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Plex Pass Lifetime TRY₺617,24 (~A$69.66)


No need for a VPN, simply apply two codes from previous deals and change the card country.

  1. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using the code "AD-ONEMONTH" from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/649435

  2. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, and cancel the subscription.

  3. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, upgrade subscription; Enter the code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665533
    Select Turkey from the country, don't worry about the postcode, Aussie postcode works fine;
    Click next and it will redirect you to the payment confirmation page.

  4. On the confirmation page, double-check the amount to pay is ₺617,24 TRY, click next to pay.

Just paid with my Macquaire debit card, ₺617.24 TRY charged for $69.66 AUD


For those having Selected country does not match Credit Card country errors, try this alternative procedure by cnwhite82

  1. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription and purchase a monthly subscription for free by using a free month code "AD-ONEMONTH or HDHR01MONTH or TECHWITHBRETT30" - Make sure you put in your CC details with the country code of turkey.


  3. Go to https://plex.tv/subscription, select upgrade subscription; Enter the code "LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT" and use the same credit card as step 1.


If you are still getting a wrong country error after tried the above step, you can also try this method mentioned by gamerkonks https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11398973/redir

If you are getting a "Code not valid" error, please make sure you are NOT using a VPN and try to repeat the steps in browser's incognito mode

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    • +1

      Worked exactly as described! Been using Plex for probably as long as it's been around, finally now have Plex Pass!

      • wow! I paid $75 USD circa 2014, thought that price point would be gone forever. But I have got enough value over the years so I can't really complain.

    • +1

      Thanks. FYI for others, the Turkish currency is going in free fall right now. Apple has stopped it's online and physical store sales there because of it. This is just a unique opportunity to capitalize on this unfortunate issue.

  • +2

    is this similar to netflix ?

    • +14

      This is a platform for content. Not the content itself.

    • +27

      It’s more a hosting of your own Media Library, so that it’s accessible across different devices, tablets and phones, TVs and so on.

      A DIY Netflix or iTunes.

      It’s about a decade (or more) old spin-off from XBMC for Mac OS, which is now Kodi. They decided to change from the single all-in-one Media app, to a split server and client model, which then became a whole deal about managing media libraries on tablets, phone quality streaming, transcoding between devices, etc.

      There are alternatives, but most of the appeal is that it’s simple to manage.

      Make a folder for an album or tv show, move the content in, rename to a plex/kodi standard format, and it should be indexed within 1-5 minutes and appear as an option on a TV or Tablet, with all of the artwork and artist ratings.

      It does include TV and TV recording Music and to a very limited degree, audiobooks, and lectures/training series, but you then have to generate your own index or chapter methods.

      • My mac doesnt have much space. Can the movies be stored on an external hard drive and make plex connect to that?

        • Absolutely they can. I was running out of space on my laptop so got a dedicated Plex computer, but I currently have an external attached to it for extra storage. Would work the same off my laptop if I had kept it running off it instead.

        • +1

          This is for people collecting video files for decades.. and hosting them on large NAS servers…

      • +3

        what do you actually get out of a subscription that you don't get for free though?

        • +3

          hardware transcoding for one

          • @Solrak: Doesn't a $49 FireStick 4k do that?

            Do you actually get some Plex hardware with this, then? I'm just getting started with this streaming lark, I genuinely don't know; the last time I tried was about five years ago when I bought a 1st gen ChromeCast that I never used in the end, just continuing to plug my laptop into the telly via HDMi cable.

            • +1

              @sam buster: Decoding is only half of transcoding. Transcoding is where the server decodes the media and re-encodes it in real time for a client for whatever reason. Without a pass, Plex will use the CPU to do this. On the other hand if you have a pass and compatible hardware such as an Intel CPU with qucik sync, the processing will be offloaded to that. Once again, this is on the server. The client will then likely use hardware to decode for playback. Of course you are correct in that if the client supports everything, then the server should never need to transcode, so not an issue.

          • @Solrak: Why do you need that out of interest, can't you plug in any hard drive to the TV and it plays it? Is that sw or hw

        • Netflix style "skip intro" button for TV shows is one that comes to mind
          Also downloading offline media copies to mobile/tablet devices if you're going somewhere with no/poor internet.

          • @Sarazar: Works by checking a season for duplicate audio though, no? So won't skip "previously on", where the intro changes or the first ep of a season? Unless it has timestamps for actually intros, then arguably limited in terms of usefulness.

