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First 2 Months for $2 on nbn Upfront Internet Plans (New Customers Only) @ Telstra


Tomorrow's going to be unreal.
Get up to $500 off a great range of products. Want a sneak peek of tomorrow's hottest deals?
Planning to purchase a device outright on Telstra Day? You'll need to do this in-store or online with your Telstra ID. New to Telstra? You’ll be prompted to set up an ID at checkout on the day.
For new customers. Ends 16 Dec 2021. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee. Plan prices may change.

  1. No $99 connection fee
  2. No lock in Contract
  3. Free Express Modem Delivery Telstra Smart Modem

Sounds like a good deal. Better than my friends optus 10mbps download sim card modem that he had to purchase off amazon.

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    If you don't like it, just ignore it no need to be that harsh mate..

    • That’s an interesting way of spelling “a sphincter”.

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    I'm so lucky that I'm the most popular member on ozbargain so I don't have so many negative comments.

  • Is this the same deal , with min cost $217


    • Looks like this one starts tomorrow and is 2 months instead of that deal's 1 month

    • +1

      How come the minimum cost is $217?

  • New Telstra customers, or new Telstra NBN customers?

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      According to the ACCC they can not do bait advertising.
      I sent them an email about that and presto they dropped that rule.

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    Wow! Is there any hidden fees or catches. So just $2 for two months internet. Return modem after the two months and pay no fees

    • If you leave within 24 months, simply return your modem or pay $200 non-return fee.

      That's Tel$tra's so called "no" lock-in contract. I guess return the modem is a good option. Wish Telstra would offer BYO.

      • just plug your own no? or plug another ethernet cable from telstra modem to your modem?

        • Well, it is more about wanting $2 for 2 months and not wanting to bother with returning the modem. Is Telstra going to provide a return postage? If not, we are looking at around $15-$20 to post it back.

          • @netsurfer: I havent had a isp not provide the return postage bag. I just keep them for a rainy day and they normally dont ask for it

            • @sunnyc: What? Normally, stores only provide them when they know you intend to return it. Telstra pay provide one, but I doubt Telstra would proactively provide one in advance.

          • +2

            @netsurfer: Can you opt out of being issued a modem, so no need to return it?

  • It got edited out,
    upcoming deals
    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
    Now $748. Save $500.
    Was $1,248. Save $500 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.

    Google Pixel 6 5G
    Now $899. Save $100.
    Was $999. Save $100 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.

    Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
    Now $448. Save $200.
    Was $648. Save $200 when you add to an Eligible Mobile plan.

    Apple iPad Air
    Now $999. Save $100.
    Was $1,099. Save $100 when you add to an Eligible Data plan.


    • I removed them because those deals were posted earlier today.


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        ah okay. I didnt know. I added your link in

        • All good. The other Telstra deal was hidden at one stage as the negative votes outnumbered the positive votes.

  • Anyone know if we need to notify our current nbn provider when we sign up to someone else. Currently enjoying my free first month with Aussie and will sign up to this telstra deal tomorrow

    • If you don't have VOIP line with ABB, then once your churn to Telstra, ABB would know, but you can contact ABB to be sure. ABB's service is quite good even if you informed them you intend to move to someone else.

      • The exception being FTTP and fixed wireless where you can access four ISPs at the same time. The new ISP usually gets connected on a spare nbn NTD port and you will get billed for two services until you cancel.

    • +1

      No, you don't. Actually that's the preferred method AFAIK to let the new ISP 'forcibly takeover' (my words) the connection. Otherwise if you cancel with your current provider it's treated as a disconnected service and could take an additional 24-48 hours to get connected. At least this was my personal experience (and suggested by some providers) are I've churned the past few years.

  • Guys can I use this deal for 2 months and then cancel the subscription or is there a minimum timeline

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      That information is in the original post

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    Belong ☺️

  • What about people who live in 2 bedroom apartments, and already have the second bedroom full with Telstra modems that their technical support team send out to resolve every and all problems, and have since left Telsta yonks ago. Can they skip the included modem bit and go straight to the free months if they rejoin?

    • It's Telstra so I doubt it is that flexible. Another modem/router will be sent.

      Also $2 is $2, not free.

        • credit check
  • +2

    Currently on my first free month with swoop. Can I set my start date to a month later and still avail this offer?

    • Latest connection date is 15 January 2022.

