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40% off Sumatra Blend 1kg Bag $30.57, 500g Bag $18.93 & Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Cyber Monday is Cyber Sumatra Day :)

Deal Ends Midnight Monday 29th or when stocks run out.


Use Code AIRJO40 at checkout.

Get 40% off 500g bags and 1kg bags PLUS Free Express Post.
Sumatra Blend Only.

500g Bags $18.93 - 1Kg Bags $30.57

All Orders get FREE Express Post - roasted and shipped within 48hrs.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Best beans I've had. Thanks mate, will be ordering another lot 👍

  • +1

    I can't drink coffee but the boss loves it.

    Apparently this is the best coffee(sumatra) in covid times and they grind it for you too.

    I like the smell(if that counts) definitely worth a shot.

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing barg99.
      Sorry you can’t experience the taste but you are so right about that smell mmmmmmmm

  • Thanks op just ordered a kg to try

    • Thanks SenatorDC!
      Please let us know what you think when you given them a try.
      We appreciate your order.


  • +2

    Tried these beans and definitely recommend. But this price is basically normal at this point (considering how often they post 30-40% off codes on OZB) not sure why it's marketed as anything otherwise.

    • +6

      Thanks for the recommendation zxreth.
      You are correct of course.
      This just another one of our awesome sales that happens to fall on Cyber Monday - hence the smiley face after the “Cyber Sumatra” comment.

      • Yeah it's actually a bit of a shame, I've ended up ordering beans from elsewhere because there's no sale on, and then there's been another sale on and I'm still going through my other brand of beans, and the cycle continues.

        I'd order way more from Airjo if this was their constant price, or at least if it were cheaper to buy during non-sale times. Great beans though!

        • +2

          +1 that's happened to me a number of times.

          1) Run out of beans.
          2) Check Airjo promo's and sadly don't see any.
          3) Purchase some other promo beans.
          4) Airjo runs a promo the following day.

          Sigh I guess I could pay full price but then I wouldn't be a true el cheapo OzBargainer lol.

          • @AcousticJZ: I've gone without for a few days (generally just went my local cafe) until Airjo has a sale haha. I've brewed some nice coffees out of the Sumatra :), not out yet but will probably jump on this to have some on hand

            • @jrad1337: Usually when I'm down to around 250 grams or so I start hunting for deals, ideally Airjo though. And if they arrive quick I usually just stash away the remaining 'old' beans and keep them as an 'emergency' batch and start using the new ones. So it's very rare that I'm ever out completely :)

  • Great deal. Ordered. Feel free to delay my shipment, since I've still got ~10days left of DiBella beans to use up.

  • Perfect timing as mother in law is asking me to supply her coffee beans.

    • Happy to help your important mission there Andy!!

  • Would you recommend these for Cold Brew, or should i go with a different type?

    • This is very popular with our cold brew customers Mr Mrrtn. Hopefully you might get some direct feedback here 👍🏼

    • I’ve just finished a bag of this using it only for cold brew. Tastes great! Just ordered some more.

      For the OP… what’s the recommended time to use beans? Took me a month to get through 500g using for cold brew.

  • yass! was sad i missed out on the last deal, will definitely pick some up!

    • Great stuff henjebenje!!
      Thank you.
      We look forward to your feedback 😁

  • Any delayed shipping options this time AIRJO?

    • +1

      No delays sorry K

      • No problem, thanks for replying.

  • Bought Enterprise and Sumatra from the last deal, still in the midst of Enterprise from the last deal, haven't tried Sumatra yet. Any chance you can delay shipping OP?

    • +1

      No delays sorry kaiserkid7.

      • All good! Thanks for the fast response :)

    • I loved the Sumatra, hated the Enterprise. I've never chucked a coffee before. But back to the Sumatra. It's a winner.

  • +1

    Great for filter? V60/aeropress

    • +1

      Very popular wazzza.
      Hopefully you will get some feedback from others here to help 👍🏼

    • +3

      Yes, just make sure you change the type to "filter grind". I buy half a kilo almost every month now because OP always puts up specials and I have notifications on for him, great store rep.

      I use these japanese filters:


      and this coffee maker, which is currently on a strong discount, selling for $37, if anyone is interested too:


      • Cheers, I will go ahead and get a 500g to try it out.

      • Why do you use filter paper with a coffee maker that doesn't need filter papers?

        I used the boxed filters and a Clever Coffee Cupper for a quick and easy clean up, but when I want the oils I use a Bodum French Press and the James Hoffman technique.

        • That paper filter is so thin, it keeps the water in it and drips very slowly. The coffee has more time to brew in it, comes out a lot cleaner, and tastes better and a lot smoother IMO.

          It takes multiple pours, and around 2 minutes to pour the boiling water on the coffee with the paper filter. Without it, takes 20 seconds and the filter that comes with that coffee machine lets a lot through it, coffee doesn't come out as strong and smooth as with the paper filter.

      • I clicked on the links and felt like the prices seemed way too high to be that cost effective… But I was wrong haha

        Bodum 1L brewer ($37.05)
        HARIO filter papers x200 ($21.59)
        Filter Grind Sumatra, 500g ($31.55)

        Bodum says you add 1 tbsp of coffee per pour (14g), to produce approx. three cups of coffee, meaning you'd produce 35x3 cups off coffee out of a 500g bag. You'd also use 35 filters to produce those 35 jugs of coffee, too.

        The costs would therefore be around $3.78 in filters + $31.55 in coffee to produce 35 jugs and 105 cups of coffee. That's a cost of $0.34 per cup of coffee (excluding factoring in the cost of the brewer)

        • 14g for 3 cups of coffee seems a bit weak, but then that's subjective.

  • +1

    My go to coffee. Highly recommended Sumatra.

