2x20V Mower Kit $229, 5in1 Gdn Tool Skin $199, Mini Trimr Skin $39.99, 8Ah/4Ah Battery $99.99/$49.99, Fast Chgr $19.90 @ ALDI


One battery, one charger, xfinity possibilities. Go Aldi. That's all.

Mod: Original scan thanks to Alzori.

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  • I bought the 5 in 1 tool from previous sale. Its a good buy. Used mainly the hedge trimmer, snipper and saw.

    The 8ah battery looks interesting

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      The new 21700 cells means 8.0Ah of power can now be packed into the same size as a conventional 4.0Ah battery.

      Interesting indeed.

      • Is that what's in it?

        • I just quoted the description..

        • That's what it says, same for the 4Ah (which is why it's smaller than the old 4Ah batteries)

      • With the weight of the battery, it might be able to provide balance to its pole chainsaw.

      • i just realised that the 4ah batteries are now also about the size of the old 2ah batteries. so thin!

        • Even if they’re smaller, my guess is that they weigh about the same. Is that true?

    • Are the line trimmer and edger attachments any good?

      • Line trimmer yes with upgraded lines.

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    Damn son. Checked the posted deals and saw nothing, glad I only took the photos and did title. If I did the full description I'd be really annoyed.

    Here's the full catalogue, it's a big one: https://imgur.com/a/Nk45xLk

    Kinda pissed I waited like 2 years for a decent cordless blower from ALDI - and a few months after I get a Makita they release this at a third of the cost!

    Edit: not so pissed at my purchase now - comparing specs the Makita moves significantly more air with a brushless motor: https://www.makita.com.au/power-garden/category/blowers/dub1...

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      You wont be disappointed with Makita though.

    • Here's the full catalogue, it's a big one: https://imgur.com/a/Nk45xLk

      Thanks for your hard work in scanning the entire catalogue.

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    Same, I just got into. Ozito. Pxc. System n now this.

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      Lots of reasons ozito is a better bet for an ecosystem, not least the ability to do immediate warranty, and the option to add tools any time, plus they regularly price match xfinity when on sale.
      Expect some pxc battery deals this weekend.

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      If you have a 3D printer here is a link to my battery adapter I just completed.
      Lets you use use your Ozito PXC batteries with Xfinity tools, or the PowerG tools from Autobarn.

      • I have 5 ALDI batteries because their good quality with reasonable price. I am using those batteries on Workzone, Makita and Dewalt tools. The only problem is that there is too much vibration from the Makita rotary hammer drill, battery connection is not stable after continue chiseling for more than a minute.

        • Aldi batteries don’t need an adapter for Workzone etc??

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        Any chance you can build some for your fellow member? Happy to pay for it. PM me.

      • I wonder if you can buy an adapter on eBay?

      • @Grippit Thank you for the adapter. that fits perfectly for hand tools, but I tried the adapter with the 5 in 1 Aldi garden tool, the battery inserting direction is on the opposite side. can you update the model? I tried one for, but had no idea about 3d modelling.

          • @ABA: Thank you for suggestion. This also has same inserting direction.

        • The insertion between oziti and Aldi tools is opposite because the + and - terminals on the respective batteries are reversed. An adapter that allows the batteries to slot in the same direction would need to include some internal crossover wires so that the correct battery terminals connect to the corresponding tool terminal.

          • @Grippit: Or the adapter slot in with battery 180 degree turn.

        • Some cheap tools are not worth making an adapter. This reciprocating saw is cheaper than the blade, just pull the connectors out and connect them to the battery terminals. Cable tie the whole unit. It can go down dirty and wet.

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    8.0Ah is a game changer

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    If you're ever in Autobahn, they have a few cordless tools also.. that fit the Aldi batteries ;)

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    20v mower probably wouldn't be much errr chop on a buffalo lawn.

    • Will be interesting, dual battery setup. The ozito dual battery ones are meant to go alright.

