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Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres: Buy 3 Get 4th Free @ Bridgestone


Deal is back live. Looks like it's timed for EOYS

Valid dates from 01/12/2021 to 31/12/2021


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    Bought 4 re003 245/35r19 last time this deal was on $670 for 4. This time it's $837.

    • +30

      Inflation has entered the chat

      • +40

        That's pretty normal. You don't want to be driving on deflated tires…

    • you need new tyres already??

      • RE003 don't last forever

      • Loses about 1mm per motorkhana round for me.

    • Seems like the tyre dealer padded the individual tyre price so you pay the same. I've seen that before. I ask for an individual tyre price… then the deal. Avoids this sort of muckery.

      Not that the RE003's lasted well on the coarse surface up here in in FNQ. Quickly got bald.

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      Is $720 through Tyresales.com.au… including delivery, fitting, balancing and disposal of old tyres. The cost will vary depending on postcode.

    • +4

      anything in particular please?

      • -3

        Heard they only last around 25k km at best ymmv.

        • +15

          Definitely not the case, unless you're driving like Max Verstappen.

          • @miller0: Super super max max super max max super super..!!

        • +7

          They’re a softer type designed for more performance and grip. I’d be lucky to get 25k km haha

        • +3

          @Jugganautx yeah, no that’s incorrect, they have a much longer life than 25k km.

        • +1

          When they were first released, 25k was about right.

          Since then, (rumour has it that) Bridgestone has changed the formula so that after ~10k the tyres wear to a harder (read: less grippy) compound to last longer

      • +5

        They're good, but they're like a B+ in terms of grip.

        For the same price pilot sport 4s give much better performance

        • +5

          For the same price pilot sport 4s give much better performance

          Same price point?
          They don't have my size, but the closest I found is 235/35r20 for $318 before discount, the Pilot Sport 4s are $450

          • +3

            @1st-Amendment: Don't confuse the PS4 with the PS4S, big difference in price but both better that the RE003. Depending on size either both or only one version will be available. PS4 regular pricing is normally cheaper than the RE003 in the same size. Discounts on Bridgestone are normally larger.

            Size matters with pricing sometimes a slightly wider tyre can be cheaper good if your wheel can accommodate.

          • @1st-Amendment: Sorry, meant to write pilot sport 4's, the 4S is definitely a bit more expensive

        • +3

          Pilot sport 4 is never the same price as this.

          • +5

            @drprox: On a 235/40/R18 tyre I got a set of Pilot Sport 4's for almost the same price as this deal around a year ago, paid $650 (after $100 cash back), whereas for the RE003's it's $645

            These two being a comparable price at times isn't unheard of, and the Pilot Sport 4's are a MUCH better tyre imo

            Prices have probably changed a bit since then though, covid tax and all

            • +2

              @Explorejupiter: Can confirm this. Got my 215/45R18 PS4s 6 months ago instead of RE003 because of similar pricing.

              The PS4s cost a lot more only for those rare sizes like someone mentioned his is R20?

            • +3

              @Explorejupiter: Agreed. Went with PS3 after running RE003 prior. Michelin are better in nearly every aspect. Better wet traction, better dry traction, better compliance, less nvh, better treadwear and can be had for similar pricing when 4 for 3 offers are around or even as recently as the black Friday sales at Jax tyres.
              The only things I'd say the Bridgestone had over the Michelin was that they felt sportier due to the stiffer sidewall and the re003 look better.

              • +1

                @JF: As an avid car enjoyer but also tightass money conserver I use to go with the Potenza's as they happened to always be cheaper at the times I needed them, then I bought a set of Work XSA04c's from a guy that were already wrapped in some fresh Pilot Sport 3's, from that point on I never looked back

              • @JF:

                Better wet traction, better dry traction


                • +1

                  @TruthNuke: He's not kidding, both wet and dry performance are significantly better, not that the RE003s are bad, but these are much better value for $ performance wise

        • PS4s are not in the same category

        • +1

          Michelin PS4S are one of the best tyres money can buy. It's no coincidence that many performance cars have them as stock.

