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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 256GB $1299 / 512GB $1449 after $500 off and $700 Trade-in Bonus @ Samsung Store


Killer deal on the Fold 3.
Further discounts:

  • Take another $50 off with the newsletter voucher.
  • Claim another $100 voucher through chat (Just say that you are trying to buy a new device but your current device is ineligible for Trade-in).

Brings it down to $1149 for 256GB, $1299 for 512GB.

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    • That is so quick!

    • Damn.. that's quick.

      Ordered at 3am this morning. I wonder if the courier samsung uses delivers Saturday…

      Also wondering about that trade in also

      • +1

        They send via startrack and interestingly don't send out tracking details.if you have an auspost account, log in there and it'll automatically appear if you've ordered with the same shipping and contact details

    • Nice.

      Mine seems to be stuck in Sydney via startrack.

      I ordered at lunchtime yesterday and it was dispatched last night but hasn't managed to make it to Melbourne yet.

      Fingers crossed it arrives today somehow, or with some luck startrack/auspost still deliver it on the weekend

  • Anyone else’s order pending approval? Mine has been pending for 24 hours now… called up and they said there’s some sort of error preventing it from being processed :(

    • Mine is status: Preparing dispatch. Ordered yesterday afternoon.

  • zF3 checkout:
    Your trade in discount plus your $450 trade in bonus has been applied. Bonus $450 offer ends 20 December 2021.

    no more 700

  • Damn was going to buy today.

  • Sad expired already wtf. Only been 24 hours

    • Yeah esp when said expiry 20th.

      • +2



      • Yeah that's pretty dodgy. I got my $700 discount and it said on the receipt that it was valid until 20 Dec. And then they change it overnight. Pretty suss…

        • Dodgy samsung is. Imagine people who bought it at 30% off thinking they got a great deal. They have basically killed the second hand market for the fold and to be honest after ordering one, I am having second thoughts even though this is going to be my secondary phone. I might return it.

    • +1

      It would appear my case of fomo was justified!

  • +1

    Just received. Very fast delivery.

    • Are you in NSW by any chance?

    • When have you ordered? I am in NSW

    • When did you place your order?

    • When did you order?

    • +1

      Ordered mine this morning and its dispatched… wondering if startrack deliver on Saturdays…. I'm thinking no… I've found that Harvey's is doing a sale on fold 3 cases.. but no stock anywhere.

      Found a cheap case at jb… Will try and get the Samsung shop to match Harvey's price this weekend

      • Sadly they don't normally deliver on Saturdays… That is unless they have started their Christmas extended delivery hours… Might be possible give it's December

        • I just got tracking details.. it's due on Monday :(

          • @hippyhippy: Mine was due today… But after a long wait on the phone to auspost and startrack, there was a processing error so it never left Sydney….

            Fingers crossed it arrives on Monday

            • @edrift: Happened exactly same thing to my parcel. Still sitting in NSW

    • Very quick!
      Ordered midnight, already at a delivery depot.
      But ETA Monday as they don't deliver on Saturdays.

    • Placed the order around 8 am yesterday. Just took half day to MEL

  • has anyone elses order been stuck at waiting for approval?

    • Call them and ask them to progress it. I had the same issue. After calling them, it went to in progress within 10-15 mins

      • Phone no?

  • I just purchased this phone because of you. Thanks.

    • U just get the 450 off?

  • If I trade up a cracked screen phone which values 50$ , will Samsung return it and I Will be charged 50$ ? or also they will charge me the trade up bonus 450$ which will bring the price to actual ? can anyone explain

  • -1

    what is EDS and CDS code ? loyalty discount is 100 or 200? does that also depend on anything ?

  • +2

    I am in NSW. ETA was on Monday. Star track just delivered the phone now.

    • Very lucky.

      Sadly mine is still lost with auspost/startrack

  • Seems Startrack deliver on weekends at the moment. Current status is:

    It's coming today
    Most recent update
    Onboard for delivery

    Date & time
    Sat 4 Dec, 9.47am

  • After 12 hours of usage
    Battery sux and take ages to recharge
    Photos are shit

    I am missing my huawei P30 pro

    • Ohhh is it that bad… maybe it was good I missed it. Let us know after a few day's use.


    • +1

      What if use the correct charger maybe faster.

    • Can't expect much from Samgsuck. They've always been shit unfortunately they have a massive marketing budget so everyone has the misconception they make good phones.

  • Yes personally I am not liking it. Battery draining so fast. Then take two+ hours to charge. Call quality is pretty bad compared to P30.

  • -1


    If you do not to return your device in 7 days , you will be automatically charged the value of the trade-in credit plus a $60 (AUD) administration fee. Samsung may also charge you for any additional bonus credit which was applied to your order.

    Not sure if this is really followed but it's contrary to what I have been hearing here quite some time

    • Read from page 1

      • -1

        Here is the link to t n c.

