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Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer WAT28620A $693 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Looking for a new washing machine lately,checked The Good Guys site for the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer WAT28620A came up as $993 clicked Price check now and took $300 off bringing it down to $693.I think it’s a good price .

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    I think this is the China built one. There is also a Germany built one. For whatever that's worth.

    • This one is Turkey, not sure if that's any better

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        Turkish shits are crap. We have Beko dishwashing machine which was someday European made but now is made by Turks and is hell crap. Avoid Turks

      • This model is from China
        I emailed TGG and they replied with the country of manufacture as China

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      Unsure about washing machines but a dishwasher repairer recently told me in regards to Bosch:
      - non-German have a plastic tub that eventually leaks, expect 5-6 years out of them
      - German ones, stainless steel tub - expect 12+ minimum out of them

      • i have german dishi and its on about 9 years now, no issues

        • Germans are number one. Same experience with Bosch cloth washing machine. Never non-German products otherwise you waste your money.

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        I keep seeing things like these said but nobody has any concrete proof. I would have imagined somebody out there would have actually checked and verified by now right?

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      Thanks, dodged a bullet there!

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      Confirming these are Chinese manufactured!
      Good guys responded to my enquiry

  • $693 is a crazy price, I can't get it to work though?

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    Good for you OP, nothing better than finding a bargain on a solid washing machine when you actually need one!

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    The price beat seems to apply this promo code to the final price, takes $300 off.


    I’ve tried on other higher Bosch models and code works fine during check out.

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      The system is unavailable due to "Promotion "PB3009K50Q" is temporarily not available at this time.".

    • Doesn't work.

  • sorry, where on their pages does it have this option to check prices with competitors?

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      Above the buy now button. If you can't see it, try turning off adblocker and go from there.

  • It must be cheaper somewhere else as well then. Quite often appliances online and they offer free shipping compared to good guys.

    Edit: I think it's retravision this time with a slightly different model number.

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    Is Turkish made considered to be in between Chinese and German, in terms of quality?

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    E&S will price match and include delivery for VIC

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      Thanks mate. Bought from E&S and saved a few extra bucks. Benefits of being an ozbargainer!

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    Any pro tips regarding washers? How do you determine whether one is good lol

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      German made Bosch are very good.

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      If it doesn't flood your house or catch fire it is good

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        So avoid samsung?

    • I got Siemens one, never missed a beat

      • Siemens and Bosch are these company, with Siemens being a higher level of quality again. Then Neff is their top tier quality.

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    Unfortunately Choice haven't reviewed this exact model, but the very similar looking (perhaps even with less features) WAT24261AU got an 81% and Recommended. That one was built in India.

    Owner reviews on Choice were less flattering, with only 5 of 13 members of the CHOICE community who reviewed this product recommending it.

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    Bought this machine recently and can confirm its awesome.

    A common misconception is that you can't go up to 8kg, but that's just when the rpms are flat out on 1200rpm. I normally back the rpms off a bit which enables heavier loads and is probably gentler on your clothes anyway. Its very quiet and runs with minimal vibration. Don't forget to take the transit bolts out before operation.

    Also, we've recently switched to washing with laundry liquid instead of powder and its so much better. Using the trimat advanced stuff from Aldi and can confirm this is a great combo with this machine. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/groceries/laundry-household/laund...

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      I'm interested to know if you can fit a queen size quilt inside it? It seems to fit in a 8kg LG washing machine, but I've read that these have a smaller drum volume.

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        I just asked the wife and she said she hasn't tried the quilt as let, but has done plenty of towels, sheets, quilt covers .etc

      • That's kind of pushing it and i don't think it would wash very well

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          I wouldn't. Just go down to the laundromat and use one of their mega washers for doonas.

  • Thanks. Bought it. Any deal for dishwasher?

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    That's great value, if you have a larger budget I recommend the German made i-dos model. Mine has had 2.5 years usage and I'm on a 1735 wash count. Running perfect. Model WAW28620AU. Bang for your buck you can't beat the deal posted though. Just ensure you use liquid detergent to best break down cold - 30c washes.

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      How do you know how many washes it's done, it keeps count for you?

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        I use a 4 digit click counter kept on top of machine👍

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      2 loads of washing per day? Wtf.

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        Sometimes at weekends I do 4 loads sequentially

        • Yeh I get that, I do mostly all the washing in my house, 2 adults and 2 young kids, and would average probably around 7 loads a week, so 1 a day. And that's including doing their dressing gowns, blankies etc quite regularly.

    • Are WAW code means its made in Germany?

    • you're the 3rd person I have seen to mention about liquid detergent effectiveness, what is with liquid and cold wash? cheers

      • apparently it just dissolves better. i notice it more on dark clothing. It's also gentler on fabrics. i have both because powder is cheaper. liquid for bed sheets and shirts, powder for everything else.
        still use powder on dark clothing, i just shake it off before i hang it on the line

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    I bought my first ever washing machine 12 years ago. It was a German made Bosch. It's still fantastic.

