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[NSW] Acer Nitro 5 15.6" i5-11300H/8GB RAM/512GB SSD/GTX1650 4GB Laptop $715.50 + $20 Delivery @ Bing Lee eBay


Fantastic price for a complete gaming system. Been using my 10th gen variant for a year now. Been great.

Previously $895 at Harvey Norman, 2 weeks ago.


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  • +3

    Expect Bing Lee to cancel your order as they don't have stock.
    Happened to me.

    • +1

      More than 12 in stock

      • +3

        It means they will sell 68 units

    • +1

      Yea. 97 sold as of this comment.

      I just don't trust Bing Lee to be able to fulfil that many in this current climate.

      Have had 2 laptop orders cancelled before. 2 weeks apart.

      • +2

        I got a confirmed email. Do u think they will still cancel it?

      • +2

        I've ordered when ~50 was sold and tbh not holding my breath, it be nice if they come through tho.

      • +2

        I received my shipping notice earlier today

        • +1

          Great to hear!

          • @Juiciness: I just received my order and it's DOA, bugger

            • @teardrops21: Not turning on? Maybe needs a charge? You gotta put some force when plugging in the power.

              • @Juiciness: Ok I will give it another go, thanks for the tip

                Update: started charging with your tip, thanks.

        • +1

          Yep 👍

          Delivery expected Fri 31 Dec – Wed 5 Jan

          They're still available with 5% off I believe.

  • +18

    Good price but I had to revoke my vote:

    Posting to: Australia

    Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

    So good deal only if you are in NSW Metro. Thanks for nothing Bing Lee.

    • +3

      I don't get it, if they are willing to post it, why would they exclude almost the entire country - don't they want to sell stuff?
      I'd buy it if they'd post to Perth. It's not exactly like sending it to the outback.

      • check the postage rates for a parcel size of laptop from sydney to perth ……. same reason i’m in melbourne and don’t order stuff from perth …..

        • +2

          The cost is + postage anyway…
          If it costs more to send, it costs more. Don't just refuse to post.

    • +3

      So good deal only if you are in NSW Metro.

      Also a good deal for Melbourne Metro and QLD in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redland or Moreton Bay.

      • Fairly sure that South East QLD = Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redland or Moreton Bay = Excluded

        • +1

          South East QLD is not the same as QLD South East

          eBay postage rate tables split regions up in a very different way.

    • +1

      Gold Coast postcodes come up as eligible.

  • Cheap gaming laptop of the year

    • +2

      Pushing the definition of gaming with that graphics card.

  • +1

    Is the screen high refresh rate

  • +1

    If anyone has this, how is the build quality on these models? I've had more negative experiences than positive ones with the Acer brand. But would daily gaming use for my 13 year old Niece be durable enough?

    • +3

      If it makes you feel better acer use the same chasis on 3k+ laptops.

      Plastic all around but as long as your niece doesnt rage smash it every second day it will do just fine.

      • Thanks a bunch. Perhaps this will be enough for them and fortfight.

    • +1

      It'd be hard to say unless someone here has one AND has brutalised it. I have one - it's a lot of plastic, it doesn't strike me as something I can mistreat, that's for sure. If you're afraid of that, you might consider trying to build a mini itx pc so that the running gear isn't perpetually under the "drop drinks and stuff" zone.

      • +2

        My mates 2019 Predator Helios, and even though it is just under two years old, the part of the back panel and the bezel has started to split from being opened and closed over its operation. Not sure if this is normal durability, but its at the point where they have to open the lid from the sides with two hands. Around the on year mark, the tab key fell off and Acer was not able to supply them with a replacement key.

    • +2

      I got one of these on sale a few months back, overall I like it as it suits my needs for basic entry level gaming. A lot of people on OB have commented this laptop should only be worth around $700 given the lesser GPU.

