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Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine BES920 $809.10 C&C / + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Excellent price on this machine, cheapest I've seen in a while :)


Specification Description
Over Pressure Value This commercial feature limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, preventing bitter flavours in the shot.
Pre Infusion Function Gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction.
15 Bar Italian Pump Dual 15 bar Italian made pumps allow simultaneous milk texturing and espresso extraction.
Timer Espresso shot clock displays shot duration as a guide to extraction consistency.
Triple Heat System 1. Dedicated steam boiler with integrated Heat Exchange aids thermal stability.
2. Dedicated espresso boiler with Digital PID control delivers precise water temperature.
3. Heated group head–PID controlled embedded element maintains thermal stability.

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As always, enjoy!

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  • +7

    Yep, best price, well done :)
    Tempted to get a 2nd as a spare at this price!

    • +6

      Why on earth would you need a spare? How much coffee do you make? 😂

    • +2

      Having a spare new one would be cheaper than the repair costs after a few years of owning! Mine lasted around 2 or so years before the parts ended up costing around $500+ to start fixing for service. Great machines for the price, but longevity isn’t there. It’s a good home machine though! Can’t buy better for this price

      • +1

        What needed replacing on yours? Had mine since 2013, replaced myself 1) solenoid, 2) brew pump and 3) ball valve for steam wand…did that a couple of years ago and been fine since.

        • Would be interested in knowing where you got parts. My wand leaks and have been wondering how to fix it. Was going to get it serviced but they want to take it away from me for two weeks before they could look at it and I can't be without coffee in the morning for that long.

          In relation to needing parts this would be the first since purchasing in 2012

        • Solenoid, the steam wand kept constantly leaking. Obviously a lot cheaper if you replace yourself, but the coffee shops charge you a fee just yo get you a quote and then the labour it’s self is the pricey part. I wasn’t too happy with the build quality as it’s mainly plastic pieces, so thought I would sell it while it was in a good and fixed state. Greet machine otherwise when it works! Don’t get me wrong!

          • @Discoaus: Bookmarked that link :D Mine Delonghi died after 3 to 4 years, model Ec155 lol I tried to revive it but I couldn't. It was only 100$. I once blew up the pump and replaced it myself. It was a great first machine.

            I think it's heating element died, when I opened it, it was all rusty.

      • These are cheap and cheerful throwaway machines. More plastic than metal.

  • Wow, even lower than the BF price!

  • none of them in ACT can be pickup.

  • +1

    Is there a realistic chance this will go down in price even more? I don't need to upgrade yet, but I will eventually when my infuser unit goes (whenever that is).

    • +9

      My DeLorean is in for repairs at the moment so not sure.

      • Thanks for the snarky reply. Mine was a genuine question. It's not like those idiotic comments saying how these used to be cheaper, and so its a rip-off. My question was asking if it will go down eventually or not, given the age of this model.

        • +4

          You got the reply you deserved

          • -1

            @PenaltyBoxAgain: Why? The last few deals for this machine has gone down lower and lower each time its been posted. As I said in my previous comment, this isn't a, "hurr durr I've seen cheaper 69 years ago" kind of comment, but an actual question with some sense behind it.

    • +1

      Was low $600s pre covid

    • What is it about the infuser that makes you want to upgrade?

      • Nothing really, this just seems to be so popular on ozb, that I feel like I'm missing something with my infuser.

    • +1

      I think it's unlikely in the short term given the ongoing supply chain issues worldwide. We get them very cheap over here BTW, in the US it's about US$1500.

      If you want one it's very good buying at this price.

    • No

  • +2

    $35 postage.

  • +2

    I’ve had mine since 2016, still going strong and saving me $3.50 a day!

    Would jump at this but it’s a big machine and can’t store it anywhere. Waiting for my current one to surrender…

    • +3

      $4 now with inflation

      • +1

        I’m factoring in bean/oat milk cost which is probably around 50-70c per shot

      • Where do you guys live that your cafe coffee is only $4? Pricing at my locals has gone up 20-30% since pre-Covid and is now around $5.20-$5.50 for a medium.

  • Anyone knowing if they come with coffee grinder

  • Is this better or the Barista Pro?

    • +3


    • Si

    • This is better, but remember you'll need a grinder.

  • +1

    Trigger pulled. Which will mean the dynamic duo will be this price any second now

  • Making my dynamic duo purchase the other day not seem so good before I even receive it.

    • I can actually redeem the gift pack? Damn

    • +1

      Naa, still the better buy with the redemption on top.

      • No I mean I can redeem those gift sets, or not?

        • Yes, you can redeem the duo bonus as long as you are invoiced before the end of the year.

          • @Runkett: Says delivered 7th Jan, so worried it won't be invoiced/shipped until the new year.

