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Gaming PC with R5 5600X & RTX 3080 $2388 / 10400F & RTX 3070 $1788 / 10400F & RTX 3060 Ti $1548 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks, a Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to everyone. Thanks again for your support this year. 3 big deals for Boxing Day this year:

BOXINGDAY is the coupon code for all systems.

All systems have Gigabyte B550M/B560M DS3H motherboard, 16GB 3200MHz (2x8) RAM, 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD standard. PSU/case varies per deal; details below.

Also our Lance-V case has had a face and functionality lift - the new Lance-V2 RGB ATX case now has a flat full mesh front panel and supports 240mm top-mounted and 360mm front mounted coolers. Images and full specs on the site.

First up, our 3080 deal. There are two links for this deal. One is for the RTX 3080s leaving Gainward in late December and arriving early to mid January. Once that sells out the product will become inactive/link expire, leaving the second deal, whose GPUs are dispatching mid-Jan to arrive late Jan.

Ryzen 5 5600X RTX 3080 Gaming PC - Early/Mid Jan: $2388 after BOXINGDAY [SOLD OUT]

Ryzen 5 5600X RTX 3080 Gaming PC - Late Jan: $2388 after BOXINGDAY [SOLD OUT]

Base specs (upgrades available):

  • Ryzen 5 5600X processor, RTX 3080 LHR 10GB graphics card (brand/model may vary, Gainward primarily in use), 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU (brand/model may vary), Lance-V2 ATX RGB case

Intel Core i5 10400F RTX 3070 Gaming PC: $1788 after BOXINGDAY

Base specs (upgrades available):

  • Core i5 10400F processor, RTX 3070 LHR 8GB graphics card (brand/model may vary, Gainward primarily in use), 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (MSI/Gigabyte in use), Lance-V2 ATX RGB case
    Stock on hand for build in regular times starting from end of public holiday.

Intel Core i5 10400F RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC: $1548 after BOXINGDAY [SOLD OUT]

Base specs (upgrades available):

  • Core i5 10400F processor, RTX 3060 Ti LHR 8GB graphics card (brand/model may vary, Gainward primarily in use), 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (MSI/Gigabyte in use), Leaper Air Mini RGB MATX case
    Stock on hand for build in regular times starting from end of public holiday.


This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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      It varies but normally Crucial P1/P2 or Kingston

  • So I just purchase the 3060ti deal for my brother but I didn't recieve a recipt/partlist so I can show him and change thing to fit his usage, anyone knows when It comes?

    • Will come automatically immediately assuming email address is entered with no typos etc. Check your spam. Let me know if not there.

      • Nah i'm not seeing anything in my email. I may of done a typo, but I know my card went thru.

  • Anyone from Perth who have bought a computer from Techfast can share their experience with Auspost handling their computers? Referring more to the backlog of postage items in the network coming from eastern states. Cheers.

    • For the price, I think the wait is worth it. Even if it's an extra couple of weeks

    • I can let you know how long it takes to get to mine in Melbs, my build was shipped 23rd Dec

      • Thanks all. I guess my only worry is AusPost handling of a $3k+ machine (I would be interested in 3080 deals with upgraded parts). Auspost don't insure more than $1500 from what I read?

        Otherwise I'm happy with the wait time and buying from Techfast.



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          We cover for damage incurred in transit from us.

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    Hi Luke, is the 360mm All-In-One Liquid CPU Cooler quieter than the 240mm? I already ordered the 3080 pc with the 240mm, but am curious if he 360mm will be quieter (same temp from lower fan rpm)?

    • I honestly haven't compared noise levels on the various models we use sorry, can't offer any further insight there. But logically if larger radiator keeps the CPU cooler the fans won't spin as fast when we set them up on PWM mode.

  • Would the 3070 run flight sim on max ?

  • Hi Luke, does the 3060 ti deal with the mini leaper case come with a single fan mini (ITX) gpu or a dual fan? Thanks

    • We've never had a single fan 3060 Ti so I can't see it starting now.

  • What's the returns or warranty like from these guys?

    Edit: another question which would influence my decision on whether to buy.. Are these builds able to be future proofed in terms of upgrading the components over time? Trying to decide whether to go prebuilt or diy considering the horrific pricing of gpus.

    • +1

      Pretty much all desktops can be edited over time

    • What upgrades did you have in mind?

      The air mini Case that comes by default with the 3060 Ti deal has pretty limited space, adding hard drives or getting a (physically) longer GPU in the future likely won't be an option.

      • Would probably add more ram later, add another ssd
        Maybe the CPU in the future
        I'd be looking at the 3080 with water cooling in this deal

        • That will all be largely fine. The base motherboard may not be the best fit for a higher-end CPU form the track from a thermal/peak performance perspective but will work.

