ANZ Rewards Platinum Credit Card - 100,000 Reward Pts with $1,500 Spend in 3 Months, $95 Annual Fee ($0 First Year)


Reposting because the previous deal was marked as expired for some reason, else wouldn't have reposted it.
Churn away (provided you haven't burnt through the better ANZ Rewards Black Card offer) - This is for those that don't quite make the Black income requirements or don't want to take on $15k worth of credit. Worth around

Earn 100,000 bonus Reward Points (~$440 in value)
and $0 annual fee in the first year on your new ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card.
Bonus Reward Points earned when you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval

To apply for an ANZ Rewards Platinum credit card, you need to:
Be 18 years of age or over, and
Be a permanent Australian resident or a non-permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa
Have a good credit rating. Find out more about Credit Reporting
Ensure if applying for an offer, you don’t currently hold and haven’t opened or closed an ANZ Rewards Black, ANZ Rewards Platinum or an ANZ Rewards credit card in the last 12 months and meet all other offer eligibility criteria

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  • Whats considered an eligible purchase? Are woolies or prezzee gift cards eligible?

    • It is! Pretty much everything you can pay is an eligible purchase included gift cards.

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      From the description:

      Eligible purchases exclude interest charges, fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, transactions for gambling or gaming purposes and reversed or refunded transactions will not count towards your qualifying eligible purchases.

      There is a more extensive list in the T&C but Gift card purchases are eligible.

      • would paying afterpay or zippay using this credit card be an eligible purchase?

    • Bills

    • +5

      Gift cards are always eligible spent which earn points. :)

      • Good to know, thanks

  • Do they slug you with international transaction fees like the black card too?

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      yes this card, like many, attracts an international transaction fee

    • +2

      Yes. There are much better options for international purchases - Revolut or 86400 (for pre-paid/debit) or 28Degrees (for credit).

    • ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures Card. offering 40k points at the moment and offers no int trf fees.

      Ive had this card for around 5 years. Used to include a free return flight on Virgin per year but dropped it after Virgin got bought out.

  • Thanks for reposting.

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    I got this card like two weeks ago. I'm looking at redeeming Amazon gift cards, of which you can get $450 worth for 100,005 points (you'll accumulate a few extra points with the spend requirement).

    ANZ Customer service is… Mediocre at best though, so far… But well worth the inconvenience for $450.

    • +1

      You can redeem online through the anz rewards website, no need to contact customer service

      • +1

        I'm aware, thanks. Actually the rewards team seems pretty useful and helpful—- it was the blame shifting, inaccurate information given while setting up the account that unfortunately soured my experience.

        Once set up and issue free, it's a breeze. Banking side of things seemingly not. In my experience anyway.

        • Ah gotcha, yea I had somewhat of a similar experience while setting up.

          • @DvApps: they have reduced the list of gift card retailers. Back in July you could also get the good guys and jb hi-fi

    • I got my card on 17th Dec. When do we receive our reward points?. I just checked. I haven't received yet.

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    For those into frequent flyers, the ANZ platinum is still available.

    • +2

      Don't forget you can take out both as they're different schemes ;)

      • Fantastic tip. ANZ FF + ANZ Rewards here we go! (70k QFF + $440).

        • Good luck getting approved.

          • @Chridim: I just did on both… the issue is whether can see the card before Christmas spree

            • @thomalfa: Can't the card be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay whilst it is in transit?

              • @DoctorCalculon: if only the full card number can be seen as a whole… i know westpac apps can do this but not sure abt anz

  • I'm still on 12 month wait for ANZ rewards and ANZ Qantas (and Amex and CommBank), any other good deals floating around?

  • I just closed my ANZ card after 12 months… What's the next best option?

    • Velocity Flyer is nice. Spend is bit grindy but easy enough.

      Bonus points each month are instant and travel credit makes it better than free if can use it.

      • Sorry should've clarified, looking for Qantas points….

        • +1

          You can still apply for ANZ frequent flyer card if your closed ANZ card is this rewards one.

          If you’re looking to apply for platinum tier card, either ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or Westpac Altitude Qantas Platinum is good.

          • @me1stt: Sorry confused.. I had a black before, can o open a platinum now?

            • @GuniGuGu: Was your black card with qantas rewards or anz rewards? It just has to be different rewards program.

              • @me1stt: Ahhh ok, well it was Qantas and I still want Qantas points is all…

        • +1

          Qantas website is actually really good at showing all the cards available with all the bonus points.
          Otherwise pointhacks is also a good comparison.

      • When does the bonus points get credited? I've met the spend but have not received no points whatsoever. Are they meant to come when you get your statement?