            • @rhangman: Not sure how it works but seems to work well :)

      • can you possibly get copyright or dmca striked from the content you uploaded. i like to upload my artistic educational movies

        • Depends on where you're hosting the files. If it's through your own home server, then there's no issues.

          Plex is merely the player/server side stuff. You still need to store your files somewhere

        • +1

          people are dodging the answer

          u have a media server with a hardrive (e.g. a router with a hdd plugged in or a home nas) download all your "linux isos" onto it

          use something like RADARR or SONARR to index, rename and organise your files

          Point plex at it from your pc, laptop, phone, tv or even a browser window from across the world and stream your content

        • You don't "upload" to anywhere. Downloading your educational content on the other hand…

    • There is also a decent amount of streamable content on the platform… however the quality of the content itself can be hit and miss

  • +4

    I'm kinda keen on Plex Amp for music streaming more than anything else. Maybe transcoding videos if I CBF downloading files to my mobile devices, I'm moving to woop woop and have a loooong commute next year.

    Step 3 is click on "Do you have a gift code? Apply it to your current subscription." makes it a bit clearer.

    Worked for me, $69.02 on my HSBC credit card.

    For the amount of hours I have used Plex for over the last number of years, it's pretty much already paid for itself even if I just think of it as a donation.

  • Worked like a charm, cheers!

  • Worked, thanks OP! Been using Plex on/off but have been watching deals on lifetime subs closely — this seems to be the cheapest by a longshot in a long while.

    Any idea why the initial one month promo code step is necessary? Just OOC.

    • +1

      Some deals require an account to be targeted for a specific campaign.

      Plex has always been cursed with being semi-useful, so it’s now trying to find new customers. They do this every 3-6 months to expand, adding streaming TV, Tidal music, etc.

      Plex also (or used to) take previous subscription payments off the total, so if you were subscribed for ~2 years and opt for a lifetime deal, it can convert to $16-$20 for lifetime. Or negative credit. YMMV.

      Campaign deals can be frustrating, and I’ve seen some $1 for 3 years subscription deals, 2 days after a 60% sale. Antivirus is the worst, but not the most egregious example.

      Campaign based deals can’t always easily be applied to all accounts, since they often have restrictions, just to allow for a campaign to track the customers and their habits as a group. Ie by Age, region, subculture or audience, referral type, etc.

      Trials and New Accounts are often “bait” like this.

      Especially if there’s a referral code from say, YouTube or an email campaign. Or specifically bargain sites and deal sites.

    • +1

      You must have noticed, there are 2 separate forms depending upon if you are purchasing the plex pass for the first time or upgrading an active subscription.

      The first (initial process) has added validation to disallow cards from other countries than what you select. So, you cannot use it to change country to turkey and use australian cards.

      Once you have an active subscription (It doesn't need to be trial, you can just purchase 1 month, but why would you?), it goes through different process for upgrade, which lacks validation for different country cards. So, changing the country works here for now (until plex fixes this from their end)

  • Great. Thank you. Worked exactly as described.

  • +2

    $71.09 for my visa debit card. Thx op was waiting for a while to get pass under $99. Finally I'm no longer a leacher
    Glad to finally support plex devs

    • +2

      Lol no longer a leacher 😂

  • Getting error do not honour now

    • Tried 2 more times and it seems to have gone through fingers crossed

  • +2

    $69.66 from Commbank. Thanks!

    • Niceeee

  • +4

    Thanks. Not sure what plex truly is lol or why I'd need it. So I never would have bought it for more than this. Now I've bought it and put it on my list of to-do projects.

    Since I have a synology NAS and LG Oled, there must be something good I can do with it.

    • +8

      Install radarr and sonarr on your Synology NAS. Get and invite to a private torrent/Usenet site. If you are looking to get into Usenet now is a good time because the black friday sales. Enjoy the rabbit hole, I know I have 🙂

      • +2

        cam I have invite to private torrent ?

        • r/torrent

        • just use usenet if ur using radarr and sonar

      • +4

        Get a VPN and install Jackett or Prowlarr and use filthy public trackers. You really wanna be using a VPN for torrenting no matter what imho

        • +1

          Doesnt vpn slow things?
          Which vpn you recommend?
          I need to download some linux distros

          • @Gimli: I've been using privateinternetaaccess.com for years now but they've changed owners, bought by (I think) Kape Technologies and I've heard some sketchy things about them.


