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50% off All Pirelli Tyres, Plus $100 off Your Next Logbook Service @ mycar Tyre & Auto


Enjoy 50% off All Pirelli Tyres, plus, get $100 off your next logbook service, to help you on your way.

This year, they’re not just tyres. They’re road trip tyres. Meeting the grandson tyres. Finally hugging the parents tyres.

With an epic 50% off ALL Pirelli tyres as well as $100 off your next logbook service, where will yours take you?

Don’t miss out, sale only for 24 hours on 26 November 2021, while stocks last.

More information can be found at -

1. This mycar Black Friday promotion is offered by Tyre and Auto Pty Ltd trading as mycar Tyre & Auto ABN 57 164 707 484 WA Lic. No. MRB5465 (mycar).
2. Book online or by telephone with mycar, between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021, for the purchase and fitment of any in stock Pirelli tyres and receive a discount of 50% off the recommended retail price of those tyres (Offer Tyres) subject to these Terms and Conditions.
3. Offer Tyres must be booked to be fitted on a date between Friday 3 December 2021 and Monday 31 January 2022. If Offer Tyres are fitted outside of this fitment period, the full cost of all the tyres in the transaction will be payable.
4. All Offer Tyres must meet manufacturer’s guidelines for that vehicle and must all be fitted to a single vehicle at the same time in-store at mycar.
5. Online bonus: Book and pay for Offer Tyres online at between 12.01am AEDT and 11.59pm AEDT on Friday 26 November 2021 to be eligible for a $100 off logbook servicing discount with mycar.
a. Confirmation of the discount will be emailed to customers within 3 business days.
b. The $100 off logbook servicing discount is single use and only applies to logbook servicing (in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations) of the vehicle to which the Offer Tyres were fitted.
c. Discounts, even if unused or partly used, are not exchangeable for credit or refund.
d. The discount will expire at 11.59pm AEDT on 24 November 2022.
6. This promotion is valid only once per vehicle and once per customer and is for genuine and private buyers only (and excludes fleet, government, wholesale customers and mycar team members). Previously fitted Tyre Care Plan tyre/s may not be exchanged for Offer Tyres on 26 November 2021.
7. This promotion, and each of the Offer Tyres discount and the logbook servicing discount, is subject to booking availability and while stocks last, is not exchangeable, is not transferable, and is not redeemable for cash, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
8. If any aspect of this offer cannot proceed as expected, for any reason including as a result of computer viruses, communications network or technical failure, unauthorised intervention, fraud or any cause beyond the control of mycar, then mycar may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the offer.
9. In the event of any dispute concerning the conduct of the offer, the decision of mycar is final. Your sole and exclusive remedy for any problems or dissatisfaction with the offer is to cease participation in the offer.
10. Nothing in these terms restricts, excludes or modifies or purports to restrict, exclude or modify any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth). The governing law and jurisdiction of these terms is New South Wales Australia.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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      • I received a call today and they are expecting big delayed for the delivery. So no chance anyone will be getting tyres to be done anytime soon. It's just frustrating and lack of communication by head office.

  • I received a call today and they are expecting big delayed for the delivery. So no chance anyone will be getting tyres to be done anytime soon. It's just frustrating and lack of communication by head office.

  • Is anyone getting their tyres fitted tomorrow?

  • I had my booking today at 8am Parramatta. I went there just to know that its delayed and cant be done today. ZERO communication

  • I'm booked for Monday and they just phoned to confirm they have mine ready to go - 6 x 265/65R17 Scorpion AT+

  • I went for my appointment today at 11:30am. I was told it will take 3 hours to do the job. I said, I can't wait that long as it's only an hour job. He then told me they have 2 people away sick. So I asked if I can come back at 2pm? Dropped the car off and got my wife to pick me up rather than waiting. Got a call hour later telling me that they don't have any stock as they never raised a purchase order but can give me the Continental tyres are same price. I don't care either way but terrible communication, terrible attitude from in store staff.

  • Just got a call from south Melbourne mycar saying delay in receiving stock of 285/45/R19 PIRELLI SCORPION VERD and could not give me a day of when stock will be available. What a mess
    Edit: was suppose to get them done tomorrow

  • Got a call yesterday morning telling me the tyre’s haven’t arrived yet so my booking for today is canceled…

    Happy to have the communication letting me know, but upset as i am in desperate need of new tyres.

    No eta given either.


  • Dragon sports

  • +1

    I went to mycar today, i think it depends largly on the person serve you. Mine was polite and happy, take only 1 hour for 4 tires, my friend has 1 pair delay but will be ready next week.

