Suncorp Clear Options Platinum Credit Card: 130,000 Bonus Points after $3,000 Spend within 90 Days of Approval, $129 Annual Fee


$511 of profit after meeting spend requirements

The details:
130,000 points
$129 p.a. annual fee
$6,000 min limit
1.25 points per dollar
Spend $3,000 in 90 days
New customers (no Suncorp credit card in the past 12 months)
Offer Expires 31/08/22

Suncorp has increased the bonus from 100k to 130k but has removed the half price first year annual fee. However, you actually end up with a bigger profit (from $426 to $511) because it's easier to cash out your points fully for woolies gift cards.

If redeeming for gift cards:
$500 x 1, $100 x 1, $20 x 2 in Woolworths gift cards, $640 total, with 250 points remaining.
$500 x 1, $100 x 1 in Coles gift cards, $600 total, with 8,650 points remaining.

Will be slightly less profit if you redeem for transaction credit.

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  • +3

    After 2 yrs using this card for mostly everything, we only get to spend the points to buy a $300 gift card.

    • I guess that's still above the cost of the annual fee.

    • +9

      The only way to get any good value from points is the bonus sign up offers. That's why people churn through all the credit cards.

      In the last 2 years I would have had $3000 of gift cards and 500,000 Qantas points.

    • Is that after the spending bonus? After you get the bonus and transfer to gift cards, the card works out to be a $100 gift card per $16k spent. Which doesn't sound great, but that's about average for all the point cards. Citi cards are $20k per $100 gift card, ANZ rewards black and Amex explorer are around $10k per $100 gift card.

    • so you spent about $60,000? sounds about right.

      For credit cards the benefits come from the sign up bonus. Eg: Sign up to this card and get more than double what you got, and you don't need to spend a years salary.

    • This means getting $171 net to put up with Gerry like vacuumheads every year?

  • Does the Suncorp reward points convert to airline points?

    • Want to know this also.

    • +5

      Emirates Skywards 3 Points = 1 Skywards Miles

      flybuys 1.33 Points = 1 flybuys points

      Singapore Airlines Krisflyer 2.5 Points = 1 KrisFlyer Miles

      Velocity Frequent Flyer 2 Points = 1 Velocity

      • +9

        So 65k velocity points for $129? Pretty good deal.

      • 2.66 points = 2 flybuys = 1 velocity

        2 points = 1 velocity

        Great rate to exchange to velocity directly

  • +6

    Love both of your sites (shppngtrlly and now rwrds)

    • Nice…never seen this before.

  • +5

    I like your card reward tracking website with all the numbers and figures neatly calculated and presented!

    • +2

      Yes, that's pretty neat.

      I've just use a Google Sheet to keep track of my applications history. Only about 5 cards /year so not much hassle.

      • +4

        google sheets, high tech

        I just use microsoft notepad

        • +6

          microsoft notepad, sophisticated
          I just use ms paint

          • +4

            @brick007123: Ms paint, fancy
            I just use a white board and marker

            • +4

              @peeppeep: white board and marker, old-school
              I just use toilet paper

        • -2

          Mine all in my head

    • sorry which website is that?

      • OP has a website that track credit card's promos. PM him for it since he has reached the limit for posting third party site.

  • Does “no suncorp card in the past 12 months” mean their credit card only? I have their debit card atm.

  • +3

    Why is she so excited about a credit card?
    She's actually staring at her phone.
    What has happened to warrant this reaction and how does it relate to the credit card?

    • +2

      How about $640 in gift cards?

  • awesome. thank you for sharing and great site

  • It's not recommended to opt-into the Suncorp Qantas Frequent Flyer program, given that there's a $49.00 annual fee involved, cutting into the gift card margin?

  • While this is a good deal, I hate having to pay an annual fee for the "chance" at getting a profit in gift cards.
    Way too much chance of something going wrong and never getting the bonus.

    • Is there a better option for a cheaper/no-fee point earning credit card?

    • +6

      What are you talking about? I have earnt over 40 bonuses over the years and not failed this "chance" once. There were a couple of times that I had to chase up the bank, but screenshots came in handy, and proved my case.

      • How much work involved though? shifting all your bills to another card is a bit of a hassle no?

        • PayPal is your friend. But also I rarely have direct debits set up. The only one where I have to actually call to change payment card is my home insurance.

          • @endolphin: Ah. But then you need to pay all your bills manually - still a hassle :)

            Agree about paypal, but most of my bills don't allow it.

    • +1

      Screenshots and photos of application are your friend.
      If bank is too difficult to deal with to fix, ombudsman is your best friend.

  • Thanks for sharing! and your rewards tracking site is amazing! Easy to understand presented clearly! Great work!

  • +2

    Looks like no Android pay?

    • Google Pay. Correct. They use Citi so no Google Pay there for the credit card.

      • Whats the go between Citibank and Google Pay? They are fighting each other or something?
        I got Coles Mastercard which is managed by Citi and they refuse to work with Google Pay.

        • I actually have a Samsung and have added citibank cards to it, BUT, I find it so crap to use compared with google pay that I just turn off NFC altogether and have my citibank card physically inside my phone case.

          So, I no longer really care about Samsung Pay only cards.

    • Shame on Citibank - certainly a churn card if there is no Google Pay..

  • What's the rate for their cashback and annual fee credit reward options? Seems like you have to have an account to check.

    • +1

      I've got the card (from the past deal) so I thought I'd look. Looks like its around $4.098 per 1000 points. So bonus works out to be 130000/1000*4.098 = $532.74, so around $403.74 of profit after the annual fee.

      • Do you know if they allow pro-rata on annual fees if you cancel early?

  • +3

    Seems Citibank is the provider of the credit card. Anyone know how many cc you can have with Citibank?