          • @daffyd: What mobo do you think would be better to have in there if I was looking at the potential cost to upgrade further?

            • @TeamSAXON: The x570 with WiFi may be the least-bad choice. But techfast upgrade prices are annoyingly high, I'm not sure if an extra $200 on a motherboard is worthwhile for a CPU upgrade you may or may not do in the future. Perhaps if you want integrated WiFi anyway, but I don't know your budget or if you are as big a tight-arse as I am!

              • @daffyd: I'd like to be tight if I am upgrading in future, but it might not be bad to have something I can at least sell later to help pay for upgraded components. The place where I currently live doesn't have easy access to Ethernet for the non WiFi board so I'd have to sort that out if going the cheaper option. Or buy a WiFi adapter.

  • Just wondering if the coupons are still valid as well

    • yes i just tested for you.

  • Hi Luke,

    I have put in my order on the 26th for the RTX 3080 deal but I have not yet received an order confirmation or invoice from your end via email.

    could you please advise?

    • Check spam, I got mine in the spam folder

      • Nah. I have checked the spam and junk.

  • So the main SSD on my 7yo PC just died and I think it's time for an upgrade. The 3080 system looks good, I don't really play modern FPS (or any FPS, I get pukey pukey) but would like longevity.. as an example i'm only currently playing Valheim and I play RTS/RPG's mostly. Would you recommend the motherboard upgrade? I can't see myself adding anything extra apart from a couple of additional SATA SSD's at a later stage. Also is the water cooling a nice to have? I live in Brissy so it can get a little hot at times inside the study. I've never had a water cooler before. Would I need extra memory to 32gb? Thanks in advance for the noob questions, I haven't built a PC in ages now and watching video card prices recently has made baby cry.

    • +2

      The B550 is a little tight on physical space and has no Wi-Fi so you'd need a usb wifi. If you want extra physical space and inbuilt wifi then you should upgrade the motherboard. If you're fine with using a usb Wi-Fi dongle then don't upgrade because you'll be able to fit an SSD and another M2 drive in the B550.

      For what you do, water cooling probably isn't needed. If you're a little handy with computers, you can always add it on later if you start playing more demanding games. Same goes for the memory, you won't need it for what you do but if you ever need it then you can just add it in yourself. Memory is very easy to do and is a reasonable price to buy on its own.

      This is just my opinion

      • Thanks, appreciate the input. I have local LAN so WiFI wasn't a major factor, even if it's just the on-board realtek which are generally fine for everyday use. Pulled the trigger and just got a MSI case upgrade for pretty lights, and more in-built fans for cooling.

  • Ordered but will be used for work purposes, need the tax receipt to reflect the same i.e not gaming PC. Can you please sort for me @luke

    • Email them after she they will fix it for you

  • +1

    Just want to make sure the water cooling is adequate I got the 3080 with the 120mm is that enough?

  • Any chance of a Ryzen 5 Processor with the 3060Ti or 3070 deals?

  • The 3070 build is showing as $1807 instead of $1788 after entering coupon

    • yeah its not actually $200 off i noticed even 3080 was like 185

      because of gst

    • The coupon always shows up as ex GST, once the GST is added in it will deduct the full $200.

  • is it just plug & play on all wifi adaptors? Simply download driver and will work instantly? or still worth the money to switch for a wifi mobo instead?

    • Pretty much, some might work straight off the bat and some might need drivers. It's personal preference really with on-board vs external. Lots of different views.

  • Is it possible to purchase one of the builds without the operating system SSD? So without the m.2 as I've just recently purchased one that I'm currently using that I'd like to use.

  • Hi Luke, got a new account so can’t DM until later. Just a quick question. I’ve ordered the 3080 build for late January but wanted to make some changes to the upgrades I have chosen. Would that be possible to do later this month?

  • Hi Luke Is the deal on ? Showing $2588 for me

  • @luketechfast I put my order on 26th for boxing day. The pay has gone through and there is no email and invoice received(I had checked my junk and spam). I submitted two "contact forms" on your website and I have not got any reply so far. I understand you guys are on a Xmas break. But please let me know when do I expect your reply.

    Many thanks.

    Jason Z.

    • The team are back today so they are working through the inbox as quickly as they can. Given the time of year and popularity of the deals there are a lot, so please bear with us for the next day or 2.

      • Thank you for your reply. Noted with thanks.

  • +1

    Is there more the one m.2/nvme slot on the 3060ti build

    • +4

      The B560M DS3H board has 2 x NVME slots but Intel require an 11th Gen CPU to make use of both NVME slots. So, yes there is but it won't work on this config. If you get an 11th Gen CPU and install it, it will.

      • +1

        Just wondering if I upgraded to the Intel Z590 [ATX] Wi-Fi Motherboard, would I be able to fit in two M.2/nvme? Or would I still need to get an 11th Gen CPU to do so?