          RE003's don't even belong in the same room as PS4S :)

        • For a full set ps4s are around $140 more for 235/40r18 at the moment (cheapest prices for both re003 and ps4 being compared). Definitely not the same price.

        • PS4 are better but are much dearer.

        • How does this compare to Pirelli P Zero?
          I got P Zero at the moment and read PS4 is better but dearer, would this be better than P Zero?

          • @skylinebmwm5:

            How does this compare to Pirelli P Zero?

            The reviews I read have them at about the same level. My PZero's are due for replacement soon too but they are such a good tyre it's hard to see a need to spend more.

        • B+ is really optimistic. I heard incredible things about the RE003 being a cheaper performance tyre (coming from AD08R, RE71R, RS4). Ended up sliding everywhere on the road like I was wearing ice skates. 😂

      • Noisy, not that grippy.

        • The newer version is quite a bit better in the comfort and noise department.

    • +1

      I agree. I found they took too long to warm up for good grip. So thats fine if youre doing a track day, but for general commuting I found them to be a bit too slippy for a 10 min drive and especially in the wet.

  • Good timing & deal, thanks op.

    Also, what's everyone's opinion on the RE003??

    • +7

      Been very happy with mine. I get 50-60k km before replacing. Claimed this deal 3 times i the past.

      • +4

        Do you drive a small car? 50-60k km for these tyres is unheard of haha

        • +7

          Straight line from the driveway to coles

        • Non turbo Impreza hatch. Inflated to 42 psi.

          • @krellious: 42psi


            What size rims?

          • +1

            @krellious: at 42 you are basically floating…

            • +2

              @kekw: No wonder they don’t wear down , the car isn’t even touching the road

        • I have a Ford Kuga 2016 AWD SUV with these tyres.. Bought tyres in April 2019 part of the same deal.. Coming upto 40K and I am sure easily another 10K with the amount of tread remaining… Grip is great especially in the wet…

          • @MaxPower1982: same here, have them on my Ford Escape 2017 AWD SUV 2L. Seem pretty good in the dry but im not so sure about the wet comment, however its only recently started raining here in FNQ and will know more soon. 15k currently (don't drive much) but very font heavy accelaration on the escape. The stock tyres only lasted 30k on the front.

        • +1

          The current set on my GC8 WRX are at about 50,000kms and just coming up for replacement.

          I have them on my Mk6 Golf R as well. I had to replace the rears way too early but that was an alignment problem which scrubbed them badly.

    • +3

      I have not bought any other tyre for the past 5 or so years, across a few different cars.
      They're an excellent tyre in both wet and dry conditions, and last a considerable amount of time (I got 50,000km out of one set).

      • Do you ever rotate your tyres or just keep them as is for the whole 50k?

        • Rotated at every service

    • +1

      I have an FGX G6ET. I've used these 3 or 4 times. Tried Pilot Sport 4S once too. The Pilot's are better obviously, but the RE003 are a great tyre. I have them on again just now, and due for a change, so this deal has timed well.

      I do a lot of commuting, 40,000km a year. I get around 40,000km out of them, and that's driving hard a lot of the time. Though I think I'm closer to 50,000 this time.

    • I was chasing more compliance in the sidewall for a better ride (xr6 turbo), which I definitely got with the RE003.
      They seem to use a softer sidewall to get their grip? if that makes sense.
      Theres a lot of traction there for any given width, not a great tyre for powerskids. Tyre life fore some is a non issue, I replace tyres when theyre old and cracked.

    • Heaps of road noise with this tyre especially on coarse chip roads. Plenty of grip though.

    • +2

      I bought a used car and spent 2 years driving on the tyres it came with, when I got the RE003 it completely fixed the hard ride and it was like a whole new experience.

      I wish I had gone straight to buy them the day I bought the car.

    • I replaced the OEM Bridgestone RE050's on my 2010 SV6 ute with the RE003 at 48000km in Dec 15 - the size is 245/45r18. Now at 110,000km I have just replaced two, the other two being due in maybe 5,000km (I don't let them get right down to the indicators so could get maybe 10,000 more out of them before they're illegal). So, I've had some excellent wear. Grip is good in wet and dry, confidence inspiring, although they're quite stiff in the sidewall. Ended up going with Falken FK510 which I'd had before on another car, they're grippy as hell and more comfortable, quieter too. Would also look at Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 5 and the Continental MC6 which look great on the rim and of course Michelin Pilot Sport 4 if you can get them for similar price.