      Besides the entry level GPU the other negatives for me are:
      - plastic build feels cheap, especially when opening and closing the screen
      - I saw people having issues with keyboard on older models, mine feels ok so far but that might be because it's still new and I don't smash the keys
      - will only accept specific RAM so check before upgrading, was easy to upgrade though
      - the trackpad is aligned more to the left for some reason which I don't like
      - speakers are really weak
      - I suspect Acer software causes problems with Windows power settings not working correctly, laptop doesn't always sleep when I close lid so I just manually hit power button

      • +2

        I have the RTX 3060 and i5 11400H variant, yes the speakers are terrible.

  • This got 88 likes when it was on sale for $160 more two weeks ago.

    • -1

      Yeah and you can actually buy that one. This one only ships to Sydney metro and all other regions are excluded.

      • I ordered one (from Brisbane)

        • +1

          I just checked again:

          Excludes: Adelaide Metro, Northern Territory, NSW Regional, Perth Metro, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote, PO Box

          So I take that back, you can only buy if you are in Sydney metro or Brisbane. Anywhere else is a no

  • +4

    I got it for $1280 at JB Hi-Fi last year and thought it was a great deal, one year later they are $500 less.

    But that happens with mobile phones and computers, oh well…

  • Can anyone confirm if its free shipping for plus member or not? Thinking of whether to sign up for one month so still work out cheaper than $20 shipping charge. Thanks

    • +3

      I have eBay plus and it's $20 shipping.

      • +1

        Thanks, then I won't sign up

    • +1

      Plus member here- shipping shows up as $20.00 so total $735.50 including shipping

  • +1

    The parts alone would cost more than this. Especially considering graphics card prices of late.

  • Wow nice price. It also seems to ship to vic metro.

  • Bing has gone bonkers with this crazy low clearance price, which will certainly not be seen again!

  • +7

    this comment was left with 11 upvotes in the last deal

    "let me put things in perspective for you

    2 years ago I bought a 15.6" laptop with 1650 for $900. it had full sRGB color screen, magnesium body, 1.6kg weight and yes that was considered a deal

    buying a plastic one with crappy screen 2 years later just seems like you are being robbed

    nothing but my fellow ozbargainers best interest in mind here!"

    • so true.

      • +2

        That was pre-Covid & all the prices are up. Most fork from home so weight & screen can be improved with 4K (Dell) screens. Plastic will last longer than the useability of the configuaration (DDR5, PCIe 5, etc are coming) - if you need one now.
        The good thing is that in few months we'll get brand new government & everything will look much better ;)
        Use the spare money to invest into skills/experience, not materialistic possessions. Things are changing very fast & everything becomes onsolete, other than skills to earn money.

        • we can only hope.

          • @Vlaka: Our NSW premier hopes that the new year will be better despite the exponential Covid cases (due to no planning).
            We all hope that he hopes ;)
            Back to the Acer Nitro5. Glad that it has USB-C thunderbolt (10Mb/s) for DP & 15W charging (many devices with 1 charger when outside).
            For that price I HOPE it is lower risk of not being very good.
            Bonus Windows 11 upgrade as upgrade for my old gear is not available yet.

        • bloody spelling mistakes (fork→work, onsolete→obsolete..;)

    • They lied.

      • +3

        I did not. was Dell 7590

        • A Dell XPS 7590 for $900 is an incredible price, usually it's over twice that price. How'd you get it so cheap?

          • +1

            @FireRunner: I actually posted a deal for it, it was $989 for refurbished ones. I was a Dell dealer back then, so I used my Dell rewards and got a brand new one for $900 (wasn't a huge discount, they were hovering around $1100)

            Inspiron 7590, not XPS

            yes RRP was twice that price, but who bought it at RRP? nobody is who. that's Dell pricing for you

            look at Latitude. retail prices are just criminal, but I wouldn't be able to find you a person who paid retail price for a Latitude. not on my watch!

            also, I wouldn't recommend XPS. overpriced piece of crap, QA just isn't there. also I don't recommend Dell gaming laptops any more. in fact there's just a couple Latitude models I can put myself behind, the rest is garbage.

            that's why I don't sell Dells anymore. can't sell that and keep a straight face

            anyway you probably noticed I upvoted this deal? at this price it's great

        • +1

          You bent the truth.

