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Samsung Q Series HW-Q900A 7.1.2 Channel True Dolby Atmos Soundbar $898 (Was $1499) Delivered @ Appliance Central


Samsung Q Series HW-Q900A 7.1.2 Channel True Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Cheaper than Samsung Promotion.

Got the same last week from JB using Coles Ultimate Gift Cards. Works perfectly for me with Apple TV 4K and Sony 9300E. Output both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

If you have a TV that supports eARC, could be even better.

This soundbar has 1 x eARC/ARC output (HDMI 2.1) and 2 x HDMI 2.0 Inputs

Full Specs: https://www.samsung.com/au/audio-devices/soundbar/q900a-blac...

Rtings Review: https://www.rtings.com/soundbar/reviews/samsung/hw-q900a

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  • How would this compare with the Yamaha 2700B?

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        You linked the q800 which is a lower model.

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            @B Wat: That will teach me not to copy the first link from google without looking at it!

    • im not sure how it compares to yamaha but i have a Q950 from a cpl of years ago now and the sound bar and sub are pretty damn good so can only imagine how much better the newer models are.
      ive actually put my yamaha amp + sound system away just because the sound bar takes up so little real estate in comparison and while its not quite as good as my sound system its not far off either

    • I have had the Yamaha YSP-2700, paired with a Samsung TV, for 5 years.

      Honestly I think the Yamaha is fantastic, also has 3 HDMI inputs where as a lot of the soundbars only have 2, depending on your circumstances this could be very handy.

      Sound quality is great, looks nice, it isn't too bulky like many soundbars, sub is decent.

      The only problem I have is that the 'handshake' it does for some reason can take a while with my PS4 which can just leave me with a blank screen for a short period of time, I have no idea why this is, I connected it to my brothers TV with his PS4 and had no issues so I think it is something in my setup.

    • Have the 2700 and you really need the right room for the surround to work. Have never heard much separation of channels at all.

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    Can you add wireless rear ?

    • Yes.

      • huge difference between these two rear speaker models SW-9500S($349) or SW-9100S($179)

  • 7.1 Dolby Atmos

    Can a single bar of speakers, compete against a setup that has speakers physically placed in different areas?
    (ie Centre, Front Left, Front Right, Back Right, Back Left, Ceiling Left, Ceiling Right)

    I have my suspicions….

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      'compete against' = Yes
      Win against = No
      There is a lot to be said for not cluttering up a room with amp and 8+ speakers.

      • bang on and said it better than what i was trying to say above and is why i love my samsung soundbar and put away my amp and speakers

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          This. I have just moved and I have a beautiful full set of Aaron Hyperboloid Speakers (about $6k worth) and a awesome SVS sub ($3k) and Yamaha home theatre amp, that is sitting in boxes in the garage.

          But I have a Samsung HW-Q950A Soundbar with wireless sub and rears, while not as good, its close enough, and it is what I have set up in the new place.

          Saves running wires everywhere, and having big speaker boxes ruining the aesthetic of my living room, and I can hide the rears and the sub anywhere.

    • I have a similar Samsung to this one, with the rears included. It's that good, I'd recommend to anyone. I sold my entire hifi setup because this is just so much easier, looks better and takes up way less space. Also significantly cheaper. If I had a theatre room I'd go back to a traditional setup, but for a normal lounge these can't be beat

      • I'm partially convinced.

        I'm currently rocking a good quality Yamaha Home Theatre Unit, with a good Yamaha Subwoofer. All powering these cheapo 5-surround speakers. It sounds pretty damn good.

        The front speakers, sub, and HT unit sit snuggly with the TV Stand. So only messy wires at the back. However, the Back-Left and Back-Right speakers they're not much of a burden. And I try to run the cable neatly. However there are two exposed spots on the ground from the couch towards the TV Stand… and it makes me nervous whenever there's visitors or kids, or if someone tries to move something.

        Although, it looks like I'd be spending $900 to get something possibly lower quality. Not sure it makes sense for me. But the neatness aspect is certainly attractive for me, especially in my tiny living room.

    • If convenience and price is whats most important for you then soundbars. But if you actually want proper Home theatre surround sound experience, no competition.

      I have this soundbar as well as Sonos Playbar, and a few lower model Samsung and sony soundbars.

      I also have a couple of setups with physical speakers all around you. Totally different.

    • Depends what you want and who you ask. Some would argue that a high quality 2.1 setup would beat this soundbar on sound quality.

      If all you want is to plug in and set this up in 5 minutes and never think about it again then yeah this would probably win out.

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    Tempted, but if the rears cost another $350 then I might just go for the Q950 instead. I know I'll want the rears sooner or later.

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      Believe the cheapest price around is through good guys commercial and its like $1250 so, depending on delivery/pick up options, this + rears separately may be slighty cheaper.