  • Conti MC6 going slightly cheaper @ B Jane. $248 a corner, if that's your thing.

    • Not really, unless you get the 4th free like this deal

      • Works out slightly cheaper for me. $335 x 3 or $248 x 4

  • This is always a great deal when it comes up. I’ve used the Potenza RE00X’s on my daily for many years, great product. 10/10 can recommend.

  • +1

    Beautiful tyres but very short lifespan, personally would not get them again

  • I have these on a golf, rotated every 10k. Done just over 25k. Still plenty of meat left. For the price can't go wrong.

  • +3

    I have had 35K out of mine on a Golf R, which I drive like I stole, and they have about 5-10K left.

    Is it possible to buy and get this deal now and have them fitted later when I need them?

    • +1

      I have had the same, but i find these have really back road noise, especially on rougher tar

    • That's huge distance. I get about 10k out of PS4s on an ND MX5. Are these much better in terms of durability compared to PS4?

      • +1

        I had the OEM PS4's when i got the Golf, they lasted about 24k, however after getting the RE003's im at 55k with at least 1/3 to go.

        I found the PS4's better in the wet, but RE003's awesome in the dry, great feedback too

        • Oh, please buy a set of AD08R tyres. It will blow your mind. They last fairly long too.

          • @dealhunt3r: I’ve had a few Yoko’s over the years, good tyres, but since I moved to Bridgies, been very happy.

            What is the wear rate on these? Have you had the RE003’s?

  • +1

    If you don't have a sports car wait for the Bridgestone turanza deal, I drive 6 days a week for work, have had over a year and still tonnes of tread

    Very grippy, especially in the wet

  • +1

    This or the Pirelli Cinturato P6/7 ?

  • +4

    Hi OP, the Turanza Serenity Plus is also 4th tyre free. You might want to add to post.


    • +2

      How's the Serenity? 🏰

      • +2

        That's goin' straight to the pool room!

      • +1


        Got 87,000kms out of a set of Bridgestone Serenity plus on a Honda Jazz with regular tyre rotation every 10,000km. it still had another 15,000 or 20,000km tops left in them but felt like replacing them sooner rather then letting them go past the final wear indicators was a safe choice.

        Back then i think i paid ..no joke.. around $450 (with a similar buy 3 get 1 free deal) at the time.

        They are great in the dry and are classified as a "luxury touring tyre" , but in the wet you probably don't want to push them ..its not super easy to get wheelspin but if you push them then they can break free easy. i remember pulling out of a servo driveway once in the wet and just keeping my foot to the floor …tyres kept spinning about 100m down the road before it finally caught grip and then managed to take off. if they were wider then 165 or was driving a car with traction control at the time then i am sure it would not of been as pronounced.

        I am not the one to complain about "noise levels" in tyres …at the end of the day your in a car and its going to make noise so suck it up princess but basically i never felt they were bad tyres , for the price its a great tyre for a standard commuter or highway runs. i would not purchase a set for "spirited driving" by any means , thats what the RE003's are for.

      • Not quite as grippy, but more durable.

  • +1

    Great all-round tyre for daily and spirited driving, but falls short as a track day tire, although it is hard to beat this price/value ratio.
    I recently switched to Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and found them to outperform the RE003 but they are about $200 extra a set

  • There seems to be a lot of buy 3 get 1 free deals around. Is this deal specifically cheaper or are these tyres better? Sorry I'm a bit of a tyre noob.

    • +2

      You'll find these buy 3 get 4th free deals happen at the same time at all tyre shops. It's just a good deal, as the tyres are really good.

  • +3

    They were around $250 each 6 months ago when it was buy 3 get 4th free. Right now, they are close to $300.

    Paying extra $150 to save $300 make this buy 3.5 get the last 0.5 free.

    Edit: Don't go through the BridgeStone stores. I just checked Bob Jane and they are $272 each for the same tyres compared to $305.