            • @vodamerc: I pick up at auburn

            • @vodamerc: Yeah will be poor form if they don't honour it since they took our money on 24th

              EDIT: Also the bes920 standalone isn't eligible for the promotion

  • wow. amazing price!!!

  • Only 3 left in stock… Get in quick!

  • Someone just bought 3….just wow 🙄

    • Resell two maybe?

  • +1

    Best grinder to go with this?

    • +7
      • This is the correct answer

        • +2

          First of all there is no such thing as the 'best' grinder, especially for those on a budget wanting to match it with the BDB for home use.

          What matters is your budget and how you will use it. And that is a matter of opinion.

          Be aware that the Eurekas are traditional flat burr grinders and while exceptionally well made and produce consistent results they are not really suitable for single dosing over the long term, according to some expert forums.


          I've used several Mignons and one of their 64mm grinders, and they become mediocre to poor when the hopper is not full enough. This becomes especially apparent for finer grinds, when the grinders slow down and the grinds become inconsistent.


          And of course ordering a A$550 machine (before tax) from overseas does not provide you with ACCC warranty rights with regard to replacement or money back if something goes wrong in the first 2-3 years of ownership, unlike with a locally landed product. That may or may not be an issue for you and is risk that most would seem compensated by the significant cost benefit of ordering from overseas compared to the highly inflated prices charged for Euro machines on the local market. It is something to be aware of, however.

          If you do decide to go down the imported Eureka path then I would recommend the less highly specc'd EUREKA MIGNON SILENZIO COFFEE GRINDER which is available for approx $A445 delivered at the website and with the discount code listed below. It has a smaller blade size and uses a manual timer but otherwise has the same quality components found in the Specialita 55E and is (imho) a far better choice for home use where you will be wanting to dial in different settings on a regular basis for single cups.

          My advice is to consider your budget, consider your needs and do some reading on the expert barista forums before ordering your grinder.

          FWIW and despite the snobbery of some most new home baristas are more than happy with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro as a match for the Breville Dual Boiler - especially if available on sale and if used with a pair of cheap but accurate dosing scales and distributer tool to match the grind to your beans.

          • -3

            @FitzChivalry Farseer: Out of this and the Breville Smart Grinder Pro (which were the only two listed replies to the question when I posted mine) this one is absolutely the correct answer.

            Yes, no shit it is entirely down to your budget - but that helps absolutely no one and it was a stupid question to begin with. Absolute best would be something like Monolith, EK43 etc depending on who you ask, yet those grinders clearly aren't targeting the demographic of 'ozbargainer asking on a deal post for a sub-1k espresso machine which grinder is best'.

            • +1

              @NedStark102: So sorry.

              My detailed comment and opinions were meant to reply to the poster who asked which grinder is best. Not to your comment.

              Deepest apologies for any offence caused.

      • +1

        Use code 3337 for a 10% (ish) discount.

      • It's tax excluded. How much extra did you pay for tax?

        • +1


        • no tax, ordered one last month

    • This video does a good job of explaining coffee extraction defects and the role using a dosing cup plays in that. Explains things much better than I can here:


      I never load up my grinder with beans as I prefer to use fresh beans taken from storage to my exact dosing requirements (which is where storing a couple of single dose serves of beans in airtight containers (the cheap decor 75ml dip tubs are perfect for this as they fit perfectly into the opening of the Breville portafilter) , which also serve as dosing cups, makes it so much easier when you are in a rush in the morning and making only 2 or 3 cups).

    • +1

      I'm a bit late here, but I had the Smart grinder and sold it to upgrade to the baratza Sette 270. Far faster and more consistent, BUT it is noisier.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if JB will price match The Good Guys? I am committed to jb due to gift cards.

  • Damn still haven't picked up my 850 one from boxing day lol

  • +2

    Thanks OP, pulled the trigger. Bye Barista Pro.

    • Are you using the BDB yet? How does it compare to the Barista Pro and why did you want to upgrade?

      • +1

        I have received it, haven't opened it yet :s Had a really bad experience at Auburn pickup location in NSW. I went there and the guy was forcing me to take a package which was wrecked, torn box, I simply couldn't carry that machine, it bent from all sides and open from one side. I was like, I am not accepting it. He lied to me that it's the only box, then he went inside and brought a new one. This was way better than the first one. I took it home and never really got time and courage to open it. It's double the size of pro from the package.

