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20x Everyday Rewards Points with Apple Gift Cards (Limit 10 Per Member) @ BIG W (In-Store Only)


Another week, another gift card deal from BIG W.

Handy for those who cannot find stock at Woolworths or who would otherwise exceed the one transaction per day limit in Woolworths’ deal, or for those with BIG W storewide Everyday Rewards bonus points boosters.

Offer terms and conditions

  • Offer available from 09/12/2021 to 15/12/2021 for Everyday Rewards members who scan their registered Everyday Rewards Card.
  • Refer to individual gift cards for gift card terms and conditions.
  • Offer limited to 10 gift cards per member.
  • For T&Cs, please visit https://www.bigw.com.au/everydayrewards.
  • Available in-store only.

A note on Everyday Rewards

This deal requires an Everyday Rewards account. If you do not have an Everyday Rewards account, use this link to get 1,500 bonus points as a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus points can take up to 30 business days to be credited to your account. For a limited time, if you sign into your new account through the Everyday Rewards app, you will also get a special booster offer for 1,000 bonus points for shopping at Woolworths.

As a reminder, 2,000 Everyday Rewards points is equivalent to:

  • $10 in Everyday Rewards Dollars, or
  • 1,000 Qantas points.

If you have a question regarding this gift card deal, the answer may be in the dedicated FAQ page!

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  • +2

    $1000 gift cards = 20,000 points = $100 off

    So in this case 10 % off Apple products.

    • Can this card used for Apple education store?

      • Think so.

      • I believe so. Definitely can be used if you redeem the cards prior to your Apple ID balance, then just pay with your Apple ID balance.

      • yes it can.

    • yep you will be hard pressed to find any discount of Apple products in other ways

      • School Locker

    • Good luck trying to convince people this is 10% off, lol

  • If using the HOME giftcard of 15% discount to buy a phone at JBHIFI or The good guys . Isn't it better rather than 10%?

    • +1

      Shopback 5% reward if purchased on Apple store. But yes, direct 15% is better from JB.

      I think you might opt for the Apple cards path if you want to buy custom Apple items (non standard config). The only except was Black Friday to Cyber Monday, where the shopback reward was raised to 8% and Apple handing out Apple cards when buying certain products (~10%).

      I really regret using up my iTunes credits. I got some of those iTunes cards at 50% off. Wish I didn't waste them on navigation apps, which simply introduced new edition of their apps and stop supporting old ones.

      • ShopBack and cash rewards are ineligible if you buy new models, eg iPhone 13, watch 7, some M1 macs etc.

        • Even without the 8%, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you were still able to get 10% + 10%, except one of those 10% you need to spend at Woollies, and the other 10% needs to be spent on another Apple product. A small number of M1 products appear to be eligible, but the new M1 Pro and M1 Max ones (and the M1 iMacs) aren't.

          Right now, yes, there are some products you are better off with the discounted cards for JB.

      • +1

        Tomtom really pissed people off when they pulled that trick. Luckily I was pirating TomTom back then and refused to give them a single cent of my money.

    • Yes of course. If you can find either cards. In jb or tgg, stock for new Apple Watch or iPhones are limited though. And for watch you can only get standard colour combinations in jb or tgg

    • +3

      It would be a better deal for a lot of people, but not for everyone, because you're assuming:

      • You can find gift cards in stock at your local Coles. I searched seven Coles supermarkets on 16 different occasions during the last 15% off deal and found zero discounted TCN gift cards that could be redeemed at JB Hi-Fi. I asked staff to check the gift card storage areas, but they only agreed to do that on two occasions, and on the other occasions, the staff were rather grouchy. To be fair, I'd get grouchy if the 30th person came up to me that day and asked for those gift cards. However, people are not going to go mad and strip all Woolworths and BIG W stores of Apple gift cards, because a bonus points deal is nowhere near as popular…

      • You have a JB Hi-Fi store near you. If your local Coles only stocks the EFTPOS version of the Ultimate Home or Ultimate Kids gift cards, you cannot redeem it online or exchange it for a JB Hi-Fi gift card. JB Hi-Fi could at any time also block Ultimate Home or Ultimate Kids Visa gift cards from being able to purchase digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards in the JB Hi-Fi website, rendering the gift cards primarily in-store only. That means, for example, if you live in Armidale (NSW), the nearest JB Hi-Fi store is in Tamworth (NSW), which is a 90 minute, 110km drive down a mountain, and who knows whether they have the item you want in stock. However, there is a Woolworths and BIG W in Armidale, and Apple will deliver to you in Armidale for free. If I was living in Armidale (which I'm not, it's just the easiest example I could think of), the Apple gift card deal is more convenient if you ask me…

      • You do not have access to the Apple Education Store or various Apple EPP portals. Sure, you can go to JB Hi-Fi and ask them to price match the Apple Education Store, but you generally have to go in-store and actually show evidence of your eligibility, plus you're at the complete mercy of JB Hi-Fi staff in terms of price matching. I also don't think Apple price matches any of Apple's EPP portals. However, Apple rarely checks your eligibility of accessing the Apple Education Store or various EPP portals, so if you're not actually eligible to use these stores, you'll likely get away with it. Also, if you go through the Apple Education Store, you could also get cashback from Cashrewards or ShopBack too!

      • +1

        There are pros and cons of each approach and depends on the product(s) you want to buy.

        The education store, the one you can claim via ShopBack/CashRewards, isn't the cheapest. The cashback (checking Shopback) just got dropped to 1.5% now. So, it might be better to use the AOC store if you want to go down Apple cards path.

        However, most people would have purchased Apple products by now, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Those ones, in quite a number of cases, were better than this education store deal method. I think it is fine to make people aware of the JB option. Just need to do all the calculations, decide which way is better. If you are after Apple accessories, I doubt the EPP, education stores help that much.

    • Please explain

        1. Buy as many Ultimate Home or Kids gift cards from Coles as you need to cover the cost of the new phone. You will get a 15% discount on the face value of these gift cards from 08 Dec (tomorrow) to 14 Dec (next Tuesday).

        2. Go to a JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys store and use the gift cards to pay for that new phone. Alternatively, purchase digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website using the Visa version of the Ultimate Home or Kids gift cards (assuming that still works) and then use an unlimited number of digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards to pay for the new phone on the JB Hi-Fi website.

  • So if you purchase more than 10 cards you won't get the bonus rewards points on any cards purchased after the initial 10?

    Perhaps getting the variable ones are the way to go. (Looking to buy iPhone 13 Pro)

    • That's what the terms of the offer state, but apparently that may not be the case. I have stuck with the 10 per member limit in this deal, as I have not verified this myself.

      You could also go to Woolworths and pick up additional Apple gift cards there too.

  • Shame u can’t use wish gift cards to buy these….

    • +1

      i wish

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