  • Lol jokers messed up, bought 4x P7 tyres. Mycar made a mistake and installed 2xP6 tyres and 2xP7 tyres. No more p7 stock to rectify immediately.

    Check you got the right tyres before leaving the shop.

    Waiting to hear back on resolution.

    • What’s the difference between the p6 and p7?
      I got turned away from booking due to no stock but they said they could try again next week with the p6 tyres instead. Are these worse?

      • +1

        beats me, different models. p7's newer i think. but i would want them all the same tyres, else they might wear out at different rates. I'd imagine they might cause problems.

        to be honest, if you haven't paid, go somewhere else. It's not worth it. I'll wait till I get my resolution supposedly on friday before I post up the whole story so far but it's been a mess. Inconvenience of having to return a second time because of mistakes made, and poor attempts at resolving the issue as well.

        • That makes sense, thanks for sharing your experience too.
          I will most likely cancel too as it’s been a pretty frustrating experience over here too.

    • +2

      So full story (I would change my upvote to downvote if I could):

      SAT: left shop with 2 tyres on one side and 2 different tyres on another. The difference is probably minor, but not the point. I paid extra and drove extra 30 mins away to get the model of tyres I ordered.

      10 mins after leaving the shop, I noticed the error and called them, offering to return and rectify immediately. Was told they had no more stock and store mgr would call Pirelli on Monday morning and call me back with a resolution.

      MON: 12pm: No phone call received for rest of Mon. I called them to follow up. Store Mgr said Pirelli was super busy, he'll call me back later today.

      TUES: 11am: No phone called received. I called again to follow up. "Oh Shit" said the mgr who forgot to call me back. Claimed Pirelli had no more stock, and no more stock would be coming for 6 months (despite the website showing available in 2 days). Tried a while to convince me they're exactly the same despite difference in pricing and model. Said one was for "European" market - and that was the only difference.

      I didn't accept. I said I would be okay if he had more stock of the older, cheaper model of tyres as long all 4 was the same, and refunded the difference in pricing. He offered me a refund to put old tyres back on. I said sure. He said call me back in 10 mins. 10 mins later, he "found" some additional new tyres and to come in on Fri.

      THURS: I called to confirm that the tyres were there and that I was still to come in tmr. He said yes and hung up on me.

      FRI: Finally got this resolved.

      Throughout the entire process, there no apologies for inconvenience, for making me come back twice for their mistake, and definitely made me feel I was hassling them for something unreasonable. Yeah I'm not mad about their service. It's probably all well and good if everything went smoothly, and a mistake is not a big deal but was not handled or resolved well either.

  • Damn, lost it badly.

    • Hey mycar care team, any chance this comes back for Christmas?

      • Most Likely

      • Next Black Friday yes

  • Got my Scorpion Verde H/T fitted yesterday; yes it took 3hrs but I’m happy. Front office guy said he took advantage of the offer as well and said nice things about Pirelli. I’m neither here nor there about Pirelli but I like $124/tyre.

  • This company is a joke

  • Just found out my Cinturato P7s won’t be ready till February. Had to get other tyres instead. Feels like a bait n switch…

    • How did you find out? Everytime I call I get no information at all

      • I turned up for my booking…

    • What brand did they substitute, were they the same quality?

      • I got conti's at close to full price

        • I wouldn't be too happy with that…I know that they are pretty sensitive to google reviews so have at 'em.

    • Feb, holy shit. It felt like I was heading that way with my P7's despite me being told they were in the warehouse when I ordered, so I bailed onto a set of Continentals which is the better tyre anyway.

      As for cost, I got them for half price. More expensive than the P7 so there was a gap to pay but I wouldn't call it bait and switch.

      • How much did you pay for the conti's? The mycar guy was pretty good and found a good pricematch for me (or offer a full refund) - so its not a real bait and switch. But still gets you in the door…

    • Dont worry im getting the p7s taken off my car. Feels like your on clouds,Not in a good way either. Acceleration from a dead stop is horrendously sluggish.

  • Kudos to mycar Casula - Had mine (Dragon Sports) booked in this Saturday Morning , They gave me a call this arvo and asked whether i wanted it done tomorrow!

  • Got mine done this morning at mycar Sylvania, did 2 wheels in 30 mins, no issues.

  • 4 X P6's fitted at Rose Park, SA. No problems. Great service and deal!!

  • Kudos to Sydney Brookvale MyCar.