    • Do Bob Jane offer 4 for 3? Also, Bob Jane have been known to sell tyres past their use by date

      • Yup, they do offer the same 4 for 3 deal for Bridgestone and Dunlop. Also up to $100 for Michelin.

        YMMV. I only have good reviews for Bob Jane both at Haberfield and Gladesville.

        • I used them twice about 15 years ago and swore I would never go back.

          First time they gave me rubbish Michelins two of the four bubbled (hence why I now know to always check the dates on the tyres as these were old)

          Second time, scratched the crap out of my rims and lost a cap and locknut.

          • +1

            @snipercat: You get those cowboy workers wherever you go. I got one of my wheel bolt cross threaded at my authorised Toyota service centre once and the bolt snapped when trying to unscrew the nut. Never went back to them again. Just luck of the draw.

            Regarding the manufacture dates, you could ring and confirm the dates before buying and double check before/after the tyre replacement.

            • @DarkOz: True, but people get only get two chances with me and my car, sometimes even one ;)

      • Do Bob Jane offer 4 for 3? Also, Bob Jane have been known to sell tyres past their use by date

        @snipercat , same with Tempetyres

        But as long as the tyres are a good brand/model it won't start to matter unless its over 4 years old and you are trying to push them to the Nth degree.

        From experience but (not in all cases as i don't want to sledge Tempe as they do sell good tyres cheap) they are usually on the 3-4 year marker unless they have to specifically order your tyre in , their business model is purely how fast they can get you in and out (volume and speed) and the amount of tyres i see get delivered to them whilst waiting for my own to be fitted is a sight to see , not to mention how many bays and hired staff they have for tyre swaps and they are still usually chockers. i do appreciate they recently expanded and next door they own a nice warehouse in the shade they park your car in after its done with security cameras so its nice and cool and safe.

        Also some of the tyres they sell arn't OEM which allows them to pass on a nice discount sometimes , you will sometimes see tyre options as (MO , AR , ST) as an example …you are buying the tyre model but there are intricate differences between the tyres not just in terms of construction but the overall performance also.

    • +1

      I've usually foud Jax to be the cheapest, in my area at least. And they have the deal too obviously. Though I haven't compared prices on this occasion, yet.

    • +1

      so jump in your time machine and go back to buy them at the lower price?

      there is a number of forces that would be pushing the price higher at the moment.

      • How about looking for other better valued shops or tyres?

  • +1

    does anyone have feedback on these vs S001?

    edit: NVM, it is cheaper to go through tyresales ($179ea for 245/40/18) vs this deal ($187ea)

    • interesting, you still get the deal but pay less than RRP. Love it

  • How do these compare to the PIRELLI DRAGON SPORT?, I currently have the RE001's but the Pirelli's were 50% off so I have a quote for 4 x PIRELLI DRAGON SPORT's for $423. I only really drive on the weekends to golf so don't really need a performance tire anymore. Is it worth spending a little more on the RE003's?

    • +2

      I had a dragon sport replacing a Maxx TT on my car after a puncture. I would rate Dragon Sport < Maxx TT < RE003 < PS4

      • Is that rating based on performance or value or both?

        • It's based on performance and preference.

          There is nothing wrong with Dragon Sport and they are the cheapest.

          My OEM Maxx TT is surprisingly expensive very closely priced to the RE003.

          I ended up getting PS4 due to the wet performance and quietness. The family car is driven daily for school runs and work runs especially during the wet.

    • +3

      Don't over complicate it. Tyres from the big reputable brands pitched at the same performance level will all perform within ballpark and much better than a budget brand. Sure one might be slightly better than another. But unless you are constantly trying to get a personal best against the gps everytime you go to golf, does it really matter.

      You would be much better off stressing over proper tyre mantinence (wheel alignment, pressure etc)

      • Cheers, nice response, i'll go with the Dragon Sport's then and save the coin for other bargain's :)

        • The Dragon sport isn't competing with this, the P-Zero's compete with this. The Dragon Sport is a tier below. That said if you're talking about the mycar deal stick with that cause it's a stupidly good bargain

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