        Scroll down n click on 'trade-in returns' - faq has this q n a

        Hope I am wrong

        • Read from page 1 of this thread not samsung

    • I got the S21 in a similar trade in deal a few months ago. I didn't send in the phone, and was charged only the trade-in value and not the trade in bonus.

    • This is just an faq and not T n Cs, so ignore my previous comment

  • +1

    Is anyone else in Melbourne still.waiting for their phone?
    Mine is bouncing around back and forth in the distribution centres in NSW.
    Doesnt seem normal to me, but startrack are just saying it's because it's busy.
    Mine was sent out on Thursday last week

    • I'm still waiting. .. Says Monday, but…………

    • Still waiting for mine too. ETA tomorrow, but it's already in Melbourne and didn't get stuck in NSW at all.

      • +2

        Same! Was supposed to get it yesterday but alas!

        • Looks like it's coming today. Hopefully for you too!

  • +1

    Got mine today. Data xfer was really easy connecting 2 phones via USB c. Will take a while to get used to.

    Has anyone received instructions to return the trade in device?

    Actually.. just got an email with instructions…

    • will you be returning?

      • Yeah.. 450 for s20 ultra… that has heat issues

  • Whats the best value charger for this?

    • I use Satechi 108W, it took 1h30 to get full charged

  • Glad I missed this, wasn't hunting for a new phone or a fold but would have jumped on this.

  • Thanks Op, received mine yesterday, $500+$700+$100 = $1300 discount.

  • Woohoo! Phone finally arrived after bouncing around distribution centres many times.

    Came.59% charged. Fast charging is quick using a Lenovo 50w USBC charger it went to 88% in maybe 10mins or so.

    • +1

      Just a heads up, try to use samsung offical super fast charger with it as the lenovo charger may degrade the battery health. It happened to me with my s20 and since then i am only using official charger with the new samsung phones.

      • Yeah not a long term solution. Normally I just use a wireless charger or the 18w Samsung USBC charger

  • Was I living under a rock when this deal came up.
    Missed seeing this and here I was thinking the current 450 bonus is good values :(

    • The $700 was only for 24 hours before they pulled it . Otherwise I would have bought

      • +1

        I think I need to go into rehab. Anythin I want to to buy in a "Deal", and it either was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper just a few days back or does later.
        And its not that the price changes 4 weeks laters, its just days & changes significantly like this is a $250 difference..
        I don't know how the pros do it.. manage the bargain-stress…

        • +1

          If you miss it just wait another week

          Not sure if you can setup price alert.

          Samsung always has discounts. Basically check the date the promotion ends then come back on next day and there's a new promotion.

          • @AussieMark: You think the current $450 bonus is good enough or a better offer may crop up around boxing day?

            • @archieduh: duh, Archie, no one knows the future….

              • @ChiMot: No one knows the future duh but know the past :)
                I have never looked at Samsung website before, so if someone did look at that last year or around sale period can perhaps share their opinion or experience. I am not asking the Oracle to guide me of course, but chit chat to get people's opinions and experience.

            • +2

              @archieduh: Just pay what you're prepared to. Half the people here were waiting to maximise code usage and missed out. I didn't bother and snagged one.

              It's a 3 month old phone. Based on Samsung's past, it won't go half price again till the 12 month mark.

              • +1

                @edrift: hehe. thanks, I think I will let this one pass and put an alert on OzB for Fold for the future.

  • +2

    Wow lucky didnt buy this, check out oppo find N is here

    • +1

      First gen Chinese phone vs 3rd gen Samsung?

      Samsung ftw

      • +1

        You havent check the youtube review…

        • Not available in Australia.

          • +1

            @ballistykx: Software other than oppos apps are buggy and the screen is small

        • I read some reviews.

          What makes a good phone is good software, not necessarily good hardware.

          For something unique like a foldable phone, optimising apps to fit and transition to the folding screen is important.

          I can't see that happening for none Chinese apps given them play store is locked out.

          Even Samsung hasn't gotten it perfect yet, but they've had 3 generations of practice.

          • +1

            @edrift: Only Huawei is locked out of play store

            Not Xiaomi and oppo (also owned by Xiaomi)

  • Has anyone not sent back their old phone as part of a trade-in and was later charged for the trade-in value?

    • They sent me a warning notice advising if they haven't received it within 48hrs they'll charge the trade-in value yesterday.

      • +1

        I’m guessing you can keep all the discounts the deal is still worth it…

        • Yep but my ZFold3 had 3 dead pixels so it is currently with the Samsung warranty team. Should be a replacement (rather than repair) but have not heard back yet.

      • Did they charge your card after 48 hours?

  • Fold 3 trade in discount back to $700 with stock available but there is no Sale discount. Wonder if they put sale discount on boxing day.

  • I still haven’t received any email about trading in my device, been 3 weeks

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