          • +2

            @Juiciness: I sat on it briefly, sorry

            I know I need to lose some weight now. fkin covid!

    • This is just silly. It's $735. Even with no dedicated GPU this would be a pretty good price.

    • +2

      $900 is a bit much but ~$735 is definitely a bargain

      • +3

        yup, I actually agree. this model at $700 is ripe for picking

        • not really its 735 not 700, if it was 600 delivered you would have a solid point. i bought a plastic body laptop a while ago and they are trash they dont last, the hinge breaks and the rest starts falling apart.

          i bought a macbook air in 2015 for $1000 ebay deal and put windows on it, to this day it works like day 1. specially the hinge and body. granted i updated the OS last week and it stopped working and i haven't been able to make it work again..

          point being, just goes to show what a bargain the apple macbook air was at the time i got it. because if you try to buy a metal body windows equivalent laptop, you pay in excess of 1.5k-2k

          • @striker5950: If you add Windows licence & double the 2015 price (my still capable Asus H170 pro gaming PC config was ~$700, now >2x) this is 3x cheaper & better configuration (what's inside matters more & has USB-C thunderbolt).
            I have 12y old Compaq Presario with only 4GB that still works with Windows 21H1 & the plastic is in excellent condition, except that the original battery is fully depleted (not worth replacing with that configuration).
            Outside looks is false economics. The functionality & useability are essential.

  • GRab the AMD not intel

  • $730 for a Fortnite/Minecraft machine for the kids while doubling as a spare/secondary homework pc sounds awesome.

    As already mentioned, a shame this isn't available country-wide.

  • +2


    Not worth over $1K (4 cores only and 1650 is not great), but good price for under $800.

    • +4

      This is in the price range for laptops with iGPU. So 1650 is better than iGPU.

  • added $160 for 3050 from Harvery Norman?

  • Keep in mind the 1650 is extremely slow! You can play esports games on it sure but AAA games you will be turning down to low settings.

  • Thanks OP, bought 1… stack with 2% cashback.

    • I thought Cashreward terms say cashback is ineligible if you use any promo codes?

  • havent looked into lappys for a while but guess this would be fine for the oldies - youtube, general brosing, videos/photo review etc etc general use.

    looking for somthing atleast i5, ssd, 15' etc ??? ? thanks.

    • more than capable, battery life would be your biggest concern.

  • Would this be good for a uni student?

    • +2

      It wouldn’t have the best battery life or screen and weighs more than a standard Uni work laptop but if you’re on a budget and want a laptop to game on then this is a good option

  • +2

    It feels Bing Lee will oversell these and then cancel orders, happened to me before :(

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/673493 - Better deal? Combined w/ Shopback GCs gets it down to $965 or so for double the CPU cores and a better GPU

    • I would highly recommend the upgrade.

  • +4

    For those willing to spend a bit more you can get the Lenovo Gaming 3 for about $820 from The Good Guys ebay
    Comes with GTX1650TI for a little extra graphics grunt, and I assume better build quality than Acer.

    • Only 60hz screen unfortunately.

    • +1

      60HZ screen + half the storage + last gen i5

      laptop 1650ti is almost identical to the laptop 1650 especially if the 1650 uses gddr6 (like this acer does) and is not enough to justify the shortcomings of the lenovo and spending more for it

  • This or Apple Ipad 64gb

    only use for web + netflix

    • Depends on how much you value portability and battery life.

    • +1

      Only for Web and Netflix? Probably an iPad as they are cheaper, more battery life, better screen, more portable etc.

      If your gonna be gaming, typing out stuff or working on it probably the laptop.

    • ipad works on a doona, doesn’t need clearance for ventilation, laptop on a doona blocks off the ventilation slots and overheats ….

    • Chromebook will give you much better Chrome browser desktop experience. Lenovo duet 2in1 is great value for <$300. If they reduce the new 13.3"/34cm OLED, 2x USB-C 3.1, WiFi6 BT5.1 to <$799 then even better.

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