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Kingston A2000 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD $125 + Free Express Delivery @ Shopping Express


Good price for local stock on this very popular SSD. It offers good performance due to having DRAM cache and TLC flash memory. Especially now that a lot of the budget SSDs have no DRAM cache (like the new Kingston NV1) or inferior QLC flash memory.

The SSD is PCIe Gen 3 so it won't be suitable for the PS5.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Shopping Express

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    I'm surprised they still have stock of this model, great price.

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    • People really should tag their deals properly because it doesn't show. Also expired deal.

      • It's had free delivery since the sale started, but yeah the OP didn't make that clear in his title, only the description.

        Anyway, I spotted it earlier too, good price. Also, MX Master 3 $99 + delivery for anyone interested, don't think there's been a post for it.

      • Didn't neg you, but I'd just like to mention I only recently un-expired the deal after someone commented that the deal ends on Monday. At the time of posting my deal was expired.

        • Negs likely came from hahayes and freefall101 so it's all good.

          • @Clear: No idea why I got negged twice too lol, literally what I said are facts. Didn't neg you either.

        • FYI I added some tags to your deal just so it pops up in the search for others (and also acts as a useful price history in the future).

          • +1

            @jace88: Thanks Jace, I'll remember to add the relevant tags in future.

          • @jace88: Putting Twix and alvian to shame there.

  • Just wondering if I should get this or the KC2500 for extra $10 at $135?

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      KC2500 easily. Much faster, and I personally haven't had a good experience with the A2000. Write speeds are around 600MB/s even when empty, and I've tried different devices too.

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        If sustained write is something important, why recommend KC2500? Sure, it will beat A2000, but once the SSD is filled up, the final sustained write drop is not looking pretty for KC2500. I guess if you don't try to clone a 1TB drive in one go, it is still pretty good.

        The much improved random read and random write is great (since that's actually quite important for general use), but sequential performance is somewhat mixed, especially when the SLC cache is used up.

        I guess if it is just $10, might as well go for KC2500. All these slight drop in SSD prices sure are tempting.

        • No not sustained. It gets 600MB/s in CDM. Pretty piss poor.

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            @Void: Crystal Disk Mark? Sequential write, I get 1552MB/s for A2000 (I just did a test) and that's on a PC's chipset NVMe lanes, not the CPU NVMe lanes (coz. my primary m.2/NVMe is a better one). Obviously, that's actually measuring the SLC cache speed. If it is 600MB/s sequential write for A2000 1TB, I'd return it (likely a faulty unit).

            • @netsurfer: Tbf mine was 500GB but I still expect over 1GB/s CDM sequential for an empty drive. I've tested on a B350M board, a B450M board, and I'm now using it in my Dell laptop. All of them have this issue.

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                @Void: Something is seriously wrong with that A2000.

                • @netsurfer: I checked my CDM scores on my A2000 500GB and it was 2030.56MB/s SEQ1M Q8T1, and 1906.12MB/s SEQ1M Q1T1. Even randoms, RND4KQ32T16 was 611.95MB/s.

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      • +shipping?

        • Ah true, I'm near a PLE so normally just pick-up.
          But yeah for others that's probably not applicable.

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      Can get 970 Evo Plus 1TB for $140 delivered on eBay currently (and can claim Far Cry 6).

      • which seller?

        • I think it's Futu. Should probably mention that price requires Afterpay and eBay Plus.

          • @MiscOzB: yeah, i was just looking at their listing and was wondering how you got it down to $140. still, at $149 with the eBay Plus coupon is still a decent price. might pick this up for my ssd enclosure.

            • @hate: It's an overkill for SSD enclosure, I am going to assume it's for USB 3.1/3.2 gen 2 enclosure? You need to bear in mind those are PCIe gen 3 x2 based. Anything above 1000MB/s sequential is not something you will be able to benefit.

              You are also aware of the 3 chipsets to choose from right (the pros and cons of each one)?

        • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/362562014050

          AfterPay also required… so not really a deal for most people I guess. These AfterPay add-on discount deals sure are tempting…

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            @netsurfer: Not to mention you can still stack with discounted gift cards (leaving minimum $1 to pay with Afterpay). 3% cashback on eBay cards via ShopBack so just buy $135 worth to get another ~$4 off.

            Edit: This deal just made it even better… 20% off + 10% cashback, no Afterpay required.

            • @MiscOzB: LOL… yeah, it's Cyber Monday today. Makes sense to have some IT toy deals.

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      Agreed with CompulsiveOzB, I'd rather go for Samsung 970 Evo Plus. Otherwise, could consider NV1 ($99) if it is for a non system drive (3 year warranty only with low TBW - not a lot of overprovisioning).

      Honestly, for most of us, majority of NVMe SSDs are overkill.

      • I ended up deciding

        1. Kingston NV1 @ $99 (Shopping Express)
        2. Kingston KC2500 @ $125 (PLE pickup)
        3. Samsung Evo 970 Plus @ $140 (Futu Ebay)

        I couldn't get the "20% off + 10% cashback" to work

        So I opted for the NV1 which was only for gaming … so suits my needs.

        On that note does anyone know how long delivery takes to Melbourne ?

  • Thanks, bought 2

  • Would be great if they made a 4TB variant.

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    THe KC2500 is a bit cheaper on Amazon.

    At the moment its an extra $10 off for Prime members. I've just ordered for $123.00 delivered using the phone app, code MAX10


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      what did it say for shipping for you … coz it tells me 1 -2 month dispatch

      • oops, I missed that. Although I'm not anxious for it.

        Just as well I didn't post this as an Ozbargain or I'd really be copping it now, eh? ;-)

        NB Just checked - "Expect delivery by 26th December"

    • Tried the code myself - "cannot be applied to your purchase"

      • I had to use the phone app. Did you do that?

        • +1

          Yeah. Tried on the phone app and also the iPad app - same error all round. Maybe I've already used the code for something? Possible.

          $133 is still a decent deal.

    • Would this also stack with Amazon gift cards bought through Shopback?

      • I don't know. I don't understand Shophack. Have used it a couple of times, never received anything back.

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    Still waiting for a good 2tb deal

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