    • +1

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Delilah……

  • Yeah go on. Got a new espresso machine - been getting through a kg of Aldi beans (medium roast) and keen to try something a bit fancier and fresher.

    • Now you’re talking Guy!!
      Keen you hear your feedback and thank you 👍🏼

  • Given the positive comments, thought I'd put in an order and try it out! Still have a heap of beans from a previous Lime Blue order though! Can't ever have too much…

    • Super grateful thanks GeneralSkunk!!


  • Great coffee, just on time. Almost finished my last purchase. Ordered 1kg.

    • Thanks so much Justuser. Really appreciate your business 🙏

  • Which bean has the most caffeine? I often drink 1 coffee a day only and even on my worst day a double espresso would get me through the day without any issue. I got Sumatra from the last deal and even 2 double espresso a day I still feel sleepy by about 8pm.

    • Hey there yamahamoto. This one is one of our higher caffeine blends together with our Twilight Blend.
      Hope that helps.


    • +4

      Maybe your body needs rest

  • +1

    What's everyones recommendations on grind settings (Breville smart grinder pro) for espresso for this coffee?

    • +1

      Start with 16 or 17 but be prepared to go up or down if needed; each batch (of every bean) is always slightly different. I usually end up at 16 but I like a strong slightly bitter coffee

      Grind time depends on your basket and machine etc. Some machines like a full basket, others a bit below the lip. Of course, the coffee nerds will tell you to weight out 22.15g or something

      • Thank you very much

      • hi dtx, what grind setting would you recommend if I wanted to make a flat white?

        just got myself a dual boiler and the smart grinder so trying to figure out how to make a decent cup.

  • Buying for a friend - they have a Bambino Plus but no grinder, is the expresso blend the one to buy to best suit that machine? Cheers

    • +1

      Hi Callum1080. Espresso Grind will suit perfectly 👍🏼

  • Cheers man just perfect timing. Best Coffee Bean and High recommended.

    • Really appreciate that krps13. Thank you 👍🏼

  • Thx will give it a try :)

  • I just received my oracle touch today. I like drinking espresso and Ristretto.

    What bean should I buy?

    Anybody used these beans in Oracle touch?

    Can you please tell me the grind setting?


    • +1

      I've seen grind size range a fair bit machine to machine, but somewhere between 20-30 is ballpark for a double shot.

      Set a benchmark for yourself by using a scale and weighing a shot so that you get approx 1:2 ratio of coffee in to water out in 30 seconds. So about 22g grounds in to 44g espresso out in 30s for an Oracle. Adjust to taste from there.

      As the burrs season over the first few kgs, the ideal grind setting will shift. Also as the beans age, it will require a finer setting (by about 1-3) to get a similar degree of puck resistance.

  • Would it be possible to request delayed shipping? Thanks!

    • +1

      No, not this time around. See a few comments from OP above.

  • how to store the beans without losing the taste? I sometimes drink coffee a lot , sometimes drink tea instead.

    • Store in vacuum sealed bag and freeze. When you want to use them, let them defrost in room temp and their still good to go.

  • Can we delay shipping?

    • Not this time. OP has already mentioned it a few comments above.

  • awsome deal, will place an order

  • Couldn't say no to the hype around it, Worth the try and free Express shipping, Bonus!

    • yea bought one too, to try!

  • +1

    I like their coffee but my beans from them have now been in the post for almost 2 weeks. By the time they get here (if they get here) they are not going to be freshly roasted any more. I might have to look more local until express post means something again.

    • Same here, second order in two months and both are taking over two weeks to metro Melbourne. Fingers crossed Aus Post sort themself out because the beans are great value.

    • Where you located?

      • I'm in Melbourne. On the same day that I ordered coffee I also ordered from Banggood from their China warehouse. That item has been delivered already.

  • Haven’t try it but ordered 1kg to check it out. :)

    What is the best dose yield time settings Rep?

  • Perfect timing. Was running out and was sad there wasn't any coffee sales on. Looked again and the timing couldn't be more perfect! Looking forward to getting more of my favourite blend, thanks!

  • +1

    1kg on its way. Had to try with all the A-rated feedback :)

  • I have tried every individual roaster whenever they have a good deal on OZB. Airjo is the only one of two I turn back so quickly.

    Just hope they may provide more varieties to try. :-)

  • Thanks, will give them a go.

  • Tried the 500g deal, now just ordered the 1kg! what great timing.
    Best beans Ive tasted.

  • When will the next sale for sumatra be? I am not quite done with my last batch! Would like to buy it this price just before finishing my current batch…

  • Ordered, thanks!

  • Any chance for a deal on decaf?

    • Would love this too :)

  • Ordered keen to try something new and seems everyone rates it! Aldi beans been flogged. Also interested to see what grind on brevilla smart grinder

  • I've not had the Sumatra Blend yet, but their Thunderchild Blend is currently the only bean we buy. Have tried the Enterprise & Stargazer blends also, but prefer a very dark roast.

    Always delivered super fast, order on Wednesday morning and have it arrive before lunch on Friday (I'm in Sydney).

  • Great coffee and great company.
    Give them a go if you havent :)

  • I just bought a new coffee machine and grinder to start my espresso journey. This couldn't have come at a better time!

    Now it's the waiting game to see which arrives first :D

  • Thanks OP! Bought a KG.

  • Curious to know what settings 'Breville Smart Grinder Pro' users have on their grinder for the Sumatra Blend?

    • depends what style of coffee machine / equipment they are using as well…

    • +2

      I have to crank mine down to a very fine grind and slightly overdose to get a decent extraction.

  • How long would this last in the cupboard whilst I finish Airjos last delivery I have?????

  • Thanks so much - looking forward to trying it!

    Bought 1kg!

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