      • Yeah, I got the smallest 2x18v Ozito a few weeks back. Looks like a kids toy, but cuts pretty well. Super light. Only complaint is the catcher fills in about 3 minutes. Probs would go the bigger one if I had my time again..

        • i have the ozito dual battery brushless, it’s great, haven’t used my petrol mower ina year.

          seems aldi also brushless ……. the ozito was about $400 and they only do them each spring as special buys …..seems aldi comes with 2 batteries , not sure bunnings will have a competitive match for the aldi unit …… 2 batteries and brushless.

    • 36V not 20V. With the 4Ah batteries included, it should be OK.

      Ozito equivalent does 400m^2 per charge. See recent deals.

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    Yeah bring on the ozito batteries.

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    • Will be keen in this as well

    • nah, in previous years they have "matched" with a crappy 18v mower. the aldi one is 36v

      • Who knows brother! :)

    • the aldi is brushless, the bunnings one is brushed ….. so aldi one is actually better, but bunnings has year round returns and swaps, aldi is one of those special buys one weekend deals and refund if issues …. sometimes you don’t want a refund, you want the tool.

  • wow 8ah

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    Only thing i like about these Aldi tool deals is Bunnings competitive response on Ozito equivalents. Lets see whats in store this time!

    • i have ozito cordless stuff, eventually just bought aldi charger and battery because they had some brushless skins that bunnings didn’t or cheaper skins e.g brushless reciprocal saw from aldi.

      • I bought some Aldi gear before. When i had issues with it they could only refund not replace, very annoying when you actually need the item! Some of their multifunction tools are worthwhile but same predicament, and usually just rebranded stuff you can buy online anyway.

  • Noob question.
    I have a Aldi cordless vacuum that comes with a 2.0AH battery and charger.
    I should be able to use buy a 4.0AH or 8.0AH battery and use on my existing charger and vacuum?
    I find the 2.0AH battery doesn't quite give me enough time for a quick vacuum over the house.

    • Should work yeah, they're all claiming to be 20V.

    • yes you can

    • Has anyone tested or know what the cells are though? (Probably have to look overseas I'm guessing).

      You'd want the 8Ah or maybe even the "original" Plus 4Ah packs. Stuff like vacuums and blowers (and plenty of other stuff) are high current enough that the batteries with 2 sets in parallel will give more ooomph than the single ones. I'm happy using smaller batteries on my drill and driver but the saw and blower it's the difference between usable or not.

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    So how many will they actually have in stock? The problem with Aldi deals is it's a raffle, a year or so back I went at opening for the battery mower (they also had a petrol version on sale at the same time) and there was literally 0 of the battery version and staff didn't even know about it.
    "Must be only available at certain stores"
    Outdoor setting two weeks back had only 2 available in store and that means getting there at 6am to wait in line for opening.
    I don't particularly want to spend my Saturday mornings in line to not get the item anyway

  • Best post description ever!

  • Anyone with the ALDI mower able to tell me if the bottom is metal? We have the Ozito 2x 18v mower, the blade housing is plastic - it's a great mower, but 1 stray rock essentially ripped half the blade housing off so now it spits the grass out to the left. No longer have to worry about emptying the tiny catcher though.. If we replaced it, we would definitely be going with something that has a metal blade housing.

    • Duct tape that sucker up

    • I don't use the catcher, I let the mower "mulch" the grass clippings as long as your grass is not too long.

      • this is pretty much what we do now, it doesn't look too bad, my mine gripe is that I use to also use the mower as a leaf vacuum, so while I did the lawn, it was also picking up all the tiny twigs and leaves that fall off the trees haha.

    • I have one. It's plastic.

    • There actually used to be an Ozito with a metal deck but they phased it out from 2019-2020.

      You can probably still find the info on the discontinued sites but I have no idea why they got rid of them.


