review up on the Bunnings web site since there aren't any reviews showing - doesn't look like the review has been accepted yet though:

    I just bought this mower this morning and had to give it a try this afternoon. Since there's no other proper reviews for this mower, I thought that I'd jump straight in so that others can have an idea of how good it is. This isn't a new product, but it is seasonal - I suspect that previous reviews have been lost during the time that this mower wasn't available for purchase.

    To give a bit of an idea of what I'm comparing this to, I've been using an old Victa Enviromower for a while now - a fairly early example of a battery powered mower which was powered by a 24V battery pack containing 2x 12V 10Ah sealed AGM lead acid batteries for a nominal energy capacity of 240Wh. This mower despite having a lower battery capacity (144Wh) blows my old mower out of the water. The old mower struggled with any grass that was thick or long, so I had to go slowly and do thin strips in places even after sharpening the blade. In comparison, the Ozito powered through very well. When you hit a thicker section, it'll ramp up the power and then drop it down again when the going gets a bit easier. There were a couple of times though that it hit a sudden thick patch and started to stall before it was able to fully power up - backing off and then getting back into it allowed me to continue on each time however without any real drama.

    At the end of the mow, the batteries were still showing 2 out of 3 LEDs, so it used about 50Wh of energy to do about 150-200 square meters. The grass wasn't as long as I'd normally leave it but a lot of people would still say that it had been left a bit long. To really try it out, I did cut into the neighbours front yard a bit which was very overgrown and it ramped up and handled it with ease, so I'll no longer be dreading having to go out and struggle to tame the lawn after leaving it too long yet again.

    I'd definitely recommend this mower - particularly if you're already in the Ozito ecosystem.

  • Returned this, it’s heavy and poorly designed.

    Sh7t catcher, trigger and arms. Heavy for zero benefit. Grass goes everywhere when you remove the catcher

    Grabbed the 2x18v telescopic instead. It’s better in every way

    • Everyway except the deck is plastic, the blades are 10cm shorter and its not brushless?

  • +1

    Can't recommend this mower enough! I was going to buy the non brushless version plastic deck until I saw this post because this one only had 4 reviews but that's because it's seasonal

    Bought today the grass was severely overgrown and it wanted to stall a few times but I just lifted it and put it down again and off it went.

    After doing the front lawn the catcher was only just full and it did it one pass at the lowest cut setting despite the grass being so long

    Can't recommend this mower enough!

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