  • Had my P-Zeros installed earlier in the week at SA Rose Park. No fuss, staff were friendly. Offered a wheel alignment due to older tyres having uneven wear, i had already got one done in Nov due to another suspension repair and didn't push the issue at all. Very happy

  • I had a call today saying my tyres are delayed until 10th Jan. I got on live chat and they substitute me the Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 94W. First they were only going to give me the cheap Continental to which I refused and said no I want the better one.

    • +1

      Got a call today saying that my booking (scheduled for this Saturday 18 December) for four P7s would be delayed, and they'd offer to to put me on P6s instead and reschedule me to mid-January. Asked when they'd have P7s available (noting I'd be happy to wait a few months), and operator said he had no clue and that it could be anywhere from 6-9 months.

      I booked in the rescheduled date (as this weekend wasn't happening regardless of P6 or P7) and asked them to call me back in the new year to confirm. Good to know others here have had success switching to another tyre. Will definitely feel like this is a bait and switch if they can't do this more broadly.

      • I would go with the Continental ContiPremiumContact 5. I dont believe the P7s will be in stock anytime soon

    • Live chat for Mycar or Pirelli? Mine's been cancelled too it was Pirelli Pzero PZ4s :(

  • After almost 4 weeks wait final got set of tyres replaced today well worth the wait. I’m not sure what took so long considering they said they had tyres in warehouse when purchasing during sale.

  • Got mine fitted today. Was originally booked about a week ago so a week delay is really not that bad considering.

    Qualified for the tyre care plan to, which includes free replacement tyre if one gets damaged within 12months as well as free puncture repairs and rotation and balances every 10000km for the life of the tyre. So basically matching what Costco offer. Pretty decent deal for $500.

  • Had mine fitted, took two hours no idea why its not a hard job but did have a wheel alignment done. Very surprised the alignment is spot on car is much better.

  • Had a call today to say pirelli won't honour the order and given 2 inferior options instead. Pretty disappointing
    4 4wd tires

    • Keep on them and get some Continental tyres as a replacement

  • Just spoke to mycar in Parramatta they said they cannot give me my booked (not yet paid) Pirelli Pzero PZ4s as Pirelli has had shortage and has no stock anywhere in Aus. Really sad that I cannot get them at the price, they also said I will be given other options but not sure which ones ATM.

    • +2

      Find the Continental equivalate and get that

    • +2

      Similar story but from what I gathered from the call they implied I can get the tyres if I can wait - just that Pirelli has not advised them of an ETA. Person said they will check if there's similar Continentals that can be substituted for a few dollars more which I'm waiting to hear back on.

      • Any luck?

        • +1

          They have my pirellis coming in early Feb which I've been booked in for

          • @currentfad: I caved, would rather have new rubber this wet season than wait longer

  • Ordered the P7, got told in December they have none in stock and no ETA and offered P6. I said i'll wait.

    Got another call today, saying they still don't have P7 and no idea when they can get it, but i can still get the P6.

    I decided to get the P6, they wore me down.


    • I decided to call to confirm my booking for the same tyre (P7 91V) and size (20555R16) after seeing your comment - apparently they are due to arrive 18 Feb into Melbourne, then another 5 or so days to get it into store.

      They offered the runflat version for the same price as the original booking - probably a slight detriment to ride quality, but at least they can provide them.

  • Dont let them offer you the tyre, when i called i said what tyre i wanted due to there stuff up and they agreed no issues.

  • -1

    OK, can anybody help decide on what I do here please?

    I'm booked in to get the P7s next Saturday. My current tyres are Kumho (the original tyre the car came with brand new 2.5yrs ago) and have done close to 60,000kms. However, they still have a fair bit of tread left in them. I had jax check my tyres in December and they said they'll last a while longer. I have a small nail in one tyre which probably should be repaired, but I wasn't sure if it was worth it.
    I also have the mycar deal (spend $400 and get $100 back) saved on my Amex card, so I should be able to get the p7's and an alignment for just over $300.

    By getting this deal, am I just wasting money? My current tyres probably have at least another 6-12months in them minimum.

    • -1

      Save ya money if you still got thread. If the nailed tyre is leaking air, get a shop to plug it for $20-$40 or even just slime it yourself.

      If you do get the new tyres, you can keep the older tyres as spare or sell them on marketplace, they'd make good trailer tyres

  • I had to reschedule my December booking and got the new tyres fitted today. Drove out to Casula, 4 x tyres + $75 on the spot for alignment. Greg the store manager was helpful and easy to deal with too.

  • Anyone who activated the Flybuys points offer received them yet? Mine fitted early December with offer activated and card scanned, nothing yet. Supposed to be credited within 28 days of offer ending on the 31 December from memory.

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