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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G from $549 (after $500 Discount + $500 Trade in Bonus) @ Samsung


Looks like now they want to clear out the S21 +. Not sure about the loyalty vouchers and newsletter.

Samsung trade in page

Unobtainable as at 21/12/2021 10am - refer to comments, no successful orders using the trade-in discount promotion of $500 reported yet.
Available again at 2pm - refer to comments, Asurion confirmed trade-in services was undergoing maintenance but are back online.

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    • +1

      just wait till s22 comes out

      no doubt there will be another trade up deal will come again

      • There is no point to buy S21 series now as S22 is so close. Since April this year, Samsung has done multiple times of giving generous trade in bonus.

        • yeap this is pretty much Samsung's MO nowadays to move stock quickly..

  • -1

    So per comments, you do all the needful and then don't send the phone to them for trade in and still receive their new phone shipment and you can keep both the phones? Doe it even work??

  • -2

    what happens if u do not send device back?

  • Does anybody know if we don’t use the generated trade-ID and let it expire, can we generate another trade-ID with the same phone?

    • +1

      Yes you can.

    • I did this. Was going to get an S21 on previous deal but missed out, generated a new code for this deal and got an S21+

  • 256gb s21+ in violet available again be quick

  • +1

    Stock back up for the purple one

  • guys I can see the promotion is on again with various prices S21+ 649.00 with trade in minus whatever voucher you got

  • Thanks OP, bought S21+ 256gb for $404 after trade-in and sign-up bonus. Have to learn to live with Violet as no stock of other colours :)

    • oh boy thats gotta hurt, they literally just restocked :(

    • Hey Mate I am getting it for $494 128gb for S8 ( 5 bucks)

  • +1

    Phantom Silver and Phantom Violet 128gb now back in stock.

    Phantom Black 256gb back in stock

    Samsung mentioned they will be restocking all models

  • Restock just dropped for both 128gb and 256gb

  • If you are having trouble with the Trade-in code all you need to do is link your credit card to it and it will become active and work.

  • I'm not getting the original $500 discount with the restock, only the $500 trade-in bonus? Anyone else, am I doing this wrong?

    Edit: It was applied at checkout for me, oops

  • Just ordered a s21+, but as I had multiple windows opened - Samsung website is still letting me proceed with the sale using the trade in code I have already used.

    Anyone had that before?

  • My trade in ID was generated during a previous sale earlier in the year but I was waiting for the $50 voucher and the deal ended so I never used it. It is not currently accepting the trade in ID, I am unsure from the comments if this is because the whole trade in that is down or its because the Trade ID is old (not used however).

    I have seen some people say delete the app and get a new trade ID but also some say that wont work if you have previously generated one on that phone. I tried chat many times, It counts me down the queue then cuts me off when I get to what should be the front :(

    • My trade in worked but only with a phone I have not used before.
      I tried using one for previous sale and it was showing error message

      • Did you use the Trade in ID from the previous sale or did you just generate it?

        • Phone used in previous sale. I did not send the phone back as they never supplied any instructions to return.

          I Reinstalled the app and got a new trade-in and it still did not work.

    • The trade up system from Asurion seems pretty buggy from people's comments. Some people have trade-in codes that don't work, some people never received emails to return their old phone and don't get a reply when emailing Asurion, the trade up system crashed for the last couple days. It seems a lot of things slip through their not so good system.

  • Dont have the phone on my I'd like to use as trade (older Samsung S8) but have my current S20 FE. Can I use that to get the trade in bonus and then send in my S8 later, hoping they just adjust the difference aka lesser trade value?

    • Remember reading there may be an additional penalty charged by Asurion if you do not send through the right phone or is different condition than declared.

      An old S8 without damage wouldn't get much maybe $5 if lucky (From the trade up website "SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 64GB Get up to $5^^ until 10.01.22"). However I've tried some of my older phones which show as eligible but show up as not eligible straight away once in the trade up app.

      You could try what many people are trying and trading in your S20 FE then not sending it in and just paying the trade in value of that. People still seem to be getting the $500 trade in bonus which seems most important.

    • Just use the s20fe for the trade in code, and don't send it in. Asurion will just charge you for the trade in value. That's what happened for me last time. Not sure if it has changed since.

      • +1

        Yeah, will probs end up doing that, the extra $500 was the important part of the deal.

  • -3

    I can confirm if you are using a dual SIM Samsung phone you can utilise both IMEI for use with the Trade Up app (use the app once, get code, and then uninstall app and start all over again)

    Mod: Removed inappropriate information

  • Got the phantom silver s21+ for $364. Was still waiting from yesterday to get $50 email newsletter signup and never came. Can post here when they arrive if someone wants

    • pm it to me if you could? I have been waiting for mine for almost 48 hours now

  • Fold3 showing with $700 trade in discount but no website discount or sale discount.

