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10% off Eligible Items ($100 Min Spend) @ eBay (Samsung T7 1TB $134.10)


Almost sitewide!

Boxing Day promo from ebay. Pretty close to sitewide with the exception of some retailers listed below. Use discounted gift cards for further savings.

Works on The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Big W, Chemist Warehouse, Mobileciti, Wireless1, Dan Murphys, Spotlight, Anaconda, The Gamesmen, Peter's of Kensington.

T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am AEDT on 26 December 2021 and is available for a limited time only (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Eligibility. This offer is available to all ebay.com.au users.
Conditions. This offer entitles you to 10% off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period when you spend $100 or more (excluding postage costs), up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction in up to 5 transactions. Multiple items may be purchased in each transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items).
"Eligible Items" means items listed on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code BD10OFF is found in the item listing, or can be applied during checkout.
Exclusions. This offer does not apply to items listed in the following Categories: Collectables (1), Coins (11116), Other Lots More Items (88433), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Real Estate (10542, Services (316), Gift Cards (184609), Flights (3253), Other Tickets, Travel (123416), Tickets, Travel (11730), Travel (3252) Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs (183477); and
all items from the below sellers:

  • Lenovo
  • Myer
  • BCF
  • Microsoft Australia
  • Cotton On Clothing
  • Baby Bunting
  • Bosch
  • Kathmandu
This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • +4

    Me buying a big ticket item from no name Chinese seller: man there is no way the blanket % off promos will apply for Boxing Day, the normal ones never do for this seller.

    2 days later

    Ah, crumbs.

    • +1

      What did you buy?

    • +1

      Same I bought something from an auction earlier this week thinking no way would used items sold by average joes be eligible for a boxing day promotion. Well there goes $190 I could have saved.

      • +1

        I didn’t feel so bad because I haggled them down with offer… but I could have stacked a 10% off that too…. Fml

  • +4

    Well, the code doesn't start with 'P'

  • +1

    It seems to be working on everything!

  • +11

    ah BD10OFF my favourite pokemon

    • +1

      Everyone needs an HM slave

  • +1

    Bought an LG C1 at Bing Lee 2.7k delivered! :)

  • Bought a razer blade 14, the coupon stacked with razers current 20% coupon for $400 off total. All time low, only 5 left now.

    • Hmm… 100 bucks cheaper than Amazon, but return policy is a little tougher.

      Good buy either way. Probably the only laptop I’d consider buying before Alder Lake releases.

  • +2

    Hopefully CR or SB jump in with an upsized CB

  • -1

    Anyone know if gift cards are just considered another payment method (or part thereof when only covering a portion of the order cost) or does their use reduce the total from which the 10 per cent is deducted from?

    • +2

      Regarded as just another payment method. You'll get the full 10% off the total regardless if you're using a GC.

  • -1

    It doesn't work for DELL shop :(

  • Andddd

    Another reason to drop eBay plus

    • Mine expires in February and I have no intention of renewing. The free express delivery made it ok at the start but now the sellers use sendle, parcel post and other non express services. eBay Plus is a massive joke compared to Amazon Prime.

    • +1

      I'm surprised you didn't drop it years ago. I did but noticed this year was the first since I dropped it where I reconsidered getting it back due to some good deals posted on this site.

      I still have Prime but hardly ever use the streaming service and noticed that most the things I bought off Amazon this year would have had free shipping anyway.

      It seemed a year ago that Prime was much better than Plus, but now it seems like neither is that great. Aliexpress has been cheap and reliable for me this year and have made many more purchases there than either Amazon or eBay as a result.

    • I signed up another trial account just for Black Friday. Will probably do the same next year that’s about it.

      Might need more email addresses created

  • And the items I want just cost on average 10% more than Amazon

    • yep, after 10% discount, the price ends up only ~$10 less than buying from the shop's actual website.

  • Can anyone confirm if the code still works with CR/SB, as CR states:
    Note: Cashback is ineligible if any discount coupons or promo codes are applied to transactions.

    • Will not stack, unless they add the code to their site

  • +1

    Good old eBay. I remember back in the day when I used to do all my shopping on eBay until the greedy sellers took over. Can't remember the last time I purchased anything from there

  • +2

    This post indicates the coupon running for four days. Anyone know where that detail was gleaned? All the fine print I’ve read doesn’t specify - says ‘limited time’ and just indicates it can be withdrawn at any time.

    Need to make my mind up on purchase - might be best to pull the pin before midnight to be safe…

    • +1

      Just found the expiry, you can see it when you view the voucher on a product page.
      The bit where it says "Pay only $xx Show me how"

      Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 30/12/2021. Terms and conditions apply.

      It's 4 days but they can pull it at anytime. I didn't risk it, pulled the trigger.

  • Thanks OP! Picked up the Razer Blade 14 for $2,596. Possibly the lowest price on Oz Bargain!

  • anyone know where one can get discounted ebay gc quickly? (Doesn’t have to be much, few % is enough)

    • ShopBack, Cashrewards, Macquarie, Suncorp…

  • Best price for T7, bought one.

  • +1

    It's ended?

    • Looks like it.

  • +1

    I bought something and the seller cancelled my order claiming that "buyer requested cancellation" now I've missed out on the discount..

    Could've bought from another seller!

  • Looks like the code is no longer, not showing on Binglee for example.

  • These eBay funded discounts are usually short lived, but good while they last…

  • The email from eBay says valid til 27/12 but just tried to use it and said expired

  • +4

    Damn, I thought this ended on the 30th :( had some things in my cart saved up.

  • +2

    same here , had a couple things in cart. code is gone now :(

  • +1

    I think ebay realised the code was more widespread than they wanted & have limited to only the usual stores. There is a 5% code they have issue to replace this one.

    • What is the 5% site wide off code?

      • Not site wide, not replacement. It is for eBay Plus, has been around before the 10% promo but smaller number of "eligible items/sellers": PLUSDEC5

  • +2

    Expired while I had things in the cart :( Thanks eBay!

  • +1

    pulled the plug…why ebay? why?

  • +1

    i hate it just randomly not work, not even at the end of the day, works 7:35, and 8:55pm, doesn't work.

  • +1

    I hate when they said limited time only and we won't know when they will end it.

  • It was probably working too well for eBay to handle… was able to use on some products from the USA, which doesn't normally work…

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