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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Save 40% for only $59.

Our most powerful streaming media stick - 40% more powerful than our previous Fire TV Stick 4K.
Stream more than 200,000 movies and TV episodes. Watch favourites from Netflix, Stan, Disney+, Prime Video, and more, plus listen to millions of songs. Subscription fees may apply.
Watch in vibrant 4K Ultra HD with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+ and immersive Dolby Atmos audio.
With Wi-Fi 6 support, enjoy smoother 4K streaming.

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  • +1

    Does this do all what Chromecast with Google TV does, and will this work with cheap smart TVs like Kogan? TIA

    • +4

      Can’t cast but can mirror. Works on any TV with hdmi

      • +4

        Thats a big negative as casting allows you to go full screen.

      • how mirror differs to casting?

        can you cast on apple tv using youtube app on android and iphone/ipad?

        • +3

          Cast means the device will takeover the play over internet and your phone/tab will become free. Mirror means it's displaying what's going on the phone/tab only.

    • +3

      Yes but imo not nearly as refined and smooth as Chromecast and Apple TV. And yes, should work with just about anything with an HDMI port.

      • +1

        what is it missing?

    • +5

      I installed AirReceiver app and I can cast from Android, iPhone, Macbook, even I can use TV as extended display for Macbook. Kodi also works very well with a lot of addins. With FireTV, can turn on/off TV by voice command through Alexa, Siri. The FireTV remote also works with vol+/- of my TV so I dont need TV remote.

      • -1

        Can’t find AirReceiver on Apple iOS store

        • +2

          Correct, you install it on the Fire Stick and then you AirPlay to it from your Apple devices. You can't get it for Apple TV to enable casting from Android unfortunately.

        • The Airplay Receiver needs to be installed on FireTV so you must find it on Amazon Store.

      • Just confirming you’re referring to the USD2.99 app? If so, the last few reviews suggested that the app didn’t work?

    • +4

      I recently got a 4k Max and actually like it more than my 3rd gen Chromecast. It's much smoother, quicker, doesn't struggle playing 1080p 60fps, can sideload basically anything and with a $1 otg cable can play anything off an external HDD or USB. Only irritating things so far are it's a chore to properly close an app and chatting in a live chat on twitch.

      • Where do you plug in the HDD or USB, I cannot see any ports?

      • +2

        I found it.really responsive and snappy too.

        Huge plus for me was I joined it with two last gen echo plus' I got on clearance and it sounds amazing. Distinct stereo geared around mid ranges for voices and with no lag.

      • Which free app do you recommend to play movies off the external hdd? I’ve bought the otg cable so looking forward to playing videos of family events recorded off my camera that’s been saved to my external ssd.

      • Care to share a link to the OTG cable? I only managed to find unbranded ones.

        • +1

          You don't need a branded one (if that even exists). Unbranded is fine.

          • @cute as ducks: How is the performance of apps installed on the USB? I got an OTG cable and the performance is shocking using Sandisk 32GB USB 2.x.on average apps installed on USB is 6 times slower than internal memory.

        • I just got a cheap unbranded one off ebay.

          • @BigTime11: How is the performance of apps installed on the USB? I got an OTG cable and the performance is shocking using Sandisk 32GB USB 2.x.on average apps installed on USB is 6 times slower than internal memory.

        • +1

          I paid $15.99 for this one and it works seamlessly. I’ve connected the Ethernet cable to avoid wifi issues and also have my ssd and my wireless mouse/keyboard receiver connected. There’s still a spare usb slot for a future game controller too once I get around to setting up the retro gaming capability.

          The cheap no name ones with separate cable for each individual USB port from eBay or Ali work fine too I’m told but I wanted a “cleaner” look using this “hub” looking one to get the WAF (wife acceptance factor).

    • +2

      This has refresh rate switching which chromecast does not have so this is far better imho.

      • +1

        That feature is coming in Android 12. Like everything they do, Google is slow and reactionary. But it should be there in a future firmware update.

  • +2

    Does this finally make FireSticks a viable option for game streaming?

    • You have to sideload the Xbox app to use Gamepass streaming, it's not available in the Amazon app store.

      • Sideloading is my second middle name

        Steam is the first :P

  • +1

    Is it worth $59 for me to upgrade from Fire Stick 4k?

    • +2

      Google review stated No

    • +2

      I bought a 4K max last week and I find it to perform similar to the original 4K stick which I still use in the other room. On paper it is about 20% faster, 2GB of memory (1.5GB on original), WiFi-6 and hardware AV1 codec decoding.

      • any tips and tricks on app i should install on this firestick? so far, i only install 7+ and sbs on demand

        • +6

          Check this out. I am waiting for the USB cable to be delivered.


          • @bigbadboogieman: thanks for sharing, looks great, will do some research on it before making decision to install.

          • @bigbadboogieman: Thanks for sharing that!

            I was pondering the options for this sort of usage!

            • @ArjaytheGuy: Yeah imagine this on an 85" TV.. I am eagerly awaiting delivery of the splitter cable that connects an external USB or LAN card.

        • +1

          I put on all the catch up services and VLC

          • +1

            @Chiang: Why would you use VLC instead of Kodi?

            • @PainToad: Force of habit and simplicity. Used MP and Kodi over the years but my server needs set up. Just a temp solution without many files.

        • Update: I got the OTG Splitter cable. Basically I was able to install the official PSP emulator from https://www.ppsspp.org/ and pair my XB1 controller to the Firestick 4K Max.

