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EVGA SuperNOVA GA Series 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply $94.99 + Delivery ($0 VIC C&C) @ BPC Tech


I was browsing for a PSU and came across this…just sharing it for those who were looking for a Gold Rated 750W PSU at a good price!

EVGA SuperNOVA GA Series 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply

VGA SuperNOVA GA Series 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular Power Supply - Fully Modular Design - 80 PLUS Gold Rating -
100% Japanese Capacitors - Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C - MTBF: 100,000 Hours - Fan Sizing: 135mm Fan Double Ball Bearing -
Eco Mode - Dimensions: 86mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 150mm (L)


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    Free pick up from Mount Waverly VIC!

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    $99.99 delivered in their ebay store:


    • no promo codes ?

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    Have the 850 GA, purchased for $129, great and quiet unit with a good 10 year warranty. No problems drawing 250-350w with my 3080 24/7.

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    Just a heads up on the GA line - there's comments from previous deals about these power supplies having crashing issues:


    I was going to post this as a deal when it was just over $100 recently, but decided not to after seeing that.

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      Yes these have issues with 3080s and above, 3070 and below should be fine.

      • Been using this with a 3080 and don't have any crashing issues

      • V1 did I think they up to v4 now
        And fixed those earlier issues
        But the thing is very loud at load…

  • is this ATX?

    • yes

      • Does this mean it is not compatible with an mATX motherboard?

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          No, ATX in this case refers to the power supply's size. Your mATX board will have the standard power connections.

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      The world runs on bronze or worst PSUs. Not everything catches fire.

  • I have the CV550 Corsair power supply and just changed my graphics card to RX580 … since the change… the PC keeps on crashing while gaming!

    Do I need a better PSU? The forums suggest a 500W PSU is enough for the Radeon RX 580?

    Any cheap 650W PSU deal available?

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      Depends on your CPU too. Run some graphics benchmarks (eg furmark) which won't stress the CPU. If you still get a reboot, it may not be a psu load issue as just the 580 won't pull 500w.

      • I have tried running the CPU stress test (Prime95) separately and a GPU Stress test (Furmark) separately… the system worked fine during it.

        Can't figure out what's causing the abrupt system reboot during my DotA Sessions

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          Dota shouldn't be stressing your system too much. Definitely a bit of a more fiddly issue. You can try checking windows event log immediately after it resets to see if there are any issues it reports.

          Any other games do it? Try pushing both cpu and gpu to about 95pc and see if it dies?

          Try updating all drivers, just in case Dota is making the gpu use one random unstable api call.

          Otherwise swap in a new hdd with fresh windows and see if that has a similar problem.

        • try a fresh reinstall if that doesn't work then its the hardware…

          there is no way 500W isn't enough, i used to mine fine with an i7 + 4 gpu's on a 750W PSU…

          • @abctoz: So I ran Furmark for the GPU Stress test and Prime 95 for the CPU Stress test simultaneously. Ran it for about 20-25 minutes straight

            The system worked fine without any freeze/reset

            I only play DotA so haven't tried performance in any other game!

            So its definitely not the PSU which is at fault… any recommendations for troubleshooting this scenario?

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              @snickerz: try google

              my recommendation is same as the guy above

              1. reinstall drivers, use tools like DDU
              2. fresh install windows to make sure its not some software problem
              3. if 1+2 fails you know you have a hardware problem
              • @abctoz: I was using RX 570 till last week and just upgraded to RX 580 (it was almost no cost)

                Since changing the card to RX 580… DotA causes the PC to restart multiple times

                I have already tried reinstalling windows and all the drivers are up to date

                Running stress test on CPU and GPU simultaneously worked perfectly fine (about 25 mins)

                The configuration is exactly the same except for the GPU change

                • @snickerz: if you reinstalled windows its probably not a software problem.. and since your system was fine with a 570 in all probability it's the rx 580's problem, try downclocking it by 100-200mhz on the clock/mem using afterburner see if its stable, if not then you should probably try to return it

                  it can also be the psu but the rx 580 only uses like 15% more power so chances are extremely low

                  • @abctoz: I will try to play on lower graphics settings …. Maybe that does not require enough resources and stablizes the game

                    The only difference i see between the two cards was rx 570 was drawing power from a 8-pin connector while rx 580 uses and 6-pin connector

                    • @snickerz: yeh i mean if you downclock it and can limit power draw to like -40% or something you can pretty much rule out the PSU being the problem

                      then it's either the GPU or the software.. and don't underestimate driver/windows problems, I had an RX480 with memory that wasn't stable at stock settings because it was running on a dev version of windows 10, i didn't believe the seller when he said to reinstall windows but it actually worked when i upgraded windows a year later lol

                      • @abctoz: Just an update on the situation! I think the issue might be coming from AMD Enhanced Sync … as their latest release notes are pointing to disabling this option in case of black screen. I have disabled it and system seems to be stable for now. Will get to check in more detail later today

    • Tried XMP/DOCP off?

  • Thanks man just picked one up

  • Would this replace a PSU in a dell optiplex 9020 sff?

    • Be careful to check size of the psu (presumably you need a SFF psu for a SFF pc) as well as orientation of the fan (if you don't want to give you case a new hole where the fan goes..)

      • +1

        i would have thought dell has proprietary connectors? you can definitely mod it if you have the patience

        • I wouldn't have thought so. Pretty sure their garbage still ends in the standard 20-24 pin, etc

          OzBerghainer needs to open his case and check everything

    • Them things are an odd shape and are basically impossible to replace with anything

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      The dell 9020 does not use a standard PSU

      The power supply is physically smaller than ATX, so any ATX PSU will not fit inside the case.
      Measure the dimensions of the PSU and compare to the dimensions of an SFX as that may fit.

      Dell does not use the industry standard 24pin connector on the motherboard, presumably so you have to buy their spare parts. even if you can fit it in the case, neither an ATX or SFX PSU will work. However you can buy an adapter to convert standard 24 pin to the odd dell connector:

      I think you will find it isn't worth spending $100 on a old dell PC, if the PSU is dead unfortunately its probably time to bin it and buy a modern PC (or buy another used dell)

  • Seeing how power hungry the next gen cards / cpus would be based on leaked info. I would probably invest in an 850W+ going forward. Totally depends on your requirements though. But keep in mind some transient spikes.

  • I have a 3080ti but after reading the comments i'm a lil skeptical

    • Very loud when paired with one (850w)

      • I'm running a 650 psu completely fine but nvidia recommend a 750+ for minimum so i'm on the hunt this looked good but im not so sure

        • If you're going to upgrade then I would just go with an 850W for the piece of mind and efficiency.
          The difference in cost isn't much.

          750W will be fine, I'm using a 6year old G2 750W for my 3pin 3080Ti which can draw upto 450W, but I'm going to upgrade it once a deal comes through.
          These newer <1000W GA/G5 EVGA psus are garbage for high end cards.

    • v4 models have addressed the initial issues with the original GA.

      • +1

        You mean in terms of crashing and/or noise?

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