        I upgraded because there was not enough pressure in steam wand of pro, it throws a lot of water in your froth which makes coffee more watery and not creamy. Shots were fairly decent, shot temp was not high enough even at highest setting. 2 to 3 blind shots with pressurized basket would bring the machine to operating temperature but it was waste of water and time. I'd rather waste energy in bringing machine temp up like bdb does. Overall, I enjoyed pro a lot, coming from a 100$ delonghi ec155, which I used for 3 years lol

        • Please update us when you use the BDB. So are you planning to buy separate grinder or use the pro built-in grinder? I used Barista Express for 3 years and produced very good cuppa. For any machine you need to place portafilter in and turn machine on for at least 15min so all internals and parts are warm/hot. If not, your coffee will not be that hot. Also I would fill mug/cup with boiling water to heat it. I used to purge steam wand in the tray till get only steam, before start frothing. The steam in my Barista was not very strong, but that makes it easier to froth milk to silky texture. I recently bought Italian double boiler machine and as steam is commercial grade it is so powerful that I am still practicing frothing technique.

          • @huntabargain: I have bought Eureka Mignon Specialita to complement my BDB. The BDB heats up itself before you wake up, I'll use that feature rather than pulling blind shots. I will eventually buy an Italian machine, considering BDB is the sweet spot between semi commercial and home barista machines, I thought to try it first. James Hoffman said it's very good compared to Profitec 500.

            I want to learn latte art, which is kind of impossible if you let your shot sit and wait for froth to finish in 40s or so. Silly froth is must.

            • @sqheaven: You got yourself a very good set up, I also bought Eureka Specialita and very happy with it so far. I would have bought BDB (at ~ $800 is a steal), but its a bit too wide for my available bench space, specially nobs are on the two sides (space is next to side wall). I reckon you should be Ok with this for few years!

              • @huntabargain: My total setup costs, 789$ for BDB, I had some gift cards sent by eBay, and 550$ for Specialita :D need to invest in new naked portafilter and tamper/distribution tool and then I'll be set 😂 I don't have a lot of space tbh, I am sure my wife would complain. I told her, we'll own a cafe soon so she's alright for me to practice.

                My big hopes are, steady brew temperature. Steady steam to froth silky milk. If I perfect my latte art, I can easily be a barista.

                • @sqheaven: I also got the Specialita for $550. I had to buy new naked portafilter, distributer and funnel (58mm) as all these for the B Barista became redundant (45mm). I got funnel from Amazon for $10, distributer for $21 and naked portafilter from Ebay for $54. With BDB you should get consistent brew temp and instant steam, so it is all in your hand with the latte art..

                  • @huntabargain: Thanks for letting me know, initially I'd keep the machine accessories. Will keep buying as deals pop up.

                    What settings are you using for Specialita? Mine is at 3. I pull 27 second shots. I maxed out my default grinder settings on Pro, that's when I bought Eureka.

                    Also, I find it a hassle to fill in the water tank every day. I wish there was an option to plumb the Breville.

                    I also need to buy the IMS baskets again lol Put a basket under a microscope and you'd know why.

                    • @sqheaven: I tried 3 different beans so far and everyone is slightly different, but in general 3 is good spot to start with. I set timer on around 11 sec for double shot basket (58mm) to get around 19gm. I only use double shot basket as get better coffee. In general it takes around 30sec for 40/45ml.

                      I also reached max grind size for my Breville built-in grinder, but I readjusted the top burr so didn't really have any issue with it, I just bought Eureka as a path to upgrade the setup and better consistency. I heard about IMS basket but didn't investigate too much into it.

                      I was also looking to buy QuickMill with rotary pump with ability to connect to water main or water tank (just flick a switch) and hose drain to sink with optional flow control (additional $150) but didn't go that path as didn't want to drill holes in my stone bench and not practically to connect it to sink, so settled for system with vibration pump and just water tank, that I normally fill every 3/4 days.

  • +2

    :( the steam pump on our Sunbeam Cafe Series EM6910 died on the 23rd.

    :) Santa gave me a BES920 SS for crimbo yesterday.

  • Thanks OP! Just ordered. Belmont WA wasn't allowing my order to go through for click+collect, but Cannington worked fine. Thanks again :)

  • -3

    Does this have a grinder?

    • No grinder

    • lol ok thanks for downvoting guys

  • BES878 vs BES920 $100 difference, anyone had both, either and any suggestions?

    I have a 7 y/o BES870 that's pressure has gone, happy to go with Breville again as it lasted so long but need a replacement.

    Edit: never mind, can see this doesn't have a grinder so is quite a bit more expensive, will probably go with the 878

    • +1

      BES920 is significantly better.

      • +1

        The more I research it it does seem that maybe paying 30% more (once I buy a grinder) may be worth it. Seems the package as well with the smart grinder isn't as good as buying them individually. Wish I could find it in black though.

  • This machine, a SGP, and a toothpick, is all you need

  • Yay I finally pulled the trigger, click and collect just down the road.

    • +4

      Ordered at 11:30, drinking my first coffee by 4:30 👍

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