    • There is a difference with the rears but not a BIG difference. atleast not with my q950

      • I have the Q950 and I find that the rears are not that prominent, even when you have them at +6 volume. I think most people could go without them happily.

        • It depends on the source imo. Sometimes you don't notice them, and other movies they're that good you think someone's in the room with you

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            @cortex: I've only had mine for a week but agree with Cortex, for example outside of the musical score the rears were MIA during the10 rings whereas for others can well and truly hear even when they aren't turned up. Even watching latest season of the witcher has been a pleasant surprise with some of the effects coming all around

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    Anyone has experience ordering from this store?

    • Haven't ordered in the last year but in the past haven't had any issues with the store

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      Ordered my LG C1 during the Black Friday sales from them when they had sold out, and they were good on the phone explaining when the next LG drop would occur, and the delivery came quicker than expected. They’re in my ‘trusted’ set of retailers now.

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    I bought the demo unit Q900T 12 months ago for $550, I would highly recommend that play to anyone else in the market.

    • Where from?

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        HN.. Don't worry I've already had my forty lashes

    • Got a refurbished Q800T a month ago for $309 (JB). I would highly recommend that play as well.

  • Looks like it's only free shipping to Sydney and Mel. $90 to WA.

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    I have the 950. It is the closest you are going to get to a dedicated Dolby Atmos setup. You will 100% want to add the rears

  • What would be a good sound bar without a subwoofer?

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      Sonos beam (version 2)

      I tried the Yamaha 2700 and it’s being returned. The speakers are too tiny and it relies on the subwoofer for mids and lows.

      Beam 2 has a more balanced sound, is cheaper and atmos capable.

      My requirements are a bit different though - 70pc for stereo music, 30pc for “surround sound” via arc.

      • How would the beam go with a Sony TV via ARC, is there much delay?

        • None that I’ve noticed so far and I’m extra fussy on sound delay.

          Have only tested via TV so far (great, voice enhancement and “night mode” great with kids sleeping) and music (very decent, but doesn’t match existing bookshelf speakers which isn’t surprising).

          They have 90 or 100 day free returns when purchased via their store so figured it was worth a go.

      • beam is quite a good all round soundbar. good for music+casual TV, good soundstage and bass without the sub/in a small form. does not have the surround sound effects you want for movies. wouldn't really count it as a atmos soundbar if that's important to you

    • Yes I'm looking for a good standalone sound bar too

  • Questions:
    - Does it work well with an LG TV or preferred use case is Samsung TV?
    - It seems to be covered in a cloth like material. How do you clean any dust accumulation?

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      I have this paired up with an lg c1. Works great..
      In regards to cleaning I have one of those Usb-c mini blowers to blow off the dust..

  • Is there an optimal ceiling height for Dolby atmos or this soundbar?

  • Is this one better?
    Its $200 cheaper, only 2.1 but you can get better sound stage than soundbar?


  • +7

    I’ve got this. No complaints.

    But don’t be fooled by the “surround sound” claims. It sounds great for a soundbar with good wide sound stage (thanks to the side and up firing speakers), but it doesn’t sound like a proper surround sound setup.

    It probably would sound better with the rears, but I don’t have the space to put rears, nor a wife who would tolerate them. This however looks discrete and the wife is happy. Almost exactly the same width as my 55” LG oled (c9), so it looks like they belong together.

    I use an Apple TV remote (2021 4K), and it turns on both the TV and the soundbar, and puts them both back to sleep too. So it’s completely seamless.

  • Will JB Hi-Fi price match this? Anyone has experience to ask them to match ApplianceCetral? Thanks.

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      Should be fine; I price matched a fridge last week with JB sales line (13 52 44) and it was quite straight forward.

      • Thanks. I will give it a try. Or should we hold till Boxing Day…

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          I’m holding off till the BD sales. If the prices drop further, great. If they don’t, I’m sure we we will be able to get it for around this price. That’s my thinking anyway 😀

    • I've priced matched this with JB. They actually beat the price so happy to get this at almost 50% off.

      • Awesome… did you walk into the store or called the 13 number

      • Would you be able to post a photo of your receipt? Im trying to get JB to match/beat the price and might have more success with a receipt. Please and thanks!

    • I wasn't able to match these guys at jb when I got the q700a.

  • Does your standard streaming service like Netflix or Prime output audio in a quality that something like this could actually capitalise on?. Really not in the know about audio.

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      Yep. All the streaming services will do surround sound.

  • Is there a huge difference between this and the Q700A? I picked up the Q700A recently, it's pretty good with music but I am completely on the fence when it comes to "surround". Also it only has 1 input so a bit more inconvenient than this with 2 inputs.

  • I hope they do away with the mesh in the future. It's the reason I bought an LG soundbar for my TV.

    Great price nonetheless

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    Price has gone up to $898

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