          Tweaked the controller to map keys to my preference because PSP =! Xbox and basically was able to run 4 separate games. IMO the experience is better than an actual PSP lolz.

  • -2

    I travel a lot, can I stream to this from an iPhone without having to use hotel WiFi?

    • No work if no wifi

      • +1

        Hotspot from phone no good?

        • +1

          Sorry I mean you can mirror to TV. Just cannot cast. Don't need wifi

          • @Ebaygiftcards: thanks, might be what I need

            • +4

              @Dolphin Trainer: Look at getting a wifi travel router, you just connect the router to hotel wifi then it's a new hotspot for your devices.

              Can also use the LAN cable ports which are on most modern hotel phones,and share that as wifi

              • @Nalar: Yep, will likely be more secure and more convenient as your devices already know the password.

    • +3

      You should be able to set up a mobile hotspot with no problems - https://www.alphr.com/fire-stick-without-wifi/

  • +10

    Don't forget 7% CashRewards. Install SmartTubeNext & never see a youtube ad again on this device.

    • -4

      More info on installing it, where to get, etc?

      • Literally the first result on Google.

        • -1

          Or you could, you know, post up information for other users. Rather than 50 people having to search google, we could click one link.

          • -2

            @dreamstation: You seem confused. Everyone isn't here to be your personal assistant.

            • -1

              @PainToad: Because I'm only taking about myself here. Where's your sense of community?

              Won't be replying to your posts anymore. ndoan has already answered my question and obviously helped out other users as well going by the upvotes on the post.

              • @dreamstation: I mean, don't you already have a subs to YouTube india for $3 a month so you don't have to watch an ad ever?

              • +1


                Where's your sense of community?

                Beaten out of me by self entitled people.

                Instead of thanking dojomojo for letting you know about SmartTubeNext, you just complained. Actions like that don't lead to a sense of community.

                • @PainToad: Agree. Gratefulness seems to be harder and harder to come by each year in this age of instant gratification

    • installed smarttube recently on my nvidia shield.. absolute god send

    • +3

      not just youtube ads but sponsorblock to skip the ads within videos

  • Is it good to side load an app such as kodi and stream local network media? Bought a c1 and need a cost effective solution. The webos sucks.

    • +1

      I use plex on mine and available on the Amazon store

    • I I have both Kodi and Plex installed on my 4k model. It works great

  • How easy is this to replace a Mi TV setup with Kodi and ext HDD? I am stuck on the external hdd for my media, don't know what do with it.

    • +1

      With the Firestick, you will still be stuck with Kodi and ext HDD as it only comes with 8gb internally and a micro USB power/OTG port. But you then have to get an OTG cable for the hdd and Ethernet if you want it hard wired. It can get messy. Sounds like you need some sort of NAS setup to run Plex or similar.

    • I have a raspberry pi OMV NAS setup to stream media to my firestick 4k. So I don't need to connect anything to the firestick. Besides, it can stream 4k contents without any problem.

  • +9

    Price hasn’t changed since this deal was posted.

  • No kayo support kills this for me (unhappy owner)

    • +2

      Have you tried to sideload the kayo app?

    • +3

      Sideloading Kayo and Binge work well. Grab a launcher whilst you're at it and this is actually a decent device.

      • +1

        Any recommendations on a launcher?

        • +4

          Wolf is popular. I'm a huge fan of Leanback. Also these launchers fix the issue some fire TV sticks have with sideloading apps not showing their icons.

      • I haven't tried for a while, but sideloading Kayo and Binge hasn't worked for me with my old Gen 2 USA FireStick.

    • +1

      I use the Kayo addon in Kodi, works better than the official app.

      • +2

        You lose the nice kayo interface, but has heaps of flexibility in terms of streams available.

  • +1

    I have a smart TV, but I feel like getting this just because the software might be quicker. Can anyone confirm? Also can you use the Amazon remote to control the TV's volume and power?

    • +1

      Much quicker than my Sony X9000E I think it is?

      Yes and yes to your other question!

      • Awesome, yeah I got unknown LG model that's abit on the slow side. WiFi 6 is a cool benefit too

    • +1

      Mine working with old TV…. When I click the OFF button, the TV and firestick off at the same time

    • I've got a 10+ year old Samsung LCD TV that I'm using the 4k stick on. It's very responsive and provides better quality streams than chromecast. Switched from Chromecast last year and won't look back. The remote with the 4k stick is super handy and easy to use for the size. (and yes it controls your tv as well, volume, power etc).

  • Anyone using this with a LG C1? I can’t seem to use the C1 remote or a mouse cursor to click/select things in apps that I sideloaded. Every time I click on something like resizing screen, select account settings etc, the hdmi menu pops up which is annoying.

      • +1

        It’s not that. I can connect the remote to the firestick but it doesn’t let me to use a cursor to select things. In the apps that I sideloaded like Twitcasting and stuff, you can only use the connected C1 remote to select items using the Arrow and ‘OK’ buttons. If you want to use the cursor and click, it doesn’t do anything and the hdmi menu pops up. It is very annoying because in some apps it is impossible to select items like account settings, resize screen using just the Arrow button. It’s like using only a computer’s tab key hoping if could jump to the option that you want.

        I have the same problem when using a mouse. It is definitely a problem on the C1’s end.

  • Anyone know if has Binge and Paramount Plus? I tired of having to keep changing devices for different streaming services, just want one that can do it all.

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