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[PC, Epic] Red Dead Redemption II $44.97 ($29.97 after $15 Voucher) @ Epic Games


Think this is the cheapest it's ever been for PC? Normally on sale for ~$45.

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Alternatively, $30.95 @ Rockstar Store

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  • MFW bought a week or so ago for $44ish and hadnt played yet……

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      imagine, you all buy it at $29.97 and then the next day, the mystery free game tomorrow is RDR2

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      You really going to post this on every EGS deal that involves a voucher?

      Do you do the same thing whenever there is an ebay code?

      You're complaining about repetive posts while you are doing the same thing yourself by posting these repetitive comments.

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    I bought it a couple of weeks ago as I have never played RD and keep hearing how good the series is. Played it for a couple of hours and put it back in its case :/. It's a beautifully detailed game but I didn't enjoy playing it.

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      care to share what you didnt like about it?

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        For some like myself, it took me three tries and now am playing it to death and enjoying every second of it. The details and depth of NPCs are incredible and of course, the brilliant overall story.

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        It's quite understandable, it is a beautiful game, but the gameplay isn't exactly fun. Ideally, more quality of life improvement would be nice. The fast travel is limited (you cannot fast travel back to the camp). Legendary animal hunting requires a bit of a luck (those animals don't always appear).

        It's a better middle half game and does suffer a bit of pacing issue.

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          Have they made it so you can run in your camp yet? I found some of the overly-long animations a little obnoxious. I get they were going for realism but at I'd like my time to be respected at least a little bit.

          • @IDontWantToSignUpJustToComment: Yeah the animations, especially towards the beginning are a bit…overwhelming, but persist with it. The story mode is great - don't get me wrong, but @wazzza if you're struggling to get into it, try the multiplayer game. Hackers aside, it's easier to get into quickly.

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              @deletedpenguin: That was really the problem with it for me, prioritised animations and polish over gameplay. You know a game doesn't control well when the default aiming option is snap on

        • The fast travel is limited (you cannot fast travel back to the camp).

          I thought you could? If the gang is staying at eg. Horseshoe Overlook, you should be able to find it on the list of places you can fast travel to.

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      yeah, its boring as :) - the lack of fast travel just did it for me - who wants to spend 30 hrs on a horse looking at the world
      maybe in VR it would be cool

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        You can fast travel when you camp with your horse, by stagecoach, train and after you upgrade Arthur's lodging; from camp…

        • how far in the game is that?

          • @botchie: During Chapter 2 after you've unlocked the ledger, you'll need to upgrade Arthur's lodgings in order to unlock fast travel.

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          Yep. Just set up camp wherever and you can fast travel to your hearts content. Easy peasy if you really try playing the one if not the (methinks) greatest game ever made.

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      I was exactly the same at the start. Struggled to get through the first couple of chapters, and it took me a few tries to get that far. Mainly play FPS games but glad I kept going on the third run through because it ends up being an amazing story!

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      RDR2 was both widely praised and widely disliked. For many the game was just too slow.

      The slow parts worked at times, other times it was just monotonous. For how often you have to return to camp forcing the player into a slow walk was infuriating.

      • It's never going to win over the FPS crowd. But it was never intended to. It's a beautiful game that you can leave for a minute here and there and not worry.

    • This is why i havent bought it and only spent an hour in gt5. Watching youtube videos showed that developers take the story telling so seriously that it damages access to any interesting gameplay.+

    • It is "The Wire" of video games. It's a lot slower and more detailed than anything else you've ever played. If you can get past the initial "slowness" then you'll find it's a damn masterpiece.

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    PC version is a better buy than PS5?

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      Depends on your setup/specs!

      • I would say probably not, you would need a decently powerful PC in order to maximise graphical settings. In saying that, my old but upgraded Optiplex (i7 2600 and RX 570) can handle the game all high settings and reach over 70fps in most areas (very rarely dropping down to 40s in extremely crowded areas).

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      PS5 version has no enhancements over the PS4 Pro version at this time, so if you have the specs to run the game at higher settings, it will be better.

    • There is no PS5 version (yet) as people pointed out. So:

      • If you just want to play the game once and you can get PS4 physical version cheaper than this. Quickly play and resell it (or trade it in), then you could consider PS4 version.
      • PS4 digital version, honestly, it is a bit unsafe. Given Rockstar is working on PS5/Series X GTA V, it's best to wait to see if Rockstar charges extras for these "upgrades". If Rockstar ended up doing a Sony and charges upgrade for PS5 / Series X version of RDR2, then you will regret getting PS4 version.

      I have the XB1 version and with Series X, I can use QuickResume. However, I am still tempted to get the PC version, mostly due to there are mods available for PC version. RDR2 is a better single player game.

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    awesome price!

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      That's some pretty dumb logic.

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    The campaign is great but still not as great as witcher 3

  • Could someone explain how to get the $15 voucher please?

  • I bought this too / agree with others about buying games that never get played / but think this price is good

  • If you want to waste your time on waiting the loot animation.

    • you're going to cop heat for that one lol

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    The base version or the Ultimate for $10 more? https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/red-dead-redemption-...

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    the narrative story and performance acting in this is amazing, would play again 10/10.

  • Do you get a key to redeem on the Rockstar Game Launcher (ie, a key that can be given to someone else), or is is tied to your Epic account?

    Edit: no code, game is tied to the Epic game launcher.

  • +1

    I picked up Hitman 3 for just $19. I think I got a pretty solid deal.

    • Hitman 3 has been free in the past though..

  • If you haven't given it a go yet, definitely do. Might be a little slow at some parts, but overall it's an excellent game.

  • I played the beginning 3 times but it always crashed about 10 minutes in before I could even save the game. Tried a couple of fixes I could find online and they didn't work. Just requested a refund.

  • not planning to play just yet… but bought one using the coupon

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    $36 for XBOX/PC.

  • Anyone tried the method outlined here?: https://slickdeals.net/f/15515932-red-dead-redemption-2-pc-d...

    Its USD 9.80 which translates to roughly $14 Aussie. If so it's a much cheaper way than buying it outright

    • The coupon doesn't work for RDO as it's only $22.46 (minimum $23 before coupon kicks in). As a result, it's a heck of a lot of work for effectively the same price (maybe more once you factor the in-game store story purchase).

      Neat idea though!

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    Hi all, just a heads up that you can purchase this game for $30.95 @ Rockstar Store). Worth it IMO to avoid the Epic DRM.

  • is it worth getting the Ultimate edition? i will only be playing offline though.

  • RDR2 is only AU$16.88 on steam Argentina at the moment. You can create a steam Argentina account for free very easily even just using a free vpn.

    • Muchas gracias! I will give this a go!

    • Hmmm. When I try and pay it throws me an error. Do I need to put in an Argentina address?

      • -1

        Yes, I apologize I forgot to mention that you need to pay using an Argentinan steam gift card. It's a little tedious but you can purchase one from G2A or a similar site for almost the same price. Just search for "ARS steam gift card" then redeem it.

        After you have the game on your new account, enable family sharing with your main and your good to go.

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