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    Can confirm this is a good deal. Bought mine in June for $741 (after combo Bosch cashback + Cashrewards)

  • The best thing about lockdown was free delivery for home goods.

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    • Also curious!

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      The Samsung can hold .5kg more

      • Prob can do more with the Samsung. Bosch drums are small

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          Our Samsung is having issues after 7 years, (max 2 cycles a week.) seems like they are big on innovation but poor on quality - same with fridge; thinking of going Bosch washer this time

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      This deal is WAT28620AU?

      • That's word for word same model except there's a U at the end I think? I don't know what that means, but it should be referring to this model.

  • Question, Can the good guys hold the delivery until 1 month or something? I wanna buy now to get the discount but I'm moving soon.

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    Reviews are quite positive ,you are looking at the wrong serial number !!

  • don't forget 2.5% shopback

  • 50 rebate for 300+ spend via Westpac CC.

  • Bought this arvo, display one is German Made (printed in front of the unit). However, the one I got was Turkey made.

  • Is thr any difference between these two 6 series machine WAT28620A (8kg) vs WGA244U0AU (9kg), apart from the capacity ? Idos was mentioned against the 8kg one only not sure if the 9kg variant is idos too ?

  • Got this yesterday. Thank you.

  • Good timing OP, mine just died. -$40 with ShopBack cashback & crypto.com visa cashback.

  • Is the 5 yr conceiege worth to get it ?

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      Just pulling from experience in a share house i used to live in. 2 guys were tradies and washed their clothes that were covered in dirt or cement every day. never had a washing machine that lasted more than a year before having to get it repaired. we went through 2 machines in the 3 years i was there.
      think about your usage. if you're going to be using it multiple times a week and wash visibly dirty clothes often i would suggest getting the warranty for piece of mind. if you're like me, do about 2 loads a week and have relatively clean life styles should be ok not to.
      note that you do get vouchers with concierge. my dad spends his on detergent

      • Thanks, have got toddlers at home.. and 5kg machine runs everyday. !! I will get concierge then. Cheers

  • Any reviews from those who purchased Solt washer


    I ordered the Solt washer but its on back order.

  • Can't seem to find the price check option anymore

  • I also purchased one of these today - around 2pm. I went by E&S (in Geelong) first, to see what they could do, and they said that it was a pricing error and wouldn’t be able to price match it. Sounds like they were already aware of the pricing prior to me coming in. They offered the advice, that if I should purchase through The Good Guys if I can.
    Hopefully it’s honoured for those who purchased, and haven’t yet collected or received delivery (myself included).
    This one looked pretty good with regards to water/energy usage.

    (But yeah, looks like the price check option has been removed)

  • Where is the "price check" button you mentioned?
    I can't see it anywhere on the washing machine webpage!

  • For those who ordered through TGG for delivery, have you received the order confirmation? Will TGG honour it?

    • Yes. Got delivery of it today. Very happy with it so far, albeit only done 1 wash.

  • +1

    I have this exact model.. It's decent but does this infuriating thing where you set up the program, press start, and it beeps once, waits about two seconds, then beeps twice, and does not start. Sometimes it will do this a few times before it starts, most of the time it only does it once and then starts on the next press.

    I think it is to do with it detecting that there is too much/too little weight of clothes for the chosen options… either way, it's pretty annoying. Otherwise it's been a good reliable unit (though I've only had it around 6 months).

    • We have a WAN22120 that does the same thing. It actually seems to be related to the door sensor. If I push on the top part of the door while pressing start, then that seems to consistently fix the problem. Disappointing to hear this is common across models. With this fix, it's annoying but a minor issue, the machine is otherwise great and won't stop me buying another Bosch. Now I'm thinking of it as an additional child lock… :p

  • How to find then Bosch washing machine and dryer that's made in Germany? Are there any other brands that are made in Germany and any good?

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    Bought one yesterday, thanks OP. Floor checked with supervisor, then manager. Manager came out to double check as normally it only discounts $20 off best online price. They went out back to check with another manager who approved it. Manager said she would buy one as it was less than staff price. I was told it was Chinese made version,it does have WAT serial number though do could it be Turkish? Shop assistant confirmed it to have metal drum not a plastic one. I was worried picking it up today but all was well picked up no problem at around 10am Qld time.

  • Will you change your washing machine just because it's a very good price but there's nothing wrong with your current one? I can't decide….

    • Depends how small/big/old the current one is?

      • Current one is a haier top loader 6kgs. Bought it in mid 2018.. No fancy functions but does the job. Four people household (a toddler and a baby )

  • Appliances Online price matched with free delivery. I was waiting for the WAN24120AU model to go down to $558-593 again, but happy to spend a bit extra on this. Great find OP. Thanks!

    • Did you have a reference or anything I can use?

      • I ordered before the TGG price expired, sorry.

  • My washing machine just died today! Wish this was still on special. Any other front load deals?

    • Found same model on TGG commercial for $950. Not as good as this price but good washer.

  • If anyone having second thoughts, I would love to buy it off you in VIC. Cheers!

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