    • Correct, sale discount has finished.

  • Looks like OOS again, just as I got my welcome code :(

    • +1

      I still see s21+ 256gb phantom silver still available, but dont worry I've seen the stock come and go through the day, I'm sure they'll add more stock so just check back later.

      • Fingers crossed for when I check back tomorrow morning!

      • When you click that combination the "Continue" button changes to Out of Stock :)

    • +1

      Samsung chat mentioned they will randomly restock so there will be more tomorrow

  • Ordered on 20th and delivery on 22nd in time for Xmas, thanks op.

  • Seems like they have released official policy /procedure for getting a loyalty voucher.
    Just found below on text chat.

    Samsung Australia offers Loyalty Vouchers as an alternative option for physically damaged or out of warranty units that would incur repair costs.

    Voucher Guidelines and Reminders:
    Loyalty voucher codes are valid for purchasing products from the Samsung Online Store only and are not applicable in any other Samsung stores.
    Loyalty vouchers are applicable to certain models only.
    The voucher is only valid for 7 days upon issuance.

    To know how to request this voucher, please swipe to the right.

    • Hm, tried asking again about my broken S8 but no luck, they keep saying the vouchers stopped 16th Dec

      • +1

        When you open a new chat, go to support and then smartphone.
        In there you can choose loyalty voucher as an option and they give you instructions on how to receive it

        • It just says swipe right , do you need to do it on mobile?

          • @wolvesaussie: Tried it on my desktop

            Requesting a Voucher
            Please send the following to [email protected] to request a voucher: Subject title: Loyalty Voucher Request
            • Name and Contact number
            • Model and Serial number
            • Proof of purchase
            • The photo/s should show the front and back of the device with IMEI Our support team will get back to you within 2-3 business days. To redeem the Loyalty Voucher, please swipe to the right.

        • +2

          Ok I got them now, its a lot more trouble that you had to do before, and whats the bet by the time you get the code back the deal is over, thats what happened to me last time

          • @wolvesaussie: Christmas is round the corner and they only reply in 2-3 business days, and then New Year.. the deal says valid until 10th Jan so maybe there's hope?

            • @peppet: I'm giving it a shot with my S5. I'm sure there will be more promotions next week during boxing day

      • I just received a voucher for a broken Note 4, I did the request on Monday afternoon.

        • Did you have to show proof of purchase?

          • @Cossack: No. Just a photo of front and back/with cover removed.

    • You have to send them the IMEI of the physically damaged unit. I wonder if you can use the same phone (and same IMEI) as the one used for Trade-up. Will Samsung's and Asurion's systems talk to each other?

  • Is it worthwhile to do a Samsung care swap coming to the end of the two years if you dont damage it, just to get a fresh battery, or is it probably better to use one of these deals to just get the latest phone at the time

    • Depends how much you care about switching to the latest tech - camera, processor etc. Samsung care is worth it at 50% off which they often promote if you plan to keep your phone.

      I'd switch my phone after 2 to 3 years with Samsung while it still holds value. But I don't care about playing games or better photos. There are only small marginal improvements each year.

      My S10 takes great photos and runs fast. Found some of the photos better than the S20. Although it's coming to 3 years so I am upgrading.

      • Yeah my wife got it at 50% on her S21. I was wondering if paying the swap fee toward the end was worth it just to get a refresh,

    • If these deals come again for the next iteration of Samsung's mobiles, then it'll be better to upgrade.

  • Loyalty voucher for whoever grabs it first, I thought would be able to use it on a watch but can't (was worth a shot), so whoever grabs it enjoy.

    I emailed them 2 days ago with pic of my old s7 front and back and showing the IMEI, got this reply this morning.

    This is in reference about your voucher code request. We have received your reply and have reviewed the photo.

    Kindly refer to the following code and the disclaimer below.

    Voucher Code:



    Samsung has updated the guidelines for Loyalty Vouchers as follows;

    Voucher discounts will apply to the S21 SERIES, GALAXY Z FLIP3 and GALAXY Z Fold3 ONLY.

    Vouchers can be combined/stacked with ongoing promotions/offers (e.g. Trade-Up Bonus) on the following conditions;

    1. Samsung phones that have physical damage

    2. Aged Samsung phones/models (Galaxy S10 or older)

    We would also like you to consider purchasing a Samsung Care+ along with your new device. Kindly consider the following benefits of Samsung Care+.

    1. Customers can swap their device within the two-year subscription for a new one (under the same Tier).

    2. Customers are entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund (at Samsung’s discretion) for a minor failure or a refund or compensation for a major failure.

