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Men's Kmart Everyday Thongs $1.00 (Was $1.25) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Kmart


Kmart everyday thongs aka flip flops aka pluggers aka jandals.

Was $1.25, now $1 permanently.
Women's version also $1

Product Details

  • Suitable for: Men
  • Material: Synthetic (upper, lining and outsole)


  • Slip on design
  • Y-strap

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    How many of these end up in the ocean?

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    • these are so bad for the environment

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        Hold on there Greta. You think the device your typing on is saving the planet. Hope you ride your bike everywhere.

        • +10

          How dare you!

        • I think all he's saying is that overconsumption is bad for the environment, not this thong on its self, but buying poor quality things that do not last just because they are cheap

      • What makes these ones bad for the environment? Do you mean all thongs or just these Kmart ones?

        • +20

          i don't think the item itself is the issue (not going into the products used to manufacture these or the labor/factory that makes a $1 product)… yes we are all using things that end up as waste, we won't solve that in our life time, but when it's cheap and iffy quality like these may be (they are $1 after all) … we all have a tendency not to care how many we throw away and that accumulates as more people do the same… i know that i'm no different to others but i've started thinking about the junk i buy a bit more lately.. if there's an option that will likely cost more but last a lot longer.. it's worth considering 😊

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            @scud70: You're absolutely right. Everyone should buy$30 havaianas instead of these$1 ones made out of the same material

            • +2

              @belongsinforums: Or neither if those are just as crappy lol.. I don't wear either brand as i don't find them comfy.. 🙂

            • @belongsinforums: NOT SAME MATERIAL - LESSER DENSITY FOAM, HEAL WILL press through and you'll need to add them to landfill - don't encourage these bastards. Started on caps - sorry.

          • @scud70: I buy these ones as the quality seems identical to all the band name pairs I've ever owned

      • what's wrong with rubber

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        How daarre you

      • +1

        Don't worry about it if you voted Labor or Liberal, you have doomed the planet regardless of any thong activity.

        Most Australian's seem obsessed with the tiniest things possible when it comes to saving the planet. So I see them worrying about reusable drinking straws (no really), plastic wrap (a couple of molecules thick) and ensuring that 100% renewable cardboard is recycled.

      • Imagine mentioning the environment on a website that promotes (discounted) consumption! haha

      • Everything more expensive than necessary is bad for the environment. You (part of the environment) have to work harder to buy them.
        Think how many kidneys were paid for the overpriced iPhones when in few years they look outdated & not in fashion compared the the "best ever" new iPhone.
        Environment care starts with open mindset & understanding, not fashion blindness.

        If you use them shortly in specific cases, while on the beach, the sauna,… they are great & the money can be invested for travel or professional tools.

    • +3

      my last one's ended up in the ocean :(

      • +5

        you must be hopping mad

    • -1

      100% over a long enough timeline.

    • All I read was 'blah blah blah'

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      Lmao people get shitty when even the most inane comment shows some level of concern for the environment

      • +3

        The problem is when ppl wanna preach was though they have some kind of unique insight. Most people are doing what they can to improve their environmental impact and don't need some wannabe Greta yelling at them when they are looking for some cheap flip-flops how about getting some life experience first or better yet come up with a solution instead of barking about the problem on a bargain forum. Yeeesh!

        • +8

          Most people are doing what they can to improve their environmental impact

          You overestimate the compassion of people.

        • how about getting some life experience first or better yet come up with a solution instead of barking about the problem on a bargain forum


        • +7

          Most people are doing what they can to improve their environmental impact

          Ozbargain is a prime example of this with comments such as "don't know what it is but bought anyway" littering every cheap/free post with replies stating "it's the ozb way". I can see how buying unnecessary crap is improving their environmental impact.

        • +2

          How about they try clean their room first 😋

      • The question is are they being 'genuine' with their concern?

      • +3

        Wouldn't expect any less from people frothing about saving 25 cents on a pair of thongs hahaha

    • +2

      I got these 3 lockdowns ago, and they are fine. Good enough for around the house.

      • +1

        I can’t imagine wearing these in the house. I have a pair at the back door and front door.