          • @Gimli: VPN are must haves

            • +2

              @s26f84: Why’s that? I know there’s the risk of getting caught but how many people are getting caught these days without a VPN?

              • +5

                @beatsntoons: I'm not that familiar with downloading movies while using a VPN, but I know companies can only recover damages totaling the cost of a download film; if the infringement happens in Australia.

                The Dellas buyers club case illustrates this as:

                The company targeted multiple people to make it profitable.

                "Almost 5,000 customers were accused by DBC of sharing the film"

                The company was only allowed to seek damages for both:

                "Cost of a single, legitimate download of the film"

                The number of people that downloaded the movie from the person's computer.

                Even then the court found the case:

                “wholly unrealistic” and “so surreal as to not be taken seriously".

                Remember this was a major case in terms of downloading, because of this I doubt that it's worthwhile to go after a person downloading a film in Australia.

          • +4

            @Gimli: Mullvad or ProtonVPN are actual no log VPNs. Only ones I would trust at the moment. Many others track your usage or have logs. Or lie about not keeping logs. Remember that if its free, you are the service

          • +1

            @Gimli: Specifically regarding, "slowing things down"- using PIA, I can still max out my 100Mbit NBN and I can get about 300 on a 1Gbit connection.

            If you have Sonarr & Radarr cranking, things have normally downloaded before you even realise they are available

            • @jonathonsunshine: Im curious to try this but my 4bay NAS is over 90% full and i only use the PIA desktop client. Is there one for Synology, or using something like OpenVPN client on it? That said it takes 5mins max to manually pick n choose which linux distros so not much benefit im seeing.

              • +1

                @Xizor: I don't have a NAS and if I googled it for you is need to know exactly what NAS. Also, I don't really understand the question…

                Friend has a Netgear NAS he installed OpenMediaVault on but if it was mine, I'd probs just let it be a NAS and install Sonarr + VPN + qBittorrent + Plex on a Raspberry Pi.

                I hear RP4 can do transcoding now but don't quote me.

              • +1

                @Xizor: If you're running windows, consider making a Hyper-V Ubuntu Server and look into DockStarter.

                If you like it, it's pretty much the same process on the Raspberry Pi

                Linux is a learning curve though.

                • @jonathonsunshine: Thanks guys nah not interested in going down that rabbit hole with linux or pi devices for now. Happy enough with the ds918+ running plex server hooked up to windows pc and a few shields/android boxes as clients. I can spend 5mins doing it myself.

                  • @Xizor: Ds918+ is fantastic, do not need Plex, I just installed Syno Video Station, it's free and have same encoding and transcoding as Plex, even 4k, but better features in catalogue movies. Why to pay for Plex pass?

        • If i already have jackett, is there an advantage to also have Prowlarr set up?

          • @OzFrugie: It's a lot easier to add it individual trackers to Sonarr and Radarr.

            You might consider it if you have just done (what I did) , adding just one "Jackett indexer" that searches them all.

      • Ive only ever used torrent but keep hearing about Usenet. Where would i go to get started with Usenet?

    • That's ridiculous. You bought something and you don't know what it is… Wow.

      • Hand in your Ozb license!

        • Yeah, I know. Not the first time it's happened around here.

      • It's a good price/deal for a lifetime pass, just not sure I'd need it these days.
        main problem is don't have a nas, but got a Rpi4 although that's a dedicated music streamer
        Wouldn't use Plex amp, and these days with chrom ecasting it's even less necessary hmm.
        seems the main use is auto into skipping (like Netflix) on your own media.

        Possibly sync/copying albums to local device for travel is something, easy enough to download tidal albums etc for offline use if you don' thave much data too.

  • +1

    If this was posted anywhere but ozbargain, people would be telling you to pay full price to support the development of this platform 😂 pretty good deal!

    • But we are paying full price - full price in Turkey.
      Its not our fault we're (mostly) not Turkish.

      • Fair point, carry on!

      • No, you're paying 25% off in Turkey.

      • "oh no, we can't let globalisation help the little guy on the street!" 😂

  • +1

    Can plex or emby be used as a file server too (something like a personal Dropbox) or its it just for media?

    • I would like to know too

    • +3

      No not really. Its 100% designed around media.

      You could check out something like Nextcloud. I never liked it much but it definitely works.