    • HSBC long term deal. I'm working through it now, about $600 in cashback once you hit 6k spend, and another $100 for putting 6k through debit deposits over 3 months, plus 2% cashback from tapping up to $50 a month.

      • $6K spending for $600 cashback from HSBC deal?

        I only see $3K is needed

        • Ah yeah probably right.

  • -1

    anz hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Anyone knows what their minimum income requirement is?

    • $35k

    • From my experience mate they need most random stuff out of any banks letters from your employers with letterheads or your full detailed bank statements. Explanation FROM YOUR EMPLOYER FOR ANY CHANGE OF EMPLOYMENT (EVEN GOOD CHANGE e.g. Going to FULL TIME FROM CASUAL) or having a PAYRISE. they'll want explanation why your pay rose/down etc. from your employer with letterhead on physical letter.

      AND I can assure you most companies in Australia most give a dam about their employees that much to provide this extreme kinda detail to them with risking their letterheads etc.

  • When the last Deal mentioned

    Reposting because the previous deal was marked as expired for some reason, else wouldn't have reposted it.

    Got expired the ANZ put offer of Only 60,000 points I remember I checked it (they bumped it upto 100,000 points recently I guess)

  • -1

    The main reason I've liked ANZ is they're the only one who gives points and eligeable transaction for BPAY payments

  • I started a new job in the last month. What are people's thoughts on how this will impact my application, or should I wait ~6 months to apply

    • Depends on your probation period. If you are out of probation after 3 months get a letter to that effect. But I have had to wait until after probation, like now I got HSBC card no worries even part-time role but out of probation.

    • Ymmv, but I just got approved for the QFF platinum, 2.5 months into my new job

  • -1

    $0 Annual fee for the first year $95 thereafter *

    Misleading title

    • +7

      No ozbargainer worth his or her salt will keep this to pay the $95.

  • Does it matter in any way if you cancel the card just after reaching spending threshold or keep the card for another couple of months. My question is regarding getting a lower credit score or future rejections on credit cards. Thanks

    • Just make sure the points in your account first.

  • noice, my 12 months is up in a few days, will apply then

  • I applied for the ANZ Black last week, and got declined. It was surprising, given I am on a decent income and thought that my expenses were quite in control, and I pay off my monthly CC bill in full. I have a mortgage and two CCs worth $16k.
    When I questioned this to the ANZ Bank rep on the phone, she said she can't provide reasons behind the decline; only that the "computer says no". Apparently, my online application just feeds the algorithms and humans don't have a say in their decision making, and nor can they overturn the decision.

    • the best workaround for this is to increase the expenses when they ask you those questions about how much you spend per month

    • +2

      2 existing credit cards don't make you the most appealing candidate I've found unfortunately

    • she said she can't provide reasons behind the decline

      Whenever you have an unsecured loan application (i.e. CC or overdraft facility) declined by their applications team, this is ANZ's go-to answer.

    • It seems they will approve those who will likely to make fail payments? Btw I got declined as well :D

    • +1

      hmm i got the ANZ black approved on 90k salary. No mortgage, no loan, no overdraft, no late payment on CC but I did get approved for this despite having commbank low fee, amex plat edge, bankwest zero fee. All 3 CC limit adds up to $35k.

  • I applied for this card on the last deal, ANZ first approved my application then after few weeks rejected my application.

    Anyone have similar experience? And anyone know if it will affect my credit rating?

    • +4

      You aint probably the only one who had this kinda experience.
      ANZ is by far worst in terms of application process

  • Once approved, is there any way to check your account that you are correctly enrolled to the promotion of spending $1500 to get 100k pts?

    • +1

      Yes, I wrote a message to ANZ credit card and they have confirmed it. :)

  • does paying council rates and water bill through bpay count towards the spend or are they treated as cash equivalent transactions?

    • Government spends are usually not counted.

    • i have heard that paying bPay via Beem it counts towards eligible spend, But i aint too sure.

      My guess to you would be to pay your government spend/bPay via an intermediary like Zip/bundl/ or Prepaid Mastercard/Visa Cards. And then pay the balance of these with the CC

  • I applied for this card. I have received many booklets from ANZ to my address but not the card. Also I found annual fees $40 plus $ 55. Is it not free for the first year ?

    • They're sending on different dates. But to AusPost delivery schedule, all arrived same time for me (booklets, card, PIN)

      • Thanks for the response. I got my card just 1 day after the booklets. What about the annual fee, will it be waived for the first year?

  • is this something you can call up anz to confirm whether you eligible for the bonus points or not?

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