    3. Device protection, peace of mind for less than AU$0.32c per day.

    4. Cheaper than purchasing another device outright.

    The Voucher Code is valid for purchasing products from the Samsung Australia website only (not applicable to Samsung Educational store and any other Samsung store partnership). It will stay active for the next 7 days.

    Updates on the webpage takes precedence over these disclaimers.

    • Did you use the same S8 to get a Trade-up code as well?

      Edit. Just re read and you said S7, which isn't available for Trade-up

      • Was a S7, they don't take them for trade anymore S8 min.

        Edit: Woo we both edited lol

        • Thanks Narull, I have taken the code, it's a $50 voucher so Samsung is not as generous as before XDD

          • @fishbomb: Better than nothing I guess haha, enjoy mate.

            • @Narull: Yes not bad as I use my Afterpay refer discount as well, make it down to $84 for a S21+ 256GB
              Thanks Mate

          • @fishbomb: I thought it was a 100$ voucher code? Had it applied to my cart and took 100$ off but it disappeared when i enter my CC details

            • @bargainfinder: um I have my newsletter code added as well, so maybe it didn't take both and only $100 take off, no idea

              • @fishbomb: Then you have used your 50$ code, Narull's code was 100$, someone else must have took it. I was 5 secs behind :)

    • Did they give you any reference number to attach to your email? Or did you simply email to - [email protected] with your old s7 phone?

      • No reference at all, what I posted was the entire email. I assume they go off the IMEI to stop doubles but yeah just emailed the 2 pics to that email saying I heard there was a loyalty reward voucher for those looking to upgrade.

  • +1

    I recall reading in one of these Samsung threads that phones with 2 IMEI can be used twice with the Trade-up app. I tried with a second S20+ esim IMEI and managed to get a second Trade-up code that works.

    • +1

      Confirmed :)

    • How do you retrieve the second IMEI? I have s20+ which have 1 esim and 1 physical sim

      • In the settings and "about phone". Both IMEI's are shown (and are very similar)

    • Does this mean you can double on the value of your phone for trade in?

      • No. It means you can do 2 separate trade-ins (and not send the phone in)

  • +2

    More stock just dropped!

  • +1

    Woohoo, picked up two black s21+ 256gb phones, mine was 304 and the wife's 599 - wasn't prepared to wait for the stupid newsletter sign up codes this time after missing out last time..

  • What are the shipping times like? Site is currently quoting 1-10 business days, I know when I ordered earlier in the year it arrived super quickly. Next day iirc. Not sure if they've added on time just because of Christmas delays, should still be pretty fast right?

    • +1

      always says 1-10 but typically next day. they use star track who are fairly reliable

      • Yeah righto, thanks!

    • +1

      Took 2 days for me received today

  • +1

    I ordered at 2pm for a black 128 gb, it say back order, will ship from 30 December

  • Got an s21+ 128gb. Offered 565 for trade .

    Thoughts on trading in for 256gb? Purchased a while back on another trade up. Total would be $34 bucks with newsletter code and trade in.

  • Does anyone know if the S21+ comes with a pre-applied screen protector and/or a cheap case? My S20+ did but not sure if they skimped out like they did on the charger.

    Also, when sending back my S20+ do I only need to send the phone, or charger as well?

    • You can probably sell your S20+ for much more than what you can get for the trade in.

      • Will people even buy a used s20+ for $400+? Any suggestions where to sell? Cheers!

        I'm thinking of upgrading to either s21+ or s21 ultra.

        • The cheapest used S20+ I can see on gumtree is $550. I just sold an old S10 128gb for $350. I was offered $180 for the Asurion trade in.

          • @mandelbrot: Thanks! I think I was offered $318 or something like that for my s20+. Something to think about.

            Just need to wait for more stock for the 21+ or a new deal for the ultra!

  • Got a Black 256 for 599 - not complaining.

    • wish I could get it… It's showing as out of stock for me.. you bought it recently or immediately when this was posted?

      • They come back in stock

        • ahh I'm thinking of the S21+.. yeah I see the S21 in stock, missed out on the + :(

  • Getting the "Due to an error, trade in service is unavailable" errors now… urgh!

  • how do you get this deal with trade in it's only 500 off… totally?

    • Duuuuudddeeee

      • -1

        yeah i see now. 6"2 inch is 49x now but you can't get the 6"7 inch which is stock alerts…

  • Hi Guys,
    Does Samsung instore trade up is any better or has any gaurantee?
    My phone doesn't get any trade up id on app. The store guys told me they can still generate 1 in store, value at $1 and swap my phone with new purchase and apply bonus credit $501 less on the bill.

    Does this means no further action by asurions to come back and conflict the sale and charging back the bonus amount?

    • should try asking chat support or the store guys..

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