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        Steel deck is currently back in stock on promotion $399, see forums

  • The mower looks like a pretty decent unit. The problem with Aldi is the after sales support is virtually non-existent. Return for a refund is pretty much the only option. No replacements because there's none left in the warehouse. Then you have to go and buy another mower anyway. Still at that price it's probably worth taking a chance.

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    If you are after any of this stuff, make sure to check the product delays page https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-product...
    If your item is listed there will likely not be in stores at the special buys date. Also, this page will tell you when to go back for it

  • Does anyone know if the motor is 20V or 40V?

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    • 36V really

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    Wonder if Ozito/Einhell are going to follow suit soon with using larger cells too. Not that I've ever used a tool long enough for 4Ah to not be enough not to mention having spares on hand already.

    Considering the Ozito 5.2Ah battery is $99, will be interesting if they bother adjusting the price of it or just stick to matching the 4Ah price. Heh maybe we'll see a special black-box run of 8Ah Ozito batts …

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    Correct me if I'm wrong however it looks like Bunnings is not price matching on Ozito batteries or do they tend to do this on the day the Aldi product is supposed to go live?

    • I'm keen to know this as well. I think I'd prefer to go with a price matched Ozito product.

  • Anyone heard of a Bunnings Ozito match yet? Getting pretty close, might have to just queue up for this one.

    • Following

      • Bunnings could be losing customers to the Aldi eco system, I hope they act soon….

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    Bunnings is price matching Aldi lawn mower.. wish has come true


    • which Bunnings store was this?

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    Aldi = 37cm cutting width, brushless
    Ozito = 33.5cm, not brushless

    Tough decision given I am already in the ozito ecosystem.

    • I’m not in any ecosystem but my old petrol mower is on its last legs. Do I go Aldi or Ozito? I was eyeing off the blower too but could go the ozito way with that too. I have a black and decker line trimmer I’ve had for years which is still going strong but if that needed replacing I’d be stuck with the Aldi ecosystem I think?

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        Being in 2 or more ecosystems is common. Main advantage of Ozito is the convenience of returning a faulty product and getting a brand new replacement. Advantage of Aldi is if you don't like the mower you can return within 60 days. How important is the cutting width? What will you use the blower for? I don't think Ozito has a blower at the moment that has a big nozzle like the Aldi one. Ozito used to have a jet blower which was 2 x 18V. They might or might not bring it back.

        • Blower is for a mix of leaves and drying the intricate spots of my car (grill, around lights etc).

          I do like the idea of brushless and the Aldi catcher is 45l compared to 30l of Ozito.

          Cutting width is no big deal really I don’t think

        • +1

          There's a slightly modified version of the Ozito 2x 18V brushless jet blower available at Bunnings again for $135 skin only.

          If I had to choose between the Aldi mower and the one that Bunnings is price matching, I'd choose the Aldi mower hands down. The extra cutting width and brushless mower would be worth it for me, but I've already got a few Aldi and compatible tools, so having an extra couple of 4Ah batteries in that system would be helpful for me as well. The main downside would be not having extra spare batteries to use in the Aldi mower if I needed them.

          I'm actually looking at going with the Ozito 2x 18V brushless steel deck mower. Unfortunately, it is a lot more expensive at $399, but with a much wider cutting width and being able to use my other Ozito batteries in it if I need to is pushing me that way. The other option that I'm thinking about is the Aldi mower and buy some extra batteries for the price difference - the extra 9cm of cutting width on the Ozito would save quite a bit of time on mowing though…

          • +1

            @OnTheMark: I think I’m gonna try and get the Aldi one tomorrow. Like you said, it’s the better mower and not being in either ecosystem means I can go either way. If I can’t get one (I really can’t be bothered doing the “Aldi run” and fighting other shoppers for one) I might just go with the Bunnings option.

          • @OnTheMark: I’ve just noticed the ozito comes with 2 chargers as well as 2 batteries. The Aldi just has the 1 charger. Does that make a difference?