      • +1

        Nextcloud is a good recommendation. Samba is pretty good as an older-school networked solution too. Less web interface stuff, just mount the share as a disk and it works.

    • Dunno why you're being downvoted, it's a good idea.

      Fairly certain you can download the media in your library. But not random files.

    • if you are looking for file server or personal dropbox, NextCloud is what you are looking for.

      • Need non-local access to files too though. Any solutions for that?

        • You can do that with any service by setting up a reverse proxy and dynamic dns to point to your public ip (e.g. caddy + duckdns). Can be a bit complex to set up but there are plenty of guides around.

          My preferred method is to use a VPN, which allows LAN access even offsite. That can be done manually with wireguard or openvpn, or automagically with the likes of Tailscale. Much easier than the first method, and probably more secure since less is public facing. Only downside is you need to install the vpn on each device first before use, which may or may not matter.

    • just media

  • perfect

  • Thanks OP. $71.58 for me. Very happy with the price.

  • 69.66 westpac. Thx OP love the lifetime pass and finally supporting plex devs

  • +1

    worked ty. finally supporting devs

  • Incredible, thankyou!

    This promo/gift code has already been redeemed.


    Update: HDHR01MONTH worked for me (for step 1).

    Thanks, OP – you're a legend!! I have been waiting for this price point for years.

  • It keeps saying that my selected country doesn't match my credit card country. Did this happen to anyone else?
    Edit: Never mind, got it to work. Says my subscription is now "in review". Thanks OP!

    • +1

      What did you do to get it to work? I tried Coles MC, Suncorp debit, HSBC debit – all don't work.

      Edit: the key step is adding that one month free trial – I had to use HDHR01MONTH because I had already applied the other promo code. I was then able to get it to work with Coles MasterCard ($70.10):

      You have a shiny Plex Pass
      Thanks for supporting Plex, we really appreciate it. You're a lifetime member. Life is good.

      • I had applied the one month trial and cancelled the auto-renew. But it still says card error. any help would be appreciated.

        • Maybe try another card. Some of the later comments have some tips too.

  • I was getting already reversed error.
    Tried through incognito and worked!


  • +2

    Thanks OP, couldn't resist!

    Region tricks like this are actually good for business too IMO. It adds an unofficial price point which hits even more customers.

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a deal like this. $69.02 with a visa debit card.

  • Worked like a charm - AUD$69.66 via CBA

  • Can it show (live and DVR) OTA TV subtitles/closed captions?

    • +1



      What it will do is grab the feed source’s subtitles and encode/burn it into the resulting content, aka Transcoding. There will be a 2-5s gap when it does this which will be glitchy.

      It can work well, but expect it to break more often than work. It’s not strictly a plex problem, but a TV problem. Because there’s Ad breaks, and Plex can’t easily “fix” the feed or find the subs if they don’t reconnect or the CC during the Ad, interrupts the broadcast CC.

      There isn’t a strong or reliable way to get CC or subs from broadcast TV or FTA. We didn’t mandate it in Australia, as it would have competed with data service broadcast rules, from memory.

      If your live TV source (IP stream, HDHomeRun, DVB-T source) can export the CC as a stream/playlist, plex will send the direct link or relay the feed on a local network.

      If you have a capable player, it can pull the subtitles directly without transcoding from the tuner/feed device.

      But it’s not able to convert subs to a universal subtitle format, so there may be some issues, ie ad-breaks are likely to break the CC.

      I don’t know of a good solution for this, since CC and EPG data isn’t a fixed standard, and your alternatives are DVB-T tuners and the HDHomeRun, which don’t store content (unless you have software, or buy specific hardware)

      You might have some luck with Matt Huisman’s “kodi” IPTV playlist, which has most AU channels and their various CC embed/playlist features. It’s not coming from FTA or DVB-t, but the networks own streaming service.

      • Thank you.

        > There isn’t a strong or reliable way to get CC or subs from broadcast TV or FTA. We didn’t mandate it in Australia, as it would have competed with data service broadcast rules, from memory.

        I've absolutely no problem seeing (live and DVR) FTA OTA TV subtitles/closed captions using Windows Media Centre (Windows 7) and I've been using it for almost 10 years - not every auxiliary channel (eg. 20 does, but not 24) does it - but if it's being broadcast then it's 100% reliable - same with just watching a channel on TV.

        Many Australians rely on FTA OTA TV subtitles. It's an essential service.

  • +1

    Worked great! Thank you!!

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