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Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 Webcam $49.95 Delivered @ Creative AU


Everyone's favourite webcam is even cheaper. Think this is the lowest price for the V2 model ever.

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  • Do they have these without a mic?

    • +2

      without a mic?

      Turn it off or disable it XD

      BTW, finally more discount on v2.

      • Alright I'll get one

        • +4

          Looks like the sales pitch was successful :)

  • +19

    Should be delivered in time for Victoria 2022 lockdowns.

    • too true lol

    • There won't be any

      • dont count on it, they are the longest locked down state in the world for a reason.

      • +2

        … that you know of so far

        • +3

          This is the first time during the pandemic that I've felt that we're not going to have further lockdown.

      • -1

        Given Dan's new bill, yeah… watch this space.

  • Does this have auto focus

    • No

    • Doesnt need it, open aperture. Most software can apply bokeh.

      • Infinity focus?

        • Basically.

          It's a webcam after all, It can do a set like…. 1-5M, how far does one move during a meeting?!

    • -1

      What does your name mean

  • +5

    Excellent web cam for the price, I have the version 1, highly recommend this web cam to anyone, such a bargain for the price.

  • +1

    The entire reason you want the V2 over the original version is for the improved MIC and the Creative software (including MIC background noise cleanup) that cames with it. Camera wise they are almost identical. Reviews seem decent for the price.

  • +2

    I have the Xiaomi light bar on top of the monitor, at the moment I have no problem to put the MS liftcam on top of it but this one not very sure, anyone can confirm?

    Bought anyway to replace my Logitech Pro 9000 or MS Lifecam

    • Haha, I'm also using a LifeCam atm. The flexible stand makes it easy to sit atop the monitor lights. I couldn't figure out how to put anything else on top.

    • -1

      what is wrong with the Logitech Pro 9000 or MS Lifecam?

      why not get the logitech c922?
      the quality might be better than this

      Wow the quality of this camera looks crap compared to logitech

      • +2

        Look at the comments.

        It's obvious the youtuber plugged both cameras in at the same time.

        There is obvious lag.

        Look at other reviews of the camera, it doesn't have any issues.

    • Link to the xiaomi light bar pls? Or the model name?

  • +1

    My v2 works well, excellent mic quality and image quality is good as long as you have decent lighting. Gets grainny fast in low light and no auto focus as far as I can tell but for $50 it is to be expected.

    Probably the best value web cam in the price range, it's all you really need for working remotely.

  • Have version 1 which is great. V2 at this price is a no brainer is someone needs a webcam.

  • Awesome price!

  • +2

    Has anyone used it for google duo on a shield tv or any smart tv and how is your experience for video?

  • -2

    Sorry. I found these not to be good.
    But they are cheap.

    • +3

      Sorry. I found these not to be good.

      Anymore details?

      • +1

        probably quality issue as other mentions in the thread…

    • +2

      What was bad about them?

      • Poor image quality.

    • +4

      Lol… talk about vague reviews.

  • Bought… Thanks OP

  • +2

    I have the v1 and v2 having the same video quality, I would recommend watching reviews for this. It does struggle a bit with exposure and shows things a lot "darker" than they actually are…

    • Yeah, I need to 'manually' adjust the exposure by opening and closing the cover until the brightness is right.

  • I thought everybody's favourite webcam was the Logitech C920/C922.

    • That's what I thought

      • -3

        quality of this cam looks terrible compared to c920
        doesn't even look like it is worth $50


        • I think, its a different creative webcam, not this one, he mentioned HD not Full HD, and the model looks diff

        • +5

          You've made several negative comments about this webcam.

          But videos you're linking are incorrect information.

          What did this camera do to you?

    • -1

      Not for $50 or less

      • +3

        That wasn't the stipulation. Description just said everybody's favourite webcam.

        • Fair point, but with no budget restriction, probably pick something nicer

    • Logitech C920/C922.

      Under $50 is Creative.

    • Nope, only windows users.

  • +1

    Price Match at physical stores?

    Edit: only physical stores I could find was Scorptec

  • +8

    Have one for WFH.
    Used this https://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/WebCam/Webcam-Setting…
    To adjust the lighting and exposure. The brightness my 27x2 inch, Is enough with no lights in the room in the night. Someone posted the tool in another posting. It's been amazing for the money

    • nice, thx

    • @profaner - Do you use with MacOS or windows ?

      • Windows

  • I can't see any difference about the camera between original and v2,so Im not stupid to pay the extra

  • Do people find the viewing angle quite wide on this lens? In videos it seems it shows quite a lot of your room.

    • +3

      Yes it's a very wide field of view. They tout is as a "feature", but I think most people would rather their webcam just show their head and shoulders rather than the entirety of their room.

  • +1

    Will this work without the creative software being installed? Going to use it on a work computer that allows no 3rd party or user driven software installs

    • The info page says plug n play without software, so i would say yes

    • yep, can confirm plug and play. Software just adds additional functions but pretty good out of the box.

  • How's this compare to the macbook pro webcams? I know they got a bit better recently but for me 2020 mbp - I find quality decent but if a cheap cam like this would be an upgrade then might be worth it plus the flexibility of moving the camera around

    • if your 2020 mbp webcam is much like my 2019 mba webcam then much better video quality, viewing angle and mics.

    • Well, built-in webcam for my MBA 2020 is decent, however, having external webcam allows me to position the camera better to make the set up looks more professional and with built-in webcam, you tend to looking down instead of 'looking' at your audience

  • Almost got one during black friday, glad I waited a little longer.

    Have the v1 for WFH, good quality as long as you have decent light. Too much light isn't great too. Pulled the trigger now for office use!

  • FYI, V1 is also on special for $15.99 delivered

    • +1

      Really, where is the link pls

    • +1

      Where is this? It's not on the Creative website. If you have a link that would be great!

    • +1

      the price is right! now where to get that price?

    • Well, ⁉️

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • +1

    Got one last deal, it's been great!

  • +1

    what are people using webcams for? my laptop has a pretty good inbuild which takes care of all the office meetings.
    rest is done by phone camera,

    Any other use? monitoring home or kids?

    • +1

      Desktop computer

    • +2

      I've set up with dual monitors and the laptop is tucked away under the desk.

    • Laptop sits off to the side so this being central helps people think I care.

    • My laptop camera wasn't that great (granted the laptop is slightly old). Plus for universities that do online exams, having a webcam that could easily be moved around is good for environment checks since I don't have to lift the entire laptop up and show my surroundings with the laptop.

      • Why are you showing surroundings..?

        • Quizzes can require you to do an environment checks to make sure that you are not "cheating". I guess it's a procedure thing for some uni.

    • Unless you have raised your laptop really high to be at eye level, then you'll always appear looking down into the camera. I like most have dual external monitors, external keyboard, mouse and webcam, so I don't use any part of my laptop. I just have it connected to my dock off to the side.

  • Prefer Asus C3

    • It's much more expensive, though? People looking at this are most likely looking value per dollar.

      • It's about $15 more if you used the JB hifi commbank or afterpay deal during black Friday

        Creative one is bad in low light

        • What is the current price of the Asus C3? I don't know if I was looking at the same webcam, but I saw it was well over $100. Have you got a link to the one you're referring to?

  • thank you, bought one for zoom meetings

  • Thanks OP
    Bought one.

  • I got charged for foreign card fee of $2.

  • I don't even need it, but copped one anyways

  • Now I can stop using my 640p ps3 camera

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