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    Telstra- not worth the time if you plam to cancel the account after 2 months

  • Telstra Vs ABB………..???
    Should i change from ABB To Tesltra…??

    Big question

  • I was with Telstra for 15 months, their NBN is really good, but it failed me a few times, service was really bad, even worse than lower companies, that lead me to go to Optus, which was way better NBN and unbelievable friendly and fast service. Never back to Telstra NBN just because of poor customer service

  • -2

    the $1 for 2 months is only for the lowest speed plan, 25/4… was hoping for 250/22 :*(

    • I can see for all plans.

      • i only see it for the lowest plan, other plans are $1 for the first month only for me

        • 2 months for $2 for all plans when I checked.

    • All plans are available to me too. Make sure you've entered your address and had it check your maximum line speed.

  • +2

    How far in the future can you set the connection date?

    • damn it, i could've checked but just saw your comment. there is an option to select when you want it activated, i just selected asap and can't remember what the other options were.

      • +2

        It says one month. Considering I don’t want to continue with swoop that will be ok - 15/01/2022 - shake it expires today

  • $2 is fine but what after 2 months it’s tooo expensive

  • Thanks, ordered

  • Ordered, can set a future connection date
    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    For existing Telstra NBN customers - do contact live chat via the Telstra app. Ask if you can get the $2 for 2 months deal. The Telstra person I chatted with said they can’t help me, but for being a loyal customer, they gave me a $10 credit off per month. No mention of how many months discount, but I am happy with the outcome.

  • We’ve found an active nbn service at
    Get nbn on a month-to-month plan
    Our upfront plans aren’t available at the address. You can buy a similar plan at the same monthly cost, with the same data inclusions.
    You don’t need to pay for this similar plan upfront. We’ll send you monthly bills after you’re connected. If you cancel within 24 months, you’ll need to pay out your modem.

  • I currently pay $69.95 per month with Telstra for HFC with 1,000GB limit
    If I change to NBN with Telstra they want to chatrge me $95 per month unlimited
    I can get the same unlimited plans with TPG, Belong etc for $69.95 per month

  • Thanks ordered

  • +1

    Can anyone point out to me where it says you can return the modem to avoid having to pay it out (if you leave within the 24 months)?

    When I click on the details popup link, it says:

    If you leave within 24 months pay out the modem ($9/mth for every month remaining in the first 24 mths).

    • +1

      It says it at the top of the page for me: https://www.telstra.com.au/internet/upfront-plans

      "If you leave within 24 months, return your modem or pay a $200 non return fee."

      Also says it if you click "Compare Plans."

      • Ah, I see it now. Thanks very much!

        • Telstra is sneaky, yesterday, with the $1 per month deal, that clause was shown on the page. Today, after the refresh of the page and this $2 for 2 months deal, that condition is conveniently gone.

  • No static IP address. Damn it.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. this deal is too good to pass.

  • thanks OP, signed up.

    Can we return the modem to a telstra store?

    • No, in fact, for today's $2 deal, for some reason, the CSR I spoke to insisted on there is a minimum cost (for that modem). Yesterday, the page states it is possible to return the modem to avoid paying for it, but today, after the update, I cannot see it anymore. I tried to ask about returning the modem, but he basically indicated there is no such thing as per terms and conditions.

      The CSR reminded me there is a monthly modem repayment fee. Granted, it is possible the CSR I spoke to has no idea, but I don't want to risk it. I know Telstra. While it is possible to go through the complaint process, it is time consuming.

      I was thinking about asking that 30 day satisfaction guarantee deal, but decided not to. Not happy Telstra pulled this stunt of removing the choice to return the modem and not needing to pay for the remaining cost.

      • +4

        They have no idea. The Upfront Internet Plans T&Cs state https://www.telstra.com.au/help/critical-information-summari...

        Telstra Smart Modem
        Included for new Telstra Customers who stay connected for 24 months. If you leave within 24 months, simply return your smart modem or pay a $200 non return fee.

        • +3

          I spoke to a CSR, they simply stated that it must be returned within 30 days of leaving their plan and you can drop it off in person to any Telstra store to avoid the $200 fee.

  • Yesss, got it. Missed out on the Origen Energy deal, but this is almost as good.

  • Got my modem delivered today. Is there instructions online for byo modem? Are they on dhcp for fttp connections?