    • +1

      thanks for the info. would avoid citi system.

    • I'm currently having 2 Premier cards from Citibank (one from the no-fee-for-life promo and one for Qantas bonus points) and one from Coles (back by Citibank).

  • Cool website. Thanks!

  • Thought I read somewhere Suncorp doesn’t sell giftcards anymore from Jan 2022. Wonder if that will affect redeeming Woolies and Coles giftcards with CC points ?

    • Is that what their announcement is about??? I got this the other day in an email and was wondering if anyone had the inside scoop

      We’ve been busy behind the scenes working on an exciting new rewards program! Launching in 2022, this new platform will help us reward and improve the experience of eligible customers even more. This means Suncorp Benefits, as you know it, will be switched off to make way for this new program

      • I don't think it's that they'll stop selling them. Just they'll change providers, so the mechanism will (and range and pricing may) be different.

      • They are changing the service provider. Apparently in the new one we will have to pay 1% credit card surcharge for gift card purchase. Not sure what changes it will have in terms of discount percentages.

        • Boo to surcharge.. they already don't let me use my crypto visa card.. I hope they'd make it up with higher discounts though

  • Good to see Suncorp throwing their hat in the ring.
    Finally another alternative now that HSBC and Coles seem to of gone MIA

    • +4

      The ANZ Rewards Black deal you had posted earlier in the year is still the best deal so far (if you can fool their "super computers" into saying yes).
      No annual fee for the first year.
      You can cancel the card within the first year after you have cashed out your reward points ~$700 (IIRC).

  • +3

    good deal, $129 for ~53,000 KF miles


    • Yeah especially now that they offer elite status as part of the transfer as well.

      • +1

        only until 28th of Feb 2022

        then I guess it'll be back to status quo.

        Singapore airlines is notoriously ungenerous with their KF program, but you are well rewarded for collecting their points. great award availability, a fantastic 2nd to none flying experience and low co-fees/taxes when booking redemption bookings.

        Qantas is the opposite. generous with their QFF program and points validity, terrible award availability for premium cabins and high co-fees/taxes and a pretty average to poor flying experience (old cabins, old planes, grumpy staff). QFF is run like a business, they sell points to banks et al - its no wonder their QFF program if i recall makes more money than their international flight business

        I collect both as QF has emirites, cathay and qatar as partners and they have products on the same playing field as singapore airlines.

        • I'm halfway through collecting Gold with them so this would help heaps. Yes their hard product is really good and especially now they're starting to finally offer amenity kits.

          • @nightelves: seems like PPS club is where its at but for krisflyer - your points dont expire

            krisflyer gold is kinda like qantas club but slightly better as it allows you access to all star alliance lounges, not just singapore airlines.

            • @MrThing: Don't think you can get PPS with this fast track. I may be wrong.

              • @nightelves: nar you cant, but just saying, PPS is were you get real benefits like qantas offers its platinum and platinum one members.

                • @MrThing: Yeah I'm happy with Star Alliance Gold as it is the highest that's being offered across the different airlines.

                  • @nightelves: Feels like krisflyer silver is like points club and krisflyer gold is like points club plus in terms of the perks

  • Westpac Platinum: no fee for the 1st year with 130k points (worth $650 statement credit).

    Is this any better than the westpac one?

    • +3

      Westpac is better but both wouldn't hurt if you can get approve for it.

      • Thanks for confirming that!

        Just received my 130k pts from westpac, planning to churn..

        • How can you turn it all into rebate with westpac? I just got mine and looks like you can make one rebate claim a year (max is $250 for 50k points)

          I’m a bit nervous to do it in case it doesn’t go straight to a credit on my account

          • +2

            @rodb: No you can definitely claim more than once a year. I can confirm that I got the points a few weeks ago and converted everything to get $650 credits.

          • @rodb: You redeem once but can select the quantities > 1.

            • @timhn: Thanks that did it. Worked up to $650 before submitting the cart.

    • dont forget anz black rewards.

      • +1

        Thanks - the 180K on offer with $0 first year fee seems like the better option

    • Link?

    • +2

      The credit files does stay on for 5 years that is correct but the fact that it impacts on your credit score is entirely wrong. Your credit score goes up believe it or not as it has happened to me and a few others who are churners in here.

    • +3

      pay now buy later

      Sounds like a good business model!

  • how long before you physically get the card after ordering?

    I got like $2000 of expenses to do next week 🤣

    • can take at least 1-4 weeks sometimes

      • Are you talking about Suncorp specifically? Some cards are much quicker, some banks even allow you to use a virtual one before you’ve even received a physical one in the mail (Bankwest from memory).

  • Is this still a VISA card? Isn't citi moved to MasterCard?

  • Nice site. A couple of questions:
    1. How does the site store the card history in the long run? Will the history go off if I clear my cache?
    2. What's the plan for future? Are the websites free to use?

      1. How does the site store the card history in the long run? Will the history go off if I clear my cache?

      Currently its saved in "local storage" in your browser, so if you clear that, it will go. Basically means it's stored in the browser on that particular computer. I'm working on getting the server up and running so you can store it online.

      1. What's the plan for future? Are the websites free to use?

      Oh definitely free forever. Didn't even occur to me that I could charge for it haha.

  • how this one compares to

  • You'll get $111 extra profit with one.

  • +1

    Note, found out that Suncorp credit card is backed by Citibank so no Google Pay.

    • Worked for me a few years ago from memory.

      Could be wrong.

  • Do you know if being an additional card holder counts as having had a credit card within 12 months?

    • No, it doesn’t.

  • woolworths and coles tho

  • Thanks op

  • +1

    does anyone know if Citi still reject apps if you have held other Citi backed cards in the last 6 months? I recall lots of people being rejected for this 1-2 years ago.

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