            • +1

              @iShibby: Just means that it'll take longer to charge the batteries as you'll have to do 1 at a time. If your yard is large enough that you can't do it all in one charge, it would be a real pain as you would have to wait for a lot longer for the batteries to recharge before you could finish.

              Even if you can do it all in one charge, it still means that you have to put one battery on charge when you finish and then remember to come back later to swap the other one on to charge.

              If you don't already have an Aldi charger, I'd suggest buying a 2nd charger for $20.

              • @OnTheMark: Ah that makes sense. I didn’t realise the chargers were that cheap. I think if I can get the Aldi one I’ll see if I can do the whole yard on one charge. I don’t have much so might be ok. If I can’t then I’ll grab a second charger. I don’t fancy my chances of getting an Aldi one though. I’ll go up 30mins before opening and see what the go is

              • @OnTheMark: I ended up getting the mower and they had the leaf blower too so grabbed one of those. No $20 chargers though. They did have a 2ah battery and fast charger for $40. Do you think the 2ah battery would be good for the blower? Cos that means I can use the charger for the extra mower battery?

                • +1

                  @iShibby: The 2Ah battery might struggle with the blower - I don't know how much current the blower needs to be able to say one way or the other.

                  Usually, if a tool will work better with a larger capacity battery, the manual will say so, so it would be worth checking what it says?

                  • @OnTheMark: Havent't opened it but the picture on the box shows a 2ah battery. Interestingly the Ozito $99 blower with battery comes with a 2ah battery so maybe it will be OK.

                    • +1

                      @iShibby: i'd be inclined to stick to the 4ah batteries. iirc, the cells in the 2ah batteries are not samsung and don't have a digital fuel gauge

                      • @mtg: If I can get the whole yard done and then switch the battery to the blower on one charge then I might just pick up an extra charger

                      • @mtg: I took a photo of the pack that had the 2ah battery and fast charger and the battery has the level indicator on it if that’s what you mean by digital fuel guage?

                        • @iShibby: i meant the the digital display that shows how much charge is left, like on the 4ah batteries, vs leds on the 2ah batteries

  • Is the pole saw self lubricating? Can't see any oil compartment…

  • Would the '2 x 20V 5-in-1 Garden Tool Skin' include any batteries/charger? I'm guessing not, since it's called a 'skin' and not a 'kit' like the mower which does include batteries.

  • Bought one just now.
    It doesn't come with a separate brushcutter attachment, it's just a separate blade that you use with the line trimmer attachment.

    Haven't used it yet so I'm unsure if there is a high and low setting. There is no switch like on Ryobi, but the trigger may be 2 stage.

    The other difference between this and the Ozito is that the Ozito comes with an extension pole, whereas this does not.

    • The other difference between this and the Ozito is that the Ozito comes with an extension pole, whereas this does not.

      the aldi one comes with a shaft for each attachment doesn't it? the ozito one doesn't appear to

      • You are correct. The aldi one is 4 attachments with shafts, plus a brushcutter blade.
        The ozito is 4 Heads plus 2 shafts, which makes it longer if you need a long shafts for the hedge trimmer or polesaw.

        Im assuming you could buy shafts for the Aldi one. It uses a 4 sided shaft, which appears to be the same as used for Victa multi tools.

        Just tried the line trimmer and it appears as if there is only 1 speed, if that matters for anyone

  • Bought the mower today, and am pretty happy with it. Easy to use and seemed to cut well. It is very plastic, but if you aren’t on really rough ground or a place with small stones etc then it should do a good job. Ended up removing the catcher to make life easier. Thinking I should also have bought the 5 in one whilst I was there…

    • Bought too. Nice and quiet when compared to my petrol one. There were 40 people lined up at 8:15. Only 1 mower in store! Went to another store and they had pallet full of them. All plastic and the catcher is made of vinyl/pvc fabric. I don't think the catcher will last long. Mower should be OK if you have a clean lawn without rocks. Keep out of reach of children, it is way too easy to start. Keep the battery out of reach and leave the circuit breaker unplugged when not in use.

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