    • Telstra is IPoE/DHCP across the board.

  • Got it delivered today, set up in no time and nice and fast!

  • 4G is not working out of the box as advertised.

    Telstra support is the worst I have ever encountered. I got an average of 5 different lies and no resolution.

    • Sorry 4G?

      • 4G backup is meant to work out if the box which is a big misleading claim.

        Connect sooner
        The in-built pre-activated SIM card can connect to our mobile network right out of the box so you can get online even before your home network is activated. This means you can browse using your home broadband allowance – and make and receive calls if you’re on the nbn™ network – when you first receive your modem.

    • mine works as advertised. how did you go with your connection now?

      • 4G backup still doesn’t work.
        NBN connected. But the idiots provisioned on UNI-D2 where I specifically asked them to enable it as a new service and not transfer existing.
        Dealing with support they breached other users data.
        They claimed 4G had an outage.
        They claimed 4G backup doesn’t work until NBN is enabled.
        They avoided answering straight forward questions.
        And finally won’t escalate the case, despite my multiple requests.
        Everyone I dealt with was incompetent.
        Waiting for complaint resolution team to get back to me.

        • Same issue, called the rep multiple times.

          Finally got a solution.

          I went to buy a $2 telstra sim and added to same telstra account.

          Called the rep and request data on new sim.

          Put new sim in telstra moderm. The backup function working now.

          • @leexm101: With original modem, blue light would switch on indicating 4g backup is connected but I was not getting any internet throughput.
            With the replacement modem they sent me, it never connects to 4g failback.
            I have an open complaint since over a week with zero contact from Telstra.

            • @bashar20: Same for me, all lights normal, blue and green.

              Still no connection with the original sim.

              Login the modem found DHCP connecting. Called Rep, but they don't have a clue about this, Neither do I , haha.

              Just have a feeling this maybe the cause

              • @leexm101: I'm in the same boat as you guys. connection date was the 27/12/21 but NBN still not activated. 4g backup states it is connect but no internet.
                tried creating new profile to ipv4/ipv6 but still no internet.

                Support keep blaming other factors like " 4G backup doesn’t work until NBN is enabled"

                Will move on after the 2 months for sure….

                • @d0nkey: same boat.

                  Hi PissLUR, we expect you'll be connected to the nbn network by Thursday 23-December.

                  not connected yet. have got $30 credit so far. fortunately i havent disconnected my current nbn connection with AB.

        • Bloody he'll. I am having exact same issues as you are. Was meant to be connected to nbn on 24th Dec. Still can't get any connection. 4g backup not working either. Was told to buy $2 sim and they will add data and plug into the smart modem. Did that and it still didn't work. Different csr giving different rubbish excuses and information. What an absolute joke of customer service and network can't wait to leave after the 2 months. Had to cancel Aussie broadband before Xmas so relying on a 4g modem I had spare to use as my internet. Crappy speeds. Still waiting for their so called IT department to look into the issue why nbn not activated

          • +1

            @asian bargain hunter: Haha yep feel your pain.

            I got fed up and just signed up to superloop, took less then 5 mins after getting off the phone to have internet up and ready.

            Cancelled Telstra straight away and they processed the refund quickly but their csr are a joke for getting a straight answer.

  • Connected today, successful.
    But in My Telstra accound, next payment is due 15 Feb and it is $140!
    Shouldn’t I got another month for $1???

    • Weird. Mine shows $1 due for next payment (2nd month). You sure your plan is Upfront? There’s another deal only 1 month for the non-Upfront.

    • Give them a call or message. they are quite accomodating

    • Check the email with the subject "NAME, here are the details and next steps for your order"

      It should say "$1
      for the first 2 mths
      then $140 after that"

      If not then support should be able to sort it out

      • Thanks, I found this email and it did say $1 for the first 2 mths. However MyTelstra portal says the other way…I will chat with Telstra

        • how did you go with the chat?

  • +1

    Damn it. Didn't realize with telstra, that you have to plug the stupid modem they send you in to complete the transfer.

    Its working now though thankfully

    • just turn it on or actually plug it into the NBN connection?

      • Well, I plugged it into the NBN, but its possible you just need to power it up. It has a sim card in it, so it potentially can connect over the mobile network.

        It certainly doesn't need to be connected permanently (thank god. It overheated and shutdown 5 minutes after being connected) as its working fine with my normal router.

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