        • +2

          It's an Intel CPU/chipset thing so yep 11th gen is required

      • +2

        Can I fit in addition 2.5" ssd in the stock 3060ti?

  • Hi @luketechfast
    Can I choose what model of the Gainward rtx 3080 I'm getting. I hope I can choose the Phantom variant, looks better imo.

    Many thanks.

    • You can request it as preference via order notes and we'll do our best but I can't guarantee it unfortunately, due to the volume coming through this time of year.

      • I already made the order can I just email the note to support?

  • +1

    What is the maximum height cpu cooler that would fit in the 3060ti case

  • Just tried to order the 3060ti using code and said code invalid……

    • +1

      worked for me just now. Make sure you click the link in the description above to go to the deal page as the website might have a similar spec system that the code doesn't work on.

      • OK got it working thankyou but I'm getting a total on the 3080 build of $2577 there's a order and processing charge of $132…….

      • Hey Luke, happy new year! Apologies for jumping in mid conversation here: I ordered a 3070 build mid last week, but haven't received an email about the order. Is there a delay or can I have your team look into it please?

  • +1

    Does everyone get slogged this order and processing fee when you go to checkout?

  • Maybe slightly off topic but can anyone recommend a good power board with surge protection for a gaming PC?

  • Does tech fast use aus post for deliveries?

  • damn, I should have waited for this deal. With $300 more, I could get rtx 3080 instead of 3070 from last month deal.

  • Worth holding out for intel 12th gen builds next year?

  • Am I able to cancel my order and get a refund if my order has not been built yet, I didn’t realise the wait time would be this long.

  • +1

    Just had a look at pricing on the 3070 deal if buying same or similar parts individually and this seems like a nice deal, you can checkout the details in link below. But basically, according to my calculations it's a saving of $555, which if you take off the price of the over priced RTX 3070, you're getting it for $1044 which is still about $230 above MSRP but still not total robbery of $1600. So still not a great deal if you were to compare it to what you might get in a normal world, but these days it seems like a very nice saving.


    • +1

      ok so it is worth the wait then

  • Hi Luke, am I able to get a partial refund as the price on the website is indicating the the 3060Ti deal as $1589 and with the boxing day discount it is $1407.27 i literally bought the 3060Ti deal at midnight last night with the total being in the ~$1600.

    • Hi the prices listed above are after the discount. I just tested it for you

      $1548 after BOXINGDAY

  • Hello Luke I was just trying to purchase the 5600x with the 3080 10gb but for some reason I wasn't able to make the payment for some reason. I would press Pay now and it will load and send me back to the checkout page. So is something wrong with the website or is the deal gone? or is it just me?

    • Silly question but did you try a different payment method

      Sometimes your cc card will autoblock anything over $1000 if you don't normally make large purchases. Some banks call me every time I make a single charge

  • +1

    Thinking of getting the 3060ti… any recommendations as to whether I need to Upgrade any of the options or is it pretty good as is

    • +1

      a cpu cooler would probably be your first upgrade, more storage as well.

      • what cpu fan will fit on this build? this is my first gaming PC i'm not sure what's compatible

        • Not sure, I can’t find any dimensions for the case. But I’m guessing it would have to be quite small

  • @luketechfast would I be able to make some changes to the add-ons that I chose for my 3060ti build. I.e. I no longer need the wifi adaptor and would like to upgrade tit he larger case

    • +1

      Email them on their websie, they reply back pretty quickly

  • Hey Luke, do you know if the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black will fit the x570 or will it depend on the model mobo given at the time? (therefore should wait until the pc is received to confirm)

  • +1

    where is the psu located in the Leaper Air Mini RGB [M-ATX] Case? can't seem to find any good pictures of it or a link to actual case

  • Hi Luke, will the Intel Core i5 10400F RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC be back in stock anytime soon? Think I've missed out zz

    • +1

      Not likely this month, allocation used for the time being.

      • Let me know if any order gets pulled out, I'd be waiting in the queue.

  • Any 3090 deals?

  • +1

    Received mine already, happy with the build!

    • What spec did you order?

      • The basic 3060ti, only thing I would change is the case I think

        • Did u get the standard case?

    • How's the cable management?

      • Good, until I started adding HDD and stuff to it haha

  • Anyone receive their 3080 packages yet?

    • I ordered on boxing day in the first batch and haven't received any emails other than confirmation. Hoping it's soon cos I'm pretty keen :)

      • I asked and got an email saying they are waiting on parts to complete my 3080 build, they said they are hoping to have the parts by the end of the week. So much for early-mid Jan

        • The post said the GPUs arrive early-mid Jan. End of this week is 15th so still considered mid Jan. Still within time frames, I'm just getting excited

  • I ordered mine on Boxing Day, I was informed that it still hasn't been assembled.

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