        • +3

          Great in bed as well.

          • @dd22qq: Is that you Pauly from Housos

  • +26

    Finally I can afford a pair. Been waiting ages for this

    • +1

      Wait… people can afford these?

    • +10

      Usually women's thongs are sold in a different section

        • +6

          I wasn't talking about footwear

  • +12

    I actually prefer these thongs over the more expensive brands.

    They use a much softer rubber so wear out a lot faster, but are actually much more comfortable to wear on hard surfaces.
    Be careful on stones or even walking on twigs… any sharp edges punch right through the rubber.

    I buy 2 pairs to get me through a season.

    • +1

      Ah to have ready access to $2

      • +2

        Just sell an NFT of your foot pics and I'm sure someone will buy it for $2 :)

        • One day people will be paying $100,000 for NFT thongs 🤑

      • Sounds like you've never heard of Afterpay!

      • I'm sure you could layby the second pair

    • Instead of 'more expensive brands' shouldn't you just say 'all over brands'?

    • Thought this would be thong childbeating for some reason
      Pleasantly surprised

  • +2

    Don't like the cheap Kmart thongs. The sole is super soft soft but the plugs for the toe straps are hard & you can feel it through the thong. Its like constantly having a small rock embedded in the thongs.

    Test in store first.

    • How else would I pass my tinea on to the next unsuspecting punter

  • +1

    Nice, now I can afford to make some more "Thongerangs" !

  • Not double pluggers, so buy an emergency pair in case of blowout

  • +2

    It's a no from me. These feel like $1 is overpriced

  • +2

    best thongs ive ever had are the archies, worth every dollar i spent.

    • +1

      I broke my foot and during rehab, I bought Archies to give support.

  • +5

    These thongs feature a slip-on design and Y-strap. The other feature of these thongs is the part you stand on.

    Beware cheap imitation thongs that don't have these features.

  • +1

    This post is in true OzB spirit, thankyou for making me smile. Earlier today I was reading the Breville Dual Boiler Coffee Machine for a mere grand or so and was wondering if my brain had finally collapsed.

    • So all this typing to save $0.25 cents

      • $0.25 saving = 20% off :)

  • That’s dinner sorted.

  • +2

    Treat yo self and get the $6 double plug thongs from Kmart.

    • +4

      Woah settle down bro, that's 6 times the price! You must have a high paying job.

  • +2

    And they say Christmas shopping is hard.

  • +6

    Are these OK for Court appearances? Asking for a friend.

    • +2

      Could I interest Sir in a pair of crocs instead?

    • Jay walking yes, murder no

    • +1

      If you are already wearing these, then you're already in prison lol

  • Are these the super slippery ones ?

  • I spend a good hour a couple of weeks ago trying to buy cheap sweatshirts for a kid, went to pay, half the things were out of stock, paid for the other half, then received email saying all out of stock. Big waste of time.

  • -2

    I can't wear these ! Those man thongs need to be way bigger to Cup my ass.
    The front bit cover most thangs.

    • Hilarious……..

  • +1

    Slap on the face who says that hyperinflation is coming.

    • +1

      "And in this quarter house pricing and petrol have both increased by 10%, while kmart thongs have decreased in price by 20%. This sees a net result of 0% on the inflation rate."

  • +5

    just a tip to avoid wearing this on wet surfaces as its very easy to slip

    • +2

      I did exactly that in these thongs and landed on my back on the concrete and just missed hitting my head on the last step.

  • +2

    What do I wear on the other foot?

  • Rally up K-mart thongers !

  • +1

    Just in time for summer, very useful for flies.

  • +1

    Great thong. Super soft, cheap and feel comfortable.

    I prefer these over the more expensive brands, I know the more expensive brands can last longer but they feel like planks of wood and not soft.

  • The pluggers in these are useless. They'll survive temporarily with the bread tag hack but mine don't last a summer

  • -1

    Choice bro me and the cuzzies need some new jandals…….. chur bro we gonna be looking flash as now

    • Get them in the same colour to match your chully bun!

      • Yeah nah stink idea aye bro………. cos you want them to stand out aye

  • Do they also come in pairs, or just single like the photo?

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